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Markets gyrated after conflicting messages on size of July cut

Company’s sales pitch claimed technology can access data from Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon

Verily and Pampers say Lumi nappies will track when babies sleep, wee and poo

Meteorological agency will reduce monsoon average by 1-2cm but expects more variability

The photographs of Giulio Di Sturco illuminate a new kind of globalised, anonymous architecture

Worse than the holiday out-of-office is the one announcing the sender is working on a book

Civil suit alleges bank did billions of dollars more business than previously thought

Johnson’s defects have been exposed but Tory grassroots like his optimism and energy

World’s biggest brewer seeks to raise cash a week after pulling Asia division flotation

Reviving the Italian carrier brings chance of redemption for Atlantia’s CEO

First-term Democratic lawmakers are a lightning rod for Republicans and their own party

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Court filing shows FBI believed she participated in talks about paying Stormy Daniels

US support comes as Macri’s government fights for survival in October election

Federal Trade Commission approves expected multimillion-dollar agreement with Google

US president piles on pressure for big rate cut



Altercation with policeman puts spotlight on discrimination beyond Arab community

Listen in on the conversations of the characters who populate the workplace

Welcome to Due Diligence, the FT’s daily deals briefing

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West African nations combine to impose premium over benchmark futures price

Metal seen as solid hedge against equities weakness and slowing growth

S&P 500, Nasdaq have worst week since May


Federal Trade Commission approves expected multimillion-dollar agreement with Google

Many labs are trying to connect thought to computers but Neuralink wants to merge AI with the brain

Microsoft marches on, subpar Netflix, moon landing doodle, smart nappies

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