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Global demand and Erdogan warning to cut off pipeline in northern Iraq bolsters prices


Currency and interest rate futures contract volumes surge


Futures data suggest hedging is at levels not seen since oil began its slide in 2014

Haven flight slows in European trade but investors stay cautious, euro falls further


Sticking with some popular Brexit trades since the EU vote has proved painful

Low bond yields heighten appeal of private equity, real estate and infrastructure


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Global banks and bond yields, Fed dots, bond yield convergence, UK economy and bitcoin

Smart Money Henny Sender

Latest step move by Beijing is all about asking private companies to provide subsidies

The FT’s newsletter on the world of investment

Index funds have outperformed most equity managers for a decade, but tighter monetary policies lead active investors to believe it is their moment

Investors are mistaken if they think yields will be able to stay low for much longer


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