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Analysis US Dollar

Investors caught in a bind as EM sell-off plays out in unexpected ways


The Long View John Authers

Expectation of lower future returns focuses attention on fees charged by active funds

Oil cartel seeks to cool rally that has taken crude price to 4-year high

Trade war concerns roiled markets and sent investors running in the past week

Brent tops $75 a barrel after oil producers agree to raise output

Bond sale pioneers use of alternative reference rate to scandal-hit Libor

Opinion & Analysis

Analysis Hedge funds

Companies that buy consumer loans from banks are now in the crosshairs of short sellers

Argentine currency has had a better week but broader emerging market backdrop is testing

Inside London Neil Collins

Much is at stake beyond losing a major constituent of the FTSE 100

Markets Insight Miles Johnson

Sensible investors should hold more cash as rewards for owning stocks diminishes

On Wall Street Robin Wigglesworth

On a global level investors no longer get a premium to hold longer-maturity bonds

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