Russia pushes up interest rates

Central bank warns of risks from geopolitical tensions

Central American leaders make border plea

Resources sought to stem tide of child migrants

Amazon dives after losses blow out

Spending on cloud computing pushes retailer further into the red

UK economy returns to pre-crisis level

Growth hits 0.8% in second quarter

Obama lashes out at corporate ‘deserters’

Proposal to lift ownership threshold and backdate rule change

BSkyB to pay up to £7.4bn in Europe deals

Pay-TV provider to buy Sky Deutschland stake and Sky Italia

High 2014 air crash toll raises questions

Crashes highlight gaps in tracking planes and policing air space

Drought drains critical US water supply

Researchers shocked by depletion of Colorado River Basin

Ryan calls for US social safety net reform

Republican party seeks to reposition itself for 2016 election

John Fallon at Pearson headquarters in London

Pearson sticks to profit targets

Education company cautions on earnings range if sterling stays strong

Elliott to push for Interpublic sale

Activist hedge fund takes 6.7% stake in advertising group

Comment and Analysis

Market mania: a guide to hot assets

From spotting the signs to timing your exit, profiting is tricky

Europe needs a lesson in deterrence

Europeans have been slow to recognise the world as it is rather than as they imagined

BlackBerry stakes out business customer

John Chen lays groundwork with square device for spreadsheets

Best comments from our readers

"Politicians use tax as a social policy vehicle (e.g. cigarette taxes and tax credits) and an economic competitiveness weapon... Until its main purpose, a means of equitable funding expenditure is re-established as the dominant motivation, complexity will continue."
By cockney dave on Tim Harford: Why tax systems are trickier than Martian algebra

"The West Lothian Question is a complete non-issue. MPs are elected from all parts of the UK to make decisions about all parts of the UK... The fact that some decisions are devolved doesn't mean that those who are not subject to devolution are disadvantaged."
By RDerby on England may pay dearly for staying united with Scotland

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