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The author’s Troubles-set third novel has a wider relevance, she tells the FT’s literary editor

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The novel interweaves unconventional thinking in the 19th century with Trump-era family woes in New Jersey

A delightful memoir by the fashion photographer about his troublesome, flamboyant boyhood — and a later passion for hats

The cabin of an airliner is the setting for a surprising study of the liquids that surround us

Identifying the source of an incendiary 1924 letter from Russia makes an absorbing tale


A high-society screwball expat caper morphs into a blackly comic tale of death

An exhilarating history of US capitalism from the former Fed chief and Adrian Wooldridge


Based on a script by Anthony Burgess, this new novel about the Hundred Years’ War brims with blood and gore

An erudite memoir reveals the secrets behind the discovery of Old Master paintings

Tale of sexual harassment in 1970s Belfast and the destructive power of gossip


English girl Nell makes foolish choices when she falls for the handsome adopted son of an oil-wealthy family


Global warming and mass migration are tackled in this near-future story

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