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The software engineer has been hailed for speaking up about sexism

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The basketball star turned businessman is a great American success story

Tories sweep aside Labour in Copeland and Stoke blows away Ukip

Rebuilding the party at a time of national division is a monumental task

The circle of life and a hot stock market to replace the Elton John soundtrack

Instant Insight Patrick Jenkins

It is time for the government to stand aside, writes Patrick Jenkins

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A levy on machines, some say, could thwart job-creating technologies

Yet it is unclear how much US stimulus will come and who will benefit

The nation is set to inherit the world’s highest life expectancy by 2030

Instant Insight Andrew Hill

The football manager’s sacking is sad, inevitable and instructive, writes Andrew Hill

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British by-elections hold a lesson on how to keep populists at bay

Historic Conservative win leaves opposition facing stark choice, writes Sebastian Payne

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