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New national security adviser is named after China tariff policy sends stocks tumbling



US targets strategic sectors such as robots and high-speed trains in fight over IP

Secretary of state fired via Twitter by the US president talks of ‘mean-spirited town’

Shares in exporters hit by fears that measures will prompt trade war with Beijing

Robots, advanced IT, aerospace equipment and pharmaceuticals could be affected

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New chair sticks to steady course as US central bank enters perilous political waters

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Unilateral trade sanctions are not as effective as multilateral action

Instant Insight James Kynge

Beijing’s trade rhetoric could be worse than its commercial bite

Globalisation gave the data company wings; now it is turning into an Achilles heel

Instant Insight John Authers

Bond market barely budges as Fed chair points to more aggressive monetary policy

The west’s largest taboo is creeping back from the fringes, most remarkably in the US and UK

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