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Rise of single currency complicates central bank’s efforts to hit inflation target

Investors could pair new shares with cut-price stock from existing holders

President’s strategist scorns colleagues and rubbishes North Korea policy

Two other democracy campaigners sentenced to between 6 and 8 months imprisonment

‘Public confessionals veer from repentant to indignant, reflective to grotesque’

Inside Business Matthew Garrahan

From Trump to the Super Bowl, loyal users prove more engaged than advertising clients

Breach comes after a separate attack in which ‘Game of Thrones’ scripts were stolen

How central banks created the most curious legacy of the financial crisis

Intensified competition hurts copycat pharma groups while buyers drive harder bargain

Move to halt access to funds adds to Silicon Valley squeeze on internet use

Lighthizer says accord has failed as Freeland stresses Ottawa is US’s biggest client

US News

World’s largest retailer cuts prices to preserve market share as competition grows


Berkshire Hathaway bid for Oncor may be stymied by Eliott debt holding

Some members were ready to announce unwinding of balance sheet in July

Radical disruption in the US retail sector is also posing challenges for investors


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Union leaders and steel industry representatives resign over Charlottesville

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The auction house is adapting to a customer base buying from home or the beach house

Over trout in Washington, the economist discusses his fears over US post-crisis banking

Analysis Airlines

Lufthansa’s talks for parts of carrier’s business called ‘a conspiracy’ by Ryanair

Markets News

Fed minutes and US political concerns lead to cautious trade as dollar finds support

EU authorities relied on ‘incomplete information’ in €1 deal, say bondholders

End to split of H-shares and red chips as market struggles to find best China gauge


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