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The ‘Phantom Thread’ filmmaker talks awards, insecurity and why he’s not to blame for Daniel Day-Lewis quitting movies

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German club is the envy of the world’s wealthiest teams — but is it a victim of its own success?

Our addiction to our phones inspired Jacqueline Hassink’s latest project: photographs of some of the most — and least — connected places on Earth

A dish that will keep you warm and guilt-free in winter

OW Loeb, one of the great names of the international wine trade, was bought by restaurateur Marlon Abela in 2014. In the past year, it has suffered a spate of resignations and disputes over payment

‘Setting up a steakhouse hundreds of metres from some of the best in the world is a gamble’

‘Everyone laments polarisation but what’s often overlooked is that it’s creating a novel sense of belonging and identity’

‘Post-referendum, immigrant-bashing is the party’s only real unifying principle’

‘Silicon Valley is lacking in one core area — a sense of entrepreneurial hustle’

‘The memes are so potent because they are designed to be subversive and to bait their opponents into a reaction’

‘The school of life was my education — the only one I could have. I learnt on the move’

William Lee Adams dons his cape to investigate the world of mass dressing-up

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