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As a new exhibition opens in Paris, Simon Schama charts his life in automobiles

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‘Populist leaders act out revenge fantasies for people who feel slighted. Trump, being Trump, turns the dial up to eleven’

‘If I’d gone into politics, I could have been an editor by now’

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The first of our new ‘Out of Office’ series on the private passions of public figures

Claer Barrett, FT Money editor, shares her expert advice on the everyday challenge of how to give pocket money to children

Murad Ahmed on star goalie Diego Alves, game theory and the science of the spot kick

‘One moment I was eating greedily, the next I was coughing, aware that something was stuck in my throat’

Photo of Robert Shrimsley

As political pressure intensifies, friends, colleagues and even spouses are reporting each other for a range of offences

‘As so often in science, the speed of innovation is dramatically outstripping the level of public awareness’

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‘People whose glass is always half-empty are very draining’

‘Imagine that Trump rules for eight years. In that time, life will change. By 2024, virtual reality will be mainstream’

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The physicist explains new theories around the origin of the universe

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