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US president vows to maintain America First policy and focus on illegal immigration

Attack comes amid escalating tensions in Middle East

Analysts fret about losses on collateralised loan obligations if sector stumbles

Campaigners warn 30-year climate goals risk being meaningless without short-term actions

Why we must act quickly to help women with no voice, no power and no laws to protect them

Qatar was awarded right to host 2022 World Cup 9 days after meeting

Giovanni Tria defies Eurosceptic Rome as Matteo Salvini presses ahead with mini-BOTs

Schwarzman’s donation highlights UK universities’ focus on philanthropists

US president’s comments suggest no rush to secure an agreement with China

Brassac says risk-averse rules on capital are squeezing funding of the economy

Dispute in tourist hotspot Hainan sparks stand-off with country’s largest hotel group

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Former Boeing executive withdraws name from consideration as US defence secretary

Tech company says donation could lead to 20,000 new homes over the next decade

Decision boosts struggling energy sector but angers environmentalists and indigenous leaders

Highbridge shifts focus to corporate debt investing, telling investors they can redeem



Stars are moving into theatres, and pointing a possible wayto the future of live music

Special Report FT General Counsel

Corporate role ‘has become harder and more fun’

Former president’s swift rise to power and crashing fall exposed the nation’s faultlines

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Scheduled run-off of MBS portfolio could clash with Fed moves to lower interest rates

China’s CSI gains 1.3% while Hong Kong rallies 2.4%, on track for best day this year

Analysts fret about losses on collateralised loan obligations if sector stumbles


Robotic software company to pay up to £80m for six-year-old Thoughtonomy

Co-founder says his company is aiming for 5% market share of a $100bn industry

Machine learning can be used to create weapons, ‘deepfakes’ and biased systems

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