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Chancellor outlines plans after biggest cuts to growth forecasts since financial crisis

US president’s company to walk away from signature Manhattan building

Lobby group urges government to incorporate a host of international agreements into UK law

Foreign policy blueprint urges focus on US to balance growing Chinese power in region


Emma Jacobs takes a crash course in the elusive quality everyone wants

‘Since the day Fifa chose Russia to host the tournament, the country’s image in the west has collapsed’

Spending at 20-year low threatens region’s prosperity, EIB report warns


French cable group struggling to reassure investors after share price halves

Exchange accused of allowing Chinese group to trade untraceable metal in London

Analysis Africa

President’s resignation has revived interest in Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC

Etihad accuses US rivals of using Senate bill to pursue anti-competitive agenda

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The US can control abuse of the drug, if it will spend the money required

Rising crime in the city’s slums is spilling over in to politics and the economy

Sexual misconduct scandal puts a GOP senate seat at risk and with it reform plans

Exit comes after 6 turbulent years that saw Silicon Valley company split into 4


The big US tech companies remain world leaders but their rivals are catching up fast

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What the chancellor's measures mean for the economy and your finances


Laws backed by the ruling Hindu nationalists are wreaking havoc for farmers in the meat, milk and leather markets

Interns say they were ‘forced’ to work at Foxconn plant in China in order to graduate

Republican plans would benefit domestic companies but bring little gain for multinationals

Markets News

Regional equities steady following release of US central bank minutes


Rally sees China shares catch up to global markets, with a focus on tech securities

Deal highlights investor appetite for risky credit as yields remain at suppressed levels


Tech chiefs are finding a wealth of expertise in neglected middle America

Game champ Oriol Vinyals shows machines how to play popular 1990s shoot-’em-up

How big tech companies stifle innovation, retraining workforces is the ‘challenge of our times’, Germany may be on the right path and arguably too many promising European start-ups are California dreaming

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