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Trump raises prospect of changing Senate rules to push through spending measure

Rising soured debts raise concerns about the financial health of middle America

French president raises chances of halfway-house compromise on access to single market

Timely repayment of state aid would have cut charge on overseas earnings

Instant Insight Edward Luce

At several points, Trump and Democrats have struck a deal but he reneged soon afterwards

Big bets on the collapse of the country’s indebted economy have largely failed. Did the hedge funds misread the signs or were they just too early?

Fund raisings for speculative-rated companies over-subscribed as investors chase income


Sportswear brand hopes to close gap on rivals but concedes it has much to do


Opening of new front in Syrian civil war is expected to aggravate relations with the US

Haqqani network are at centre of escalating dispute between Islamabad and Washington


Executives of Franco-Dutch group met Italian commissioners to discuss joining auction

US News

Moves to trim capital cushions while boosting payouts is worrying, say some observers

Bank’s San Francisco chief would ‘welcome’ opportunity to serve under Jay Powell

Randal Quarles to push for streamlining of bank capital guidelines

Beverage giant, which uses 120bn bottles a year, pledges to step up recycling effort


Video Analysis

Daniel Garrahan previews big stories the FT is watching in the week ahead


He spent decades at Mugabe’s side, but now he’s leader, what does Emmerson Mnangagwa plan?

The collapse of Carillion has raised questions about whether Britain’s public sector contracts to private companies have reached the end of the road

A pioneer, yet she was more interested in service than feminism

Markets News

ECB bond purchases and the pound’s test of $1.40 versus the dollar also in focus

Market shrugs off shutdown fears to complete longest streak without major reversal

Analysis US Dollar

A rebound would send sure bets into reverse and spark turbulence across markets


Ecommerce pioneer aims to write another chapter of its retail revolution

Political pressure on platform companies is growing and they need a better response

Special Report Technology

Businesses should focus on how technology can bring about incremental changes

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