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US commerce secretary shorted Navigator Holdings before a critical article appeared

Josep Borrell says Madrid is losing the communications battle with Catalonia

Criticism of Europe comes as his own policy on child migrants is attacked from all sides

Stuart Grant says its courts and politicians are too keen to woo corporations

The powerful Martin Act targeted fraud but a new ruling has curbed its reach

Rain threatens to bring further disaster to refugees from Myanmar

Concrete step comes after Washington and Pyongyang pursue talks towards denuclearisation

AI-enabled system comes up only slightly short in making persuasive arguments

Lawsuit is a key test of how antitrust rules can be applied to online marketplaces 

Chancellor gets CSU backing on seeking wider European solution on refugees

Bank chief says there needs to be some ‘paranoia’ at a time when profits are rising

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Justices reject appeals by both Republicans and Democrats but sidestep broader question

US military seeks to give computers intuition, not just ability to see patterns in data

Large banks set to distribute more than annual profits for first time since the crisis

Previously upbeat mood in boardrooms chills as president raises the stakes with China



Progressive policies have encouraged a generation of academics to excel

Listen in on the conversations of the characters who populate modern offices

The collapse of the outsourcing group is the latest case to raise questions about accounting standards in the UK and US

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ZTE drops another 25% as US Senate votes in favour of reinstating components ban

New York-based Mudrick Capital becomes latest specialist to raise money from investors

Debt sale would pioneer the use of Libor replacement


AI-enabled system comes up only slightly short in making persuasive arguments

Both are essential services — and they charge by the hour

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