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Twitter broadside comes as Republicans scramble to save Supreme Court nominee


Moscow says Washington ‘playing with fire’ as Beijing calls on America to revoke action

Prime minister calls on EU to shift position or risk breakdown in Brexit talks

Donald Trump’s former attorney speaks to special counsel about election meddling

Reversal comes less than 24 hours after first ministerial talks in 3 years were announced

Nur Bekri detained for ‘suspected serious disciplinary and legal violations’

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Macron insists job market is improving but new positions are also the most precarious

Home-made passports and unpaid parking fines for radicals who reject federal state

López Obrador’s team has started to back away from its promises of cutbacks

Businesses expect to cope with 10% levy but further rise could hit hard

Global Insight Edward Luce

Party’s fight to approve Supreme Court nominee risks further alienation of female voters

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