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FT & McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award Andrew Hill

Fiction is brain-food for leaders and fuels their appetite for make-believe

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Five leading business school professors nominate peers with the most original research

The gesture is a way to establish dominance — but many get it wrong

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Despite some data accuracy issues, the Alta HR has some nifty tricks to motivate you

Imperial College London maps bitcoin transactions across 64 screens

Showing critics that you have understood their objections improves your standing

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The Cool Head Anjana Ahuja

Workers in the fast-growing gig economy are vulnerable to illness

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Business School Insider Scott Rostan

Students should beware the overconfidence that can often squander opportunities

Unmanned aircraft are employed in professions from archaeology to farming

Overseas applications soar as students seek alternatives to US and UK

The soft-drinks maker faces a range of challenges as it seeks to reinvent itself

Good leadership means avoiding the problem in the first place

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