Republican hopefuls woo the Iowa faithful

Gathering for would-be candidates shows their ideological diversity

Syriza lead widens as Greeks go to polls

Anti-bailout party in strong poll position

Battered energy groups brace for cuts

Big operators to release plans for surviving oil price collapse

Bombardier struggles to break jet duopoly

Canadian manufacturer’s C Series jet is running behind schedule

Wage rise puzzle tests the Fed

Feeble pay data could add to calls for a delay to US rate rises

Yemen chaos puts drone strikes in doubt

Government failure against Houthi advances a problem for Obama

Davos more expensive but groups pay up

Benefits outweigh sharp rise in costs, executives say

Ukraine separatists in deadly rocket attack

At least 30 civilians killed in strike on strategic port

Carney warns investors on low interest rates

Bank of England governor insists low inflation is temporary

Japan condemns apparent Isis execution

Prime minister calls for immediate release of journalist

Synthetic CDO volumes double

Yield-starved European investors push resurgence

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Anne Stausboll, Chief Executive Officer, CalPERS...Anne Stausboll, Chief Executive Officer, CalPERS, talks about her roll in leading the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS), which manages the health and retirement benefits for 1.6 million California public employees and retirees, at her office in Sacramento, California, Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015. Thor Swift for the Financial Times
©Thor Swift

Anne Stausboll, Calpers: the $300bn woman

The mighty US pension fund boss squeezing fund managers’ fees

How improvisation helps plodding managers

A theatrical way of teaching executives to think on their feet

Markets’ misplaced faith in central banks

ECB revives cult with €60bn a month of bond buying

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"France's problems (including the rise of FN) are economic. The economic policies of the Hollande administration have perpetuated a lack of dynamism and high unemployment. This creates dissatisfaction within the electorate and space for the FN to move into and exploit."
By Hopton on After Charlie, an opening for Le Pen

"Taxation without representation; wasn't there a war about that once?"
By Fizz on London mayor bows to ‘outrageous’ demand to pay US tax bill

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