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Managers lured by soaring value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

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J Coin designed to wean Japanese off heavy dependency on cash

What prosecutors say was front-running was ‘standard industry practice’, defence says

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While politicians wrangle, executives are moving back-office roles away from the UK

Index funds have outperformed most equity managers for a decade, but tighter monetary policies lead active investors to believe it is their moment

Trading Post Jamie Chisholm

UBS analysis emphasises recent fund flow data to offer insight into emerging markets

Inside Business Jennifer Hughes

Pragmatism looks to be outweighing principles in stock exchange debate

IPO a sign of demand from fund managers facing cost pressures and regulatory change

Bondholders accuse energy company as Islamic bond trial starts in London

Dollar versus euro and the future of the pound also in focus

New EU rules clash with US law and threaten to disrupt industry’s biggest companies

Identifying institutions that own marketable securities is tough for asset managers

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