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Who will voters choose in the race between a progressive Democrat and a Trump acolyte?

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Our ‘Round on the Links’ quiz tests your ability to draw connections. Thinking caps on!

How did the villainous buccaneers become the stuff of playrooms and storybooks?

‘Every dig is existential. Excavation is simultaneously an act of destruction and revelation’

The fall of the once-mighty SPD holds lessons for socialist parties across Europe

FT MagazineJancis Robinson

‘Oxygen and a little warmth are the two most powerful variables for any host serving wine’

FT MagazineRobert Shrimsley

‘Once you become truly obsessed, you cannot accept that a dissenting view might have been rationally reached’

FT MagazineGillian Tett

The Paralympics is the world’s third biggest sporting event after the Olympics and the football World Cup

FT MagazineSimon Kuper

‘How can we persuade people who don’t believe anything? That’s the question for our times’

‘This is not crazed foraging but a thoughtful use of the best local ingredients’

‘Kohlrabies look a bit like aliens — but these are aliens worth knowing’

‘The humanities are under siege. We need to fight for them’

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