Bear markets: playing dead not an option

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History shows the Fed was crucial in buoying confidence after three major corrections

Iran gas: pars for the course

The talk may be of oil but the country needs investment in its natural gas industry

Business travel: up in the air

Workers will end up stuck in the office

Financial stocks: bang for banker’s buck

JPMorgan and Lending Club try to boost their shares

Société Générale: Paris mismatch

Bank tries to woo jilted shareholders but gets slapped around the chops

A crude rule of thumb

Naive extrapolation of oil supply and demand patterns is risky

Pernod Ricard: back in the USA

French group’s efforts to boost US sales are paying off

Rio Tinto: for a few dollars’ ore

Rio now promises to only pay shareholders what it can afford

Tesla: Filling up

The latest cash flow goal should be met. The alternative is grim

Hikma: hik-ups

An unsettling revision to an agreed deal