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If handled wisely, there is time to strengthen India’s shadow banking groups and restore confidence

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The gradual journey to withdrawal has become a sudden lunge for clarity and conclusion

AnalysisThe Big Read

With elections next year, Narendra Modi is keen to see a change in approach from the central bank to help avert a slowdown

The Democratic party is riven by faultlines of gender, policy and age

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Critics say Beijing is seeking to win influence by meddling in the island’s elections

Instant InsightTony Barber

There is little appetite for inflicting punishment among Rome’s eurozone partners

The spectre of disintegration concentrates minds across the continent

Rival platforms look to ‘consciously uncouple’ after a year beset by problems

Free LunchMartin Sandbu

The worst off pay the price for worries about overheating

US president plays down Khashoggi death and possible role of Mohammed bin Salman

The ECB should retain all options to counter any renewed downturn

Democrats such as Ocasio-Cortez chronicle their Washington lives on social media

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