China triples Fidelity’s investment quota

First non-government investor with QFII quota exceeding $1bn

Porat to receive $70m Google award

New CFO’s deal shines spotlight on Silicon Valley packages

Japan nears deflation as core CPI hits 0%

BoJ had pledged to hit 2% by around April

Stocks nudge higher after difficult week

Oil price dips following spike on Yemen fighting

Data show Greek bank run loomed before deal

Withdrawals pick up again over financial fears and ‘Grexit’ risk

Oil price rises as Saudis strike in Yemen

Houthi rebels hit back as fears grow of regional war

Obama backs crackdown on payday lenders

Praise for plan to stop people being sucked into ‘cycles of debt’

Fed official doubts June rate rise

Voting member says core inflation still too low

Indiana signs ‘religious freedom’ bill

Law enables businesses to deny service to gay and lesbian patrons

Russia faces ‘hostile forces’, says Putin

President’s first big speech for weeks rails against west

New Petrobras chairman is government ally

Appointment is set to further enrage investors

Comment and Analysis

Warren Buffett wins two ways on Heinz

Berkshire got $1.1bn in dividends and equity stake value doubled

Middle East faces decades of conflict

Situation in Yemen the latest in a region enmeshed in violent struggles, writes Richard Haass

The case of the vanishing secretary

Administrative jobs are in decline thanks to technology

Best comments from our readers

These are not just American products, they are old-fashioned American products. Pace Mr Buffett and his fondness for Mac n Cheese. He is 86 and allowed to be eccentric as he is a billionaire. He could also have a fondness for hedgehiog-flavoured crisps but this would not make it a market with a future."
By manticore on Kraft’s sticky problem: American cheese

"What exactly does the international community expect the Palestinians to negotiate with? They have nothing, only a displaced population, occupied (and ever diminishing) lands, an immense pride, and resilience to battle on for their rights, with only lip service for support from the international community."
By Faris on Israel’s high-stakes outbreak of political sincerity

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