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Boost for chancellor Philip Hammond ahead of spring fiscal statement

Proposals contain no end date but officials insist they will set one

Carmaker finds Raj Nair’s behaviour was ‘inconsistent’ with its code of conduct

President hears emotional appeals from survivors to end school attacks

Supreme leader’s smiling sister credited with softening image of Pyongyang regime

As the culture changes, incremental steps can help slow the killing

Treasury plans ‘Chapter 14’ bankruptcy process to shield taxpayers from bank collapses

Minutes from Janet Yellen’s last meeting trigger new bond market sell-off

Defence secretary raises concerns over hostile £7bn Melrose bid

Analysis Banks

António Horta-Osório describes his bank’s 2020 profit targets as ‘ambitious’ and ‘achievable’

Shlomo Filber’s decision to testify adds to Israeli PM’s problems


With so much to lose, the Dutch position on EU-UK relations is more complicated than most

Wellcome Trust warns that UK will have to pay more to access programmes

Brexiters set out demands in letter while Corbyn signals Labour shift on customs union

UK News

Plan to retain industrial expertise beyond Typhoon era answers manufacturer concerns

Government says it will take a firmer line in 45 local authorities where pollution levels breached

Labour expected to take 3 flagship boroughs from Conservatives in May contest

UK challenger bank eats into capital ratio and triggers prospect of a share issue


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The FT's Sam Fleming looks at how the Fed chair steered policy

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‘Pastor to presidents’ said he received his calling on 18th green of local golf club

Founder Ben Rubin on the lessons learnt from battling Big Tech

The internet has vanquished most old record shops but collecting is still popular — and influential

Markets News

Treasury yields jump while dollar rallies in choppy trade

Analysis Hedge funds

World’s largest hedge fund targets blue-chip companies and Italian banks downgraded as few product catalysts on horizon, says JPMorgan


Academics find social media group’s data policies will breach GDPR regime

Company accuses rival’s board of acting ‘against best interest of its stockholders’

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