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Tusk gives UK four weeks to save exit talks and rejects Chequers proposals

Tech group faces sanctions in EU countries unless it clarifies how personal data is used

Finance minister promises to slash public spending by nearly $10bn as inflation surges

Sellers claim group’s data collection gives it ‘huge advantage’ as EU launches probe

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Party’s fight to approve Supreme Court nominee risks further alienation of female voters

Four charts explain the potential effect of protectionist measures

Christian Meissner steps down in wake of loss of market share in M&A

Luxury carmaker hopes to emulate stock market success of rival Ferrari

First significant move to cut tensions since Imran Khan came to power in Islamabad

Shareholder group criticises law firm’s investigation of money-laundering case as ‘complete nonsense’

Facing a government in disarray, the opposition is beset by infighting and controversy over anti-Semitism 

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Companies have come under pressure from investors on efforts to address global warming

Candidate with background in financial stability chosen as attention is paid to potential hazards 

Rebound fuelled by revenue from fixed income and banking

Analysis US equities

A reclassification of S&P 500 sectors will see likes of Alphabet and Facebook moved


One response on Beijing’s part would be to recognise the risk of a broader clash


Late starts, early finishes and cubicles have given way to longer hours in open spaces

2018’s surprise hit shows clamour for quality but industry clampdown casts pall

A manager’s self-focused agenda can be bad for morale

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Concerns over Trump’s trade war fade as consumer confidence hits an 18-year high

US 10-year Treasury yield slips but holds above 3%; dollar index slides


US payment group’s buyout of Swedish start-up faces threat of more detailed probe

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The EU’s move to probe the group even before a complaint was filed is a good sign

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