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Bid by cable group sets up showdown between US media rivals over Murdoch empire


Pentagon says move is response to Beijing’s military build-up in South China Sea


Private talks with StanChart form part of contingency plans after investor pressure

Industrial lobby group says nation needs trade as investor fears over government grow

New government must overcome scepticism to fulfil promises to curb corruption and introduce populist policies

Students who learnt to respect the truth join a society assaulted by alternative facts

Beijing’s demand that White House softens stance on ZTE has met with Republican opposition

Final decision imminent ahead of potentially stormy AGM

Rising crude prices and depreciation of the real have bumped up petrol costs

First black woman to become gubernatorial nominee for major US party

Remarks heighten pressure on Beijing and seek to absolve US over nuclear talks

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Trump-appointed regulator urges lenders to seek out less creditworthy customers


The issue of legalisation has split Democrats and the civil rights movement in the US state

The party worries renewed debate on the fate of ‘Dreamers’ will hurt its election chances

Lawmakers unveil legislation to block moves to lift US sanctions 



Listen to female colleagues, do not interrupt and do not steal their ideas

Lighter and with improved software, the future looks bright for smart shades

Management schemes boost students’ employability — but institutions need to do more

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Turkish lira rallies after country’s central bank lifts interest rates


Key lending rate hiked to 16.5% from 13.5% to stem currency decline


Bank ‘a hot potato’ as populists policies risk raising the cost of funding for lenders


Online travel agency dragged down by regulatory critique and an abuse scandal

Pleas intensify for clampdown on US and Chinese groups encroaching on finance sector

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