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Person in the News Patti Waldmeir

The carmaker’s boss has form in turning round ailing Midwestern brands

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The prime minister has had a difficult week, but is blessed with an inept opposition

Choosing sides in the Sunni-Shia conflict will only ensure safe spaces for jihadis

Photo of Philip Stephens

The self-proclaimed tantric ‘godman’ had access to India’s most powerful politicians

The late Roger Moore understood the frivolousness at the heart of the franchise

US criticism of its Nato partners rests on an outdated notion of global power

Undercover Economist Tim Harford

Well-run countries should expect to see frequent changes of direction

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The Blackstone-Saudi deal can help the president deliver his campaign promise

Photo of Gillian Tett

The desert kingdom needs rapid change but it needs stability too

Macron keeps quoting some woman called Molly Air. Is she a news anchor?

Photo of Robert Shrimsley

Mark Carney’s expense details reach fresh heights in accountability

Both parties display the politics of hope, whim and anecdote in the face of evidence

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