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Ex-strategist to Donald Trump met second most powerful Communist party official

Goldman-led banks delay pricing on one of year’s largest leveraged buyout financings

PM calls for EU to be ‘imaginative and creative’ in finding Brexit solutions

Analysis Technology

Heightened competition and lack of dynamism sealed fate of handset maker

Richest woman in world had a colourful history, but final years were marred by legal battle with daughter

Fed chair sets in play carefully choreographed plan for reducing balance sheet

Ministers say long term competitive advantage for sector involves discrete regulation

Zuckerberg says social media group is working to protect integrity of German elections

Fixed income trading woes relegate bank to joint third, its lowest since tables began

Trade in endangered species seen as low-risk, high-reward source of foreign currency

Hold-out landowner had threatened to scupper new Luxembourg data centre

US News

Insurer wants Sifi label dropped but a looming regulatory vote could be close

Probe ordered after breach of Edgar online information filing system

NY attorney-general steps into spat involving film mogul and fashion designer

Analysis Technology

Alphabet’s ‘smart home’ unit says it wanted to produce the best doorbell on the market


Video Robert Armstrong

The FT's Robert Armstrong looks at the challenges ahead for Uber's new CEO

Video Robert Armstrong

The FT's Robert Armstrong looks at the challenges ahead for Uber's new CEO

Video Robert Armstrong
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On a recent trip to the country, Fuchsia Dunlop found an unexpected form of cultural diplomacy was on the menu

Joe Gebbia persuaded hosts across the world to open up their homes to all-comers

Overseas dealmakers are starting to win over Japanese companies

Markets News

Investors target gold and Japanese yen as safe haven assets return to favour


Market mood 24 hours after Fed meeting distinctly underwhelmed

Precious metal moves below $1,300 a troy ounce to its lowest level in a month


Launch of the new model on Friday could be its weakest in three years


Apple was ready to join doomed project too — if allowed a mid-Thames store


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