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There are plenty of joys to be had from making your own loaves

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‘Brunello is serious Italian wine for the cellar at prices a little friendlier than those of Barolo’

‘For many of us this place defines Soho. Not an iota of its original character has been lost and the food remains timeless too’

The Spring chef picks her favourite markets, cafes and restaurants

‘The epicentre of Mexico’s wine scene reminds me of nothing more than a slightly untidy Napa Valley’

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The broad beans are the stars: cooked in olive oil, gentle spices and plenty of dill

‘If Donald Trump hears about the Veggie New Yorker on Rye, he’ll nuke us into the Stone Age’

For a chef, the luxuries of a kitchen garden and farm supplies translate beautifully on to the plate

‘Most Bordeaux producers would say they are making much fresher wines today than they were in 2005’

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‘From our table we saw fire escapes, laundries and restaurants Dashiell Hammett might have recognised’

Where to go in-between all the champagne drinking and winery visits

Orecchiette, a peasant food from Puglia, is appearing on the most fashionable plates. With practice, you can recreate them at home

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