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The idea that businesses only pursue profits leads to dire outcomes

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The options for bright female non-graduates look worse than for comparably smart men

New CDU leader was one of three contenders for the job from the country’s west

Crisis over the French president’s reforms is a concern for all of Europe

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Investors such as Google and Temasek pile into another sector looking for help from technology

Instant InsightBen Hall

Rome and Berlin will seize on widening deficit but the French president has no choice

Former governor Urjit Patel is not the only policymaker in the political doghouse

The French contradiction of a demand for lower taxes and better public services will stay unresolved

Beijing, Brussels, Washington and Silicon Valley have competing visions for the web

The campaign for a new referendum on leaving the EU is gathering pace

A joint stimulus would aid public finances by allowing governments to limit spending

Postponing the ‘meaningful’ parliamentary vote makes a chaotic no-deal exit more likely

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