Scottish Independence

Calpers pulls out of ‘costly’ hedge funds

Blow to sector as $300bn pension fund questions their complexity

Conoco puts North Sea stake on the block

Auction comes amid debate over Scotland’s rights to oil revenues

Google pressed to reveal search formula

Berlin calls for more transparency on rankings algorithms

China to impose ban on low-grade coal

Global miners face limits on ash and sulphur as country seeks to fight pollution

Authors lobby Amazon board on pricing row

US customers hindered in buying books from Hachette

Violence puts pressure on Ukraine truce

Rebels deny Kiev forces’ claim that they are only fending off attacks

Former Amaranth star fined over gas trades

Large bets by trader once paid $100m helped bring down hedge fund

Triple shock for world economies

OECD downbeat on global economic outlook

Driverless car ambitions spur $11.7bn deal

Germany’s ZF to buy TRW to create second-largest parts maker

US campaign teams fight for small donors

Democrats and Republicans diverge in pursuit of online funding

‘Ratings shopping’ stages a return in the US

Sales of risky subprime car loans rise to pre-crisis levels

Comment and Analysis

Nasdaq eyes return to dotcom bubble level

Tech index’s comeback on stronger foundations than 2000 record

‘War’ and ‘peace’ factions split Ukraine

Poroshenko and Yatseniuk divided as election looms

New look of the FT newspaper

New look for Financial Times newspaper

A redesign for the digital age with a new custom typeface

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"I'm a terrible hoarder, can't throw anything away. Great article: getting space in your life by creating space around you is essential, especially in our busy lives."
By BeCalmer on How mindfulness is now being extended to home interiors

"This article certainly resonates. Thank you for stirring both fond and disturbing memories. Not unlike your interlocutor, my wife and I moved to London from abroad. Now, after 15 years in the Middle East, we are moving back. We both sense that something existential has changed with society, and that it is about more than simply an old man's grumpy nostalgia."
By ViewfromCairo on Power from the people: what privatisation has meant for Britain

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