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French presidential election

Early results put independent centrist top in first round vote with 23.8 per cent

UnionPay, the world’s largest bank card group, sets its sights on emerging markets


Policy U-turn for Tokyo in plan to relaunch TPP without Trump’s America

Becton Dickinson borrows heavily for takeover of Bard

Sports shoe maker says vast majority of its manufacturing will remain in Asia

The Trudeau government has welcomed asylum seekers but the influx is causing resentment

Wilbur Ross says EU, Japan and China in competition to show willingness for deal

Former Labour prime minister’s intervention enrages leftwing activists

Tech groups escape voters’ ire perhaps because their job-disrupting sway is so subtle

Washington should forge an alliance with Paris to confront Berlin

Voluntary pay cut failed to quell investor anger over losses at the Swiss bank

Trump tax reform promises yet to lead to rise in investment

US News

Some news organisations are nudging audiences to listen to the other side

Eight new listings planned for week ahead as unicorns stampede

The Murdochs must still manage the costly fallout at their most profitable network

Conservatives attack Dodd-Frank rules as government bailout fund for banks



Latin American producers look to Asia as health-conscious consumers drive demand 

A row over the legacy of France’s first black general — the father of Alexandre Dumas — shines new light on a roiling debate over national identity

EU27 to sign off Brexit negotiating guidelines as Britain prepares for general election

Markets News

Centrist’s likely success in head-to-head for French presidency eases investor nerves


Unease over French and UK elections, and policy changes in China

Euro near 1-month high as French bond yield narrows over German Bunds


Interview Automobiles

Alliance’s head of connected vehicle strategy discusses pricing and other challenges

Tech groups escape voters’ ire perhaps because their job-disrupting sway is so subtle

Photo of Rana Foroohar
Analysis 3D printing

Despite barriers to widespread use, F1 shows how technology is gaining position

Life & Arts