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Person in the News Mehul Srivastava

The Israeli prime minister faces possible charges of bribery and fraud

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We should learn to cherish our researchers the way we do our athletes and actors

The eurozone member state has been hit hard by bribery and money laundering allegations that have raised questions about overseas money

Accepting responsibility lets corporate reputations recover quickly

The UK prime minister has to compromise on her ‘red lines’ to reach the best deal

America’s embrace of belligerent nationalism has collapsed its political authority abroad

Instant Insight Sebastian Payne

Proposals to preserve a customs union will test the loyalty of Conservative Remainers

The absence of an achievable negotiating aim offers an opening for MPs

Free Lunch Martin Sandbu

Ownership rights and algorithmic accountability

He belonged to a generation that redesigned the political structures of the EU

Undercover Economist Tim Harford

But simply letting them go to the wall may not be the panacea it might seem

The tabloids’ right to print nonsense is the British equivalent of the US gun laws

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