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An engaging and suspenseful biography of MI5 spymaster Maxwell Knight

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Two Oxford academics argue that extra funds for countries near trouble spots could help solve the crisis

A former British ambassador to Germany explains why Berlin is as committed as ever to the Union

More people are combining passion with profit in search of their dream profession

A traumatic period in the country’s recent past is revisited by two writers who mix realism with horror movie tropes

A new book by Allan Lichtman predicts how Congress could topple the US president

‘The Souls of China’ explores the uneasy accommodation between the party-state and its devout citizens

Killers of the Flower Moon recreates a pivotal moment in the history of US law enforcement

An American poet’s account of her unusual Catholic upbringing

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Contemporary and Victorian London meet in a sensual novel exploring the city’s secret past

Where do I write best? I usually began the books in my home in New Zealand, which is so quiet and calm, with beautiful views to the ocean and islands

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The quicksilver narrative slips between dream, memory and reality

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