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The threat of cyber attacks rises to a new level as everything from household appliances to aircraft connect to the internet. More connections means more points of vulnerability, and some fear that networks of connected appliances could be used to bring down the power grid. Plus: IT security experts reveal how they secure their own ‘smart’ homes

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With the world population predicted to grow to 10bn people by 2050, the demand for food is increasing at a time when climate change is making agriculture ever more unpredictable. This report looks at how farmers are adapting, minimising their environmental impact, and doing more with less

In this report: data privacy failures bug investors; how passive funds use diplomacy as well as voting to effect change; UK policymakers target pension fund laggards; recruiters track rising demand for ESG specialists; hedge funds find a role for sustainable investing

Resurgent economies in the Arab region are luring international lenders, but rising oil prices mean reforms have stalled and a crackdown on dissent in Saudi Arabia has prompted concerns

The World Bank’s new Human Capital Index allows countries to benchmark themselves globally on the health and education investments needed to fulfil their potential. Plus: how brain scans help poor children; Rwanda’s compulsory health system; and what needs fixing in the Asian Tigers’ education system.

Meeting global pledges on curbing climate change requires investing trillions of dollars in new infrastructure. We look at the role of green bonds, carbon pricing, subsidies and the law

President Nana Akufo-Addo has set out his vision for Ghana of a life beyond foreign aid. We report on the economy, not least the cocoa and oil sectors, relations with China, tourism and such emergent features as the vibrant Ghanaian arts scene

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In this edition: top 50 law firms; spotlight on Ireland; rule of law; in-house legal teams

The kingdom is seeking to revive its fortunes through a recently discovered oilfield and plans to become a regional financial hub. Plus: the country’s Shia majority complains of exclusion from the political process

How new technologies and environmental concerns are transforming the balance of energy production and consumption across the world

The last 10 years have seen an onslaught of regulation, but also fresh challenges to markets’ stability. We look at the implications of some of the biggest changes brought by automation, cryptocurrencies, the Brexit vote, the downfall of Libor and the opening of new markets, including China.

Unpredictable regulation and markets make retirement a shifting endgame. For the advisers included in this fourth annual list of retirement experts, the pressure to lower fees is also rising

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