Wind power: turn off

Wind turbine makers have blown away all rivals in alternative energy

General Electric: splitting the difference

The Synchrony share exchange is a creative way to divest a business

Class actions: go sue yourself

Affronted shareholders demand money that must be paid by fellow investors

Buy-to-let: the party’s ending

Government’s message to would-be landlords: don’t bother

US retailers: sale rails

Sting from inventory mismanagement is sharp and lingering

logo of Slater & Gordon lawyers

Slater & Gordon: Objection!

A publicly traded law firm on the dock

Sberbank: grin and bear it

The lender has benefited from a flight to quality in Russia

Infineon: chips with everything

The semiconductor maker’s results could attract takeover interest

PetroChina: reform and substance

A minor asset reshuffle should not be mistaken for real change

Abengoa: goa, going, gone

The renewable energy specialist has paid the price for expanding too quickly