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Although Beijing insists that its Belt and Road Initiative has no geopolitical motives, the project has been at the centre of an increasing number of political controversies, foreign and domestic

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We look for the most promising next generation of innovative and viable companies with impact around the Sustainable Development Goals

China and India lead as top markets for renewable power; California to make solar panels mandatory on new homes by 2020; the challenges in self-generation of electricity; new building methods to cut energy costs; and CCS technology to mitigate emissions

With finite aid unable to meet infinite need, the UN wants business to emulate mobile operators and see refugees as customers rather than victims. Plus: the new technologies and fresh approaches to housing and education to help migrants rebuild their lives

Introducing the FT’s inaugural Future 100 UK list, which comprises companies making a positive social or environmental impact, addressing diversity, disrupting their sector or showing consistently fast revenue growth

In its urgent effort to regain energy self-sufficiency, Argentina wants more investment in its huge Patagonian shale deposits and its plentiful renewable sources such as wind and sun. It also has high hopes for its nuclear power industry

Despite the effects of the drought, Cape Town and the nearby Winelands remain a vibrant destination for tourists and investors. This report considers their attractions as well as the painful legacies of recent history

Julia Gillard, former Australian prime minister, on resilience in the face of misogyny. Plus: Norway’s gender quota conundrum; peak pay age for women; pros and cons of on-site nurseries; female funders for founders; and what would Wonder Woman do?

Leading economies are reporting growing problems with household debt and experts say this is taking a terrible toll on mental health. We examine why people feel so poor when markets have been booming and explore possible solutions for when things go wrong

Downtown Detroit is bursting into life after decades of decline, but will the recovery restart Motor City’s poorest areas? This report ranges from revitalising neighbourhoods and renovating a symbol of decline to an interview with one of the chief catalysts, entrepreneurship and urban farming

In spite of the conflict in the south-eastern Donbas region, economic growth is slowly picking up, and investment — though still below the level the country needs — is starting to flow

Kuwait is trying to diversify its economy beyond oil, but the transition to a knowledge economy is being held back by a lack of skilled local workers. The government wants to scale back the number of expats but Kuwaitis are reluctant to quit the shrinking but comfortable state sector.

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