Gross suit throws up battle of bonus pool

Central question of complaint asks how much is a star bond investor worth

US scraps Syrian rebel training programme

New scheme to arm local rebel leaders adds to risks of proxy war with Russia

Apple pulls mobile app adblocker

Move to withdraw Been Choice from app store

Global equities reach seven-week high

Oil retreats but metal prices keep rising

Banks give up US expats’ data to the IRS

US rules follow the public outcry over Swiss tax evasion scandals

US equity dividend growth under pressure

Cash payouts threatened by lacklustre earnings

Chart: On a roll (US Barclays Aggregate bond vields v Fed Funds target rate)

Central bank policy divergence to widen

As Fed prepares for lift-off the ECB may yet extend QE

Sotheby's staff with Pablo Picasso's "La Gommeuse" from 1901, on the reverse (in the reflection) is a hidden work by the painter. To go with James Pickford Story.

Picasso with hidden image up for auction

Blue period painting on market for first time in 31 years

Musk lashes out at Apple’s car ambitions

Billionaire entrepreneur calls iPhone maker the ‘Tesla Graveyard’

China credit scores raise Orwellian fears

Ratings based not just on finances but also social networks

Tunisian group wins Nobel Peace Prize

Little-known organisation triumphs over long list of famous names

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Fed rate mystery keeps dollar fears alive

A stronger greenback has the potential to batter EMs

Jack is back at Twitter and Martin Wolf uncut

FT writers discuss the week’s events and a vox pop of FT readers at Alphaville’s Pub Quiz

Paul Singer on how charity meets politics

Philanthropists should use ‘all the tools in the tool box’

Best comments from our readers

"Having redesigned hundreds of businesses, we have incorporated some of these new ways of working. But there is a dark side to this emerging world: using people to do fragmented parts of work without them knowing how it is being used. The adage 'let the buyer beware' may soon be replaced by “let the worker beware” as they balance flexibility, stability and remuneration."
By Mark LaScola on The human cloud: A new world of work

"Does Nicolas Berggruen not realise that people who have been saying and doing the same things for 30 or 40 years are unlikely to find new ideas? In fact they will probably be antagonistic to anyone with an original vision which has not been spun out to make money."
By aegian on Nicolas Berggruen is on a crusade for ideas

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