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There is a glaring conflict of interest in a payment platform giving users scores

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Instant Insight Brooke Masters

Aimmune’s potential cure may be onerous, but that is not necessarily a bad thing

A post-Brexit deal would harm the UK’s much larger economy

The UK government’s red lines rule out other post-Brexit trading options

Fears about low wages, home ownership and costly degrees are paralysing young people

A spat over embassy addresses is a sad reflection of the state of US-Russian relations

Middle East tensions are greater than at any time since the end of the cold war

The cuts to university lecturers’ pensions are too deep, and divisive

Instant Insight Sebastian Payne

The Brexit secretary must win over his troops like the Irish republican leader did

If the local regulators cannot resolve the crises, the ECB is stuck

Free Lunch Martin Sandbu

Big Tech’s dominance has exacerbated a shift in incomes from labour to capital

Managing the way separate frameworks apply to the internet remains a big challenge

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