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President seeks show of domestic support amid stand-off with the west

US attorney-general acts before retirement of official attacked by Donald Trump

Michael Cohen wants Stormy Daniels suit moved into private arbitration

St Petersburg consulate also shut as Moscow responds to UK measures over spy poisoning

Bond investors dump sector squeezed by online competition and rising costs

Market Questions Michael Hunter

Jay Powell will hold his first press conference as chair of the US central bank


Tsipras seen using corruption claims to broaden campaign against former politicians


Trusted crisis manager to handle deteriorating Sino-US relationship

Analysis Mining

Canadian miner set to lose top spot to US rival as output and share price falls


Workers and students ordered to watch production hailing national progress

Staff cuts come as losses continue across most of firm’s portfolio

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Analysis Technology

Founder Daniel Ek says unconventional flotation is not about ‘pomp or circumstance’

Analysis US trade

Donald Trump says yes (but he also said he made it up)

Financial Stability Board would see significant change of gear under Randal Quarles

Analysis US trade

Pundit might be short on fiscal training, but can spread free-market message



Her role in post-9/11 torture drew criticism yet supporters praise her collegiate side

Behind conflict between Lady Judge and Stephen Martin lies a struggle to maintain group’s relevance

Innovation award, nerve agents, happy Finns

Markets News

Bond investors dump sector squeezed by online competition and rising costs

The Long View John Authers

Challenge for investors and Fed officials is whether low unemployment spurs inflation

Focus starts to shift towards Fed policy outlook


Social network claims research firm failed to delete user information collected by an app

Former chairman will not be renominated to board after saying he is exploring a bid

As traders await Dropbox and Spotify, Zscaler lays claim to title of year’s hottest IPO

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