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Weakening ties between US and Europe mainly benefit China and Russia

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New leader has freed political prisoners and plans economic opening. But will liberalisation spin out of control?

Three Conservative MPs add heft but will make it harder to build a cohesive force 

Donald Trump is the third president in a row to focus on the world’s largest continent

A common refrain is that the protesters were right in the beginning but have since lost their way

Alliance against PC malware should be a model for addressing other consumer harms

Honda’s closure of its UK plant is part of a slow-motion tragedy for the industry

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Despite the conviction of its most important boss, Joaquín Guzmán, the narcotics trade is booming

One of the UK’s only competitive sectors is being thrown under a bus

Two different plans to attack the problem could be combined in a workable compromise

Forty years after the Islamic Revolution, Tehran’s Shia axis is all but complete

Wishy-washy job titles encourage wishy-washy ideas. And that is fatal for corporates

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