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Talks at chancellor’s retreat billed as a turning point in Russo-German relations.

Worst floods in a century claim hundreds of lives, shutter international arport 

US president is accused of seeking to stifle criticism by revoking security clearances

Imran Khan promises to end corruption but faces a looming balance of payments crisis

‘Secular monk’ stung by failures in Rwanda and Bosnia who never stopped working for peace

What if ‘The Iliad’ had been narrated by a woman? A generation of writers is reworking the great Ancient Greek texts for a new era

Former UBS trader who ran up $2.3bn loss is Ghanaian national

Goal is to shift away from petro-dollars and offer economies broader revenue streams

Football heroes hope to inspire Sudanese youth and counter negative portrayals

Net positioning in futures market in negative territory for first time since end of 2001

Targeting of Daimler, state of Alaska and Tibetan groups traced to college computer

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FT Magazine Joshua Chaffin

The news came via an HR email: my visa was expiring and could not be extended

The groundbreaking film offers a timely insight into how the world’s wealth is shifting eastward

The White House and Wall St powerbroker on race, his friends the Clintons and being a Beltway insider

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Analysis US retail

Chains look in hope to automated warehouses, same-day delivery and click-and-collect

Tractor maker says sales still climbing as farmers replace agricultural equipment

GE and Siemens lose market share in battle with Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems



Critics say the roots of the crisis lie in the sidelining of critics and the weakening of institutions

The Thai capital’s climate, food and friendly vibe make it a plum posting for an FT reporter

Extraordinary vocal talent whose songs epitomised black power and women’s liberation

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Turkish lira back under pressure; Italian assets in retreat

Turkish markets have stabilised but appetite for taking a bet is limited

Funds trying to increase returns have been caught out by the falling currency


Google’s searching questions, Facebook’s rule book, smartphone addiction cures

The Top Line Jonathan Guthrie

The business could be run better by someone who is not working a 120-hour week

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