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Spending spirals as uncertainty persists over how Britain’s EU departure will pan out

Analysts estimate the disposal could be valued at about £600m

Ryanair’s Jacobs worries ‘hard core Brexiters’ could put vital transition deal in doubt

Investment firms call for removal of directors after board rejects highest bid

Pessimism and worry help us to avoid mistakes — and can make good business sense

Continent’s business chiefs look to create bigger companies that can compete globally

Experts say massive plan may be more about industrial advantage than green impact

John McDonnell announces independent review of Britain’s audit market

Loss by PM’s party in prosperous Karnataka shows rivals can prevail if they stay unified

Clampdown on financial risk forces groups to scrap popular short-term products

China Construction Bank seeks money to attend Republican fundraiser

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Designer Clare Waight Keller melds British sensibility with a French house fabled for classic silhouettes

The get-rich-quick message from a star-studded line-up in a falling property market

Lemon Tree Trust charity promotes sustainable agriculture in camps around the world

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With Maduro victory seen as foregone conclusion, voters say they will stay away

Attempt to save nuclear deal with Tehran by allowing companies to ignore embargo

Company ends up in war of words with US commerce secretary Wilbur Ross

One of the highest-grossing hedge fund managers ever picks up the Carolina Panthers



It has been a decade. What happened, how did it change you and where are you now?

Britain and EU fall out over Galileo

The heavyweight champion on politics, Kasparov and bringing boxing skills to business

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Italian politics and the euro, EM sell-off and US yields’ impact on Europe also in focus

Producer countries and energy companies gain as consumers and airlines are hit

Higher US bond yields and dollar apply pressure to countries with large debts


Tech giant accused of publishing content that harmed reputation of its smaller rival

Data company used by Trump presidential campaign hit by fallout over privacy scandal

Amazon’s battle in Seattle, quantum computing, GDPR spam

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