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Investors positive on heightened prospects of more economic stimulus



Talk of higher bracket aims to dispel criticism that reform plans will benefit the rich

US defence secretary seeks to reassert waning American influence in Asia

Crisis escalates as Madrid moves to take control of ministries in semi-autonomous region

Pro-market reforms win vote of confidence, further dividing Peronist opposition

Analysts questioned whether SDF would be allowed to keep control of lucrative territory

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More than 90 rightwing populist MPs will take their seats in Bundestag on Tuesday

Analysis US tax

Lobbyists descend on the Hill as Republicans debate eliminating popular loopholes

Analysis Europe

Some parties refuse to work with billionaire as concerns mount over his power

This president has an iron grip on power and a strategy to reach global pre-eminence

Its big current account surplus means Merkel will not want a cliff-edge British exit

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