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Heather Nauert’s retreat will leave high-profile US job vacant for months


Minister pours cold water on British ambition to join TPP

Writer Alain Finkielkraut verbally assaulted on fringes of Saturday march in Paris

Talks are part of US bank’s strategy to own rather than rent its major buildings

The UK must draw up a post-industrial economic strategy for the long term

‘Lions hire lions, sheep hire other sheep’ is the executive’s mantra on recruitment

Germany spearheads effort with France to reform competition law after Alstom-Siemens veto

Conglomerate’s holding in German lender falls as complex financing structure unwinds

Rising revenues expected despite unexpectedly weak US retail sales

Democrats’ ‘Green New Deal’ plan too costly, says Janet Yellen

Security researcher’s discovery suggests extensive use of facial recognition

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The photographer’s downbeat style was out of tune with the 1960s but strikes a chord today

Early computers fetch high prices at auction as Silicon Valley’s collectors indulge their nostalgia — as does our writer

For all the east coast’s glories, here is a landscape with no equivalent in Europe

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Video FT World video

Opposition leader says reaching out to Beijing and Moscow

President’s move tees up clash with Democrats over executive powers

NYSE and Nasdaq file petition to DC court, saying regulators’ move is unlawful

Tech giant accused of ‘arrogance’ after New York expansion plan falls apart

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With record profits and nearly €2bn in sales, it’s no wonder the Kering brand’s chief executive is smiling

Many are holding themselves back from progress at work because of outdated stereotypes

Trade involves buying local funds that hold overseas debt — but currency risks lurk

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The key concerns for the week ahead

Italy’s bond market is like Goldilocks’ porridge: not too hot and not too cold

Stimulus from Beijing and Fed pause on rates offset continued concern over trade war


Blow to US efforts to ban Chinese company from allies’ telecoms networks


There is an opportunity for a new transatlantic alliance to benefit both US and EU


Without intervention works can be unplayable just a few years after their creation

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