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Foreign minister Zarif says Tehran will scrap accord if Trump withdraws

Warning signs after last year’s good news — the issue is whether slowdown is structural

Vote shows centre-left deeply divided over grand coalition with Merkel’s CDU

Former PM met Hammond before London and Beijing endorsed business venture

Swiss pumps maker rapidly restructured shareholdings to escape effects of US measures

Unsustainable borrowing may cause a clash with the Fed, but not a solvency crisis

Move to stop staff being victimised for disclosing information in the public interest

Agricultural tariffs cut as bloc seeks to counter rising protectionist sentiment

British chancellor is scouring economic forums to find next central bank head

Chinese commerce ministry welcomes overture for trip to Beijing

$4.7bn cash and stock deal will create world’s largest publicly listed online gaming company

The Millennials

They came of age around 2000, but what will they do next?

The more we speak of ‘luck’, the more we do to uphold the socio-economic conditions in which precarity is normal

Even Airbnb, which was supposed to be a shortcut into the heart of local cultures, has ended up fostering a creeping sameness

US News

Company has had a miserable year since its thwarted $143bn bid for Unilever

Party alleges Trump associates conspired with Moscow and WikiLeaks in 2016 election

Former New York mayor says he hopes to ‘negotiate an end’ to Mueller investigation

Randall Stephenson exchange with DoJ comes as trial enters final stages



In a new series, FT writers compete to improve their London Marathon times

Unsustainable borrowing may cause a clash with the Fed, but not a solvency crisis

Markets Insight Leo Lewis

Deaths now outnumber births at an average rate of 1,000 a day

Markets News

US tech earnings take centre stage while investors ask: is the ECB getting cold feet on QE?

Yield on 10-year Treasury hits four-year high

Sterling’s decline lifts FTSE 100 and draws investors into government debt


Indonesia’s first unicorn start-up plans to expand amid regional ride-hailing shake-up


Plans to preserve business model do not match spirit of GDPR, critics say


Consumers are under surveillance in ways we have just begun to grapple with

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