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Precious few CEOs seem to have the skills to truly understand how others perceive them

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Do we really want Silicon Valley coders to predict who we may or may not like?

As the country prepares for a papal visit, Arthur Beesley reports on a Catholic church in crisis

The Nashville-based musician on being gay and Christian in a Trumpist heartland

The Dutch artist’s rediscovered works are going on show in Dublin

The battle over the statue of Edward Colston reflects deeper divisions in the city

‘After serious illness, a second life is a big gift’

‘The peaches bake beautifully in the wood oven, juice melding with cheese, hot and salty like the summer evening’

A list of qualities for accreditation by one pizza association runs to 27 pages

FT Magazine Life & Arts

‘Having not always wanted children, I would now burn down the whole world to make this one safe’

Hollandaise sauce to whisky sour: Andy Taylor on the versatility of this key ingredient

‘The initiative marks an effort by Facebook to fend off mounting criticism. It is also an attempt by academics to fight back’

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