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All of the EU’s big six countries are facing deep internal divisions

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Forcing the parties to clarify their positions would ideally create a majority

MPs have a chance to take charge of the process. They should seize it

We have outsourced the debate over free speech and censorship to the tech platforms

The ex-Bosnian Serb leader’s policy of ethnic separatism persists in Republika Srpska

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Death of leftwing politician Marielle Franco focused attention on the growth of militias — to the president’s discomfort


How ‘Belt and Road’ pushes the EU off-track

The US president seems prepared to trample on international norms

The economic case for the strategy is strong but it could have regional implications

Financial balance is strong but the leveraged loan market is a pocket of elevated risk

Smart industrial policy is a good thing but oligopoly is not

Inequity in schooling is a worldwide scandal and solutions need to be tailored to local contexts

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