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Hedge fund billionaire’s NGO has come under fire from some governments

US trade chief Lighthizer urges Canada and Mexico to ‘give up a little bit of candy’

Financial pundit thanks God black people did not settle America in newsletter

Goldman and Morgan Stanley benefit from financing of corporate takeovers

Inside Business Leo Lewis

Scandals like this might one day be seen as catalysts of better management

Economic growth data will come as Communist party begins leadership transition

Tussle between cobalt producers and Volkswagen highlights a key battle

Big Blue revenues slipped again, but by less than feared, sparking share price bounce

Plans for technology-enabled environment raise privacy concerns

Former insider offers glimpse into bare-knuckle politics and alleged Chinese corruption

Aircraft maker tightens grip on single-aisle market with majority stake in C-Series jet

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Marino withdraw nomination after role in passing laws watering down rules

Detroit-based automaker challenges rivals in some of the world’s worst traffic

‘Mixed reality’ glasses developer receives another half a billion dollars despite no product launch

Lawsuit accuses multinationals of indirectly funding terrorists who killed US soldiers


Video Companies

Deal will save jobs in UK, Canada and China amid spat with rival Boeing


Chen Min’er’s likely promotion seen as barometer of presidential clout

Families can often resemble a play, with each member assigned a scripted role

How chocolate has become the banker’s latest venture

Markets News

Oil prices falter while dollar maintains upward momentum

Analysis Oil

Positioning by hedge funds suggests further gains for crude appear limited

Breakdown in talks on free-trade agreement seen to put more pressure on currency


The technology company is close to finally increasing revenues — then what?

When it hosted the Olympics in 1964, Japan was a world leader in tech, but as it prepares to host its next games in 2020, other countries have overtaken it in digital disruption and big data. We look at the sectors Japan is faring well in — and the industries which need rapid progress

Fukuoka, Kyoto and Tokyo’s Shibuya district are all staking their claim

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