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Some lay-offs at German company will come before 2017 bonus payouts

State-funded boats scour world’s oceans after depleting local stocks

World’s biggest investment group to create AI lab in Palo Alto

Most UK outlets closed after new DHL supply deal fails to deliver

Groups agonise over whether to convert to a corporation following US tax overhaul

Inside Business Patrick Jenkins

Masayoshi Son’s move on reinsurer Swiss Re has echoes of Berkshire Hathaway

New Delhi poised to lead global push to tax multinationals in digital age

Legislation would improve database of Americans prohibited from owning guns

Telecoms industry seeks lead role in safely integrating unmanned craft into airspace

Mexican acquisition vehicle takes control of shale explorer Pelsa

Luis de Guindos the only candidate for vice-president following Irish withdrawal

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Governor pitches for business as 1 in five 5 islanders remains without power

US president’s weekend Twitter storm singles out FBI and security chief McMaster

More break ranks with old order in campaign that reflects modern military thinking

Failure of bipartisan immigration bill leaves employees in limbo and employers angry


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Britain's break with Europe will ensure a wholesale overhaul of working relationships


Will Natarajan Chandrasekaran be allowed to do the radical surgery some believe is necessary?

Your FT guide to this week’s big events

The bank has been held back by big fines and hasty acquisitions but believes it is in a position to grow again

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Dollar rebounds from 3-year low, HSBC steady ahead of full-year results

Gas industry challenges oil for headline billing at key industry conference in London

Euroclear moves to build settlement facility for Irish securities by March 2019


Steel-to-salt group to sell underperforming units outside core IT business

Planting flags abroad and investing in autonomous vehicle tech is expensive

There are lessons to be learned today from the ‘revolt of the engineers’ in the 1930s

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