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President holds Putin ‘responsible’ after saying Kremlin is no longer targeting US


Mariia Butina denied bail over charges of covert Russian influence operation

Brussels say contentious anti-migrant legislation breaches bloc rules

Opponents say a proposed law will simply enshrine emergency rule by the back door

Criticism dents Di Maio’s effort to move out of Salvini’s shadow

Probe on national security grounds opens potential new front in escalating trade war

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Global Insight Leo Lewis

Diminishing power of agricultural lobby frees up PM to pursue non-protectionist policies

Pledges enthuse supporters but critics say style is winning over substance

US repudiation of 2015 nuclear deal has undermined moderates led by President Rouhani

Attempt to pass bill to compel ultra-orthodox community to serve has split government

Important changes are taking place in the region that confound the ‘destiny instinct’

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