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Gorge on strawberries and meringue, ducks’ tongues and champagne, rhubarb and the unimprovable British chip. Then do some ASMR...

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Videos of people preparing and consuming food are essential viewing for millions — and a baffling craze for everyone else

FT MagazineSimon Kuper

As member states flout the rules, Brussels is like a weak schoolteacher losing control of the class

Our ‘Round on the Links’ quiz tests your ability to draw connections. Thinking caps on!

‘I own six bikes. I realise to most people that seems ridiculous’

FT MagazineTim Bradshaw

The idea that we could be captured for posterity, or teleported for a holographic call, is tantalisingly close

FT MagazineGillian Tett

Demoting, delaying and diluting offensive content may work better than just deleting it

FT MagazineRebecca Rose

‘The moment I reach for the giant zip-sealed bag in the freezer I am officially off-duty’

An international panel of travel editors offers inspiring ideas for your summer escape — from Caribbean hideaways to the wilds of Scotland

Where to find the best deep-fried kachoris, chaat and litti chokhas

InterviewLife & Arts

John Gapper goes on a pub crawl with Wetherspoons’ Tim Martin   

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