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David Solomon, heir apparent since March, prepares to take over reins in October

Central bank chairman gives bullish testimony but is uncertain of impact of trade war

Amendment to force government’s hand on customs union defeated by 6 votes

Annual event hit as German and Spanish staff down tools and US site is hit by outages

Surging use of mobile payment apps WeChat and Alipay has transformed daily life

Martin Wolf on how the crisis marked the end of a consensus for liberalisation

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US English-language viewer numbers down by one-third from 2014 final

Uncertain progress is being made towards eliminating wasteful and polluting practice

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Smart speaker maker’s offering comes after investors were burnt following other sector debuts

Chief of staff reported to have refused to target children in Gaza

Microsoft co-founder to put own money in $30m effort to work on earlier diagnoses

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Buyout group to invest in projects outside North America as majors step back spending

Gun rights advocate charged with trying to forge ‘back channel’ to Republican leaders

Andy Byford has one of the least enviable jobs in public transport

Hanoi’s new cyber security move attacked as crackdown on free expression



Anti-Semitism claims have left the community polarised and wounded

The Austrian banker held on to his job through a series of crises

Some people think Elon's "pedo guy" tweet was an attempt to draw attention away from his GOP donations.

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Dollar holds gains as Fed chair signals commitment to gradual rate rises


French telecoms taps the market, but investors await more radical plans for group’s debt pile

Trade war proves to be biggest market concern since euro crisis


Multibillion-euro penalty lined up for abuse of dominant position in mobile operating systems


Cashless millennials, robot artists, electric skateboards

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