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Oil services division continues to drag on largest US manufacturer

Leading Eurosceptic minister confirms support for transitional arrangement

Reports of fatalities after tense stand-off over extra security at al-Aqsa mosque

Analysis Hedge funds

Investors begin to doubt the highest-rated properties will escape online disruption

Buoyed by new leader, a new wave of executives is pledging to reform corporate France

As Lucy prepares to leave the FT, we asked readers to pick their favourites

Fund flows into continental equities highest since Macron victory in France

Wide-ranging political powers over court system stir fears for independence of judges

Analysis Automobiles

As road deaths rise, software is being developed to deal with distracted drivers

Nestlé, P&G and Unilever all under pressure to improve performance

Lead complainant considers appeal in one of the first cases brought under new legislation

US News

Veteran is a critical vote in Congress and a vocal critic of the Trump administration

Renewed attempt follows a thwarted 2015 offer for Russia’s biggest oil and gas exploration company

Billionaire takes to Twitter to lobby for approval to build superfast train tunnel

Software group’s Azure business doubles revenue in the last quarter


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Market interprets dovish tone from president of ECB

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‘A calculated emoji is worse than nearly anything you could do on your phone – or, possibly, in your life’

From Beckett to Simone de Beauvoir, a new book explores why an author’s clothes are as revealing as their prose

The stand-up talks about her identity issues and being booed off stage

Markets News

Traders emboldened after ECB chief Draghi fails to talk down the currency

Fund flows into continental equities highest since Macron victory in France

Ninth consecutive day of gains pushes S&P 500 IT index into virgin territory


Expansion of multiplayer offering could be the answer to VR’s ‘chicken and egg’ puzzle

Cash offer the latest in a string of buyouts for payments processors

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