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There are plenty of considerations beyond the raw cost of a transaction

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Contest to raise money for charity seasonal appeal has been opened to general public

The trend to impose new rules on the growing private rented sector is unlikely to slow

Investment body seeks new limits to allow portfolios of illiquid assets, such as infrastructure

Dot Residential offers casual investors to build a property portfolio

Those who stay with a provider can pay up to double compared with a new customer

If we split up, I’m worried I will have to give him half of my assets

It seems everybody wants to get into investing these days. But where exactly do you start?

It doesn’t come cheap but you can reduce your running charges — and cut your tax bill

Equity release and interest-only loans expected to prompt other lenders to act

Introduction of no-fault divorce will reduce tension in many cases

Money from duties on alcohol, cigarettes and gambling fails to keep up with tax take

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