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Authorities say counter-raid stopped second terrorist threat after earlier assault

S&P 500 sees biggest one-day fall since May as traders react to US political turmoil

With losses on the rise, the end of the ‘rewards war’ is on the horizon

Need for replacement power sources as the skies darken highlights the sector’s growth

Defenders of Trump’s stance on white nationalism square up to moderates over policy

Facebook, Google and other groups clamp down on white nationalists

Stock markets are flushed with central bank liquidity and boosted by moderate growth

Secretary of state makes show of unity with Japan amid mixed signals from White House

Energy group’s offshore LNG facility must prove technology can be cost-effective

Analysis Banks

Straight-talking new chairman must deal with aftermath of sham accounts scandal

Youth-oriented media company captured hate and anger up close

End to split of H-shares and red chips as market struggles to find best China gauge

US News

President is unbowed by broad criticism of his response to white nationalist violence

Intensified competition hurts copycat pharma groups while buyers drive harder bargain

Famed bond investor uses his Twitter feed to lash out at reporters

Agency claims failed US lenders lost money because rate was manipulated downwards


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Donald Trump’s strategist attacks Beijing, heightening tensions

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Adja Sy’s move to Shanghai was eased by the speed with which she was able to launch her skincare brand

Restaurateurs and gourmets hope cosmopolitan cuisine will go global

The auction house is adapting to a customer base buying from home or the beach house

Markets News

S&P 500 sees biggest one-day fall since May as traders react to US political turmoil

By many measurements, today’s stock markets are overvalued but investors are struggling to work out when or if a crash will come

Investors pull $1.6bn on geopolitical tensions and concern over US business agenda


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