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Britain’s future is of a nation badly diminished in Europe and unloved in the US

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The world must not stand by if the refugees are forcibly returned

From Cameron to May, with a small walk-on part for Liam Fox

The biggest perceived 2018 danger is that somebody uses weapons of mass destruction

Problems with PFI are no reason to kill off private sector provision in the UK

Instant Insight Gideon Rachman

The new US policy risks increasing the chance of a conflict, writes Gideon Rachman

Britain’s shortcoming is that only sees the world from London’s perspective

Two years after the emissions scandal threatened to destroy it, VW is more profitable than before and has €20bn plans for electric cars

The material, in and out of favour for years, was once the hero of the age

Instant Insight Sebastian Payne

Three prominent UK MPs show the challenges of growing up with social media

German banks are facing big losses as a result of the outsourcing company’s collapse

Its forecasts have been consistently wrong and are distorting policy

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