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Prime minister tells MPs she does not intend to fight the 2022 general election if she wins



Owner Ferrovial in talks with PAI Partners and Greybull Capital in a sign of pressures on sector

UK government recruits 50 civil servants to cope with Brexit-related crises

Financial Conduct Authority proposals designed to stimulate support for start-ups

Group admits ‘high level’ of aircraft on ground due to repairs on Trent 1000

Clothing brand says it has been hit by changing consumer behaviour and economic uncertainty

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Five possible outcomes of the Conservative party’s leadership challenge

Most potential successors come from the Conservatives’ pro-Brexit wing

Instant InsightSebastian Payne

Even if the rebels prevail, the Brexit fundamentals remain the same


Daily Mail’s ‘about-turn on Brexit’ since editor’s retirement offers glimmer of hope for PM

Process begins if Theresa May loses confidence vote of Tory MPs

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