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Person in the News John Paul Rathbone

The attorney-general has set herself against Nicolás Maduro’s attempted power grab

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Netflix and a new financial settlement pose a historic challenge to the corporation

The UK is tightening rules on sexist stereotyping in ad campaigns. Critics argue recruitment in the industry must change too

Theresa May’s welcome talk of transition still requires trade-offs

Theresa May goes in search of a break in the Alps

Like the general, the French president aspires to rule above conventional politics

Undercover Economist Tim Harford

We face not monotony in our jobs but the temptations of endless variety

Photo of Tim Harford

As Beijing pushes westwards, the Atlantic century makes way for a new Eurasian age

Photo of Philip Stephens

Sedition is brewing among the cabinet’s beasts of burden

The president struggles to legislate, but might manage to hurt trade

The Exchange Ahmed Rashid

Beijing aims to protect both regional stability and its One Belt, One Road project

Political risk has lessened, but the crisis left a legacy on bank balance sheets

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