The ski resort ready to come in from the cold

Stuben in Austria, birthplace of the ‘father of modern skiing’, has a rich history and a very bright future

Destination inspiration

Rose Cottage at Dormy House
Hotels and holiday homes that are perfect for a short break from the city
The open road in southwest Iceland ©Luz Photo
Sail into deepest Myanmar or drive the route of Italy’s Mille Miglia road race: the world’s best road trips and river journeys
Joe Kidd takes his fatbike over some rocky outcrops on the Oregon coast ©Tim Neville
From a ‘fatbike’ tour of Oregon’s coast to heli-biking in New Zealand and a cycle trip through the Bhutanese Himalayas
A mural by the Australian artist Rone
©Arno Gasteiger

The resurrection of Christchurch

The FT’s architecture critic Edwin Heathcote on a city reimagining itself after earthquake damage

A still from the new film 'Eddie the Eagle', in which Michael 'Eddie' Edwards is played by Taron Egerton
©Xposure Photos

Ski jump school

The sport of ski jumping is having a moment in the spotlight and, on a weekend course in Austria, anyone can have a go

Postcard from ... illustration by Matthew Cook
©Matthew Cook

Postcard from . . . St Kitts and Nevis

A concentration of plantation-style hotels with fabulous gardens mixed with ruins from the days of sugar

Urban Tool bumbag

I never leave home without . . .

Plant-hunter Carlos Magdalena explains why he never flies without his Urban Tool bumbag

A taste of luxury in Sri Lanka

How a homegrown hotel group is hoping to rival international chains at the top of the market

Andrew Eames’ group sets out towards the Finnmark plateau
©Darren Hamlin

A dog-sled adventure in Arctic Norway

Savage cold and austere beauty on a long-weekend journey across the ice-bound Finnmark plateau

©Cat O’Neil

Postcard from . . . Silicon Valley

Meet ‘Dash’, the delivery robot, who ferries items to hotel guests — when not being interrupted by people wanting selfies

Arriving by boat at Mitico Puelo lodge
©Sophy Roberts

Hiking and biking in Chile’s lake district

Family adventures in a little-visited corner of Patagonia

Hotel insider: Le Totem, Flaine

A chic new hotel is bringing a fresh lease of life to France’s brutalist ski resort

Postcard from . . . Heathrow

Learning the ropes at British Airway’s new ‘Global Learning Academy’

I never leave home without . . .

The mouse that climbed Everest — 11 times

Luxury lodge-hopping in New Zealand

Once known for backpacking and bungee jumping, the country is now attracting wealthier visitors

The bike that pedals itself

The use of tiny hidden motors — so-called ‘mechanical doping’ — could transform amateur cycle events and holidays

Postcard from . . . Zambia

The Luangwa Valley gives the best wildlife experience in Africa — perhaps the world

On location: ‘War and Peace’

The big-budget production has opulent costumes and authentic locations filmed mostly in Lithuania and Latvia

Short cuts: Updates from Kitzbühel, London and Paris

Uphill ski race; aviation punctuality report; Boeing 747 retirement

Among the Bushmen of Namibia

In Khaudum national park, two new lodges are set to bring luxury to an area so far off the tourist trail that humans are outnumbered by elephants

Hotel insider: Old Clare and Palisade, Sydney

Two restoration projects — an abandoned brewery and a 19th-century pub — have been catalysts for change in their neighbourhoods

I never leave home without . . . 

Film location scout Per Henry Borch never flies without Norwegian underwear

Short cuts: updates from London, Moscow and Europe

Air accident rate falls to record low; the world’s most northerly railway; heavy snow hits the Alps

Where to go in 2016

From Africa to the Andes, a panel of travel industry leaders offers an insiders’ guide to the year ahead

An ‘anti-safari’ in Tanzania

A new organisation focuses not on luxury and wildlife-spotting but on protecting remote areas and communities

Hotel insider: El Lodge in Andalusia, Spain

Destroyed by fire, the hotel has risen from the ashes to reopen

Postcard from . . . 35,000 feet

What is it like to be at the controls of a 747 while everyone else is celebrating Christmas?

Short cuts: updates from London, Paris and Antarctica

Sunseeker’s latest superyacht; JAL to suspend Paris flights; Boeing 757 lands at Union Glacier

Race training in Val d’Isère, France

A luxury chalet company offers Tom Robbins the chance to follow the tracks of the world’s top skiers

Montana’s talon show

Home to a dozen species, the Mission Valley is the place to go to see wild owls up close

Postcard from . . . London

Go Ape’s high-wire treetop trails open in Battersea Park, its first excursion into a city

Short cuts: updates from the US, Switzerland and Spain

Boeing 737 MAX 8; Marktgasse reopens; cycling camps in Majorca

Travel discoveries — and disappointments — of 2015

From Australian rock art to the perfect beach in Portugal, FT travel writers reveal all

Beyond the marathon

The rise of the ‘ultra’ challenge: a 165km race through the Oman desert

Hotel insider: Villa René Lalique

The former home of the art deco glass designer has been turned into tiny jewel of a hotel in France

I never leave home without . . . 

Polar explorer Tom Avery explains why he never flies without some rather heavy binoculars

Postcard from . . . Buenos Aires

Just beyond the city limits, a new lodge offers guests the chance to cast for one of South America’s most celebrated fish

Short cuts: Updates from Zurich, Brighton, Tehran

A modernist ‘urban retreat’, the tallest moving observation tower and an unlikely destination for fans of modern art

Fossil hunting in Africa’s ‘birthplace of humanity’

A renowned paleontologist has opened her Turkana Basin research institute in Kenya to tourists

Augustus Pugin’s seaside home

A Victorian visionary’s house in Kent has been given a new lease of life by the Landmark Trust

Postcard from . . . Lech Zürs

The annual three-day Snow and Safety conference gathers experts and enthusiasts together

Short cuts: London, Japan and Holy Island

A new concept for the cruise industry, self-guided trips for trekkers and a hotel for sale on a tiny island


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