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She should set aside her vanity and behave as a prime minister not a party leader

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This faultline feels less fraught than rifts over race, gender and sexuality

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Brexit is about to become softer and this could be the final straw for many Tory MPs

The digital security of all in the political system must be tightened ahead of elections

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Crisis-era reforms have made it a target for investors looking to cut costs — and jobs

By being creative, groups can work together to benefit the world’s underprivileged

UK government is forcing a choice that many of us never wanted to make

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The prime minister deployed clever rhetorical tricks but her appeal to MPs was doomed

Trump is making the most consistently combustible region in the world more explosive

The single currency endures but significant adjustments are necessary

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The more aggressive US approach is part of a strategic shift that goes well beyond the trade war

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There is no sign that the French president will reverse his most controversial policies

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