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French president says backstop ‘indispensable’ and renegotiation would leave agreement little changed

Five Star insists on its reform agenda as country’s president considers options

President points finger at non-governmental organisations, citing funding cuts

Colourful retailer Patrick Byrne admitted relationship with Russian agent Maria Butina

Global Insight Edward Luce

If the US president makes it through the G7 without hastening the west’s demise, it will be a victory of sorts

Start-ups are helping shops offer customers a better choice and experience

‘European Future Fund’ would invest in strategic sectors where bloc lags global rivals

Seoul withdrew from agreement after Tokyo removed it from ‘white list’

Rebound in returns this year has not stopped clients punishing managers for weak 2018

Contact with Maduro’s de facto deputy may unlock solution to political stalemate

Analysts are taking the threat of intervention in currency markets seriously

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Survey of industry executives points to further weakness in American industry

Demand for cannabidiol could see the market expand to $20bn in 5 years

Trump administration issues rule to throw out 20-day limit



Billionaire Marc Rowan and his protégé Imran Siddiqui were two of Wall Street’s cleverest dealmakers. But then they fell out

How did it come to this? The Muslim-majority state remains in lockdown after India revoked special rights

University life used to revolve around shabby digs but today’s intake can live it up in halls that cost up to £725 a week

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Demand for cannabidiol could see the market expand to $20bn in 5 years

Clients withdraw €8bn from fund manager after FT stories

Governors George and Harker say they see little reason for additional rate cuts


Inside Business Richard Waters

Diversity of the planned Oversight Board could push partisan warfare to higher level

Stripped of tech glitter, the company’s strategy is unprofitable and unoriginal

FT Alphaville Jamie Powell

The pop star creates a new risk for financialised music royalties.

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