Watches and Jewellery — November

Slow-paced reforms and Hong Kong turmoil drag on watchmakers’ growth. Plus: smartwatch makers ramp up health functionality to gain edge on rivals; Pandora hopes overhaul will charm teenage buyers; what rap stars’ love for watches means for brands; how women in top roles at high-end jewellers helps them engage female consumers


Hong Kong protests and the slow overhaul of distribution models weigh on luxury brands

Watch brands are relying on medical functions to gain an edge on rivals in this fast-growing market

Danish jeweller is updating stores and doubling down on trinkets in effort to revive its fortunes

Stars of the genre revere watches as symbols of wealth – but what does this mean for brands?

Chief Jean-Marc Pontroué is attempting to make its offering both ‘fun’ and sustainable

As ever more women buy their own bling, brands are trying to move closer to this increasingly wealthy cohort

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