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Network to rely on local intelligence to flag material designed to spark conflict


Trading and M&A boom drives quarterly net profit up 39% as revenues top $10bn

EU accused of trying to dismantle US group’s business model for smartphones

City will require company to disclose names and property details of those offering rentals

Buying streak set to double last year’s record total despite deal scrutiny

Summer sales event created by ecommerce giant in 2015 becomes a retail sector fixture

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Interview Energy sector

Michael Wirth prioritises cost controls and dividend cover over riskier growth

Nord Stream 2 will pipe energy to Germany but critics warn of political tensions

Analysis Technology

Smart speaker maker’s offering comes after investors were burnt following other sector debuts

Inside Business Tom Mitchell

Dispute over vitamin C exports shows why the conflict will not end soon

Shanghai and Shenzhen’s move on dual-class listings could threaten Hong Kong’s status

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