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Democratising the digital world: grassroots communities across Europe are using technologies in new ways to solve problems and empower citizens

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Pests, diseases and climate change continue to exacerbate coffee supply problems worldwide. Co-operative effort from producers and consumers alike holds the key to sustain the future of the coffee industry

Expectations are high for President Nana Akufo-Addo as his pro-business platform proposed to re-ignite growth and create jobs by bringing in new industries, as well as make government more inclusive and accountable

The World Economic Forum ranks Brazil 72nd out of 138 economies for the quality of its infrastructure, ahead of neighbouring Argentina but well behind Mexico at 57th. Now, Latin America’s largest country has a chance to put that right before the next peak in the economy

After the Brexit vote, London’s commercial property market briefly fell into disarray. Yet more than a year on, prices for some of the city’s best-known buildings are hitting records and property agents are toasting some of the largest deals of their lifetimes

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At the heart of the global effort to improve educational attainment is a contradiction. Everyone supports the idea that providing quality education in developing countries is beneficial, but funding by both governments and aid donors continues to fall short

The country is the EU’s fastest-growing economy, and cranes on Bucharest’s skyline underline its modernisation, but changes of government, infrastructure problems and arguments over the role of judiciary show there is much still do to

Companies are adapting their business models in response to transport policies, ride-sharing schemes, and stricter emission standards. Plus, China’s growing appetite for foreign markets, Slovakia’s worker shortage, and how Brexit may affect the supply chain

As evidence mounts of the important role employers can play in improving the happiness and productivity of their staff, Britain’s Healthiest Workplace survey reveals this year’s winners

Brexit and extreme weather are hurting the champagne industry, which is turning to grapetech to fight back; Dom Pérignon’s chief winemaker on his vintage years; and has Paris lost its taste for champagne?

Phenomenal growth invites scrutiny of regulators, who fear there is a lack of clarity over the products and how they are overseen

New towns and cities have sprung up across the Arab region as part of efforts to spur job growth, attract investment and anticipate a future beyond dependence on oil and gas revenues

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