Theresa May’s bold vision of Britain after Brexit

A refreshingly optimistic tone leaves many details to be decided

One day it will be curtains, so I’m planning for it

Choosing woodland burial in your will offers a final chance to be fashionable

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Instant Insight Sebastian Payne

May’s Brexit clarity is welcome but the hard work starts here Premium

The UK prime minister offers Europe carrot and stick, writes Sebastian Payne

Italy resists Brussels’ tough love on banks

In theory, Rome has plenty to gain from embracing the ECB’s new regime

A lesson in fake news from the info-wars of ancient Rome

Octavian’s strong but fabricated narrative helped him defeat Mark Antony

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Instant Insight Gideon Rachman

Xi positions China as the protector of globalisation at Davos Premium

The president’s remarks were a skilful appeal to business, writes Gideon Rachman

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The dangers of ignoring voters in west Africa

By refusing to stand down, Gambia’s president risks confrontation

Donald Trump masters the art of the unexpected

To understand the president-elect, view him as an independent not a Republican

How streaming saved the music industry

Spotify and Apple are making money for the big labels but technology is likely to change the equation again

Spinning toys into tools that can turn around global health

Whirligig research shows solutions to problems such as malaria may be under our noses

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