Watches & Jewellery

Baselworld’s moment of truth; interview with LVMH’s head of watches; economics and politics blight watchmakers’ growth forecasts; China’s authenticators fight counterfeit luxury goods; why brands are going big on women’s watches; injured veteran turns jewellery designer; engagement rings and the battle for higher search rankings

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A renewed Baselworld fair faces its first test this week as watch market feels the heat

Visitors will judge whether mission to transform the beleaguered event has delivered the brief

How dark metal and stones helped him feel more emboldened as a black actor in Hollywood

Stéphane Bianchi brushes off pressure of taking over from watch industry showman

New digital services add a layer of reassurance for China’s counterfeit-conscious consumers

Writer and illustrator Elys Dolan on buying duds and living on beans to build her collection of 40

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