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Probe extends to every country in group’s network


Crown prince says Riyadh will ‘not hesitate’ to defend its interests after tanker attacks


Dennis Muilenburg admits communications were unsatisfactory during crisis over fatal crashes


Massive electricity failure exposes years of under-investment in infrastructure


There is no reason why an ethnic Chinese society cannot also be a democracy

Investors urged to avoid loss-makers and seek those groups that make the unicorns’ businesses possible

Foreign secretary sets clear dividing line with Tory leadership frontrunner Boris Johnson

Joaquim Levy’s exit from BNDES raises fears of return to state interference in economy

Climate change brings severe heatwaves that threaten to take significant economic toll

Spat casts shadow over security relationship designed to counter Chinese influence

Support for going carbon-neutral by 2050 strengthens Europe’s climate leadership credentials

FT Weekend

The fitness scene is helping the area buck the downward trend in Italian house prices

When one writer called in an expert, the family’s muddy urban patch became a thriving kitchen garden

Madonna rails against ageism in the media, but the truth is harsher than that

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Retail sales rose for a second straight month in May

Amgen, Merck and Eli Lilly say Trump administration’s move infringes on free speech

Strong demand gives PetSmart subsidiary a market value of about $15bn

New rent-control rules signal an end to a quarter century of domination by big landlords



Wealth taxes may not be as punitive as feared and might even encourage the entrepreneurial

Older men act as mentors to guide disaffected youths into adulthood and working life

At some institutions, the number of women and minority MBA students has barely shifted

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Market questions is the FT’s guide to the week ahead

The Long View Michael Mackenzie

One troubling aspect of declining yields is falling inflation expectations

Beyond snapping a slide in oil prices, response of traders has been largely muted


Companies that rule the internet pose a monopoly threat the US has long grappled with

Entrepreneurs say capital has flourished despite lukewarm support from Downing Street

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