HSBC pulls cheapest mortgage in portent of end to low rates

Other high street lenders expected to follow suit as costs creep up

Investing in a Trumpian world of uncertainty

The energy sector looks a good bet, but what will happen with China?

Don’t spread the love with your Christmas charity giving

One big donation will be more effective than several smaller ones

What happens to overseas workers’ UK pensions after Brexit?

I am an Irish citizen who has worked in UK for 24 years

HMRC aims to intensify scrutiny of offshore taxes

Fresh clampdown on evasion seeks to ‘squeeze’ supply of schemes

Tax avoiders in Philip Hammond and HMRC’s line of fire

Advisers and their clients face a new crackdown

Airbnb is the latest blow for London’s buy-to-let landlords

Lucrative short-term rentals to tourists now capped at 90 days

FT Money Show podcast: A luxury Christmas for less

The 12 ‘saves’ of Christmas and the families hiring private jets to go skiing

How to be your own investment manager

Build your own portfolio with as little as £10,000

Photo of John Kay

If I had a final salary pension, I’d cash it in now

This could be the last gift you’ll ever get from the bond bull market

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What funds to pick for a £10,000 investment portfolio

DIY investors have many potential tools to consider

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