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From a breakfast of champions to where to drink the capital's new top tipple — and a night in Oscar Wilde’s favourite hotel
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Things to do

An oasis of peace

Marian Masar, legal assistant, London, UK

Japan House on High Street Kensington is an oasis even on the weekends when most of London’s attractions and museums are overcrowded. There are 3 floors, on the ground floor is a shop with amazing authentic items from Japanese artisans as well as a bookshop and travel centre. Underground is a cultural centre where regular exhibitions take place, and, on the first floor is [Japanese restaurant] Akira, with awesome food and a bar. It’s a mecca for every Japanese enthusiast and an oasis of peace in an otherwise crowded London.’

Things to do

Jazz at Café in the Crypt

Tjasa Luksic, business school graduate, Brussels, Belgium

‘This jazz venue is a de-facto the best underrated secret part of London that I got to experience during my time there. It might sound spooky to attend jam sessions, surrounded by gravestones in a crypt, but it is so much more than that. The original subterranean space was transformed into a cosy café, where you eat & drink in an affordable setting throughout the day. However, it transforms into an intimate, small jazz venue each Wednesday evening, closing down the café for concert attendees. Last time, I went there, the entire space was full of the band's family & friends, with the pianist chatting to the crowd during the break. It felt almost unfair that I didn't know about this place sooner.’

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