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By many measurements, today’s stock markets are overvalued but investors are struggling to work out when or if a crash will come


Wall Street slides while euro takes a hit from ECB minutes


EU authorities relied on ‘incomplete information’ in €1 deal, say bondholders

S&P 500 blue-chips gain ground as promise of tax cuts fades for smaller companies


End to split of H-shares and red chips as market struggles to find best China gauge

Damage could be severe if the tide of money reverses, some investors fear

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Technical note about the cryptocurrency says plenty about modern financial markets

The Short View Robin Wigglesworth

In spite of stretched valuations, a severe reversal in US stocks looks unlikely


Radical disruption in the US retail sector is also posing challenges for investors

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Capital Economics doubts the prospects of a re-run of the financial crisis

Markets Insight David Sheppard

While electric cars get attention, weak oil price boosts petrol consumption in the UK

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