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Proposal made at Brussels summit includes scrapping 85-page residence application

Clean bill of health from Federal Reserve opens door to increased shareholder payouts


View that ties between chief and private-equity house Hopu make rival bids pointless


US carrier says unsolicited investment from Middle Eastern rival is ‘puzzling’

As US allies wrestle with what to do next, China hopes to benefit from a world in flux

Peter Mandelson and John Redwood discuss the shape of an EU-UK deal

Stakes are now much higher and the power balance has shifted for start-ups

Set for worst first half of year since at least 1990 after leading US market in 2016

Shareholders vote against remuneration following outcry over high EpiPen price

President ends weeks of speculation over conversation with the FBI director he fired

House members urge lender to seek White House permission for release of records

US News

The new administration targets sales in Asia to boost jobs and cut deficit

Berkshire Hathaway provides C$2.4bn financing package for Home Capital Group

Goei says IPO is about ‘being ready’ to seize consolidation opportunities

Officials endorse Volcker rule revamp and bank relief from burden of ‘stress tests’


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How do employers persuade nervous staff to take annual leave?

Lurid and luxurious, Toot aims to be the Louis Vuitton of underwear

The counter-culture’s boots of choice are back, with a bounce

Photo of Jo Ellison

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Brent back above $45 a barrel while US healthcare stocks jump

As MSCI opens a key index to Chinese shares, investors will need to tread with care

Set for worst first half of year since at least 1990 after leading US market in 2016


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