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As protests rage, the regeneration of cities like Roubaix will be crucial to Macron’s success

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FT MagazineSimon Kuper

‘As the media strain to spot the next Trump, they are overlooking other, possibly bigger political movements’

FT MagazineHannah Kuchler

‘I suggest Musk turns over a healthy new leaf — and becomes truly boring’

FT MagazineGillian Tett

‘Debt is still sometimes wiped out in our modern world – through bankruptcies, defaults or sovereign debt restructuring plans – but these events are aberrations, not the norm’

We talk to women blazing a trail in politics, the arts, science, business and sport

Bored of dry turkey and indigestible Christmas pudding? Then try something a little different this year

In bringing her case against a high-profile TV star, ‘Xianzi’ is battling sexism, censorship and political pressure

Acclaimed for her performance as a hardline home secretary, the actor says she’s ‘slightly reeling’ from the hit show’s success 

FT MagazineLife & Arts

The Nobel Peace Prize winner on her campaign to rebuild Sinjar and resettle the Yazidi population

The campaigners behind the repeal of Ireland’s abortion law on how they won a decades-long battle

The tech executive on gender balance in Silicon Valley and how she makes ‘moonshots’ a reality at X

Baker Fergus Jackson salutes the process by which micro-organisms help transform simple ingredients into something magical

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