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Fink forecasts such ETF assets will rise from $25bn to over $400bn in a decade

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Crisis-hit Swiss fund manager hit by withdrawals from ARBF bond strategy

Strategic deal for boutique fund manager founded by Richard Buxton


The volume of ‘back book’ deals has shot up from €60bn last year to €263bn in 2018

With record funds raised, dealmakers hopeful of corporate carve-outs

Shrivelling inflows and falling profit margins put sector under intense pressure

Group taken over by BlackRock excelled because its cutting-edge people 'thought differently'

Remuneration must be simple, transparent and focus on business performance, not share price

Asset manager aims to boost adoption of exchange traded funds outside the US

Investor pressure for better value plus increased scrutiny will hit profits

Study co-written with Standard Chartered points to benefits of faster processing

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