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We are making a bad job of reconciling the tensions to hold this marriage together

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Angela Merkel’s decision to open the door to more than 1m refugees hangs over Sunday’s national poll

The crackdown on internal dissent fails to disguise jitters over plans for reform

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Former Trump chief strategist Bannon is taking sides in the Ukip leadership election

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Country’s once revered leader proves feeble in the face of army atrocities

The central bank’s loose policies are key to the bloc’s remarkable turnround

Service sector jobs that replaced those in manufacturing are in turn at risk from AI

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Angela Merkel embodies a nation that has had enough of political thrills

As the Federal Reserve meets this week, officials are flummoxed by restrained price rises

The way forward is to build a Europe where every state can participate on its own terms

For a new generation of nationalists, the investor has become the perfect villain

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Apps, more than the iPhone, have been revolutionary — and now we need another shift

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