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Special Reports provide in-depth FT coverage of countries around the world, as well as industries from tech to luxury, and themes ranging from workplace health to entrepreneurship.

They appear in a variety of formats, from magazines and broadsheets, to video and interactive stories.

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In the debate over how best to control red tape, policymakers need to rationally assess the burdens and benefits of any measure they might want to introduce or scrap

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Fears of AI-driven automation are fuelling public anxiety about inequality and job security

Institutional investors consider new asset classes at a time when bond yields are near historic lows

Large providers are growing ever more dominant as price wars spread to smart beta, meanwhile, they insist that they do an effective job on governance

Artificial intelligence was the technology industry’s hottest topic in 2016. This year AI will start to show if it can live up to the hype

Revisit our report to see how the profession has been changing over recent years

Brexit could provide a fillip for Dublin, a city just recovering from the financial crisis

The World Economic Forum meeting represents the globalism Trump has pledged to destroy

Password-killing tech company SaasPass maintains uneasy relationship with the country

US president-elect Donald Trump has proposed policies that could cut red tape and boost sales

We look at how employers can capitalise on New Year’s resolutions and help employees get more sleep

Alexis Tsipras is paying the price for his embrace of capitalism

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