AB InBev to sell Peroni and Grolsch

Brewer to offload SABMiller brands to avoid EU takeover concerns

MediaTek steps up battle with Qualcomm

Taiwanese group targets US rival’s higher-end market share

Lundin plots ice-free route to Arctic oil

Independent driller undeterred by rivals’ polar setbacks

ECB ponders economic stimulus options

Central bank eyes raising QE and rate cut before Thursday meeting

Putin decree raises isolationism fears

Ghost of the iron curtain returns as president bans holidays to Turkey

Dreyfus family asks to be bought out

Commodity trading dynasty seeks deal with billionaire heiress

Shenzhen property boom leaves HK in dust

Prices in tech hub up 30% this year despite China slowdown

Mobile sales spike on mixed Black Friday

US stores see healthy traffic as online discounts resemble 2014

US companies not disclosing climate risk

Boeing among 20 largest groups failing to disclose risks

Iran reveals new oil and gas framework

Tehran seeks to lure back foreign energy investors

Noble liquidity squeeze in the spotlight

Trader strives to preserve investment grade rating by raising $500m from investors or asset sale

Comment & Analysis

China learns lessons ahead of climate talks

High pollution levels and need for economic change force rethink

Hong Kong Skyline ID 35584395 © Leung Cho Pan | Dreamstime.com Hong Kong Skyline at night
©Leung Cho Pan/Dreamstime

Hong Kong falls behind in Asia’s ETF race

Territory risks losing more ground to regional rivals

TV STILL -- DO NOT PURGE -- EMPIRE: (L-R): Trai Byers as Andre Lyon, Taraji Henson as Cookie Lyon, Terrence Howard as Lucious Lyon, Jussie Smollett as Jamal Lyon and Trai Byers as Andre Lyon. ©2014 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Michael Lavine/FOX

Hulu in spotlight as expansion beckons

With viewership up 85%, a sleeping giant in streaming may be preparing to make its move

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"Humanity is not so grand as the term 'clash of civilizations' implies. There is simply a petty struggle for power within and between nation states, with aspiring leaders using the easiest means necessary to garner attention and support."
By Civilization on Do Paris terror attacks highlight a clash of civilisations?

"If Richard Branson (without having had his successes) sought a job in a large corporation or prof services firm they'd laugh him out of the interview. 'Where's your MBA...?' they would scream and be glad they turned him away. Such is the ignorance of not seeing the wood for the trees."
By Etranger on Headhunters and CEOs are less valuable than they think

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