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His international outlook disrupted the television industry, and our viewing habits

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The hounding of longstanding black residents highlights lasting xenophobia

The arrest of two black men in a Philadelphia branch of the chain highlights US companies’ struggle to find the right response to social issues as sensitive as race

US and North Korea hold secret summit preparations

The global economic outlook looks promising — especially if you are an Asian exporter

The abstract painter with a love of colour exhibited at the world’s leading galleries

Has the most watched of all economic indicators lost some of its value?

Undercover Economist Tim Harford

Optimism and pessimism both have their merits, but we need a dose of realism

The Arsenal manager’s misfortune was that his methods became best practice

Instant Insight Patrick Jenkins

Year-long investigation in whistleblower incident frees chief executive to continue

The Arsenal manager saw more than a football club change over the past 22 years

The Home Office has enforced policy in a rigid and rules-based way

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