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Fund supermarket shrugs off tougher competition from overseas and tighter regulation

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More than $240bn has been raised leading to record ‘dry powder’ sums for investing

Taking on BlackRock and Vanguard will require all the talents of its co-chiefs

Newly-merged UK group promises to hold boards and senior management to account

Growing numbers of investors moving into low-cost vehicles that track an index

The Short View Leo Lewis

BoJ’s $127bn portfolio would take 31 years to liquidate even if sold at same pace as bought

Inside Business Sujeet Indap

Debt covenants have loosened as the demand for junk has soared

Scottish fund house to study if artificial intelligence can eliminate mundane tasks

Finance industry says artificial intelligence will create more opportunities

Two large hedge fund companies have dropped their licences for the EU regulation

Industry has closed the gap on passive’s rapid growth since the start of the year

Social media company’s disregard of shareholder rights is wrong, says Peter Smith

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