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Nothing eats cash like a weapons programme and Europe is the least efficient buyer

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American voters are with him on many subjects, but they are not anti-western

Instant Insight Sebastian Payne

UK opposition has failed to perform its responsibilities on Brexit and anti-Semitism

The US president is hostile to the core values the country used to stand for

The FT’s interactive broadband speed map reveals more than just an urban-rural divide in internet access

The industry would benefit from opening up to diverse talent

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Far from weakening the prime minister, political turmoil has freed her hand

Nord Stream 2 will pipe energy to Germany but critics warn of political tensions

They need the reach and resources that businesses offer

The US president put in a shameful performance in Helsinki

The singer embodies reinvention, while acknowledging how much he owes to others

Free Lunch Martin Sandbu

Doubling down on liberalisation is the best defence

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