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‘We love their crazy colours… it’s like our own private Yayoi Kusama exhibition’

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This sleek new gastro-hub is home to two exciting one-off restaurants

‘My first experience was almost literally a baptism of fire’ – plus how to host a hotpot party

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Spectroscopy — using light to study matter — can help to eliminate counterfeiting and control quality

The cookery writer on why her pestle and mortar never leaves her kitchen counter

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Tim Hayward visits the Herefordshire restaurant that helped start a revolution — and delights in every course

Where to find Mexican spices, countless exotic food and amazing shrimp tacos

From fresh turbot to home-made gnocchi, smoking adds a delicate and distinctive flavour

Two restaurants on the Adriatic have glorious menus singing of the sea

FT MagazineNicholas Lander

‘This latest foray reveals his love of good Catalan food and wine but the space lacks excitement’

‘The vegetarian gauntlet had been thrown down; the vegetarian gauntlet had been picked up’

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