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With so much potential for change looming, three books evaluate the body that nature has left us with

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A hedge-funder gives up his job and family to tour Trump’s America on a Greyhound bus, in this new novel

A new biography promises to change our understanding of Tudor politics

Two books by Woodward and Omarosa Manigault Newman reveal a president epically unsuited to the job

How a mother and daughter reduced our personalities to just four letters

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A dynamic novel about a lingering attraction between two young people from opposite sides of the tracks

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A typist secretly recording the words of Nazi sympathisers comes to realise the power of her position

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Men remain firmly on the sidelines in this alluring tale of female entertainers in Aleppo’s golden age

The freewheeling spirit of the 1960s is recalled in a frank memoir

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A poignant and picaresque tale about an émigré’s trek across 1800s America in search of his brother

A tribute to a fallen uncle tells a salutary tale of what it means to serve

An unflinching memoir challenges the myths of South Africa’s emergence from apartheid

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