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For decades dementia has been feared and little understood. But new hope is being raised of a cure

Many policymakers conclude increase needed if economy stays on track

US president’s company to walk away from signature Manhattan building

Investors have made a decisive bet that some traditional stores will not survive

Car-booking company concealed attack that compromised information of 57m people

Emma Jacobs takes a crash course in the elusive quality everyone wants

Dublin, rattled by prospect of damaging its €65bn annual trade with its biggest market, could derail negotiations

Lobby group urges government to incorporate a host of international agreements into UK law

Foreign policy blueprint urges focus on US to balance growing Chinese power in region

Spending at 20-year low threatens region’s prosperity, EIB report warns

French cable group struggles to reassure investors after share price halves

Former vice-president to be sworn in on Friday to assume top job following Mugabe’s resignation

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Broadband and media markets remain resilient even as FCC moves to scrap 2015 regulations

Outgoing Fed chair reaffirms uncertainty over whether bank clearly understands causes

Traders fear lower supplies after official says clean-up could take weeks

Proportion of fixed-rate loans is highest on record, prompting caution at regulator


The politics of plenty once led politicians to lift their sights to Europe. No longer

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What the chancellor's measures mean for the economy and your finances


Big groups snap up much talent, only to then stifle originality

Apple supplier Foxconn among those turning to students as flexible workers dwindle

Tech chiefs are finding a wealth of expertise in neglected middle America

Markets News

Bond sell-off starts to pressure domestic shares as traders cash in gains


Investors have made a decisive bet that some traditional stores will not survive

Dollar mired around October lows after Fed minutes


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