Lead story in UK general election

Prime minister is ‘contrite’ with angry Tory MPs but still faces hurdles on Brexit

Top stories in UK general election


Was the result a vote for a ‘soft’ Brexit and did the young make the difference?

Unpopular policies being ‘pruned’ and Queen’s Speech delayed

‘I will serve as long as you want me’, says prime minister

Theresa May switches to collective approach amid rubble of election

UK premier to meet angry MPs as Brexit secretary warns against leadership challenge

Record numbers of female, non-white and LGBT MPs enter Commons

Labour ran an upbeat campaign, while the Tories relied on a message of fear

Post at environment suggests Tory civil war serial offender has been forgiven

Northern Ireland party eager to minimise impact on province and south of the border

Nationalists lost 21 of the 56 Scottish seats they won in 2015

Instant InsightSebastian Payne

The prime minister has to move quickly to reassure colleagues, writes Sebastian Payne

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