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New York Minute

Financial fears from Frankfurt

Renewed concern about Deutsche Bank drove a sharp sell-off in US equities.


Mao in modern China

Five facts about the dictator's legacy


How to make the perfect flat white

Australia's contribution to coffee

Short View

Oil prices enjoys their Charlie Brown moment

Opec's production cut agreement pleases oil market

FT Business

OPEC announces surprise cut in oil production

The cartel's members agreed their first planned cut in oil production in eight years


How hard conversations help women

Facebook’s Emea VP gives women top tips


Spotify in advanced talks to buy SoundCloud

Tie-up makes good sense as Apple pushes its own streaming service


Low rates inflate US stocks valuations

Fed pushed investors out of bonds and into equities


The end of the BlackBerry phone

Company finally pulls the plug on its handset division


Opec agrees output cut, VW unveils electric car

Daniel Garrahan has Thursday's top stories from around the world

FT World

Corbyn speech appeals to faithful

Jim Pickard on Labour leader's closing speech

FT Markets

Opec cut, yen drop, bank job threat

Top stories in the markets on Wednesday