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More investors are betting on the continent, but that is creating its own risks


GDP data add to uncertainty over US economic outlook

US private equity firm securitises distressed mortgages in Ireland as Italy struggles

Central bank easing 0.5% suggests concern about effect of strong currency on economy

On Wall Street Ben McLannahan

Republicans see the CFPB as a symbol of Obama but changes will face strong Democratic opposition

Markets Spotlight Zosia Wasik

FT columnists look at boosts for equities, the reflation trade and interest rate policy

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The Long View John Authers

Optimism is dwindling but the belief remains the president will not harm progress

Inside London Neil Collins

Net returns of 1.07% prove that successful fund managers do not work for life offices

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Selling insurance against future turbulence has moved beyond being a niche trade

Vix index hits its lowest level since 2014, and its second lowest this decade

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Markets Insight Dan McCrum

Lower costs are to be celebrated but effects down the line might be less welcome

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