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Soaring antidepressant usage, falling life expectancy: Blackpool embodies much of what is going wrong on the fringes of Britain

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‘By 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish — and that’s mainly down to plastic bottles’

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He’s watched by millions, so why does the actor and writer feel a loser in today’s culture war?

‘How would a decision be judged by the “4Ms”: your mother, your mentor, the media and your maker’

How a town on the edge of the Sahara became a hub for collectors, scientists and traders in search of valuable meteorites 

‘The beef and prunes are a classic combination and the two really work well together’

‘If the UK wants to avoid economic decline, it will need to train far more of its own’

‘Why are humans hardwired to repeat mistakes we’ve already made?’

‘Current vintages of Douro table wines command triple-digit prices’

‘There’s bacon, chicken, jalapeños, gochujang, kimchi . . . Yep, sounds like a car wreck. But it’s just fantastically joyous’

Where to sample traditional Bahraini dishes and have the best tea

Over two decades, the institution went from sleepy German lender to the world’s largest bank — only to plummet into a downward spiral that some claim has left it ‘beyond repair’

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