Future of Food and Agriculture

A four-part series examining growing algae for the plate; why gene-edited food is in the balance; bold ideas find backers; Chile’s junk food fight; is organic enough?; rethinking the system. Plus agri-robots in action on video and a podcast discussion of the science behind DNA diet apps

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Regulators will decide the impact of the biggest advance in bioscience since genetic modification

Government’s tough action on unhealthy foods begins to bite — and inspire campaigners abroad

The latest crop of farming robots will seed, feed and weed individual plants

The organism could help feed a growing population — if it can be grown economically

Experts explore into the science behind new smartphone services

From street food to home cooking — eating habits around the globe

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The ways we produce and consume food are no longer fit for purpose

From alternative ‘meats’ to turning CO2 into protein, interest is growing

A growing number of specialist programmes are taking young businesses to the next level

New online services nudge users towards smarter shopping and eating choices

The approach has an impact far beyond its scale but questions remain over yields

Companies look to new tools and technologies to help reduce potential for industrial abuse

Suppliers must overcome mainstream reluctance to pay more for sustainable produce

Growing demand for ethical products has encouraged more companies to certify output

Combating criminal creativity requires ‘traceability, standardisation and co-operation’

Economic pressures and farming’s tough lifestyle form a threat to EU food security

Now everyone can eat salmon, but the environmental cost is high

The dividend of expanding world production is not being evenly shared

Chains pressed to join start-ups in helping farmers step up a level

Medical experts and a sufferer discuss why concern is rising about reactions to foods

Who eats the most and where is the greatest increase?

Investment is booming in autonomous machines to spray, weed and harvest

Specialist vineyards are rediscovering traditional methods

Climate change predicted to hold back growth in crop yields

Tech start-ups are helping to change the throwaway culture

Blockchain will enable cheaper and simpler cover

The environmental case for going vegan and why investors are paying attention

Pods hold promise of greener food and drink packaging

Urban farming could produce 180m tonnes of food globally, according to researchers

Drought-hardened Australia is trying techniques that can help the rest of the world

International attention has turned to deforestation in the country’s rich savannah

Incentives or global standards would help deploy seaweed additives and genomics

Precision farming techniques are being scaled down to be usable and affordable

About a third of the variation in annual production of maize, wheat, rice and soyabeans is because of changes in rainfall and temperature

Women owe growing role to conflict or technology but rights still missing for some