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UK terrorism

Police make eight arrests after raids on six addresses


Financial Conduct Authority is re-examining £7.3bn fundraising bank undertook in 2008

Electronic surveillance of foreign citizens may have incidentally monitored aides

Buffeted by populism and debt and migrant crises, there is no mood to enlarge bloc

World’s second-largest shipbuilder suffers big losses amid prolonged industry slump

Trump spending plan for $4.5bn stands against dwindling incursions while visa overstays rise

After a deluge of crises the next few years will confound the doubters

‘Deaths of despair’ research shows stark divide to cast shadow over US economy for many years

Allegations of bribes over tainted exports add to a line of corruption scandals

AT&T ‘deeply concerned’ over ads appearing beside inappropriate material

UK starts to lose allure as highly educated Europeans shun banking sector

Chief minister appointed to run Uttar Pradesh seen by critics as targeting Muslims

US News

Conservative rebels’ threat to bring down a bill to undo Obamacare reveals old party rifts

S&P 500 healthcare sector edges higher ahead of contentious vote on Trump reforms

Morgan Stanley holds top spot, JPMorgan takes second place as Goldman slips to third

US department store owners are struggling to adapt to more competitive ecommerce era


‘Populist leaders act out revenge fantasies for people who feel slighted. Trump, being Trump, turns the dial up to eleven’

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For six big cities we’ve redrawn the map to take account of commuter ‘drag’ — time, cost and punctuality

Dealers find an audience for more challenging work at the fifth edition of the fair

An illuminating history of the Daily Mail listens in to a century-long ‘conversation between friends’

Markets News

Oil prices recover some ground and gold dips as Treasury yields rise


A vote on the repeal of Obamacare has become a focus for a US stock market that has rallied sharply

Volatility rears up ahead of key Washington healthcare vote


Can Facebook really create a new global community? Historian Yuval Noah Harari challenges Mark Zuckerberg’s vision

AT&T ‘deeply concerned’ over ads appearing beside inappropriate material

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