Illustration by Sam Kerr of John Oliver
©Sam Kerr

Lunch with the FT: John Oliver

The satirical news anchor talks about failure in England, hosting his own US show and why his comedy isn’t activism


Left: 'Mrs Herbert Duckworth' (1872) ; right: 'Rebecca' (1866) ©Julia Margaret Cameron/V&A Images
The photographer who inspires Alexander McQueen
– by Sarah Burton
Erdem spring/summer 2016 ©
Last night Erdem was named ‘Establishment Designer of the Year’. In August he spoke to Jo Ellison about his new shop in Mayfair
Tom Hiddleston

The Diary: Tom Hiddleston

The actor on a new King Kong film, JG Ballard and red-carpet selfies

TV’s talking heads

Breaking news provides a forum for experts willing to hold forth. But who are they and why do we need them? By Henry Mance

Christmas gift guide
©RGB Digital

Christmas gift guide

Sparkly presents to make the holiday season shine

Turkana, Kenya - helicopter flies through a flock of flamingos
©Lorna Buchanan-Jardine / The Safari Collectio

Fossil hunting in Africa’s ‘birthplace of humanity’

A renowned paleontologist has opened her Turkana Basin research institute in Kenya to tourists

Ekio Otake in William Johnston's 'A Body in Fukushima' Photo: William Johnston
©William Johnston

Hiroshima Panels and A Body in Fukushima

A Japanese couple’s paintings and a series of photographs capture the aftermath of nuclear disaster

TS Eliot, the poet and the professor

Would the writer have approved of Christopher Ricks’s huge annotated collection of his work? By John Sutherland

Baaba Maal
©Anna Huix

Interview: Baaba Maal

The Senegalese singer visits a British Library exhibition of west African culture

St Edward’s Presbytery, Ramsgate, restored and let by the Landmark Trust
©John Miller/The Landmark Trust

Augustus Pugin’s seaside home

A Victorian visionary’s house in Kent has been given a new lease of life by the Landmark Trust

A suit from Ermenegildo Zegna’s Made in Japan collection
©Takashi Homma

Tailor made in Japan

Why Tokyo is luring in the big menswear brands


Martin Sandbu

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