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Far-right electoral gains show the country is not immune to the populist virus

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The chancellor has enjoyed stable and loyal coalitions, but this time will be different

Intellectual property is a strategic economic asset for the country

Instant Insight Sebastian Payne

The shadow chancellor promises more funds but fudges the politics, writes Sebastian Payne

The veteran leftist is leading the resistance to the president’s reform agenda

The chancellor’s coalition must stick to Germany’s internationalist tradition

Public squabbling between major stakeholders is already proving counterproductive

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The premier faces a formidable opponent in Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike

Policy should concentrate on creating local supply chains that enrich the economy

Index funds have outperformed most equity managers for a decade, but tighter monetary policies lead active investors to believe it is their moment

Nick Butler's blog Nick Butler

An insightful and timely account of the faultlines in Spanish politics

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