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Brexit Briefing Martin Arnold

Should it turn to US, China and India, offshore centres or fall back on Commonwealth?

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Inside Business Jonathan Ford

EU regulators will seek to pull business across the Channel unless challenged

Minister says early deals on exit bill and Northern Ireland would be ‘illogical’

European Court of Justice says most aspects of trade deal do not require unanimity

Only half of those standing in top 100 target seats are clear on how they voted

Britain is not as divided on the question of Brexit as many suspect

North American, Swiss and Asian groups are likely to be hardest hit

Its purpose would be to shift the debate within the EU to the effects of an abrupt exit

Photo of Wolfgang Münchau

Former prime minister says language of agreement must be changed after Britain leaves EU

Theresa May says party is selecting ‘best candidates’ after David Cameron intervened

French negotiator carries Dublin’s hopes of minimising impact of UK exit from the EU

EU venture capital body cuts activity in Britain after triggering of Article 50

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