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The consultancies most recommended by clients and peers, plus Brexit, digital transformation and fintech

Top stories in Special Reports

Our monthly series delves into the biggest challenges that no chief executive should ignore, and gives tips on how companies can best prepare themselves for the changes that are coming

We look at how the watch industry is trying to sustain its recovery in the face of long-term challenges, plus we meet the chief executive of Meghan Markle’s favourite jewellery brand and ask what makes a successful Instagram influencer.

Analysis Europe

As the country assumes EU’s rotating presidency, we take a look at its government’s plans to improve its judicial system, fight corruption, attract foreign direct investments, spark tourism growth, and prevent a return to financial turmoil

Analysis Innovation

The FT has enlisted the help of readers, researchers and entrepreneurs to find 50 new ideas that will shape the world in the future.

Analysis Sport

We assess the aims of F1’s new owners, Liberty Media, the call for more competitive races, how F1 technology boosts industry, tax disputes, emerging markets’ view of the sport and the drive to widen its appeal to the fans

Analysis Recruitment

In this report, we discuss the scarcity of highly skilled talent in the tech world, Japan’s multi-cultural approach to education, the importance of diversity in the workforce and why scrutiny is increasing over the number of athletes changing nationality to win Olympic medals

What makes for a successful family business? How do you ensure a smooth succession? We look at emerging trends and the secret to success including that of the Wallenbergs

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