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As globalisation and the world trade order come under unprecedented attack, FT writers examine the consequences of populist politics, economic dislocation, and technological change for the future of global trade

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From global banks to start-ups, Spain’s economy has rebounded from the 2008 financial crisis. But events in Catalonia have brought political risks to the fore

As international companies navigate geopolitical and market tumult, this report focuses on legal and regulatory change. It includes: EU data privacy; Chinese pressure for more say on mergers; and the battle for supremacy on trade rules

Analysis Education

The internet has revolutionised the ways in which knowledge can be accessed. Faced with a global skills crisis, educators must now search for the best ways to adapt school systems to the demands of the 21st century

The rise of Africa’s wealthy class, and the greater capacity of some governments to drive growth and development independently, is giving Africans more say over the type of programmes they want funded

Europe’s commercial property market has enjoyed a good run over the past few years. Yet analysts and investors agree sentiment has become more fragile — and the UK appears to be at the vanguard of these concerns

In this report, how governments are in danger of letting complacency creep in. Plus: unusual times call for unusual central bank policies; surprising labour market lessons from the financial crisis; and will reforms help the ‘left-behind’ in the US?

Brands are turning to artificial intelligence to win clients and gather their data. Plus: an interview with Louis Vuitton’s chief executive; Mr Porter’s struggle to court watchmakers; and how Germany got its gold back

Analysis Africa

If president Filipe Nyusi can conclude a lasting peace, spur investor confidence and help ensure that enough gas is flowing by the early 2020s, he will have gone a long way towards helping Mozambique achieve its potential

The cost of cyber crime is increasing rapidly for companies as they face a growing number of attacks, particularly those using ransomware or extortion. Electricity companies, hospitals and even charity organisations are finding themselves under fire.

Special Report Whistleblowing

When employees reveal wrongdoing, instead of being rewarded they are often punished

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