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Rejection comes as May signals her ‘plan B’ focuses on changing Irish border provisions

Fourth-quarter GDP figure slips to 6.4% as trade war hits consumer sentiment

Senator enters crowded field of contenders to challenge Donald Trump

Ken Griffin’s purchase of No 3 Carlton Gardens comes amid high-end property market slump

The Labour leader’s refusal to step into the vacuum left by May’s defeat is misguided 

Stakes are high for the bank’s boss as he prepares a strategy update for February

Stand-off delays drilling expansion, deregulation and cuts to environmental rules

Move likely to stoke diplomatic tensions with Moscow

Fund revises down growth forecasts to 3.5% this year and 3.6% in 2020

Calls by ministers come as Brussels prepares to block rail deal on antitrust grounds

Stores turn to augmented reality, robots and smart mirrors in battle against Amazon

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Berkshire Hathaway’s geothermal wells could produce up to 90,000 tonnes a year

Bolsonaro’s decision to put ambassador in Jerusalem could lead to boycotts

Languishing equity price means core computer business is valued at less than nothing

Specialist consumer-financiers help bridge earnings gap for federal workers



‘I’m extremely sceptical that anyone can do stockpicking well,’ says Wealthfront CIO

Stores turn to augmented reality, robots and smart mirrors in battle against Amazon

Understanding Angela Merkel’s would-be successor as chancellor

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Sterling holds steady as Brexit saga rolls on; Brent oil briefly tops $63 a barrel

Doha plans to buy $500m of sovereign debt to ease one of world’s biggest burdens

Regulators fear looser lending standards for low-rated companies could precipitate the next downturn


Juliet Bauer extolled virtues of Kry without disclosing she had been hired by the app

Education secretary says focus on attracting foreign students into UK higher education

Watchdog finds US tech giant guilty of breaking Brussels privacy regulations

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