Yellen sends a carefully crafted signal

New Fed statement marginally lifts chances of September rate rise

Facebook rides mobile ads wave

Smartphone use surges as rise in R&D spending weighs on profit

Investigators check possible MH370 part

Debris potentially related to crash found on Indian Ocean island

Wanted: Recreational drug users — will pay

Race is on to develop new ‘abuse-deterrent’ opioid painkillers

Tsipras faces challenge from Syriza members

Hardline faction of ruling party prepares for showdown

Saipem implicated in Petrobras case

Bribes allegedly paid on behalf of company to secure contracts

West eyes Dr Strangelove cyber strategy

Need for clearer offensive posture gains popularity

Brazil raises rates to 14.25 per cent

Benchmark rate lifted to highest level in nine years amid recession

Russia’s hackers hide behind Twitter

New surveillance technique blends high tech and spy tradecraft

Barclays says it lacks scale of US rivals

Chairman aims to refocus on UK and US while pulling back in Asia

Mexico delays deepwater oil auction

Bid terms sweetened after July’s inaugural tender flopped

China military drills set to stir tension

Manoeuvres condemned as a ‘needlessly excessive show of force’

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Young woman reading book, sitting behind wooden balustrade on beach

Man Booker longlist released for 2015

US novelists outnumber Britons among finalists for UK fiction award

Twitter chief’s vision reveals ‘shades of Jobs’

Dorsey’s plan to achieve focus is unusually clear

Brazil downgrade threat is danger sign

Markets shrug off the news but investors should not take heart from that

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"There's also the Keynesian view, where while saving (and hence lending) may be virtuous for the individual, especially if they have dependents, it's harmful for the wider economy. An extreme version sees excess savers as sucking the life out of the economy, while debtors are heroically taking risk onto themselves, which raises demand for the benefit of all."
By Adam Bartlett on What St Luke would say to Schäuble

"Everything we do in security is the equivalent of the dutch boy with his finger in the dyke, and leaks are springing up everywhere."
By hmmm on Cyber insecurity: When 95% isn’t good enough

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