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Local MP claims rules ‘watered down’ as number of buildings failing tests hits 95


UK chancellor tells Germans Britain cannot ‘have its cake and eat it’ when leaving EU

Balance of power between Northern Irish parties reversed by £1bn windfall from Tories

SNP leader had been under pressure to drop demands for a plebiscite by spring 2019

Barclay promises revamp of ‘Ogden’ rate change that caused car premiums to leap

Government initiative aims to give companies a voice after months of disquiet

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Instant Insight Chris Giles

Central bank is gearing up to crack down on lending in July, writes Chris Giles

In the UK, no single piece of law defines an employee, a contractor and a worker

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May’s short-term partnership is not a blank cheque for her agenda

The impact of Britain’s vote to leave the EU is already being felt

With no good alternative leaders, constancy in government has become a virtue

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