US sees danger of Greek exit ‘accident’

Treasury chief calls for Athens bailout deal as soon as possible

Amex president Ed Gilligan dies suddenly

Brooklyn-born Chelsea fan, 55, fell ill on flight from Tokyo

Intel nears $15bn deal to buy Altera

Transaction would be biggest in chipmaker’s history

Poison fears over Nemtsov ally

Opposition leader Kara-Murza in critical condition in Moscow

Doctors hail new front in cancer fight

Treatments turn the body into a weapon against tumours

US economy contracts in first quarter

GDP is revised to 0.7% fall amid strong dollar and bad weather

Tehran’s trendy Mohsen gallery is a magnet for the city’s youth
©Kaveh Kazemi

Iran’s ‘Generation Normal’

Young Iranians are curious, wired and desperate to live a ‘normal’ life — to the horror of their rulers

Illustration by Luis Grañena ©Luis Grañena

GOP race offers chance to shine

Even leadership losers could reap potential rewards

Google doubts over ‘conflict’ minerals

US law aims to curb sales from African countries to fund violence

Police brace for ‘Draw Muhammad’ protest

Arizona man organises event at mosque attended by Texas gunmen

Dollar rally resumes after spring wobble

Currency’s strength hinges on US economy rebounding

Comment & Analysis

Used bags hold secrets of Japan’s economy

Luxury thrift store’s fortunes point to consumer behaviour shifts

Brazilians cut back as downturn hits home

Families spend less amid high inflation and rising unemployment

Supercar makers swap speed for size

Lamborghini to join the swelling ranks making four-by-fours

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"This talk of 10-week holidays but high productivity does make me think who has gotten it right. On the one hand it does make the French seem lazy and inefficient by getting so much time off but if they can still get the necessary work done but be able to enjoy life outside of work that much more, then perhaps they do have a better system set up."
By Porkchop on French utility EDF seeks to cut workers’ 10-week holiday quota

"Something tells me central bankers, like jugglers, are wont to keep the balls of both equities and bonds in the air and not let any of them fall. When one falls everything falls. So investors would do well to stay where they are and pray for the best. You hardly have a choice. There is no hiding place"
By Trutheludes on Investors are playing a ‘greater fool’ game

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