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Parkland massacre survivors to speak out as marches are held around the world

Elon Musk orders pages to be deleted in wake of Cambridge Analytica leak

Senior commander volunteered to take hostage’s place in supermarket attack

Analysis Technology

South African media group’s stake in Tencent has proved a sore point with investors

After $60bn was wiped off its market value over the data scandal, users’ privacy may become more of a concern for Mark Zuckerberg

Government policy is favouring children who already have a head start

Lloyd Blankfein says bank to increase coverage by about 1,000 companies

Targeting of $3bn of goods seen as show of restraint but prospect of escalation remains

Proposals part of Law and Justice party’s drive for a more conservative society

Guidelines on future relations adopted in minutes, but Ireland remains vexed issue

President warns Congress: ‘I will never sign another bill like this again’

US News

Appointment of John Bolton marks latest shift away from moderation

Pharma group’s decision not to bid for consumer healthcare unit puts sale in doubt

Ex-Trump strategist linked to Cambridge Analytica plays down involvement in political targeting

Secretary of state fired via Twitter by the US president talks of ‘mean-spirited town’


Surprising statistics on US firearms ahead of "March for our Lives"


This low-profile adviser steps into the spotlight as the US ramps up trade war talk

Travel has fuelled her outsized life. At 91, she reflects on the meaning of adventure

Alice Lascelles on how bars, mixologists and supermarkets have embraced the no-alcohol trend

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Yen and Swiss franc gain ground and gold price jumps

US share weakness after heavy losses in Asia and European slide

Trump’s appointment of hardliner John Bolton as security adviser pushes crude higher


Analysis Technology

South African media group’s stake in Tencent has proved a sore point with investors

Cloud storage and syncing company in most successful IPO since message app Snap

UK high court decision gives permission for action by Information Commissioner’s Office

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