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Many places welcome small children, but is it worth the strain? Rebecca Seal finds out

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Analysis FT Series

If everyone turned vegan, would we be happier and healthier? Could we save the planet? Or is a lifetime of inedible fake cheese just too painful?

‘One early manufacturer ended up with premises so vast it had its own internal railway system’

Chinese food is perfect for vegans since dairy products are largely absent from the traditional diet — and their vegetables are delectable

As consumption falls, brewers are turning to new models for success

The best spots for kebab and Persian lamb and white bean stew

It’s similar to Greek yoghurt, but fat free. I use it in everything from dressings and desserts to sauces and smoothies, writes Aggi Sverisson

‘The Massaman chicken curry had lots of colour, lots of chicken and a sauce flowing with coconut milk, red chillies and cashew nuts’

‘The trees carry a flavour bomb in their leaves, with the most exciting fragrance’

FT Magazine Tim Hayward

‘It’s muscular dude-food meets healthy eating, with an Italian accent’

‘There are only two main ingredients here but the dish is an explosion of texture and taste’

Cape wines are distinctive, ageworthy and seriously undervalued

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