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Market Questions Michael Mackenzie

A presidential address to a joint session of Congress could set the tone for the week


FT columnists look at the new landscape for emerging markets for investors

Treasuries extend gains and gold hits 3-month high

With stocks looking expensive, exit strategies set test for tracker funds

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On Wall Street Cardiff Garcia

Debate about slack can be ended only when labour is sufficiently tight

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The FT’s daily newsletter on the world of investment

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Opinion & Analysis

Media group can redeem bonds if White House axes interest payment deductions

Inside London Neil Collins

It is one of the UK’s most successful businesses, not a company in crisis

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The Short View Stephen Foley

The absence of a surge in deal activity might be more worrying

Analysis US Dollar

Reserve currency has slipped from a 14-year high set at the start of January

Analysis Bunds

Political risk is just one of several factors behind plummeting yields on German debt

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