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Investors have made good returns in recent years as cheap borrowing and buoyant rents have driven up real estate valuations across the globe. But retailer distress, tax changes and fears of a slowdown in cross-border dealmaking are causing concerns

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October could see the election of a president from outside the main parties. The role of jailed ex-President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva is key. We look at female activism, racial inequality, foreign policy, capital markets, fiscal reform and art under attack from the right

In this report: investors up the ante in the push for more women at senior levels; activists adopt ESG to whip up support; sovereign bond funds use their sway to influence international powers on governance

We take a look at the struggles many disabled people face in finding employment, as well as the schemes and technology to help them become and remain economically active

In this edition: property magnate Aby Rosen on Trump, the Kushners and rethinking Manhattan Midtown. Also: Alex Gibney, the exposé king; Chinese football tycoons; Yorkshire, UK’s food haven

Opportunity can be found in nations that are in flux, and Saudi Arabia is offering investors untapped growth as the kingdom embarks on a period of immense change. This report also explores how Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Tunisia are seeking ways to expand

Deliveroo tops this year’s ranking as the gig economy attracts the attention of investors and regulators alike. We also take a look at the ‘Macron effect’ on the tech scene in Paris, Spotify’s growth challenge and cinema group Everyman’s premium pitch

With Brexit less than a year away, the UK government is looking to far-seeing companies such as Queen’s Awards winners to show the way in international trade and innovative ideas

The ambitious Emerging Senegal Plan aims for middle-income status by 2035, with investment in energy and infrastructure, business reforms and attempts to reduce poverty. This report includes the surge in FDI from the east, tech entrepreneurs, tourism, oil and gas and an interview with Wari money transfer chief Kabirou Mbodje

The extraordinary biological complexity of malaria may be a scientific challenge but it presents medical researchers with many potential opportunities to stop the disease in its tracks. But will they do so in time?

Our monthly series delves into the biggest challenges that no chief executive should ignore, and gives tips on how companies can best prepare themselves for the changes that are coming

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As evidence mounts of the important role employers can play in improving the happiness and productivity of their staff, Britain’s Healthiest Workplace survey reveals this year’s winners

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