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‘Nothing off table’ with last year’s Tory manifesto tax pledges in jeopardy


Environmentalists dismayed by retreat from ‘Road to Zero Strategy’ to eliminate pollution

Concern as timetable slips over Irish border and political disarray at Westminster

Southern Poverty Law Center pays $3.3m to Quilliam Foundation

Heritage company replaces suspended Northern services after MP’s appeal

Combination will create UK’s sixth-largest bank but cause up to 1,500 job losses

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Two goals for captain cannot hide flawed performance

£300m Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre has lab to 3D print new limbs

This may be the moment when the UK prime minister abandons hope of changing the debate

Youth teams used as pipeline for tournament in effort to offset inexperience

The collapse of the outsourcing group is the latest case to raise questions about accounting standards in the UK and US

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