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German carmaker ramps up spending on electric vehicles, self-driving and ride-sharing


Performance of helicopter operation adds to pressure on defence business

Chief executive says group’s operations will ‘continue to be published as usual’

US prosecutors seek information from correspondent banks that moved money for Danske

Historic British marque to cut small UK suppliers who can’t keep up with expansion

Rolls-Royce stock piles parts while Airbus tells staff to work at ‘full speed’

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Cracks in the business model appear as online agents vie for tightening market share

Chinese group’s rapid expansion ran into problems in London and UK

Big share price swings underline importance of Christmas trading for department store

Inside BusinessTom Braithwaite

The US lender has evolved to become less complex and more in the Sage of Omaha’s ballpark

Group’s push to sell more services to users brings into focus monopoly claims

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