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The Trump Toronto reveals links between shadowy post-Soviet wealth and a future president

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Appetite for memorable moments is creating unexpected money-making opportunities in Japan

The actor talks about his new film ‘First Reformed’ and why money and religion shouldn’t mix

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An ex-shipping container in Brixton: where to head for fine Kiwi wines in London

‘I’d like to own an old orange-and-black 1984 Ford Cortina without headrests’

‘If sloth is the mother of invention, then this dish was devised by the laziest of cooks’

FT Magazine World Cup 2018

‘A World Cup is a carnival. But afterwards, the world returns to normal’

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‘When I took out my phone to take a picture, its “eyes” latched on to my face’

‘People on opiates could be given a VR tour of what their body would look like after years of addiction’

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Paris, Rome, Lisbon and Madrid have not made the cut, but a luxury pad outside Split seems to be in this year

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‘Was it their policy not to charge for champagne?’

‘I am a complete perfectionist, so the pincers become an extension of my hand,’ says the multi-garlanded Anne-Sophie Pic

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