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Shares of European carmakers fall on new risk of trade war following president’s tweet

Opinion polls show Sunday’s parliamentary and presidential polls are too close to call

Investigators say operator may have been watching Hulu at time of fatal accident

Fund managers criticise deteriorating quality of research

The novelist talks about literature, longevity — and why she’s still bothered by a single word she wrote in 1987

Repercussions likely for governance of the sea, Catalonia and phosphate for farming

Demoted conglomerate explores reverse merger to cut five-year exile from Topix index

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Asset manager promises bonuses after chief investment officer clashed with co-founder

Company so intertwined with Britain’s £30bn aerospace industry moving would not be easy

Debt issued to fund Flipkart purchase includes controversial provisions

Explosion targets Addis Ababa gathering in support of new prime minister’s reforms

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A pretty Oxfordshire village is the setting for a dispute that involves a reclusive squire, a surprise inheritance and a US billionaire

Amateur pilots can now feel the rush of taking the controls of a vintage fighter plane

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Be organic and don’t wear a suit: the producers challenging the big houses

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While the economy is robust, there are fears of an extended drag on corporate earnings

Chinese demand is soaring — so much so that Beijing spared the product from tariff rises

Influential editorialist described himself as a ‘liberal mugged by reality’

Goldman and Morgan Stanley close to breaching capital rules in worst-case scenario



How would the father of modern economics reform 21st-century capitalism?

Special Report FT Wealth

Rajiv Shah is demonstrating a different kind of leadership

We examine the tactics that may help nations progress further than expected

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Investors caught in a bind as EM sell-off plays out in unexpected ways

The Long View John Authers

Expectation of lower future returns focuses attention on fees charged by active funds

Oil cartel seeks to cool rally that has taken crude price to 4-year high


Investigators say operator may have been watching Hulu at time of fatal accident

Privacy advocates welcome ruling against warrantless seizure of location information

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