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Swiss bank and local lender UOB fined S$1.6m as regulator wraps up 2-year inquiry


TV licence obligatory for Prime live TV subscribers, even without BBC

Ageing and complex IT systems could scupper demand for overhaul within a year

Bidders vye for site crucial to cut reliance on China for elements used in electronics

Mobile phone company kept at arm’s length since £12.5bn acquisition

Airline cut prices following terrorist attacks and Brexit vote

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Questions grow over outsourcing IT systems and response to weekend chaos

Clinical trial results have the potential to move drugmakers’ share prices

In an echo of the subprime housing crash, delinquencies of US car loans are rising amid allegations of mis-selling

Start-up investors are being challenged on their profits from preferred stock

Analysis Automobiles

Renewed quality concerns add to deepening woes confronting South Korean carmaker

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