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Donald Trump orders ‘defensive’ deployment to boost air defences following Riyadh request

Japanese conglomerate had agreed a Buffett-like investment in German group

Police use tear gas to disperse demonstrators in Cairo calling for Sisi to step down

Optimism for agreement takes another hit as Beijing delegation cancels state farm visits

The Blackstone co-founder on risk-taking, Trump whispering — and why the rich shouldn’t pay more tax

Veteran Israeli premier appears diminished at home and abroad after poll failure

London maintains ideas ‘serious and workable’ but Brussels talks at impasse

Rules should be made sector-by-sector and blanket vetting must be avoided, he says

Police fire tear gas as ‘black bloc’ wreckers infiltrate climate march

Philippines retaliates against the UK, Australia and others over investigation

Merkel agrees €54bn spending package to help companies and households reduce emissions

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Four ways to see the city and its forest setting by bike — and eat and drink along the way

It is still safe to travel to the city, but the situation could change rapidly. Here are a few ways to avoid the clashes

The Moon, Mars and orbiting colonies are all being explored as possible options

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Enclave for wealthy and powerful achieves burst of cultural relevance in Trump era

Researchers say their quantum computer has calculated an impossible problem for ordinary machines

President denies ‘dicey’ conversation with foreign leader: ‘There was nothing said wrong’

The data company, founded by Peter Thiel, was valued at $20bn in 2015


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