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The A320neo is the natural substitute for the grounded jet but has a long backlog

Brexit secretary insists prime minister’s plan remains ‘the only deal on the table’

Forecast comes after tripling of second-half profit at world’s biggest independent energy trader

Lawyers for US regulators urge judge to hold Tesla chief in contempt of court

Reckless scepticism is buoyed on a flood of scientific hoaxes and misinformation

‘Gas princess’ and former PM was face of popular uprising but lags behind in polls

Bank aims to hire equal number of men and women as analysts and entry-level associates

Producers urge Trump to start trade talks as they lose Asian market share to rivals

Top five investor in Deutsche Bank dilutes its opposition to a deal with Commerzbank

Warning comes as Washington pressures allies to shun Huawei equipment

Reports that Japan Inc heavyweight Sadayuki Sakakibara set for role highlight challenges

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Transport minister’s announcement adds further pressure on Boeing after crashes

Analysts and investors say competition from new digital entrants is driving mergers

As Trump tweets, activists accuse carmaker of favouring hedge funds over workers

Outside law firm hired to investigate abuse of power and affair claims



Allocators such as pension funds want more exposure to Asia in their portfolios

Tory leadership contenders need backing of both Eurosceptic and mainstream MPs

Physical gold ETFs lose their lustre as market optimism blooms elsewhere

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Hedge funds say pound remains difficult to trade despite prospects of no-deal receding

Allocators such as pension funds want more exposure to Asia in their portfolios


The question is whether media companies will sign up to its TV platform

Car-booking app cannot afford to stop growing

Google and Facebook present would-be disrupter with its biggest challenge

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