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Le Maire says EU will not negotiate with US ‘with a gun to our head’


Protectionism threatens demand for loans particularly in export-dependent sectors

Barnier dismisses white paper’s ‘enhanced equivalence’ proposal saying EU needs autonomy


Rivals worry that Google will bring tactics from handset market to other products


Former cricketer seen to have best chance yet of becoming country’s prime minister

We should take their vision of unfettered state sovereignty seriously

Deep scepticism in Russia that plan hatched at Helsinki summit can get off the ground

US president seizes on unprecedented release of FBI warrant in Russia probe


Industry urges Trump administration to reconsider in trade dispute with Canada

Senior figures from once-feared guerrilla group sworn in as part of peace deal

Property no longer expected to buoy significant demand for commodities and labour

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Ambassadors, adventurers and chefs on how to holiday

Meet the distillers reviving its prestige after years in the shadow of Scotch

Shoe designer’s Paris apartment is as flamboyant as his creations

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Higher commodity costs and trade fears expected to hit profits

Trump escalates tensions with China tariff threat as Merkel warns of potential damage

Tencent-backed company considers New York debut after weighing up Hong Kong listing

President fumes about recording of conversation over payments to former Playboy model 



Fears policy will increase risks of housing bubble 

Fed chief has downplayed the significance of a flattening in the US yield curve

Daniel Kalt’s avatar will extend the bank’s services — but can it talk about Brexit?

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Investors will also be watching the pound and whether a cap to its woes lies ahead

European carmaking stocks tumble, dollar retreats from 12-month high

Restriction has wide ramifications for foreign companies, including Saudi Aramco


Rivals worry that Google will bring tactics from handset market to other products


Oligopoly is showing itself to be the economic and political challenge of our time

Sports stadiums taken over to process complaints as customers rush to withdraw cash

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