Negative yields cost investors $24bn: Fitch

Shortfall poses challenges to investors reliant on sovereign debt

US debates new-for-old bond swap

Treasury has been reviewing the efficiency of the $13tn market

Many eurozone IPOs below listing price

Companies suffer as broader equity market falls

Oil loses steam despite Alberta wildfires

Potential outages in Canada offset by higher US crude stocks

Mystery buyers snap up 100-year debt in Europe

Ireland and Belgium lead trend to sell 100-year debt

Markets sidestep short-term volatility

With volatility low, it is a time to turn to quality

China’s fizz goes flat

Money is no longer energising economic muscles

Asians save, but Latin Americans spend

Stark behavioural divide is driven by government policy and cultural norms

Jailed Libor trader plans fresh appeal

Lawyer who acted for Asperger syndrome hacker hired for challenge based on ‘fresh evidence’

Latam tourists roam closer to home

Collapsing currencies add to charm of region’s own attractions

Will the dollar-from-down-under bounce?

The Reserve Bank of Australia’s surprise rate cut ensured the Aussie dollar received a battering

China moves to bring down pork prices

Pork prices hit record levels on rising demand, pushing up inflation

Japan’s tuna imports fall

Burgers and steak continue to gain popularity among young

Food traders stuck in the hard times

Bunge and Cargill have been hit by the emerging market slowdown

China crackdown opens gap in economic data

Investors can no longer rely on official numbers to understand the world’s second-largest economy

China ‘teapots’ buy more oil globally

Independent groups move quickly to source crude from market



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