Williams: No permanent allies

Alliances borne of convenience fray quickly

Tips: contrarian conundrum

Those expecting a true economic pick-up should stick to equities

Tingyi: getting tastier

But any uptick for the instant noodle maker is likely to be short term

Bulk shipping: waiting for Santa

The industry remains heavily laden by vessel oversupply

An artificial pacemaker (serial number 1723182) from St. Jude Medical, with electrode.
©Steven Fruitsmaak/Wikimedia Commons

Muddy Waters-St Jude: heart attack

Despite a series of good bets, the hedge fund’s short call on devices maker is challenged

©Epipen Media Room

Mylan: pen is not mightier

Drug group has yet to justify the pricing on Epipen

Brexit: apocalypse, no

If the sky fell, and people ignored it, has the sky really fallen?

South32: low roller

The company has the cash to pay its shareholders much more

Japan governance: holding patterns

Knowing who owns which shares has never been more important

HP Inc: Keep on printing

There is life in the old hardware unit yet