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In a rare interview, the controversial first daughter talks expectations, criticism and what comes next

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‘Oracle believes its staff will learn as much from the pupils as students will from the workers’

‘The investigation into the president’s dealings with Russia is provoking lively gossip’

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Thomas Hale grew up in the once great fishing port, but it took the referendum to realise how little he knew about its past

‘As Seattle’s Amazon-land ballooned, its footprint became a sore point’

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The renowned explorer of images interrogates the nature of photography itself

‘Plants are my biggest extravagance. I’m addicted to garden centres’

The US novelist approaches swimming as fearlessly as she explores emotions in her books

‘Communist East Germany shaped her. She learnt that ideology is mostly bunk’

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‘Our feted baker was taking on the valuable work of helping to make Nazis look ridiculous’

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‘Labels have a wealth of information, practically citing the colour of the maker’s socks’

Photo of Jancis Robinson

The AfD has brought controversy and conflict back into Germany’s politics — but how far can it go in this month’s vote?

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