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The quest to understand life may have been missing an ingredient: the flow of ‘information’ through living organisms

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Richard Bassett’s memoir of Trieste, Vienna and Prague recalls the charms of a lost world

Three books that explore this dark and difficult territory

New biography Mr Five Per Cent by Jonathan Conlin explores the many lives of one of the world’s richest men

Are tech companies manipulating data to control human behaviour — or are their leaders simply naive?

The two rightwingers forged today’s nation by preventing a viable Palestinian state

The author talks about his collection of 12 connected stories that create a telling picture of a fragmented world

The Library Book by Susan Orlean, a gripping profile of the LA central library, makes the case for these once-radical institutions

This sympathetic profile of a nation falls short on balance and scrutiny of its populist leader


A writer navigates the complexities of memory in this study of an ill-fated love affair


This 1992 novel, published in English for the first time, is an empathetic study of German guilt


A glittering and funny crime fiction debut from the Nigerian novelist unpicks a dark sibling rivalry

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