Russia downgraded to ‘junk’ by S&P

Shift underscores dramatic economic deterioration

BP to freeze global salaries

Cap follows plunge in oil price

Opec chief: oil prices could soon rebound

El-Badri says the market may have reached a bottom

ETP in $17bn deal to take on Regency

Tie-up between pipeline groups comes as crude prices plunge

Nato accuses Russia over Ukraine

As crisis worsens Putin calls Kiev’s army a ‘foreign legion’

Kurds claim victory over Isis in Kobani

Forces claim to have wrested back control of Syrian border city

Facebook tries to get personal with video ads

Analysts believe site could gain up to $1bn revenue via targeted marketing

AT&T’s Mexican deal puts pressure on Slim

US group buys Nextel Mexico from NII Holdings for $1.9bn

Packaging companies in $16bn merger

Investors reward consolidation in paper industry

Mattel chief quits as earnings drop 60%

Toymaker loses ground to rival Lego and electronic devices

Puzzle of low wage rises tests the Fed

Feeble pay data could add to calls for a delay to US rate rises

Comment and Analysis

Dollar rally only just getting started

Diverging policy pushes currency higher but tepid growth will take toll

Will Tsipras be a Lula or a Chávez?

Syriza leader campaigned as a radical but may govern as pragmatist, writes Tony Barber

Republican hopefuls woo the Iowa faithful

Gathering for would-be candidates shows their ideological diversity

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"There can never be a substitute for human fund managers. If picking stocks was purely objective then someone would have developed a model that would blitz the markets already."
By The boy from Oz on Human investment managers risk obsolescence

"Several years ago, I came off my bike on black ice and cracked a couple of ribs the day before an 8am interview. I was so high on painkillers the next morning that, to this day, I have no recollection of what I was asked or how I replied - but I got the job."
By Redlight on Should falling off my bicycle stop me from leaning in?

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