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Out of the fast exchange of ideas, April 12 emerged as a political ‘guillotine’

Weak economic data in Europe raises concerns about worsening outlook


Gloomy new economic data and dovish shift in global monetary policy spark rally in Bunds

Airline says passengers have lost confidence in the aircraft following 2 fatal crashes

Garth Ritchie revealed to earn €250,000 extra a month for overseeing Brexit plans

As England leads its neighbours out of the EU, old battles over a shared British history are being fought all over again

Biogen’s aducanumab was last hope of one approach to the disease, but there are others

Political stars converge on small farm state seen as key for establishing momentum

Right wingers fear French president’s move to use army alongside police will create targets for extremists

Dozens of individuals and entities targeted in an effort to bring Tehran back to the table

Sure-footed political response wins PM plaudits and cements reputation as progressive voice

Tidjane Thiam awarded $12.8m in 2018 after Swiss bank returns to profit

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Chinese shipping companies targeted in wake of failed denuclearisation summit

Interest in acquisition underlines asset manager’s drive to be dominant analytics provider

US ride-hailing company could be valued at more than $100bn, investors say



Owen Matthews delves into KGB archives for Richard Sorge’s dramatic story

Stuttering economy lags EU peers as a trade and investment partner for Beijing

His three-volume Picasso biography delighted experts and general readers alike

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Weak German manufacturing data comes after the Fed voiced caution over the US outlook


Robust demand for yield leads to coupon cut for Accra’s $3bn debt sale

Interest in acquisition underlines asset manager’s drive to be dominant analytics provider


Plans to build a tech-fired Utopia in Toronto are gaining momentum — as privacy fears grow

FT Alphaville Jamie Powell

Who will remember us when we're gone?

Hewlett-Packard has brought civil case against ex Autonomy boss and his former CFO

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