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As algorithms master the craft of generating stories, what are the implications for humanity?

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Bohemian rhapsody; the dawn of spring; portrait of a Russian spy and much more

The founder of the Beat generation recalls a century of literary discovery in his novel Little Boy

When the chips are down nothing beats reading about tired police officers drinking bad coffee

Owen Matthews delves into KGB archives for Richard Sorge’s dramatic story


The eagerly awaited third instalment is like a modernist prose poem

Dawkins, Harris, Dennett and Hitchens have yet to instigate their vaunted revolution

Sydney Padua’s graphic novel on Lovelace’s work with Charles Babbage establishes a heroine for our times

Judicious work highlights recurrent patterns of political tension and economic upheaval

Farming, consumption and the love of home with the pro-Brexit philosopher

The debut experimental collection holds a mirror up to a confused age

The city enjoys a long and rich tradition of verse that is also experiencing a modern-day revival

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