Murdochs return to rule the Sky

Earlier bid was foiled by phone hacking, but pound weakness gave another opportunity

Boris Johnson refuses to apologise over Saudi Arabia remarks

PM calls foreign secretary to Downing Street over comments on Riyadh’s ‘proxy wars’

British Cycling budget cut by £4m for Tokyo games

Badminton, archery, fencing, weightlifting and wheelchair rugby lose all UK Sport funding

Hitachi chiefs defend new Intercity trains

Engine issues could initially result in slower journeys

Lawyers aim for fresh legal challenge to Brexit process in Dublin

Lawsuit likely to ask Irish courts for referral to European Court of Justice

Opinion & Analysis

Integration of UK immigrants is a two-way process

A government review offers sensible ideas but it is impossible to define Britishness

Britain still has a lot more homework to do

Focus for schools should be on what happens inside the classroom

Labour should be worried about the Brexit betrayal Premium

The party will be squeezed by its metropolitan-rural alliance, writes Sebastian Payne

After the referendum, the people, not parliament, are sovereign

The most dangerous threat to democracy comes from a passive electorate

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