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Kai-Fu Lee’s book AI Superpowers challenges the conventional wisdom on US artificial intelligence supremacy

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The hedge fund guru dissects the big debt meltdowns by converting a sprawling issue into a clear-cut process of cause and effect

A new generation of readers may finally be closing the gap in male-female reading habits

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The fluctuating fortunes and passions of a talented young piano tuner are at the heart of this pacy new novel

The novelist talks about a world vision shaped by a sense of Scottishness and the business of popular series fiction

A profound sense of loss flows through Jason Cowley’s essays on the state of the nation

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Privilege and inequality intersect for an expat wife looking for purpose in Brazil

A timely account of Sir John Franklin’s 1845 expedition to find a way through the Northwest Passage

Poets are ‘opening the window and looking out at the world’ as readership increases

With so much potential for change looming, three books evaluate the body that nature has left us with

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A hedge-funder gives up his job and family to tour Trump’s America on a Greyhound bus, in this new novel


A new biography promises to change our understanding of Tudor politics

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