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The 1919 Paris Peace Conference promised to remake the world. But today, its vision of nationhood looks increasingly under threat

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Andrew Hill examines the often dangerous realities of those who would rule over us

A great poet’s correspondence with his family is trivial, prosaic — and strangely gripping


The novelist and art critic talks about her travelling role as a pollinator of ideas

John Lloyd considers two valuable books showing that people who are swayed by populist parties aren’t necessarily bigoted and that their fears are real

‘Good trash liberates you from all the careful scaffoldings that hold up the idea of “great literature” ’

A plea for social infrastructure dismisses Big Tech claims to be building ‘community’

Two authors argue that the sector is actively damaging society


A charming fictionalised tale about the children’s librarian who inspired a life in books for the author


A multi-faceted foray into the life of one of the most notorious scientists of our time


Michelangelo spends an enchanted summer at the Ottoman court in this sensuous and seductive counterfactual novel

The poet’s last book consists of 50 accounts, told with deceptive simplicity, of important figures from the literary world

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