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A veteran of sailing on other people’s big boats separates the crass from the first class

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With a glut of unsold high-end homes, does Manhattan need another residential building boom?

A sensitive restoration has breathed new life into the ‘gallery without walls’

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A man without some face fuzz is still technically a man, but he is not reaching his potential

Photo of Alexander Gilmour

Redevelopment of Goods Yard will add 700 homes to the area surrounded by Chalk Farm, Regent’s Canal and Primrose Hill

From a Cannes property with a solarium to a villa within a private resort in the Philippines

This light fixture is made up of three interlocking half-spheres — two fixed and one inner shade that rotates to ‘eclipse’ the bulb inside

Kids playing in the spray is as much a part of the city’s image as yellow cabs and steaming vents

Nature’s patron saint is rightly celebrated — he’s also the second biggest bore in English literature

Highgate House is a serious-minded addition to London’s suburban architectural menagerie

Meet the dealer in reclaimed items who likes to put the shabby into shabby chic

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