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List includes closure of Al Jazeera news channel and reduced relations with Iran

Governing council of central bank calls for change in statute to give it more legal powers

Fresh doubt over Trump reforms as four Republican senators refuse to back new plan

Private groups that gobbled up overseas assets will now be examined more closely

On the first anniversary of the referendum vote, the FT looks at where the UK is heading

Choice of Strasbourg for European state ceremony seen as snub to German politicians

Analysis Technology

Uber’s new chief executive will have to stem losses at the ride-hailing company 

Analysis Leadership

In an era of looser networks and job-hopping, GE’s painstaking method of selecting its new CEO is becoming the exception

More than 1,000 employees of car-booking app seek to have him reinstated in new role

Singapore’s GLP takes action after FT report on conflict of interest concerns

Clean bill of health from Federal Reserve opens door to increased shareholder payouts

Trade body prepares to sue Dutch brewer over content of Desperados brand

US News

Berkshire Hathaway provides C$2.4bn financing package for Home Capital Group

Goei says IPO is about ‘being ready’ to seize consolidation opportunities

Officials endorse Volcker rule revamp and bank relief from burden of ‘stress tests’

Ellison says cloud business is poised for ‘hyper-growth’


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Analysis Brexit

Both sides want quick resolution but issues are technically and politically complex

SFO alleges violation of law aimed at preventing companies from deceiving creditors

A workhorse phone for those who can live without data, but how useful is it?

Markets News

Chinese markets choppy as traders warily eye ‘systemic risk’ probes


Investors dump New Look and House of Fraser high-yield debt

Sentiment towards Polish debt has recovered from last year as fears over the budget position ease


Prime minister prioritises creation of ‘world-leading smart nation’

Special Report FT Wealth June 2017

By 1997, Steve Jobs was back and two years later Apple, with its greeny-blue iMacs, was worth $16.5bn

Analysis Technology

Uber’s new chief executive will have to stem losses at the ride-hailing company 

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