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In a specially commissioned series, renowned photographers and writers reflect on our relationship with water

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‘First, I became jittery. My fingers itched for my phone. Some vague anxiety flared up. But then, as time passed, I started to feel oddly calm’

‘I for one admire producers of superior wines who use screwcaps, risking the scorn of the uneducated consumer’

Photo of Jancis Robinson

A new generation of San Franciscans believes the drug makes them more creative

‘You don’t throw down shots of liquor with Tabasco in them unless there is a lot on your mind. I would think that the same goes for people who came out to cheer Trump’

Photo of Gary Silverman

‘Public confessionals veer from repentant to indignant, reflective to grotesque’

‘Jockeying among the elites did not always seem such a contemptible topic. From the 19th to mid-20th centuries, great novels turned on it’

‘I’ve had enough experience and fun to last three or four lives’

How the club that dominated English football in the 1920s made it back to the top tier

Serving fish raw is a simple exercise in good shopping and seasoning

How to... How to...

Tim Hayward reveals how you can create an ideal brew in your own kitchen

‘At your lowest ebb, you’re told over and over: you’re doing it wrong’ 

Photo of Katie Martin

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