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The ultra-high net worth are expected to pass on $3.9tn to the next generation

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The venture capitalist and philanthropist backs her mission to rid tech of discrimination with bold action

Special ReportFT Wealth

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s union is less a fairytale and more a story of our time

FT Wealth is looking into private banking and family offices and we want to hear from you

V&A artist shows the price of her latest work rising as viewers linger in front of it

The 87-year-old billionaire talks about his family, philanthropy and the World Trade Center

Meet the Lady who is using her fortune to create a network of restaurants run by inmates

‘The auto sector is the most obvious one where there is a clear and present danger’

FT WealthRhymer Rigby

What gives with studies that suggest the wealthy lack empathy?

How the value of a building and the value of an institution differ

Pink is the website persona wealth managers need to adopt to attract a new generation of investors

For any property investor, the US group’s business model is something that should be watched closely

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