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German lender releases second-quarter results 9 days ahead of schedule

Deleveraging campaign hits infrastructure spending as impact of trade war looms

Tehran looks to China as fears grow over embargo’s impact on the economy

Sportswear brand plans to stop using virgin polyester for all shoes and clothing

Rising inflation and lower growth pose new problems for monetary policy

Elton John’s husband unified the star’s ventures and controls the show behind the show

Collective outpouring echoes ’98, and will probably last as long

Critics say plans deviate from internationally agreed principles

Inflows into exchange traded products fall more than a third to $223bn in first half

New central bank rules ban online financial giants from investing customer funds

Chief notes ‘tough’ global trade challenges but reaffirms UK investments

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After turbulent Nato summit, Trump launches unprecedented intervention in UK politics

GOP worries about the impact of US trade wars in hard-fought congressional districts

Student protesters trapped under fire from security forces

Central bank gives upbeat assessment of US economy in report to Congress



Defiant Croats created danger on every attack but were finally undone by youth and flair

The Austrian banker held on to his job through a series of crises

A primer on the costly effort to rid the world of a deadly disease

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Mood stays cautious as investors watch tension between US and EU

Stock hit as bourses bar trading-link purchases of Hong Kong-listed dual-class shares

While the central bank hails strength of US economy, traders are not so sure


Rubio slams decision on Chinese telecoms equipment maker amid national security fears

Tesla founder risks serious backlash with unsubstantiated insults

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Swedish start-up is changing from an entrepreneurial company to an industrial one

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