Artificial intelligence disrupting the business of law

Firms are recognising that failure to invest in technology will hinder ability to compete in today’s legal market


Lawyers are finally converts to technology

Firms are reaching a tipping point on digital as fear of the drive for efficiency recedes


Brexit: law firms set for the great EU demerger

Britain’s EU exit will bring a rush of business but the long-term impact is less certain


Flexibility is the new aim of law firms

Rigid structures may no longer serve clients’ best interests


Law firms: the tech trailblazers in legal practice

Many of this year’s top 10 are pioneers exploiting technology to change their firms and the legal world


Legal innovations abound with Europe in flux

New industries and alliances are eroding the traditional lines of competition and separation of sectors


In-house lawyers show entrepreneurial flair

In-house lawyers resemble entrepreneurs, driving their businesses forward with their own innovations


Law firms’ helping hand in a migration crisis

Plight of refugees in Europe has driven creative, invaluable pro-bono work, while policy changes have tested lawyers’ skills

Rankings: Most innovative European law firms 2016

See the top European law firms and an extensive breakdown of how they scored in each category

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