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Why the guitar-toting, tight-trousered model of fame is increasingly under threat

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The American author explains how a great American president spurred him to create a new kind of novel

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Brooklyn’s maritime past, the East Coast elite and a Mafia-run nightclub all collide in this engaging new novel

An elegiac family memoir summons up the storms of 20th-century European history

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The prequel to ‘His Dark Materials’ is more Earth-bound but just as enticing

An astronaut’s moving account of a year on the International Space Station

A deft and elegant history captures the struggles of the first Puritan settlers in America

In ‘How to Stop Brexit’, the former deputy prime minister issues a rallying cry for Remainers

‘Where do I write best? Anywhere I can put my feet up’

From ‘Prison Poems’

Humour and pathos pervade a survey of writers who have fallen into obscurity

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A collection of spooky tales commissioned by English Heritage

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