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New national security adviser is named after China tariff policy sends stocks tumbling

Targeting of $3bn of goods seen as show of restraint but prospect of escalation remains

US share weakness after heavy losses in Asia and European slide


Assailant claiming Isis links is shot dead after killing three in shooting spree

Undercover Economist Tim Harford

As the US president is learning, more ponderous forces may reassert themselves

This low-profile adviser steps into the spotlight as the US ramps up trade war talk

Former strategist says president is emboldened to shake up the White House further

Guidelines for negotiating future relationship adopted in matter of minutes

As many as 10 nations considering co-ordinated expulsion of Russian diplomats 

Treasury says Revolutionary Guards stole data in America, Europe and east Asia

Pharma group’s decision not to bid for consumer healthcare unit puts sale in doubt

US News

President raises risk of government shutdown only hours after Congressional compromise

Cloud storage and syncing company set to be valued at $9.2bn

Ex-Trump strategist linked to Cambridge Analytica plays down involvement in political targeting

Secretary of state fired via Twitter by the US president talks of ‘mean-spirited town’


Video FT World video

Former WH strategist talks trade tariffs


Travel has fuelled her outsized life. At 91, she reflects on the meaning of adventure

Alice Lascelles on how bars, mixologists and supermarkets have embraced the no-alcohol trend

Interview Dementia

Douglas Banks on staying employed and optimistic, despite daily challenges

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Yen and Swiss franc gain ground and gold price jumps


US share weakness after heavy losses in Asia and European slide


Trump’s appointment of hardliner John Bolton as security adviser pushes crude higher


One alarming scenario for Facebook would be if the US began to see it as a liability


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