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Berlin insists on divorce first approach to negotiations, despite London’s hopes

Communist party seeks to cement its control over society

Individuals, companies and bank accounts examined for ties to the family

Pro-trade members warn moves to pull out of trade deal could risk tax cuts push

Lucy Kellaway left the FT this year to retrain. Here is her report card

US equity market’s structure is unrecognisable from 1987 when stocks had their steepest fall

TfL delays hit Via and Taxify as officials consider future of ride-hailing industry

Former Tony Blair adviser forms Labour-led coalition with support from minor parties

Analysis Technology

From ecommerce to cloud services, the fight is on to dominate a market of 200m online

Constitutional Democrats outpoll Tokyo governor’s Party of Hope ahead of Sunday vote

ACS-controlled construction group seeks to beat €16.3bn offer from Atlantia

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US News

Legislation would extend rules covering political advertising to Facebook, Google and Twitter

Stephen Squeri to take over for Kenneth Chenault with plans to revamp company

September figures show continued improvement in automated spotting of extreme content

Google unit sees AI pass milestone as AlphaGo Zero dispenses with human wisdom


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NYSE traders recall disastrous day on Wall Street in 1987

Video FT World video
Video FT World video
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‘The hopes of soccer bulls have been dashed again. The US team has crashed out of the World Cup’

Analysis US banks

New administration’s regulators expected to take a looser grip on the sector

Brian Merchant, author of ‘The One Device’, on Apple’s myth-making

Markets News

Markets unsettled after Chinese central bank chief says must guard against a sharp correction


Bank’s covered bond will be its first in three years and follows NBG’s €750m bond sale

Market expectations of tax cuts propel Wall Street to record high


Investment in the connected car parts industry cleverly utilises existing expertise


Brian Merchant, author of ‘The One Device’, on Apple’s myth-making

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