Asia stock markets struggle for direction

Investors weigh Fed’s statement as they await BoJ’s Friday meeting

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Chinese contract helps steady a market that is in flux

Craft beer makes US top hops grower

Germany ousted from top spot after half a century

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US crude prices driven to lowest level since April

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US stocks fluctuate between losses and gains

Hutchison meditech R@D

Biotech start-up slides on Wall St debut

Shares in Hep-C drugmaker founded by ex-convict drop 17%

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US rates benchmark hits 7-year high

Rise comes ahead of new rules for money market funds that invest in short-term bonds

Fed policy losing power for the dollar

A rate rise is unlikely to turbocharge the US currency

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Japanese public shun equities despite negative returns on bonds

Royal Mint delivers bumper profits

The government-owned mint’s decision to target retail customers online pays off as profits rise

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Gasoline stocks prompt oil volatility

Crude prices recover after dropping to lowest level since April

US restaurant sector warned of recession

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Weak sterling may ease pressure on dividend payouts

Bonds investors wary of ‘fallen angels’

Analysts expect more companies to complete slide from investment grade to junk