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Prosecutors submit ‘voluntary request for documents’ over Musk’s take-private plan

Cécile Kyenge faced abuse when she became minister in previous government

Donald Trump calls Kim Jong Un’s offers ‘very exciting’ but analysts are sceptical

Trade associations support pushing Beijing to open markets but say tactics ‘ineffective’

Investment in new forms of audio could change the appealing tone

Analysis Banks

Lender targets bigger market share among Mittelstand but faces fierce competition

Industry stars, such as Brevan Howard, rebound as EM currencies fluctuate

Warsaw said to offer billions of dollars to bolster defences against Russia

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Rodrigo Duterte in stand-off with fiercest opponent Antonio Trillanes over sedition charges

New Delhi scrambling for ways to shore up depreciating currency

Chen Feng makes changes after the sudden death of co-founder of conglomerate


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Republicans worry damage to consumer sentiment could affect forthcoming elections

Unicorn status reached after latest $300m fundraising

US group to produce exclusive series for streaming service



Analysis Brexit

Did migrants really force down wages and are they a drain on the UK exchequer?

A manager’s self-focused agenda can be bad for morale

Silicon Valley’s EV start-ups risk being left behind as sub-scale manufacturers

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Heavily sold market bounces for second day; US bond market steadies

Analysis US equities

A reclassification of S&P 500 sectors will see likes of Alphabet and Facebook moved

Worries over Nifty 50’s frothy valuations fail to damp demand from domestic investors


Unicorn status reached after latest $300m fundraising

Watchdog suggests slow removal of harmful content would result in fines

Hedge funds and venture capital firms move into analytics businesses they use themselves

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