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A new ranking will decide which firms are most highly rated by clients and peers, and by specialism.

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Staff information is both a gold mine and a potential minefield. Plus: how to fix non-disclosure agreements; why flexible workers keep turning up at the office; creating a workplace that values ideas

Dublin’s ‘Brexit dividend’ is coming into view as London-based financial services companies turn to the city to retain access to European markets. But in a country that still bears the scars from a banking crisis a decade ago, Irish policymakers are proceeding with caution

The consultancies most recommended by clients and peers, rated by sector and specialism. Plus: the Brexit bonanza; do firms practise what they preach on diversity?; regulation — the great divide

The kingdom is increasing its presence in the sub-Saharan Africa to boost its economy and international standing. Moroccan banks accept greater risks to pursue high returns in markets to the south, Casablanca is rebranded as a finance hub but the country’s bid to join the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) faces opposition from members

Homegrown innovators are facing a brain drain and battling a funding squeeze. Yet South Africa has launched a cutting-edge radio telescope that scans the universe, opened ATM-style medicine dispensers and tackled Cape Town’s drought with clever water-saving devices

With populism ascendant, the WEF’s choice of ‘Globalisation 4.0’ as the theme of Davos 2019 sounds defiant. But the forum has survived over time by adapting to change

From genome-editing and digital surgery to the make-up of clinical trials and Cambridge’s future as a UK research hub, FT writers look at the latest developments in health R&D

How new technologies and environmental concerns are transforming the balance of energy production and consumption across the world

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As Britain’s Healthiest Workplace reveals its latest annual survey results, we look at smartphone addiction, how German factories are adapting production lines to accommodate older workers and the pitfalls of working at high altitudes

SIHH and Baselworld join forces to shore up watch fairs’ future; interview with Bulgari chief Jean-Christophe Babin; divorcing couples tussle over jewellery; why Super Bowl’s blingy winners’ rings are getting bigger; designers boost sales through lending jewellery to A-list stars

Part 3/4: The affordability and ethics of production. In this edition: demand for sustainable produce encourages more companies to certify output; combating food crime requires ‘traceability, standardisation and co-operation’; waste not, want not - what is being done to prevent the squandering of human sustenance. Part 4, the final chapter in the series, will publish on March 11. Content from previous chapters is listed below Supported by Rabobank

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