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Scandal-hit figure faces charges of bribery, abuse of power and leaking state secrets

Brexit and Donald Trump raise questions over strength of City and Wall St

Cuts to profitability targets for incentive plans spark shareholder concern

Activist Alexei Navalny held as estimated 20-30,000 demonstrators defy police ban

How the retailer has become one of the biggest recruiters of MBA graduates

The 262 words of the EU divorce clause could be the key to Britain’s future

UK engineering cum technology company also benefits from its expanded product line-up

Company hopes this week’s phone launch can draw line under Note 7 safety scandal

Manufacturers of construction equipment hope sales will grow markedly after tough period

Bank says it does not offer zero-hour deals and treats workers in ‘fair way’

SPD challenger Schulz’s first serious setback raises chancellor’s election hopes

US News

President reacts to congressional setback by tweeting that system ‘will explode’

Car-booking group suspends pilot service with autonomous vehicles after collision

President Trump’s review of the controversial law has prompted calls for a postponement

Some of the group’s lenders favour Westinghouse being placed in bankruptcy protection



Driving to work with Beethoven, Mozart and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

Central bank governor says she has received threats from those with vested interests

Convergence with richer countries may give emerging markets room to manoeuvre

Markets News

Investors shift into gold and bonds as hopes of business-friendly US policies wobble

State and local authorities tap market in biggest wave of issuance since 2012

Scrutiny of Trump’s tax plans will increase now he has failed to roll back Obamacare


Car-booking group suspends pilot service with autonomous vehicles after collision

Groups seek action to protect them against ads appearing next to extremist content

Almost every sector of society has felt the headwinds of the digital revolution

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