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NZ dollar continues to slide on formation of centre-left coalition as government


On Wall Street Tom Braithwaite

As Trump cheers equity milestones he faces the risk of owning a market downturn

Algorithms work through speeches, papers and interviews by contenders for the top job

Net fund flows into the sector clocked in at $1bn by midweek

Investors opt not to trust forecasts of Shinzo Abe victory after other polling snafus

London stocks narrowly miss fifth successive week of gains but have had strong October

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The Long View John Authers

Central banker’s comments are like yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre

Concerns grow that some African nations have taken to private debt markets too eagerly

Markets Insight David Sheppard

Nexus of high finance and geopolitics where deals in risky areas can reap big profits

Inside London Neil Collins

Mifid II threatens unintended consequences and casts a shadow over the City

US equity market’s structure is unrecognisable from 1987 when stocks had their steepest fall

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