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‘Fair and serious’ proposals to impose restrictions on some nationals already in UK


Shares in US cladding tile maker Arconic fall sharply in New York trading

Extra £1bn funding for Northern Ireland secures working majority for Conservatives

Javid ‘frankly wrong’ to say system worked well until Grenfell disaster

At 65,000 tons, HMS Queen Elizabeth is biggest warship to be built in Britain

Employers say proposals would lead to a new administrative burden

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The British prime minister’s partnership is not a blank cheque for her agenda

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Government’s opening offer includes concessions over EU nationals claiming benefits

With no good alternative leaders, constancy in government has become a virtue

Photo of Janan Ganesh

Pact helps already well-funded region but ‘DUP will be back for more’

The £1bn promised to Northern Ireland will cost about £15 a person across the UK

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