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As Geert Wilders campaigns, Simon Kuper reports from the country’s poorest village

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‘What I should have said was: “I’d rather not cat sit.”’

Trump’s administration is inspiring people to take to the streets in the US’s favourite form of protest

Undercover Economist Tim Harford

‘The simplest economies tend to be the most unequal; the more sophisticated ones are more equal’

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The feud between Ratan Tata and his successor Cyrus Mistry has left an iconic company fighting for its reputation

A plan to relocate some Afro-Caribbean hairdressers in south London is causing controversy. Photos by Sophie Green

‘I kind of stopped going to school but, by 18, I was on “Top of the Pops”’

‘In a country that still offers the most agreeable everyday life on earth, why depress yourself with the news?’

Concentration camp survivor Renee Salt on why she’s recording her memories for posterity

The American writer and self-confessed vinyl-head talks about his ‘faux-memoir novel’ and the challenges of a Trump presidency

‘Maybe it’s a technology thing. We’re so used to being able to Ctrl+F keywords that we’ve let our eardrums go rusty’

Undercover Economist Tim Harford

‘In the case of VW, transparency was the enemy: regulators should have been vaguer about the emissions test to prevent cheating’

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