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As fears grow of a return to customs checks, the FT follows a British driver on his tightly scheduled journey across the continent

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Emmerson Mnangagwa’s crackdown is as vicious as anything seen in the Mugabe era

We do not know if improvements attributed to apps transfer to the real world

The absence of an international rival has been a disaster for domestic politics

The metal is more expensive than gold but technological change could tarnish its lustre

The UK has been more central to the bloc than many on the continent realise

Elites must consider their responsibility for the worldwide resurgence of strongmen

Business and political elite should seriously debate the capitalist model

An employee’s claim has cleared a legal hurdle and comes at a delicate time for the grocery chain

Campaign has been praised and criticised for confronting Trump’s anti-Mexico rhetoric

Instant InsightSebastian Payne

The prime minister faces a huge battle, but rebellious MPs might be changing their minds 

MPs should extend Article 50 and test support for other exit options


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