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We present our latest listing of best-in-class financial advisers in the US. Also, we discuss the importance of good advice in inheritance planning; how to guard against market volatility; pros and cons of financial planning online tools; and growing investor interest in US opportunity zones

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We ask employees and experts to assess European companies’ progress in achieving inclusive workplaces

Now into its fifth season, the ABB FIA Formula E championship is attracting sponsors, car manufacturers and fans. With this strong growth, the future looks green for the all-electric series

Watchdogs are increasingly focused on the risks posed by ETFs. Plus: Bank of Japan’s ETF purchases raise concern; the fast rise and volatility of cannabis funds; bond funds head for $1tn; and dividend ETFs gain popularity

Cyber, climate change and conduct are among the top risks faced by today’s financial institutions. This report analyses how managers are tackling them — from using artificial intelligence to catch rogue traders before they act to sharing strategies on cyber security

Now in its third year, this ranking of businesses by turnover growth includes disrupters riding high on the latest technological innovation, as well as the web-savvy retailers being lifted by consumer trends

Baselworld’s moment of truth; interview with LVMH’s head of watches; economics and politics blight watchmakers’ growth forecasts; China’s authenticators fight counterfeit luxury goods; why brands are going big on women’s watches; injured veteran turns jewellery designer; engagement rings and the battle for higher search rankings

The nominees and winners of this year’s awards demonstrate what cross-border business can achieve. These companies have prospered, despite the unstable global context, in part by harnessing innovation

Despite widespread macroeconomic uncertainty and high property prices and rents fuelling expectations of a downturn, commercial real estate investors are quietly confident of a positive 2019

Solar has become the world’s biggest source of new electricity — outpacing wind, gas or coal in terms of freshly installed capacity each year. Plus: e-scooters push to prove their ‘green’ worth; wind turbine renewals can prove profitable; and incineration plants tackle ‘Achilles heel’ of toxic residue

Part 4: The Future of Food. Growing algae for the plate; why gene-edited food is in the balance; bold ideas find backers; Chile’s junk food fight; is organic enough?; rethinking the system. Plus agri-robots in action on video and a podcast discussion of the science behind DNA diet apps

Special ReportFT Health Centre

Apply for Britain’s Healthiest Workplace: an annual survey ranking employers which also examines how to remedy poor health among employees. The deadline for registration is June 14. A special report featuring the final list and articles exploring health at work will publish on November 21 2019

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