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Web services growth and a Prime price rise send shares to record high

Analysis Banks

Lender’s scaling back in US is welcomed but investors call for more detail on plan

Heavily subscribed offer kicks off pipeline of large tech floats poised for market

Abrupt Washington trip in stark contrast to bonhomie of French president’s visit

Undercover Economist Tim Harford

Imagine a portable profile that we could take seamlessly from one provider to another

Business is brisk for the men and women who hustle for radio airtime

Nick Woodman goes from highest paid US boss in 2014 to bottom of the pack

Investors puzzle over government policy and the economy in China

Revenue boost from cloud business and upbeat forecast add to stock price confidence

Human rights group puts count at 63 in clashes over planned social security reform

Analysis World

Gustavo Petro wants to end coal and oil exports, a plan that appeals to young voters

US News

Urban authorities lay out ground rules to tame two-wheelers flooding their streets

China expansion pays off but caution remains over fallout from racial bias controversy

Move will ensure compliance with GDPR rules and help it retain teenage user group

Key administration positions remain unfilled as White House churn continues



Brokers note dramatic divergence in longstanding price relationship with London market

Analysis Media

Offer valuing the pay-TV group at £22bn brings prospect of bidding war

Analysts say Japanese drugmaker has few alternatives left if it is to compete globally

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US Treasury yields pull back as dollar index hits 3-month high

Investors puzzle over government policy and the economy in China

Prices gain after being hit by US Treasury move to loosen sanctions against Rusal


The 1956 consent decree that forced Ma Bell to share patents is a smart way to go

The Facebook storm and threat of a trade war ends 10-year surge in values

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