Sanders urges fans not to boo Clinton

Senator issues plea for unity on day one of Democratic convention

Fifteen stabbed to death in Japan attack

Man rampaged through facility for the disabled

Amazon to begin testing drones in the UK

Flexible regulations mean a breakthrough for ecommerce company

Fed rate rise odds climb to near-50%

Investors take bullish view of US economy

Nintendo hit after playing down Pokémon Go

Investors sell $6bn in shares after warning of low earnings impact

Cyber experts accuse Kremlin over leaks

Moscow bemused by claims it is helping install Trump as president

Apple veteran takes wheel at car project

Bob Mansfield seconded to tech group’s automotive lab

Isis claims German suicide bomb attack

Explosion raises fears that country is new jihadi target

Trading volumes soar as S&P breaks record

Number of shares traded in the Americas up 23% in H1

China president enforces online news ban

Clear signal that Xi wants complete control of media

China unveils world’s largest seaplane

Beijing furthers strategic reach with 4,500km-range amphibious aircraft

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Fearful Japanese thwart Abe on equities

The great quest to persuade the Japanese public to invest in stocks is falling on fearful ears

Trump eyes Sanders voters after email leak

GOP nominee reopens raw wounds among Vermont senator supporters

Crunch time for attempt to oust Maduro

Venezuelan presidency faces push for a recall referendum

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"From the outside, at least, it seems to me that the German tradition is to educate people for their work, that is offer in-house training, which is specific and work related. In the UK the 'stupid' aspiration is for 50% to be sent to university, with none, or very little, work specific training. Perhaps this is why German industry, as whole, is superior to that in the UK."
Experiential on ‘Verteilungskampf’, by Marcel Fratzscher

"If your financial advisor tells you to adjust your portfolio every so often based on various potential future outcomes, fire him. Your asset allocation should already be set up to weather all conditions based on your risk tolerances and financial goals."
dave on Calm markets raise big risks for complacent investors

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