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Chancellor considers rare three-way union with Greens and Free Democrats


Experts expect fierce internal battles as leaders battle over spoils of success

Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike declares she will lead opposition party against PM

Long queues of eager voters formed well before polling stations opened at 8am

Tailored curbs on 8 nationalities replace ban on travellers from 6 Muslim-majority states

Developing nations eclipse richer rivals as falling costs cut need for subsidies

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Chancellor’s fourth victory will be marred by the difficult times ahead, writes Tony Barber

Cricketer turned opposition leader says political careers of Sharif family are ‘over’

Supporters of the referendum know they are courting trouble but are not put off

Authority on New York recovery calls for ‘trillions of dollars’ of infrastructure investment

Instant Insight Edward Luce

US president is once again stoking national disharmony for political ends

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