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Executives say order books ‘paralysed’ by trade war and woes in auto industry

Travel company’s demise leaves 21,000 jobs at risk and hundreds of thousands stranded

Fabrizio Campelli says division is hiring hundreds of people as it seeks to add assets

UK prime minister optimistic even as EU leaders signal sides are far apart

When ‘humbled’ becomes a synonym for ‘proud’ something has gone seriously wrong

Willingness and preparedness in responding to situation called into question

Senior Democrats suggest they could launch impeachment proceedings

Adding central bank to terrorist list means talks have no prospects, Zarif says

Multinationals pledge drastic cuts to emissions after biggest climate demonstrations ever

‘Terrible’ conditions on stock market deter deals but some expect pipeline to pick up later in year

UK prime minister set to join US in blaming Iran for attacks on Aramco facilities

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Campaign to tout green credentials could be undercut by Bolsonaro’s clashes with Europe

Industry faces threat of economic slowdown just as underwriting skills show improvement

‘Medicare for All’ proposal risks alienating moderates ahead of 2020 election

Donald Trump orders ‘defensive’ deployment to boost air defences following Riyadh request


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