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Issue set to undermine Tory attempts to soften face of the party


Tories united behind leader but next challenge to her authority will be Brussels

Party leader says he will not resign and points out victory in Stoke

Sturgeon calls London mayor’s speech an insult to Scots who support independence

Apparent rebalancing of economy since referendum driven by China demand for gold

PSA boss stresses ‘performance is paramount’ for Ellesmere Port and Luton

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Rebuilding the party at a time of national division is a monumental task

British by-elections hold a lesson on how to keep populists at bay

Instant Insight Andrew Hill

The football manager’s sacking is sad, inevitable and instructive, writes Andrew Hill

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Instant Insight Patrick Jenkins

It is time for the government to stand aside, writes Patrick Jenkins

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The circle of life and a hot stock market to replace the Elton John soundtrack

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