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Myanmar leader promises aid but rights group accuses her of ‘victim blaming’

Reports say former campaign chief was wiretapped and has been told to expect indictment

French president willing to accept phased approach to big eurozone budget

Filing is latest in grim year for traditional retailers ravaged by rise of ecommerce

Libor scandal and Silicon Valley gender row among topics tackled by FT/McKinsey finalists

Instant Insight Edward Luce

Does this bleak speech amount to a foreign policy doctrine?

As the Federal Reserve meets this week, officials are flummoxed by restrained price rises

Trends in the US and internationally show how difficult it will be to ‘bring back coal’

Dominica devastated as storm regains strength and whirls towards Puerto Rico

The rewards to companies that buy back shares have declined along with the practice

Power station taking shape on Belarus border feeds anxiety in Lithuania and beyond

Focus on commercial real estate is part of attempt to shore up lender’s US business

US News

Report of insider trading investigation adds to pressure on credit reporting agency

President’s first address to general assembly to emphasise interests over idealism

Jann Wenner to sell controlling stake 50 years after founding pop culture biweekly

May and Trudeau hint at procurement curbs if US group pursues state aid claims


Video Inside Business

Our global business columnist on why tech leaders build monopolies

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Much-touted economic boom shows signs of wobbling

Analysis Airlines

Passenger anger rises as carriers turn to baggage and food fees to shore up revenue

Special Report Health at Work

When a colleague’s mental health deteriorates, managers must be ready to spot the signs and react appropriately

Markets News

US policy outlook in focus with Fed expected to signal plans to shrink balance sheet

BlackRock criticises UAE energy company as court case over $700m Islamic bond is delayed

Hopes Fitch and Moody’s will join S&P in reinstating investment grade status


Pressure to modify an exemption for internet companies is a test of sector’s power


Google sister company ‘quite far along’ in search for site for urban innovation hub

Algorithms flagged up 95 per cent of the terrorism-related accounts suspended

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