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Brexit critic and powerful backroom figure at European Commission wins influential post


Report says technology could soon outflank current built-in defence mechanisms

Netherlands set to face opposition over demand for more ‘burden-sharing’ in crises

Predicament over ABLV and Rimsevics reflects unfinished nature of monetary union

Founder Ben Rubin on the lessons learnt from battling Big Tech

Analysis Hedge funds

World’s largest hedge fund targets blue-chip companies and Italian banks

Swiss miner and trader benefits from higher commodity prices

Obama-era Dodd-Frank statute still in place but bankers back approach

Poorer eastern European countries could lose infrastructure funding

Former Skadden Arps employee concealed conversation with ex-Trump aide from FBI

White House says Pyongyang cancelled talks with vice-president at last minute

US News

Treatment has potential for $1bn annual sales but investors fret over dropout rates

Blow to group’s claim that government opposition to Time Warner deal is political

Tweets by advertising vice-president were ‘his own views, not the company’s’

Party believes it can unseat presidential ally Brat on the way to retaking the House


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How a heritage shoemaker carefully assembles classic footwear

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After eight years in the city, an FT correspondent is reluctantly returning to Germany — a decision made easier by Brexit

The internet has vanquished most old record shops but collecting is still popular — and influential

Henry Mance on whether the age of online petitions and cat videos will really change our attitude to animal rights

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Analysis Hedge funds

World’s largest hedge fund targets blue-chip companies and Italian banks

Looming Federal Reserve minutes set tone, dollar holds 5-session high and bourses slip


Expansion of budget deficit viewed as extending a 12-month decline of 11.3%


Pact between Swiss and UK fintech groups creates ‘huge opportunity’ in fragmented market

‘The internet is creating opportunities for some of the world’s least-connected people to improve their lives’

There is a glaring conflict of interest in a payment platform giving users scores

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