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Hancock withdraws from Tory leadership contest and Javid urged to follow suit

He was the man with the ultimate golden touch but Arki’s group is in jeopardy

Energy minister makes call after attacks on oil tankers in and around the Gulf

The arrival of new, high-priced homes is driving up values in Scotland’s second city

Wishful thinking from leadership candidates on Brexit could spell disaster for British industry

But the former UK foreign secretary still faces questions about his fitness for high office

China brokerage cuts ties with Swiss bank over swine fever remarks

Lucky minority of young matching fortunes of earlier generations. finds Resolution Foundation

Celebrities urge voters to reject AfD in town favoured for film sets

Regulator says new lenders are ‘overly optimistic’ in risk management

Young president tries to revive growth in the face of a refugee crisis from Venezuela

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They moved into the pioneering London development 50 years ago — and they are still there

How a self-taught cook from Slovenia entered the gastronomic stratosphere

The Armenian president and physicist on Byron, Kim Kardashian — and the new ‘quantum politics’

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Bank inherited holding in Topshop owner from 2002 HBOS refinancing

Any charges can only be brought after inquiry’s final report, in 2021 at the earliest

The commodities bourse has come under growing scrutiny for its culture

StanChart’s head of public affairs to join social media group as director of public policy



Central bank worries that cutting rates would be seen as caving in to the White House

Promise of abundant nuclear power propelled ‘cold fusion’ company to $918m valuation

Subdued volatility, while economic data are worsening, fuels unease on Wall Street

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The Long View Michael Mackenzie

One troubling aspect of declining yields is falling inflation expectations

Beyond snapping a slide in oil prices, response of traders has been largely muted


Entrepreneurs say capital has flourished despite lukewarm support from Downing Street

Mike Mackenzie’s daily analysis of what’s moving global markets

Utilities, consumer staples among the S&P’s biggest winners this week

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