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French demand to strengthen single currency area accepted in less ambitious form

Analysis Amazon

Residents fear online retailer’s new headquarters will push up rents and force them out

Ryan Zinke third to leave US administration since the midterm elections


Number of demonstrators dwindles following calls for calm

In aid of Habitat for Humanity, we will be offering the chance to dine with some of our award-winning journalists

As protests rage, the regeneration of cities like Roubaix will be crucial to Macron’s success

SubscribeStar site hosts rightwing activists and pornographers

Wall Street responds badly as gloom gathers around world economy

CIOs overseeing $21tn expect volatility, protectionism and Brexit to pose big risks

Davos organisers change tack on high-profile businessmen who are subject to US sanctions

Washington defends Border Patrol after seven-year-old dies in custody

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Alice Fishburn set herself a challenge for 2018 to only read female authors. Here’s what she discovered

Mid-20th century designers offered bold visions. What changed? 

An insider account by a former warehouse employee shows that delighting consumers comes at the expense of the lowest-paid workers

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New president’s plan to make Mexico self-sufficient in fuel is attacked as unrealistic

Pork lobby warns Brussels would get ‘enormous tactical victory’ if issue is excluded

Founder sees promising business in putting communication satellites into low-earth orbit

Wind, rain and snow in some markets threaten to damp rapid growth



Alice Fishburn set herself a challenge for 2018 to only read female authors. Here’s what she discovered

In a series of moving accounts, four people share their experiences of building homes for those in need

As the young migrate to cities, nature is reclaiming villages inhabited only by the old and poor

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The Long View Michael Mackenzie

Fiscal rules and still-loose monetary policy mean the region has to look elsewhere for stimulus

Markets spooked by weak data in China and eurozone; dollar strengthens


Bug let developers see private images belonging to up to 6.8m users

The Chinese telecoms magnate is at the centre of the US’s trade war with his country

Predicting the death of old technologies is seldom simple — as the vinyl LP renaissance shows

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