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The two leaders share much, including nationalism, populism and protectionism

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What Britain lacks in documentation it makes up for with CCTV surveillance

A referendum in April could give the president power beyond the scope of even Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Instant Insight Andrew Hill

Envelope confusion puts auditor in the limelight, writes Andrew Hill

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Its decline is a loss for the world as well as a tragedy for UK politics

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The crisis in this unstable country could worsen if Isis joins with al-Qaeda

Bypassing the World Trade Organisation would be a serious error

If politics obscures mutual interests, Brexit will damage both sides

Free Lunch Martin Sandbu

The EBA’s proposal for a pan-EU asset management company should be heeded

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Instant Insight Miranda Green

A focus on Brexit narrows the UK government’s bandwidth, writes Miranda Green

What we really need is far-reaching reform and the introduction of a land value tax

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