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Greggs is not the only business profiting from the market for plant-based products


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The scion of Mumbai’s greatest entrepreneur has been beset by scandal amid a bitter family rift


For most of its history, the party has been multitudinous and contradictory

The independents’ rebellion has changed the atmosphere at Westminster

After 20 years of socialist revolution, the gap between ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ seems as wide as ever

Undercover EconomistTim Harford

When computers start conspiring against us, regulators will have to be nimble

Weakening ties between US and Europe mainly benefit China and Russia

British farm policy should not prioritise protecting agriculture over cheap food

New bloc of Labour and Conservative MPs should be given a chance

Five years after Crimea was annexed, Russian discontent is rumbling

So much information is available that anonymous survey participants can be identified

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