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Ride-hailing company’s costs surge ahead of planned public listing

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In the digital world, the possibilities for self-invention are almost limitless. So are we all scammers now?

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Jury told of 2008 interest during trial of former bank executives

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Roger Ng has reached an agreement with the DoJ for bail

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The actor on getting into character, his debt to Withnail and this year’s Oscar race

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Why data can be sexist

Family estrangement is like a gradual death – but sometimes it’s the only option

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NYSE and Nasdaq file petition to DC court, saying regulators’ move is unlawful

Tech giant accused of ‘arrogance’ after New York expansion plan falls apart

Ride-hailing company’s lawsuit comes after its ad blitz failed to stop city’s law

FTC could levy multibillion-dollar fine if it decides social network broke data consent order



With record profits and nearly €2bn in sales, it’s no wonder the Kering brand’s chief executive is smiling

Many are holding themselves back from progress at work because of outdated stereotypes

Trade involves buying local funds that hold overseas debt — but currency risks lurk

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The Long View Michael Mackenzie

Earnings growth for S&P 500 groups expected to grind to virtual halt in first half

Italy’s bond market is like Goldilocks’ porridge: not too hot and not too cold

Stimulus from Beijing and Fed pause on rates offset continued concern over trade war


Many things can become harmful in the absence of mechanisms for understanding them

Ride-hailing company’s lawsuit comes after its ad blitz failed to stop city’s law

Inaccurate findings are being made in some areas of biomedical research

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