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Cap on number of audit clients sought in report commissioned by shadow chancellor


EU has resisted UK request for full legal guarantees that measure would be shortlived

Outsourcer’s failure to hire leaves British troops 7% below required strength

François Ortalo-Magné’s £500,000 package is 11% more than that of his predecessor

Latest funding settlement provides little extra money for local authorities


Grip on premiership has been bolstered but Dublin has little leeway in exit talks

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Fanatics seek to impose a highly disruptive experiment on their fellow citizens

Sports Direct chief says November was ‘worst on record’ as poor Christmas sales add to gloom

UK prime minister still faces an uphill struggle to sell her Brexit deal to sceptical colleagues

MPs, academics and industry employees urge FRC to take action on conduct complaints

PM survives crucial vote but confirms the impression of a zombie leader 

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