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Three books argue how improving the way society treats parents and their children is in all our interest

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Dave Cullen’s ‘Parkland’ tells the story of the pupils who formed a gun-reform movement

‘Out of the Gobi’ recalls a harrowing time in China’s recent history

Three books show that the ultimate sanction provides few answers to America’s problems

Two books tackle the segregation of pupils at a young age — and its consequences

A Silicon Valley investor-turned-activist issues a timely reckoning with Facebook’s growth and data-obsessed culture


The first part of the Booker winner’s ‘Dark Star’ trilogy is a modern fantasy classic

Two books explore our obsession with harnessing the waterways’ power

The story of a black civil rights photographer who worked for the FBI delves into the era’s moral complexity

The FT’s Literary Editor gives his top selections for 2019

Long reviled as a toady of the Soviet regime, the writer is due for a reappraisal of his reputation

A new history of Reformation Languedoc casts light on the lives of ordinary women

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