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Incumbent Poroshenko concedes defeat to comedian who has no political experience

Big buyout groups are upping their share of profits from 20 to 30 per cent on some funds

Twenty-four suspects in Easter Sunday suicide bombings arrested

Analysts forecast investment banking revenues will fall as much as a quarter

Pork prices forecast to soar as deaths from disease expected to reach 130m

It is important which countries build their networks first, but it’s not the only factor in success

Necessary social spending could increase the deficit and once again spook the markets

Tokyo prosecutors accuse former Nissan boss of causing $5m in damages to Japanese carmaker

Socialist PM prefers to woo voters on welfare issues and play down national unity fears

Lack of progress casts doubt on aim of raising €17bn through privatisations

Event aimed at building ties with other militaries and inspiring national pride

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Can new luxury development give the resort a more upscale image?

The Oxford professor on rising China, declining Britain — and the danger of Byzantine books

Pack away as much as you can — other people’s possessions are distracting

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Footage from underground parking garage racks up 39m clicks on Weibo

US home goods retailer’s co-founders to step down as directors but CEO to remain

450-page report details special counsel’s probe into Russian election meddling

Mueller report documents attempts by Trump associates and Russians to profit from 2016 election



Car bosses pin hopes on electric and SUV models after first reverse in three decades

Two books by Cass Sunstein to help win over the unconverted on the merits of nudge theory

The holder of this title until now would, for me, have been Muhammad Ali

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Pork prices forecast to soar as deaths from disease expected to reach 130m

Fuel prices rise as China, India and Japan among nations pressured to find other sources

Regulators give nod to new tool that mimics active fund management


Senior people rise to the top by mastering metrics in their sector, shaping the way they look at the world


Start-ups with the biggest private valuations may not be the first to make a move

Britain could end up being one of the most interesting and revolutionary places

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