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TUC and CBI issue stark joint warning as Brussels summit takes control of timetable


Policymakers in a ‘wait and see’ mode as economic indicators unclear

Officials launch crisis management plan and monitors supplies of food and key utilities

Group behind UK’s telecoms infrastructure to spend billions on fibre upgrade

Housebuilder seeks to address concerns over quality ahead of review of Help to Buy scheme

Little sign of stockpiling ahead of possible disorderly departure from EU

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A bolder and more flexible leader would have stuck to the idea of a long extension

By changing option for Eurosceptic MPs to her deal or no-deal, PM has lost her leverage

It is time for the other 27 member states to insist the UK make up its mind

Ethics matter but the bar should be set high for turning down funding


Leaders will discuss the date of a short extension and what to do if exit deal fails

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