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Is caution and conformity hurting the economy? Edward Luce on Tyler Cowen’s ‘The Complacent Class’

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A collection of short stories delicately captures the traumas and triumphs of the migrant experience

A century on from Nicholas II’s abdication, Dominic Lieven asks whether democracy was ever likely to take root

A demolition of the argument that traditional gender roles are hard-wired

An account of the dictator’s affair with Claretta Petacci throws light on more than his sex life

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As an apocalypse approaches, a riotous protagonist embarks on a mission to escape from herself

Why do so many Indian voters back politicians with criminal reputations?

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A recluse shares her story in a novel that blends folklore, fairytale and US history

‘What does it mean to be a writer? To be obsessively committed to recording the voices and thoughts in your head’

The underworld of 18th-century London comes to life in a work that blurs fact and fiction

From Adam O’Riordan’s ‘A Herring Famine’

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A Surrealist group fights continued Nazi occupation in an alternate-world 1950s Paris

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