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Warning on high oil prices comes with plea to other nations to squeeze Iran

French minister warns EU cannot support blueprint that would weaken bloc

US exposure being pared back as more enticing opportunities are found in Europe and Asia

Volker Kauder voted out as head of chancellor’s parliamentary group

Appointment demonstrates Ana Botín’s determination to get bank back on front foot

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger leave six years after $1bn takeover

Growing trend of nationalisation sparks warnings of risk to economic vitality

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Giovanni Tria faces calls at home to spend while EU frets over debt

Tunisia underlines difficulty of changing laws skewed towards men

Institution looks to spend $5bn to generate increase in battery storage capacity

Investors questioned assumptions even before PC maker unveiled plan to relist shares

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Makan Delrahim says he will aim to wrap up DoJ investigations within six months

Survey group priced at 40% below the $2bn appraisal it hit in fundraising 4 years ago

Investors demand evidence on its effort to avert violence with its products

Big players switch approach amid fears state legislation could become default position



Who’s who in the country’s most unpredictable presidential race in years

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Carmaker hopes China sales will offset US protectionism and supply-chain issues

Automatons without security safeguards can be weaponised

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Markets becalmed as investors await the latest economic outlook from the Federal Reserve

Index provider proposes 20% A-shares inclusion and addition of smaller tech stocks

US exposure being pared back as more enticing opportunities are found in Europe and Asia


Finding staff who have the right skills in both AI and cyber security demands new thinking on hiring

AI lowers the cost of a data breach more than hiring an information security officer

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