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FT Magazine Tim Hayward

‘The Lambrusco tastes as if someone gave a five-year-old a home-brew kit, some Toilet Duck and an Alka-Seltzer’

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‘The peaches bake beautifully in the wood oven, juice melding with cheese, hot and salty like the summer evening’

Hollandaise sauce to whisky sour: Andy Taylor on the versatility of this key ingredient

A list of qualities for accreditation by one pizza association runs to 27 pages

How to... How to...

Tim Hayward gives his take on the ultimate redneck barbecue dish

FT Magazine Andrew Jefford

‘Made from Sauvignon Blanc, it has nothing in common with the luridly scented whites often sold under this badge’

Thirst-quenching cocktails, cult bodegas — the Spanish tipple has never been so chilled

‘The simplest of dinners, perfect for tomato season when it’s almost too hot to eat anything’

FT Magazine Nicholas Lander

‘The tempura came with a dipping sauce so alluring that we refused to give it up’

‘Where to get grilled puffin, epic lobster sandwiches and boiled sheep’s head’

It is the most important ingredient in any mixed drink — here’s how to serve them properly

The dish is somewhere between borscht from eastern Europe and the Middle East’s cold soups

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