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Crude imports offer financial lifeline to Tehran in spite of Washington ban

Shocking photo of father and young daughter injects urgency into efforts to tackle the crisis

Stash of 39kg of drugs found after Brazilian military aircraft landed at Seville

Meeting at the G20 is unlikely to resolve the complex conflict between Beijing and Washington

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Limited-edition range by Japanese designer targeted after support for Hong Kong protests

German chemicals group is facing more than 13,000 pesticide-related cases

US president says Mario Draghi would be better than Jerome Powell, who is doing a ‘bad job’

Investment banks made ‘extremely low’ offers for debt linked to German financier Lars Windhorst

Autonomy founder said US tech group made him a scapegoat after deal soured

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President could have used meeting to forge global ties on issues such as poverty and migration

Executives warn US-China tariffs are raising the costs of life-saving equipment

Move follows concerns over rising vaping levels among young people

Chinese company’s move comes as it faces intense scrutiny from Washington



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Investment banks made ‘extremely low’ offers for debt linked to German financier Lars Windhorst

Share trading falls victim to dispute between Brussels and Switzerland over relationship


President accuses Vestager of hating America and says Washington should file own antitrust suits


Trump says EU hates US tech, luxury Airbnbs, smart kitchen appliances

Cash curbs and migration to digital payments leads to fierce race for market dominance

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