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Jes Staley to keep job after seeking to uncover source of allegations against colleague

Russian leader said country has ‘most beautiful hookers’, according to document

Trump administration eyes special powers to escalate trade pressure on Beijing

Investors start to question Midas touch of private equity firm 3G

In a new series, FT writers compete to improve their London Marathon times

Flamboyant Lapo Elkann seeks to tap into Italy’s ‘beauty, quality and excellence’

Turkish president calls presidential and parliamentary polls for June

Stock down 16% as results raise alarm over ecigarette and vaping strategy

Decade of stagnation leaves Rome trailing in terms of output per head

Administration officials becoming more vocal on US monetary policy moves

More than $5bn pulled as investors seek risk in switch to EM equities and junk bonds

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Amount prescribed dropped 12% last year as moves to curb addiction crisis bore fruit

Policy aims to boost defence sales and counter competition from Russia and China

Attorneys-general redress Trump administration’s scaling back of federal regulator

Conflict-of-interest proposals cheer industry and disappoint fiduciary rule supporters



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Deaths now outnumber births at an average rate of 1,000 a day

Thirty years ago, Helen Barrett hoped for a revolution. Could it finally be here?

Robots, sun shields and ‘coral IVF’ used to tackle impact of climate change

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Apple supplier TSMC leads chipmakers lower, pound and gilt yields fall on Carney comments


US Treasury yields move higher and UK Gilts suffer biggest reversal in two years


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