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As US allies wrestle with what to do next, China hopes to benefit from a world in flux

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In search of the winning formula behind the world’s most successful sports team as they take on the Lions

The writer and photographer documents a world of human connections

‘My ambition is to change even one Jamaican ghetto into somewhere better’

‘It’s rare in Silicon Valley to see a company’s sacred values torn apart like this’

‘The working classes don’t believe any politician can bring back good jobs but they want to be liked just as they are’

Photo of Simon Kuper

‘For teenagers, two days without access to the dazzling repartee that is a 14-year-old’s WhatsApp group, to Snapchat and texts, is social solitary confinement’

Photo of Robert Shrimsley

‘Although there are corners of the public sector that are using the latest technology, most federal agencies have been slow to introduce 21st-century ideas’

Photo of Gillian Tett

‘I pass the former petrol station that is becoming a hotel. For a summer in 2010 it housed an outdoor cinema. I watched “Barbarella” there’

‘It is now, when the sun is out, that tomatoes come into their own’

When the NYSE COO took a culinary leave, her stockbroking skills proved useful in cooking

‘The algorithm has decided I’m an extra from “The Last Days of Disco”; not even Studio 54 but Les Elites on the Finchley Road’

Photo of Robert Shrimsley

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