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FT MagazineSimon Kuper

‘May’s cabinet has displayed an incompetence that has baffled Brussels’

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FT MagazineHannah Kuchler

Signals from the body can be monitored just as a jet engine is monitored

FT MagazineGillian Tett

‘Etymology can give a startling new perspective on many of the phrases we frequently toss around in business’

Italy’s organised crime families have infiltrated the country’s food chain, from field to fork

Listen to the stories behind an extraordinary city, told by those who know it best

The British artist talks to Liz Jobey about capturing the ordinary experiences of women

The illusionist reveals the magic of taking pictures without being spotted

Simon Kuper talks to the woman whose confrontation with Germany’s leader 50 years ago changed her country

‘We love their crazy colours… it’s like our own private Yayoi Kusama exhibition’

‘My biggest extravagance is that I’m addicted to work’

FT MagazineRana Foroohar

‘I sometimes wonder if my younger colleagues could do with a dose of tough’

FT MagazineRobert Shrimsley

‘There is, when you think about it, something fairly foolish about a well-sighted person having a story read to them’

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