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‘Carve-out’ creates new way for drugmaker’s private equity owners to strip cash out, say investors



Havens rise as Trump hits out at North Korea, sterling lifted by retail sales data


BlackRock criticises UAE energy company as court case over $700m Islamic bond is delayed

Negotiations come as competition compresses margins for high-frequency traders

Rise in credit assets of VW, BMW, Daimler and Renault reflects growth of finance arms

New fund looks to harness timid unicorns but initiative draws scepticism over cost

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Suppliers of high grade material for steelmaking benefit from higher prices


Capital Economics thinks a flexible approach to reducing stimulus will prevail

The Short View Roger Blitz

Big decisions from UK government and Bank of England raise questions for currency

Dollar woes and the boost of a Macron-Merkel axis have rejuvenated the single currency

There are grounds for optimism, but Temer’s administration has a long way to go

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