Rolls-Royce urged to accelerate cost cuts

Rolls Royce engines

Largest shareholder wants core aerospace business targeted

Karpelès quizzed on great bitcoin mystery

Exchange founder questioned over Mt Gox’s missing digital currency

Banks must adapt to digital, study warns

More than 25% of global population to use mobile accounts by 2019

Industrial giants caught in LED headlights

Philips, Osram and GE face decline of traditional light bulb units as new technology takes off

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ITV Studios in focus as audience share falls

Some of the biggest flops produced in-house

Dragon Oil Crude Oil Storage Facilities
©Dragon Oil

Enoc boosts offer for Dragon Oil

Cash bid raised for 46% of Turkmenistan-focused explorer

Dollar’s gain slices $100bn off US sales

Stronger greenback adds to large American multinationals’ difficulties in seeking growth abroad

US states pushed towards carbon pricing

Administration prepares final version of plan to cut pollution

IAG intensifies digital push

British Airways owner sets up team to improve customer experience

Barclays and UK say goodbye to big time

The ‘shrink and swim’ strategy leaves the UK without a global investment bank of its own

Illycaffè sells €70m bond to fund growth

Brazil: Engine trouble

Once a motor of the global economy the country is now the sick man of emerging markets

Morgan Stanley brokers in pay dispute

Bank says issues were ‘one-off situations’ and there was no ‘systemic’ problem

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