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Bank will commit to ‘significant’ buyback but amount ‘nowhere near’ analysts’ estimate for next year

Disclosure follows revelation at rival Deloitte that about 20 UK partners were fired

Finance chief of the Chinese company to fight extradition request from US

French president offers minimum wage rise, tax-free bonuses and reversal of pension charge

Heating an apartment can cost up to half the average salary — but Habitat for Humanity is helping to fix that

Governor’s exit heightens investor concerns about direction of India’s monetary policy

Former lawmakers from both parties warn country ‘entering a dangerous period’

Even as German head office demands job cuts, parts of the investment bank are hiring

World’s biggest advertising group looks to combat rising competition from digital rivals

Pivot under Donald Trump presents challenge to climate negotiators gathered in Poland

Doubts raised over whether gender parity in companies will ever be reached

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More than 1,000 exemption requests await ruling as pain mounts from flagging demand

Gun rights activist is accused of trying to infiltrate Republican party

Hedge fund teams up with Siris Capital to acquire provider of tech services

Companies speed up shipments and shift production to mitigate impact of trade wars



Investors such as Google and Temasek pile into another sector looking for help from technology

One of the world’s most dangerous areas is also one of the fastest-growing markets

Well-known firms trade on their names, but pressure for change is growing

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Long list of political risk factors leaves investors cautious, Tokyo closes at lowest since March

Inflows of $100bn this year are close to entire holdings in other emerging markets

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Even hedge funds wary of choosing currency’s direction given the political uncertainty


Beijing, Brussels, Washington and Silicon Valley have competing visions for the web

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Many first-generation companies that once seemed invincible are beset by problems

New technologies can unlock the benefits of old information

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