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Discover thousands of topics to track. Then you can stay updated on those most important to you, all in one place.

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Start the conversation. As a Premium user, share up to 20 articles a month with colleagues, friends or family – absolutely free. Even if they’re not subscribed to the FT.

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Improved fastFT

Better filtering of trending topics, same instant market-moving news and views from our global team.

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Improved Markets Data tools

Manage price alerts on the go, compare cross currencies quickly and get a macromap view of major indices across the globe.

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Choose to receive Instant, Daily or Weekly digests about the topics in your myFT – delivered straight to your email inbox.

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FT Portfolio tool

Add, edit and track investments on all your devices. If you’re not quite ready to make the move, you can still access the old portfolio tool.

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FT Special Reports

Get valuable insights into specific countries, industries and business topics, with hundreds of Special Reports published every year.

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The news as it’s happening. Read live updates of the latest FT news, the moment the stories are published.

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