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Probe into links between Trump campaign and Moscow reaches US president’s son-in-law

Facebook founder gives Harvard speech decrying authoritarianism and nationalism

UK resumes intelligence sharing despite anger over release of bombing inquiry details

Labour’s gains against dominant Tories compound testing week for sterling

On Wall Street Ben McLannahan

Recruitment race slows as Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch join UBS approach

Person in the News Patti Waldmeir

The carmaker’s boss has form in turning round ailing Midwestern brands

Presidential scandal strikes at the core of the system of patronage but incentives that fuel bribery will be hard to eradicate

Detailed demands set to be sent to UK in June ahead of start of formal talks

Documentary makes the case for restructuring of companies on life-support

GOP retains seat a day after candidate accused of ‘body-slamming’ reporter

China seen as key player in framing UN measures against nuclear and missile programmes

US News

Difficulties at Home Capital do not reflect problems in the housing market

Policymakers consider trimming balance sheet amid concerns about impact

US electronics retailer’s shares at all-time high along with S&P 500 and Nasdaq

Concerns grow that law will raise costs or deny coverage for pre-existing conditions


Macron keeps quoting some woman called Molly Air. Is she a news anchor?


The model/presenter/writer has tried on a score of different jobs. Will her new role as a fashion designer be the one that finally fits?

In international sport’s oldest trophy, five high-tech boats are looking to overhaul Larry Ellison’s American team

AI seen becoming powerful enough to forecast market moves better than humans

Markets News

UK election polls hit pound while firmer yen and gold point to underlying caution

Labour’s gains against dominant Tories compound testing week for sterling


More than $750m flows in over week to May 24 despite political upheaval in the country


Stock market capitalisation of technology group rises to more than £1bn


Japanese group looks to expand display and electronics but analysts are unconvinced


US visa ban and automation cuts demand in one-time booming employment sector

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