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Earnings rise by 87% even as Warren Buffett’s group steered away from mega-acquisitions

Pressure from customers and campaigners forces corporate America to act

Former Italian prime minister, Poland president and Austrian chancellor reject allegations

Analysis Brexit

Compromise reached by Theresa May’s divided cabinet under fire from Brussels

The eurozone member state has been hit hard by bribery and money laundering allegations that have raised questions about overseas money

Analysis Batteries

China and Japan lead dash for resources deals to capture market for powering autos of the future

Authorities fear escalation of violence as atmosphere sours ahead of election

New document claims Russian intelligence spent years trying to recruit Trump adviser

US lender includes warning for first time in ‘risk factors’ for investors

Brussels budget summit grapples with Brexit and immigration

Resolution to allow for aid deliveries and medical evacuations comes after 7th day of attacks on town

US News

Plan announced for switch to coincide with Israel’s 70th anniversary

On Wall Street Alexandra Scaggs

Investors should be aware many companies have been playing down the effects

Survivors of Florida school shooting press for change and hold lawmakers to account

Wall Street’s fear of wage inflation is not shared by central bank


Prime minister Theresa May will reveal the blueprint in a speech next week

Video The Week Ahead

Daniel Garrahan previews top stories making news in the week ahead


FT Series Work tribes

Listen in to the conversations of the people who populate our modern workplaces

Construction robots that lay bricks faster and more accurately than people are already a reality

The sleepy enclave has become the eighth priciest zip code in the US with sprawling hilltop mansions

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The Long View John Authers

There are limits on an ability to judge future probabilities and never pay too much

Utilities, tech and energy sectors end week on strong note

Premium pet-food maker is snapped up, while RBS costs disappoint


Cloud storage group eyes dual-class listing that concentrates power with top management

Deal with PIF would take augmented reality start-up’s total fundraising to $2.3bn

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