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Britain’s MPs should revoke Article 50 and start again to build a national consensus

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Rome’s Belt and Road agreement with Beijing can be a model for other European countries

A bolder and more flexible leader would have stuck to the idea of a long extension

Ethics matter but the bar should be set high for turning down funding

Leaders from across the world, past and present, give their thoughts on strategy

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The parties backing the generals have upper hand in an election that has reopened divides

Investors should not be too sanguine about transition from scandal-linked rate

Instant InsightBen Hall

Compromise over attacks on EU leaves Hungary’s PM gloating that he has won stand-off

Trial backdates ‘conspiracy’ to 2013 and blames the uprising on George Soros

The left may prefer white magic to Donald Trump’s black, but everyone is dabbling

The denim company’s brand has proved tough enough to survive years of wear and tear

AnalysisThe Big Read

Rattled by Beijing’s economic clout, the EU is finally trying to devise a tougher strategy

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