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Anglo-Dutch group weighs consolidation in the Netherlands amid Brexit pressure

President hears emotional appeals from survivors to end school attacks

Minutes from Janet Yellen’s last meeting trigger new bond market sell-off

Challenging deal prices in court has become risky after latest ruling in Delaware

The new global scholarships that are open to everyone are a century in the making

Analysis Banks

India has been gripped by the scandal involving billionaire jewellers and state-run institutions

UK bank hit by one-off charges as it tries to cheer investors with promises on dividend

Announcement follows decision to pay ex-chief Stuart Gulliver $8.5m

Analysis World

Supreme leader’s smiling sister credited with softening image of Pyongyang regime

Carmaker finds Raj Nair’s behaviour was ‘inconsistent’ with its code of conduct

US News

Treasury plans ‘Chapter 14’ bankruptcy process to shield taxpayers from bank collapses

Rebuilding at existing location instead of Hudson Yards is big boost for midtown

Academics find social media group’s data policies will breach GDPR regime

‘Pastor to presidents’ said he received his calling on 18th green of local golf club


Consumer goods group rattled by takeover approach typical of Anglo-Saxon capitalism

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The FT's Sam Fleming looks at how the Fed chair steered policy

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Investment firms turn to the business of buying and leasing planes to help boost returns

Interview Career Change

Emma Jacobs meets a trainee costume designer who spent 30 years in finance

The internet has vanquished most old record shops but collecting is still popular — and influential

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Dollar rallies after Fed highlights strong economy, pound hit by UK growth data

Ten-year yields adjusted for inflation have not broken out of long-term range

Berenberg tips Asos while currency headwinds hold back BAT



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