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Court ruling is victory for airline’s owner Greybull that has first call on assets



Strong demand for the DB11 and revenues from £525,000 Vanquish Zagato boost carmaker

Car-booking company concealed attack that compromised information of 57m people


Proportion of fixed-rate loans is highest on record, prompting caution at regulator

US software group Ion gains controlling stake in UK financial data provider

Former bond trader took advantage of algorithmic traders on 12 occasions, the regulator found

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Uncertainty over valuations of bad debt specialists exacerbated by fears of consumer slowdown

State fund warns that efforts to replace independent board directors could delay IPOs

Disclosing all the tensions in boardrooms would make corporate life insufferable

Drugmakers say trackable medicine will add value and benefit patients and payers

‘An average of one sexual comment every quarter’, writes one

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