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Upbeat tone fuels speculation about ECB taper


Talk of Washington auctioning 50 to 100-year debt is greeted with scepticism

Charges against president fail to unnerve investors who are still positive on economy


Sterling caught in cross fire as Threadneedle Street’s doves and hawks do battle

Offer to market makers aims to avoid fate of other struggling start-up venues

Regulator wary of instability inherent among stocks with web of shareholdings

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Top 8 most unusual exchange traded funds offered to investors

Hedge funds losing faith in Opec’s ability to rebalance the oil market, while renminbi’s globalisation has reversed

Markets are assessing tensions between national and pan-European authorities

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Focus turns to lack of wage growth as spending power and inflation weaken

Trusty gauge usually predicts US economic downturns but there are some positive signs

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