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Problems on the continent remain, and the chancellor’s travails will exacerbate them

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The fight to attract inward investment has given corporations too much leeway 

Caracas restructuring negotiations will entail a complex geopolitical poker game

There are so many possible permutations in play that firm predictions of the chancellor’s fate are impossible

Any chancer can win an audience to rail against Britain’s faulty economic model

Beijing must know that the system of free and fair trade will be protected from abuse

More power must be ceded to local control, particularly in education and employment

Instant Insight Wolfgang Munchau

Failed coalition talks severely dent her leadership prospects, writes Wolfgang Münchau  

The government is committed to renewables, so it should spell out the costs

If the White House wants a fix, it should compare its mistakes with China’s strategy

The centre of the city is being transformed as Xi Jinping tightens his grip

The collapse of coalition talks leaves Germany’s chancellor few options

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