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Health of US consumer back in focus after Nordstrom, Kohl’s and JC Penney disappoint

Criteria to calculate bonuses called into question after top five awarded total $110.5m

Acting defence secretary says focus is on preventing miscalculation by Tehran

Adam Koszary caught the eye of Elon Musk after vintage sheep went viral

If the prime minister wins a second term, he must arrest a slowdown in growth rate

Decision to grant licences for three months extends uncertainty for customers

Regulator to require disclosure of costs of producing market information

Morgan Stanley caution comes amid growing scepticism on Wall Street

Blackstone and Brookfield among bidders for portfolio of Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons properties

Asset managers scramble to expand in Chinese investment market

Detelina Subeva faced charge in US of conspiracy to help launder money

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Energy secretary Rick Perry predicts measure targeting €9.5bn project will be signed into law

New subpoenas sent out to former administration officials after Don McGahn fails to appear at hearing

Jeff Ubben joins rush to invest in companies focused on the future of sustainable food

Sales undershot expectations to fall 0.4 per cent from the previous month



Despite the many flaws of the series, it has left us wanting more

Two new books analyse the EU’s flawed governance structure and propose radical solutions

Tax crackdown and shadow banking squeeze deter investment

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Huawei suppliers’ temporary reprieve, the world of cloud kitchens, the future of cars

Challenge to Amazon and Microsoft in cloud services could bring conflict with Washington

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