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Journalists are rightly worried about fake news and ‘alternative facts’ — but our new world has much in common with the old

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We look at the contenders for the biggest prize in women’s fiction, the winner of which will be announced on June 7

Liberalism may be under attack but reports of its death have been exaggerated, argues Alan Beattie

Review Fiction

A female narrator writes of her violent marriage in this memoiristic novel set in southern India

An account of growing up on the fringes of London is also a meditation on the past and future of Britain’s green belt

Art meets commerce behind the scenes at London’s National Theatre

A memoir with an unusual perspective on the importance of sound in human life

An exposé of abuse at English boarding schools paints a bleak picture of private education

Humans are kitted out with computer-like features in an innovative sci-fi thriller

An accessible account of the emissions scandal leaves some unanswered questions

Review Fiction

Birds take on a symbolic role in this avant-garde novel set in a seaside town

Review Fiction

A teenager finds redemption in a tale of hardscrabble lives in 1970s North Carolina

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