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Instant Insight Edward Luce

At several points, Trump and Democrats have struck a deal but he reneged soon afterwards

Thousands take to streets in worldwide protest and call for end to discrimination

Demand places fresh pressure on the prime minister for a soft Brexit


French president raises chances of halfway-house compromise on access to single market

Analysis US Dollar

A rebound would send sure bets into reverse and spark turbulence across markets

The group has signed a $2.8bn deal with Nestlé, but is it taking on too much in the US?

Undercover Economist Tim Harford

Antitrust authorities should not be making life easy for incumbents

Party’s national executive committee debates steps needed for leader’s resignation

Analysis Europe

Mary Lou McDonald to be first party chief not directly associated with IRA violence

Interior ministry reports several people killed and at least six wounded

Defence secretary puts countering China and Russia at heart of military strategy

Ambassador says Islamabad is in progress of ‘sniffing out’ remaining members

US News

Moves to trim capital cushions while boosting payouts is worrying, say some observers

Bank’s San Francisco chief would ‘welcome’ opportunity to serve under Jay Powell

Randal Quarles to push for streamlining of bank capital guidelines

Beverage giant, which uses 120bn bottles a year, pledges to step up recycling effort


Video UK retail results

Rapidly rising prices squeeze consumers' spending ability


A pioneer, yet she was more interested in service than feminism

Financial Times picture editors showcase the best photographs since the presidential election

Firm has become a leading adviser to the world’s largest private equity groups

Markets News

Market shrugs off shutdown fears to complete longest streak without major reversal

Analysis US Dollar

A rebound would send sure bets into reverse and spark turbulence across markets

Economy boosted by tax reform seen prompting higher interest rates


Social network will begin testing in US and will look to highlight more local stories

GE break-up; Apple, BP, Detroit auto show and China internet crackdown in the news

‘Second request’ from Federal Trade Commission signals more scrutiny for the $130bn proposed deal

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