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Journalists are rightly worried about fake news and ‘alternative facts’ — but our new world has much in common with the old

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This supremely controlled retelling of Greek tragedy has considerable ‘Game of Thrones’ appeal

Martin Wolf is impressed by an analysis of what the world’s largest democracy must do in order to thrive

The Tanzanian author talks to Alec Russell about Zanzibar, colonialism and how the mood in Britain is changing

An insightful biography sheds new and intimate light on the construction of a New York landmark

Arifa Akbar on a call for those who benefit from discrimination to stop denying its existence

The singer-songwriter vividly recaptures a lost moment in British music

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The follow-up to ‘My Name is Lucy Barton’ is an extraordinary exercise in imaginative empathy

Review Fiction

A family road trip to Dignitas is an unlikely source of joy and a in a touching tale about complex male family dynamics

A group of astronauts train for a mission to Mars in this astute novel about the lure of space

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We look at the contenders for the biggest prize in women’s fiction, the winner of which will be announced on June 7

A homophobic killing is at the heart of this politically engaged crime thriller

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