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The Nobel-winner’s account of female Russian soldiers is more than a historical document — it is the stuff of history itself

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Was the former Breitbart chairman the power behind an insurgent campaign? An investigation into his role makes the case

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A dystopian novel of chemically controlled emotions and musical rebellion magically retunes the genre

A biography of Claude Shannon invites us to celebrate the Midwestern mathematician’s pioneering work on binary code

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Steeped in sex and death, these short stories eschew social convention for something more innate

A briny mix of memoir, travelogue and literary biography from the author of ‘Leviathan’

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Essays and stories that tug at both the heart and the mind

How America’s promise in the 17th century was a measure of England’s failure

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Textual versus ‘real’ relationships are explored in an astute tale of modern love

From ‘Angel Hill’

What does it mean to be a writer? Listening to people, encouraging yourself, stopping yourself

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A delicate novel about grief, heritage and the role of death in life

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