Stocks firm ahead of Fed view on US rates

Shanghai rallies after another volatile session

Trigger for global shift into renminbi

Inclusion in IMF’s special drawing right currency unit could prompt $100bn of official buying

Factor investing proves useful to some

Blends of momentum, value and volatility stocks will not yet oust portfolios balanced by sector

Liquidity worries reach US Treasuries

Bond funds face rise in redemptions as rates increase

China metals in for a ‘hard landing’

Goldman’s new index shows demand growth for mined commodities has been slowing for four years

Protests over Fanya could spread to banks

Investors in financial products are demanding their money back

Emerging currencies steadier after hitting 15-year lows

China market impact and falling commodities reverberate across globe

China stock rescue suffers exit wounds

Policymakers face similar challenge to Fed’s QE exit

Lew warns of Puerto Rico debt risks to US

Treasury secretary urges Congress to amend bankruptcy laws

Japan’s banks top cross-border lending

Low interest rates help groups surpass UK rivals

Let debtors exit euro, say German experts

Move should be option of last resort, says council of ‘wise men’

Factors behind China’s investment rout

Chain reaction creates weakness in emerging market assets

LME accepts renminbi as collateral

Move by exchange a further boost for international use of China’s currency

Investors boost clearing of credit swaps

$5bn of trades so far this year overtake $4.4bn for all of 2014

Emerging currencies feel pain of global stress

China, commodity prices and dollar lead to falls

Oil slip points to deflationary pressures

Fed will be wary of pushing up short-term borrowing rates

Dupont cuts forecasts on weak agriculture

Farmers are reducing production after two years of bumper crops

Smartphones and China banks key to EM exposure

Decision not to include country in global gauge looks merciful