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Analysis Uganda

The government is prioritising spending to transform its rural economy into a prosperous middle income nation

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Central Europe’s property market has taken almost 10 years to recover from the financial crisis. But levels of investment are finally within touching distance of their 2007 peak

Organisations are thinking increasingly hard about how to make their contributions to society as effective as possible, says BITC, the UK charity that runs the awards

We look at the latest genetic breakthroughs, medicines and the prospects for an anti-malarial vaccine, a potential role for GM mosquitoes and other leading features of the advances and continuing fight against the disease

Vaccine research grows vigorously, propelled by rising world demand to fight existing diseases and to guard against new threats.

Despite some progress, the fight against neglected tropical diseases is a long way from the finish

Explore the companies that are the driving force of the European economy

Analysis Financials

Negativity in the globalised financial market has increased and has culminated in a more inward looking view in many parts of the developed world

The government will look to successful companies such as Queen’s Award winners to lead the way in raising the country’s efforts in trade and innovation

New concepts reinvigorate the games consoles format; gamification is far from dead; text service helping Peruvian miners; UK employees among the worst at protecting data; and technology’s need for gender diversity

The city is beginning to confront its problems rather than looking back to past glories

Last year’s political surprises caused uncertainty among investors. It is therefore as important as ever for investors to have wise financial advice

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  • High on the Mobile World Congress agenda is 5G, a network technology that aims to make data communication speeds faster

  • In the debate over how best to control red tape, policymakers need to rationally assess the burdens and benefits of any measure they might want to introduce or scrap

  • Fears of AI-driven automation are fuelling public anxiety about inequality and job security

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  • For the first time, a property developer is the president of the United States — the most powerful position a member of the real estate industry has ever occupied

  • New concepts reinvigorate the games consoles format; gamification is far from dead; text service helping Peruvian miners; UK employees among the worst at protecting data; and technology’s need for gender diversity

  • With growing evidence that diversity at the top helps the bottom line, companies have stepped up their efforts to hire, retain and promote women

  • Financial institutions are going to have to make clear plans for Brexit, rising interest rates, regulation and cyber criminals