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Move is victory for European carriers who have avoided outright ban on electronic devices

Lawyer says former pharma executive’s ‘strange’ ways do not mean he is guilty

Threatening texts to Jakarta’s deputy attorney-general prompt action

Markets whipsawed as central bank chiefs hit snags in attempts to steer expectations

This may be exactly the wrong time for Wall Street to spend on buybacks and dividends, writes Rana Foroohar

Analysis Technology

Brussels’ €2.4bn fine could lead to damages cases and probes in other areas of search

World Bank raises debt whose payments can be diverted from investors in emergency

Saturday marks 20 years since Britain returned HK to China, and many things have changed

EU starts listing how to treat every traded item at precise moment of UK departure

Meal delivery company valued at $1.9bn after investors lose their appetite

US president off to Paris despite knuckle-crushing first meeting

US News

Trump administration keen to keep US nuclear group out of Chinese or Russian hands

Hugs between the two leaders underscore improved relations between the countries

Fed chair’s comments challenge Trump administration’s desire to shake up financial rules

Assad regime and Russia push back against White House chemical weapons warning


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Twenty years after the Hong Kong handover, the politician issues a defence of liberal conservatism

The latest tools can be seductive, but sometimes it pays to think outside the box

Special Report Global Brands

Tech companies dominate as they become a routine part of people’s lives

Markets News

Senior figures at central bank worry market over-interpreted Draghi remarks

Governor Mark Carney more upbeat about the country’s economic prospects

Tangle of cross-shareholdings and fuzzy balance sheets linked to small-cap sell-off


Pavel Durov to comply after threats to block messaging service but will not retain data

Singapore sovereign fund and HgCapital increase stakes in Nordic cloud service

Politicians in Kiev blame Kremlin as several large companies struggle to fight virus

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