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How big tech companies stifle innovation, retraining workforces is the ‘challenge of our times’, Germany may be on the right path and arguably too many promising European start-ups are California dreaming

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Analysis Innovation

Projects and individuals across Europe are using technology in imaginative ways to solve social problems

As globalisation and the world trade order come under unprecedented attack, FT writers examine the consequences of populist politics, economic dislocation, and technological change for the future of global trade

Political tensions raise the stakes for Lebanon’s banking sector, which is fundamental to the country’s economic stability

We assess the importance of the human touch in overcoming risks organisations face like the gender pay gap, detecting rogue traders, cyber security, high salaries of chief executives, crises afflicting the UK prime minister, as well as company mergers and scandals in Hollywood

From global banks to start-ups, Spain’s economy has rebounded from the 2008 financial crisis. But events in Catalonia have brought political risks to the fore

As international companies navigate geopolitical and market tumult, this report focuses on legal and regulatory change. It includes: EU data privacy; Chinese pressure for more say on mergers; and the battle for supremacy on trade rules

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