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When it hosted the Olympics in 1964, Japan was a world leader in tech, but as it prepares to host its next games in 2020, other countries have overtaken it in digital disruption and big data. We look at the sectors Japan is faring well in — and the industries which need rapid progress

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Analysis Fintech

The FT Future of Fintech awards recognise and reward companies able to demonstrate innovative ideas capable of creating lasting change in the financial services sector, on a global scale

Seventy years after independence, prime minister Narendra Modi and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party have a vision for a new India, but slowing growth and the shock of last year’s demonetisation have cast doubt over their methods

From the Qatar crisis to Saudi privatisation and legal wrangling in Dubai, plus going digital in underbanked Egypt

The UK has more businesses than ever before and it looks as though this year will set a new record, but entrepreneurs say they need more help if they are going to grow. We look at regional trends and how to survive universal challenges faced by start-ups

Investing in girls and narrowing the gender gap brings a ‘triple benefit’ to society

In this edition: experts are unsure how changes to EU rules governing financial services will work; London’s role as global hub faces Brexit threat; algorithms take grip in US commodities trading

The island nation aims to reinvent itself as a hub for global investors in Africa, with both China and India as its key partners. We look into Mauritius’ focus on cross-border banking, the problematic question of the tax benefits it offers, tourism, environmental risks and the sugarcane and rum industry

Analysis Law

In this edition: — the rule of law, legal equality and political freedom —the top 50 law firms and legal service providers; the rule of law; in-house legal teams ranked alongside firms

Analysis UK

In this edition: the capital’s equality gap; taking on terrorism; the City speaks out on Brexit; an American football team for the capital?

From Mexico City to Tokyo, we meet four professionals protecting business and community

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