FT Wealth: March 2019

In this edition: How the bankers leaving London are boosting Frankfurt’s art scene; the truth behind the million-dollar dogs; why giving collaboratively makes more sense

Where many observe gloom, others see a buying opportunity

Up to 2,000 financiers are expected to relocate from London to the German city by 2020

Bequeathing a fortune to a beloved pet can be a planning minefield

As the UK wrestles with the impact of Brexit on travel, borders have never seemed less consequential for the private jet set

Those at the bottom of the top income bracket are starting to feel the tides of income inequality

Wealth managers are hesitant to recommend investing in something unregulated and volatile

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By spending time with their peers, the affluent might assume the worries of one are legitimate for all

The uncertainties around the economic and tightening cycles remain in place

The philanthropist believes foundations should not recreate the wheel but understand what works better

19th-century liberal offers counsel after gilets jaunes protests against tax reform

As aggregated funds become more common, they could become the catalyst for more than $5bn in annual giving

Units can be assembled in an existing building in a matter of hours

The film producer retains strong links with India, mentoring young film-makers and developing film projects there

‘Enlightened’ business pioneers might not always succeed but remain a source of hope

The number of charitable groups keeps growing but only a few have the capacity to absorb very large gifts