EU threatens Russia with more sanctions

Call comes as violence in eastern Ukraine escalates

Medtronic completes Covidien deal

Medtronic says $49.9bn takeover is not just about tax

UK growth slows to 0.5% in fourth quarter

Annual figure of 2.6% is best since financial crisis

Facebook and Instagram suffer outage

Cascade of failures hits apps using social media sites for logins

Weak earnings knock S&P 500 futures

Euro shrugs off jump in Greek bond yields

China seeks end to gold medal fixation

‘Blind pursuit’ of sports success condemned

Microsoft warns over PC software unit

Shares fall nearly 4% after hours as shine is taken off cloud growth

Obama says India can be best US partner

Rapid rapprochement will irritate China

Russians accused of spying in New York

Bank employee and officials ‘tried to recruit US company staff’

Japan Inc moves away from age-based pay

Boost to Abe campaign to shake up rigid labour market

Crash could set back media’s drone hopes

Breach at White House heightens security and privacy concerns

Kochs to double election spending in 2016

Brothers’ conservative political network earmarks nearly $900m

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Facebook tries to get personal with video ads

Analysts believe site could gain up to $1bn revenue via targeted marketing

Virtual reality goes to the movies

Film-makers and Oculus explore technology’s potential at Sundance

The Shard is the tallest building in western Europe
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England’s liberal cities

Data shows urban voters to the “left” on social issues and to the “right” on economic issues, writes John McDermott

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"After 8 months and a successful first wave of projects, my employer congratulated me on a job well done. Three days later they let me go, saying that they didn't need business managers, but rather IT specialists. How are employees supposed to bind to companies managed by headless chickens?"
By Castelm on Who will train the new generation of ‘plug and play’ workers?

"We should stop pretending that deferring debt payments is not a write off. In essence you are reducing the present value of debt, hence a write off."
By Simonas Grigaliunas on Europe cannot agree to write off Greece’s debt

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