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German chancellor eyes new elections or partners to keep her grip on power

Telecoms group’s chief vows to fight and warns decision will have chilling effect on deals

CBS News acts over allegations against 75-year-old broadcast journalist 

Analysis Africa

Region has become a testing ground for new Chinese foreign policies

Caracas restructuring negotiations will entail a complex geopolitical poker game

Partnership with the FT a decade ago gave educational charity ‘credibility around the world’

Amsterdam chosen as post-Brexit home for medicines agency

Eurosceptics warn €40bn divorce payment offer must secure trade and transition talks

US singer-songwriter’s latest release sells more than 2m copies in first week

Membership commitment that some former Soviet nations seek remains elusive

Consultant report finds size will matter as revenues and margins come under pressure

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US News

Decision not to finish term on board of governors gives Trump more room to reshape central bank

Republican plans would benefit domestic companies but bring little gain for multinationals

Settlement of investor lawsuit against board will see creation of monitoring council

Fresh sanctions will form part of ‘maximum pressure campaign’ on Pyongyang


Video Germany politics

The possible scenarios as the parties fail to overcome their differences


From Justin Trudeau to Radhika Jones — it’s time to join the novelty sock brigade

A professional’s guide to building a profitable side-hustle

The process is fragile and fraught — as MBA students learn

Markets News

Republican plans would benefit domestic companies but bring little gain for multinationals

Politics limits currency moves while bonds rally

Currency passes SKr10 per euro amid housing jitters and central bank dovishness


Interns say they were ‘forced’ to work at Foxconn plant in China in order to graduate

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