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French leader invites UK to ‘be my guest’ in single market if it pays and obeys EU rules

Economy boosted by tax reform seen prompting higher interest rates

Kevin Kühnert leads opposition to joining Merkel government ahead of Sunday’s party vote

Bank’s San Francisco chief would ‘welcome’ opportunity to serve under Jay Powell

Undercover Economist Tim Harford

OW Loeb suffering late payments, tax difficulties and legal disputes, say insiders

‘The memes are so potent because they are designed to be subversive and to bait their opponents into a reaction’

Car-booking company’s biggest investor also says it needs to ‘restock human capital’

Premier to become one of few female leaders to have baby while in office

Arbitration panel for trade disputes floated as way of resolving deadlock

Moves to trim capital cushions while boosting payouts is worrying, say some observers

Watchdog set to be made independent with new powers to impose penalties

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Tillerson outlines assertive stance to counter Iranian ‘land-bridge’ strategy

Bank asks for time to find corporate clients to replace hedge funds in core business

Shares fall after bank dashes hopes of big boost to buybacks and dividends

Activist attacks ‘incapable’ management of US printer and photocopier company


Video Companies

Auto industry in turmoil as cars lose steering wheels and brake pedals


Firm has become a leading adviser to the world’s largest private equity groups

The British designer is ready to radically grow his business. He talks about why power-sharing will be good for him

Volatility of payment settlement group’s cryptocurrency poses questions

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Economy boosted by tax reform seen prompting higher interest rates

Move out of sovereign debt continues as European stocks re-establish rally


This ‘promises to be record-setting year’


Undercover Economist Tim Harford

Antitrust authorities should not be making life easy for incumbents

EU data show Facebook, YouTube and Twitter increasing reviews of content

Rich Templeton will remain the US semiconductor company’s chairman

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