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The former First Lady’s book Becoming delivers private revelations — and a message of hope

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A bold and brutal novel by the exiled Chinese author charts the mental unravelling of a corrupt public official

The 1919 Paris Peace Conference promised to remake the world. But today, its vision of nationhood looks increasingly under threat


This wry novella teaches its protagonists lessons about cruelty, mortality and above all, love

A sharp analysis of antitrust law is a welcome guide to power today


A surreal set of stories linger long in the imagination

A gloriously indiscreet royal biography is the funniest book of the year


The late Croatian writer is at last being feted as a truthteller of European experience


A sensual, putrid reimagining of the original sin that explores the dynamics between two young women

Andrew Hill examines the often dangerous realities of those who would rule over us

A great poet’s correspondence with his family is trivial, prosaic — and strangely gripping


The novelist and art critic talks about her travelling role as a pollinator of ideas

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