US and 11 nations seal Pacific trade deal

TPP is largest pact in two decades and big win for Obama and Abe

Nato censures Russia’s Turkey air breach

Ankara’s allies alarmed by rise in tensions with Moscow

Bharara warns of insider trading ‘bonanza’

US attorney hits at Supreme Court for declining to hear appeal

Dorsey returns to Twitter with big task

Backers of new chief point to Steve Jobs running Apple and Pixar

Clinton sets sights on gun controls

Democratic candidate willing to bypass Congress with reforms

Bernanke blames Congress over crisis role

Ex Fed chairman’s memoir says central bank unfairly criticised

The Deepwater Horizon disaster damaged BP's image in the US; the falling price of oil forced it to cut back on production; and a settlement with the US gives its US operation a new lease of life
©Getty Images; Itar-Tass

BP finalises $20.8bn Gulf settlement

Group resolves civil claims with US federal and state authorities

Fed finds it is tough to make predictions

Markets bet on no 2015 rate rise after latest jobs data

Activist Nelson Peltz takes stake in GE

The $2.5bn holding will enable investor to seek better returns

Winklevoss bitcoin launch ready to open

Regulator approves licence as start-ups struggle for sustainability

American Apparel is forced to refashion

Retailer to restructure to deal with debt and ownership issues

Amazon Dash

Amazon in Dash to lead internet of things

Automated replenishment service to be built into appliances

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TPP trade deal: seven things to know

Twelve countries in Trans-Pacific Partnership — but not China

Stock market price digital display abstract. Modern virtual technology, illustration binary code on abstract technology background. Media gray and black image with graphs and icons. New modern computer and business strategy as concept. Financial diagram with candlestick chart used in market analysis for variation report of share price Stock market chart, graph on green background Shallow DOF effect.
Photo taken on: September 01st, 2014

Stock pickers fail to shine in downturn

Are hedge fund ‘two and 20’ fees justified for failing to beat market?

Adblocking raises anxiety of ad industry

New filtering technologies figure to disrupt conventional marketing models

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"It seems alot of the deflationary pressures mentioned is very closely linked to falling commodity prices. Not to say that over-capacity is not an issue, but what's the magnitude between the two causes? The debt creation in the corporate sector looks scary. How much of that is loaded up in Chinese state/quasi state companies?"
By miller1 on Emerging Asia: The ill wind of deflation

"To me it feels a bit like escapism. It seems as if some people decided there is nothing else we could do to try to create a better, more sustainable life here on Earth so before it is too late we need to come up with an escape plan."
By ZGHermann on A walk on Mars is a step to the stars

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