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Concern grows over Igor Kolomoisky’s influence on the novice president

Chancellor says any prime minister seeking to leave EU without agreement ‘cannot expect to survive’

US president’s tax cuts prompt increase in prices for most sought-after models

Acquisition of United Capital part of effort to take on Schwab and Morgan Stanley in $28tn market

Parental leave needs to be seen as a right for men, not just a choice

Eurozone’s third-largest economy may not sit on bank’s board for first time since 1998

Outcome could result in revenues falling by billions from lucrative offshore blocks

Success proves elusive for the titans of London, Paris and Frankfurt. Is that about to change?

Deal would allow gas-rich Gulf state to enter English football for the first time

World’s biggest displacement of people threatens reforms of prime minister Abiy Ahmed

US president undercuts his national security adviser ahead of talks in Japan

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A dreamlike glimpse of British life half a century ago

Britain’s biggest intelligence service is rethinking its mission — and recruitment strategy

The housing market is being hit by climate change and building restrictions

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Payments industry sees flurry of big deals in race to cash in on rising digital transactions

The electric-car group’s shares have lost close to a fifth of their value in a week

President Trump seeks to inject measures preventing devaluations into trade deals

Guilherme Leal seen as a friendly face of capitalism as he looks to burnish green credentials



After the Brumadinho dam disaster, prosecutors are circling and investors are demanding changes to the industry

Liberty Media wants to revamp rules and unequal rewards

Rising atmospheric concentrations have power to hasten global warming, scientists warn

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Market questions is the FT’s guide to the week ahead

The Long View Michael Mackenzie

Concerns remain that tariff dispute between US and China will escalate

Developing countries pull ahead for first time since 2013 despite widespread gloom


The industry remains overwhelmingly white, male, wealthy and young

Competition intensifies for global market share as Chinese company faces curbs

Ryan Graves’ departure signals first management shake-up since market listing

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