Bidders line up for ITC electricity group

Iberdrola, National Grid and Berkshire Hathaway may join auction

Nikkei pledges ‘quality growth’ at FT

Online commentary, video and FT Alphaville set for further investment

Tehran tightens security amid Isis fear

Iran’s support for Assad regime in Syria makes it a target

Puerto Rico faces critical debt payment

Island yet to decide if it will honour $355m on obligations

Cruz, Rubio emerge from Republican fray

Senators seen as contenders if members sour on Trump and Carson

RBC loses Delaware Supreme Court M&A case

Decision likely to have far-reaching consequences for dealmakers

US deals double blow with ethanol ruling

Regulator’s targets disappoint corn industry and oil refiners

Daniel Craig in a scene from 'Spectre'

Star Wars and Bond power Pinewood profits

Studio group is expanding to lure more Hollywood blockbusters

StanChart and RBS struggle in stress tests

Banks pass regulatory thresholds after action to bolster capital

Call for algo traders to show source code

US regulator’s proposal alarms ranks of automated trading firms

Resource sector hopes for brighter 2016

Banks doubt prices have hit bottom

Comment & Analysis

Euro looks like it has further to fall

Selling the single currency and buying dollars is the number one trade in most banks’ 2016 outlooks, writes Katie Martin

BTG Pactual: run for its money

Crises in confidence and a reliance on short-term funding do not play well together

US credit tightens ahead of Fed shift

Signs of impending downward spiral appear even before policy move

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"The EU needs to decide what it wants to be when it grows up : a united states of Europe, a la USA, or not. If not, let it scrap the administrative edifices in Brussels and Strasbourg, sell off the real estate, sack the mandarins, and resort to being a free trade zone. I suspect it will have more adherents, more coherence, and fewer issues to make a hash of if it follows this route."
By watt on Europe needs a sense of strategic direction to survive

"There's not much fun to be had in a full office when everyone in it is wearing headphones to make VoiP phone calls, often with video on the screen. Desk phones are so dated, not to mention expensive. Perhaps this is the new definition of an office community: alone together."
By Pin Kun on Why I love my office building despite coffee stains and mice

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