Google break-up plan emerges from EU

MEPs suggest splitting off search to curb dominance

China rate cut puts pressure on lenders

Policy changes set to squeeze bank profit margins

BoE probes money auction rigging fears

Suspicion over possible manipulation of liquidity moves in 2007-8

Portugal’s ex PM Sócrates detained

Former leader is a suspect in tax fraud, money laundering probe

Al-Shabaab attack in Kenya kills 28

Islamist extremist group claims responsibility

US citizenship returns to tax Boris

Dual-national London mayor caught by reach of IRS

Senators grill Dudley on bank regulation

New York Fed president accused of being too close to Wall Street

Lunch with the FT: Mikhail Baryshnikov
  • Mikhail Baryshnikov

    The ballet legend-turned-photographer talks about preferring to watch others dance and hanging out in the White House

  • London sprawling

    The capital’s influence is felt in distant parts of the country, yet it is the voters of ‘unLondon’ who will decide next year’s election

  • Jacob Bronowski - the last Renaissance man

    The polymath’s archive has found a new home at Jesus College, Cambridge. His daughter Lisa Jardine pays a visit for the first time

Diplomats eye interim Iran agreement

Attempt to inject urgency before the deadline of midnight on Monday

Obama warns against clash on immigration

Republicans accuse president of abusing his authority

Crude slide sparks oil-related debt fears

Concern surrounds bonds and loans that fuelled US shale boom

Fed eyes curbs on bank commodities trade

Regulator to propose rule in 2015 to address concern over risk

Comment and Analysis

Carl Djerassi: father of the contraceptive pill

The chemist-turned-novelist and playwright explains why he believes egg freezing is the future

Undercover Economist

Why a house-price bubble means trouble

A housing boom is the economic equivalent of a tapeworm infection

384183 13: FILE PHOTO: A crowd gathers to watch a side gusher on Spindletop Hill in Beaumont, Texas which was the site of the first Texas oil gusher, January 10, 1901. Beaumont, in the southeast corner of Texas, will host a day of centennial celebrations January 10, 2001 to commemorate the event as a historic and economic milestone. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the modern texas oil industry. (Photo by the Texas Energy Museum/Newsmakers)
©Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Oil producers can’t kick drilling habit

It is not enough to find the cash to bail out the feckless exploration addicts, warns John Dizard

Best comments from our readers

"Surely the use of a pseudonym makes a mockery of the disclosure and transparency rules. The public has a right to know who is shorting their investments, just as it has a right to know who has taken large long positions."
By RayG on Tiger Global used shell company to short sell Quindell

"Football is already in trouble with too many American owners trying to suck money out. Mr Mullin should help Major League Soccer if he is bored. Or turn his attention to UEFA or FIFA, both of which could do with some serious rebuilding."
By narrow gauge on Man on mission to bring US-style razzmatazz to English football

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