Abengoa: goa, going, gone

The renewable energy specialist has paid the price for expanding too quickly

UK housebuilding: boom, what boom?

House prices are in perma-boom. Even the banking crash barely disturbed their upward march

Thomas Cook: after the internet

The future of the travel industry is opaque; the danger of high debt is not

Spark: shed some light

Infrastructure group has paid what looks like a high price for Australia transmission grid

CKI/PAH: overpowered

There are other ways to address the overlap between two companies from the empire of Li Ka-shing

Vodafone India: mogul phones

Mobile telecoms group may have an ulterior motive for tidying up

Rolls Royce engines

Rolls-Royce: limits of ignorance

Jet engine maker is still awaiting its moment of clarity

‘No bitching about the European Central Bank’: Allianz’s Oliver Bäte refuses to criticise central bankers over low bond yields
©Anna Gordon

Allianz: tales of the unexpected

Can a global insurer be expected to grow?

BBVA/Atom: quantum cynics

Spanish bank’s stake in the UK start-up is unlikely to move the profit dial at the lender

Ireland: bank on it

The nation is buoyant, and its banks are benefiting