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Previous bid to name non-EU countries ran into diplomatic row with accused countries


Members warn UK faces ‘national emergency’ but Downing Street likely to reject call

Reform seeks to lower cost of borrowing as companies suffer record defaults

Almost half of the backing for $108bn venture will be provided by company and employees

Talking about our careers and life choices makes us feel better about ourselves

The technology sector in particular now favours direct listing

French and Russian leaders to meet ahead of G7 summit after Kiev’s plea for talks

Move comes as Washington and Beijing try to get trade negotiations back on track

Nicolás Dujovne’s departure follows the crushing defeat of the ruling coalition in primary elections

Stock rebounds a day after the report caused the shares to fall 12%

Catholic orders downscale, with some offering funds as redress for abuse victims

The Best of FT Weekend

The veteran banker on steering Citigroup and Lloyds through crisis — and where the next storm could hit

The South African-owned chain has shown a long-running and deep-seated support for art and artists

In his $35m submarine, Victor Vescovo has reached the profoundest points of four oceans

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Vindicated over infamous Ponzi scheme, the financial sleuth is still waiting for a big payday

Trump administration builds bipartisan backing for prospective deal

Rashida Tlaib had been permitted to visit West Bank family a day after being barred

Leaders of JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Bank of America briefed president on economy



The joint bosses of Standard Industries seek consensus in their decision making

A speech on gun control gives the New Jersey senator a lift after trailing behind rivals

Resurgent Peronist party tries to quell market fears of a return to populist past

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Market Questions is the FT’s guide to the week ahead

Investors are increasingly moving away from aggressive trades, and the volatility that they entail

Feeble returns from safer bonds steer funds into longer, shakier instruments


Almost half of the backing for $108bn venture will be provided by company and employees

The wave of money behind companies such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods encourages fish start-ups

London CCTV cameras proliferate, WeWork IPO prospectus, OnePlus 5G handset

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