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Talks resume after self-imposed deadline passes following 15 hours of tense negotiations


Influential group tells president to step down or ‘we’ll settle the score’

Raytheon contract includes radar sets, launch stations and Patriot missiles

Unrepentant leader committed some of the most gruesome crimes in postwar Italian history

Democrat apologises for incident during Middle East comedy trip in 2006

Tusk warns talks have limited time for progress on money, border and citizen rights

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Autocratic rule, food shortages and a deep recession have created a refugee crisis

In a land of full employment, businesses in Eichstätt struggle to fill jobs

Riyadh can do little against Iran-backed proxy without crushing Lebanese host 

Global Insight Edward Luce

Republicans torn between distaste for candidate and desire for control of Senate

Both Senate and House advance bills to overhaul US tax system

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