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The art fairs, people and trends shaping the region’s market

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Plus: western galleries prepare for the Taipei Dangdai fair; Stik street art restored; Thomas Dane and Simon Preston team up

Gimmicks dominated the art scene but some technological changes have genuine potential

Crypto platform plans another offering; Alpine fair rethinks timing; art sale to benefit refugees

Also: record price for Hitler’s Ruisdael; women take the lead in London

The art fairs, people and trends shaping the art market in the Americas

New York auctions; Texas museum gets photo gift; Christie’s head of postwar art steps down; bother at Be Uri; Italian bank values its art

A nervous start to New York auctions; taste swings to Modern Americans; design fair directors rotate; Vivian Maier in colour

‘Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)’ sells for $90.3m at Christie’s auction

Swiss U-turn; success breeds success; female photographers in Paris; rock-star treatment

The events, people and trends shaping the art market this season

The highlights, themes and trends — plus sales reports from the fairs

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