FT Wealth June 2017

Love and Brexit; Detroit’s start-up boom; nuclear bunkers for sale; impact investing

An empire that started in a dusty ranching town in Colombia

Entrepreneurs enjoy its low costs, light traffic and unlikely Rustbelt trendiness

Arts sponsorship has a fresh twist: adopt a character in a play

Why the saga of Beirut’s two most famous hotels could be a reflection of the city’s recent history

Foreword to the FT Wealth June 2017 edition

High-achieving couples are often puzzled when they have one smart offspring and others who are less so

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Dollar millionaires seem to worry most about global and national issues

This includes being able to harness the power of fear, the refusal to compromise and the freedom to offend

Jeremy Coller is focusing his wealth on a deeply personal project: ending factory farming

The range of potential uses speaks to the paranoia of the moment

By 1997, Steve Jobs was back and two years later Apple, with its greeny-blue iMacs, was worth $16.5bn

Experts say customers use the money to close property deals, make a quick investment or pay tax

Ease of travel and a more tax-friendly jurisdiction are among the reasons the wealthy seek a second citizenship

A 2% charge can take quite a chunk out of the overall portfolio return

Tax efficiency appears not to be the most powerful driver of giving among affluent American households

Younger donors want to become actively involved in how funds are used

Its mythical connections with the Knight Templars draw the mysterious, wealthy sect to the tiny Italian hamlet

Political leanings have moved higher up the list of priorities for singletons in their quest for love

Given the diversity of materials artists now use, collectors need handling and caretaking instructions

An attempt by a leading French intellectual to persuade his compatriots to alter their view of money

Green energy and education are the most popular investment themes