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In this edition: Rachel Ara on how the market determines the value of an artwork. Also: Edwina Grosvenor’s prison philanthrophy; Larry Silverstein on revitalising lower Manhattan; debentures — an ace with Wimbledon tennis fans

Top stories in Special Reports

How the Fed’s ‘quantitative tightening’ affects bondholders; the boom in collateralised loan obligations; big buyers pull back on US investment-grade corporates; appetite for bond ETFs grows; what leverage managers have to raise governance standards

The 2018 FT Masters in Finance pre-experience and post-experience programme rankings; student-led funds teach real-world investment; the rush to learn blockchain; women in finance; China and the west compete for Asian students; Islamic finance

A third of all enterprises being established now have a social goal, but they, along with many start-ups set up by women, struggle to gain funding. We examine the business climate for entrepreneurs, present indepth profiles and collect advice in a series of reports and videos that culminates with EY’s World Entrepreneur of the Year competition

How new technologies and environmental concerns are transforming the balance of energy production and consumption across the world

While many outside Japan have visited Kansai cities such as Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe, there is less understanding of how tightly they are bound into a regional economic powerhouse. As it prepares to host next year’s G20, we report from the country’s historic heartland

Special Report Innovative Lawyers

This report highlights: Australia’s inventive legal sector; the lawyers keeping tabs on trade sanctions; greater diversity in the workplace; and rising demand for expertise in Chinese bonds, private equity and AI

The beauty contest to host Amazon’s ‘HQ2’; making transport more like Netflix; burying the idea of garbage; how politics shapes progress in China and India; the decline of the local press; and what to do with traces of terrible history

Though best known for underpinning cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, digital ledger technology is also changing sectors like food, healthcare, insurance — as well as the art market

The Financial Times is looking for 100 European companies, individuals and organisations that are taking advantage of new technologies in groundbreaking ways. Please see details below for how to nominate a digital transformation champion to be considered for our list.

The consultancies most recommended by clients and peers, plus Brexit, digital transformation and fintech

Have blunt instrument drugs like chemotherapy had their day? Plus: genetic research makes personalised treatments a reality, the push to immunotherapy, apps that extend lives, the scourge of western lifestyles and the ‘toxicity’ of cancer drugs’ cost

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