ECB rejects Italy’s plea for more time to rescue Monte dei Paschi

Rome now left with little option but a government bailout of ailing bank

Investors seek protection against rate risk ahead of Fed

Funds invested in floating-rate loans draw biggest weekly inflows in more than 3 years

US regulator hits out at derivatives reform deadline

Giancarlo raises concerns over whether asset managers and banks are ready

French bonds weaken as investors sound political alarm

Concerns rise that presidential election will deliver another shock to eurozone

Markets risk undervaluing the Trump effect

Washington rhetoric suggests a likely rate rise next week could be first of a series

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A month on: the market winners and losers since Trump’s victory

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ETFs: everywhere but not yet a systemic risk

Odd conduct of funds focused on gold mining highlight case for regulatory review

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Adviser believes effort to make government bond market more transparent will continue

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