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Private equity group finds complex structure no longer worth the trouble following US tax cuts

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The power purchase agreements crisis is likely to shake up renewable energy financing

You aren’t just choosing a financial instrument any more, you’re choosing a moral universe

One of the UK’s best-known fund managers has been battling with a run of poor performance

Investment body seeks new limits to allow portfolios of illiquid assets, such as infrastructure


Handful of first-quarter results lead to optimism but some managers will still struggle


Andreas Utermann says larger scale merger may be needed if European fund house is to fulfil its ambitions


High-flying funds are finding the fastest growth coming from an unlikely part of their business

Swiss fund manager plans to complete liquidation of difficult funds by July

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Firms are giving themselves credit for cost-cutting even before they have bought the company

A dovish Fed and robust global economy will lure big investors back to equities

FTSE 250 fund manager garnered $5bn in net inflows during first quarter

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