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Ex vice-president faces questions over his age, gaffes and behaviour to women

Carmaker indicates readiness to raise outside capital after net loss of $702m in first quarter

Currency and bonds keep falling as Mauricio Macri struggles to contain economic malaise

Chinese telecoms group explains structure as it denies it is government-funded

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US president’s decision to revoke oil sanctions waivers could push Tehran to war

Slowly, they are recognising that global warming is a financial stability risk

Oil group bucks trend by sticking with BoA and Citi in $55bn acquisition battle

Concern grows as country’s biggest producer Baoshan suffers profits plunge

Move would pave way for legal action against executives at Swiss fund manager

Investors unnerved as further drop in country’s foreign currency reserves is disclosed

Company becomes third to achieve milestone valuation after Apple and Amazon

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$55bn offer exposes balance sheet risk as US oil companies battle for assets

US group’s report comes as Bolsonaro’s environmental policies face scrutiny in Brazil

Social media group says ‘range of loss’ in privacy inquiry could go as high as $5bn

Debt, stocks and currency knocked as investors take flight on economic upheaval concerns



Some parts of new-generation network will be vulnerable to attack

Some believe the longtime friend of Donald Trump has been a poor steward of other people’s capital

Combination of tensions with the US and waning investor appetite cools sector

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Supply worries help push Brent above $75 a barrel for first time since October

‘Dash for trash’ hurts funds trying to attack what they see as overvalued companies


Raising cash will only get harder with time


Kubrick show and near-future sci-fi, Microsoft joins $1tn club, Facebook feels fine


Watchdog says social network committed ’serious contraventions’ of privacy laws

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