China reporter admits ‘panicking’ market

Public shaming comes amid crackdown on media role in market slump

Twitter lifted 3% by bank’s upgrade

US equities slipped following weaker manufacturing reports

Google under fire for India market abuse

Initial regulators’ report suggest breaches of competition law

Police officer killed in Kiev clashes

Protesters oppose reforms giving eastern regions more autonomy

Low oil price puts pressure on US banks

Regulators urge lenders to classify some loans as troubled assets

Beijing scraps large-scale stock buying

Authorities to step up crackdown on those ‘destabilising’ market

Why stock trackers flock to the S&P 500

S&P is Wall Street’s indicator while Main Street’s is the Dow

Russian law sparks web surveillance fears

New rule requires companies to store data onshore

BNY close to resolving software glitch

Mutual funds examine how many customer trades need reprocessing

Australia set to rack up world’s longest growth streak

Treasurer says nation on track to beat Netherlands’ 26-year run

Israeli spy tools exports raise concerns

Privacy International says surveillance technology sold to Colombia

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Peña Nieto reshuffles as support shrinks

Year of corruption and scandal rocks Mexico’s marathon president

Refugee crisis shows how we have changed

Prewar heroism that rescued thousands of children is all but unthinkable today, writes Martin Sandbu

China turmoil divides Fed over inflation

Indian Reserve Bank warns US not to raise interest rates

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"Do I want to live in an electronically controlled, cashless society where the government can effectively a) 'force' me to spend by taxing any unspent deposits, b) bail me in, in the 'national interest' of course, anytime they please c) regulate all my transactions...bearing in mind that governments take power, they don't give it back?"
By MarkGB on The case for retiring another ‘barbarous relic’

"Britain is not a country. It's a union of four countries; and that's important. One of the things that explains the differential voting patterns in Scotland is the sense that Scotland as a community is under threat from the rampant individualism of the Conservatives in England."
By In Britain, community is a foreign language

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