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From a boutique retreat in Nairobi to the streets of downtown Nuuk, FT writers pick their best destinations of the year

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Catch up on some of our best travel stories — from the mountains of Bhutan to the vineyards of Champagne, plus a brush with death in Russia and a fond farewell to the 747

From avant-garde art to experimental food, the capital is enjoying a new wave of confidence and cultural vitality

The design-led liner is pitched at passengers who’ve never been on a cruise

Climbing and skiing the Alps’ highest peak demands time, effort and commitment — but there is a shortcut

Travel teaches us about the wider world but also about our home country

For those without the time or funds to travel, a simulation offers trips to New York, Paris, Hawaii, or even back in time

For the few visitors who make the long journey south, abundant wildlife and wilderness await

With visitors deterred by security warnings, a magical ecolodge in Egypt’s Western Desert has been pushed even further off the beaten track

Swaddled in a survival suit, Horatio Clare climbs aboard a snowmobile for a frozen four-day journey in search of polar bears

Government websites offer little useful advice, so who should travellers turn to?

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