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Scrutiny of Trump’s tax plans will increase now he has failed to roll back Obamacare


Worst weekly performance by equities since election as Trump agenda faces questions

Market volatility rises as Republican healthcare divisions put Trump presidency to test

The Long View John Authers

Slide in inflation expectations signals investors need a further lift from economic data

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Dollar pulls off lows and gold pares advance

Carmaker’s first big bond sale since August 2015 sparks strong demand

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Shift in sentiment owes more to reduced fears of deflation than by inflation worries

A bet on faster global growth is subject to nervous reassessment

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Supply reform measures in 2016 sent stuttering industry into tailspin

Inside London Neil Collins

The more government changes the measure, the greater the opportunity for special interests

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Analysis Dark Pools

Scramble reflects Mifid II rules intended to inject more transparency into equity markets

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