©Phil Hackett

How I learnt to love the economic blogosphere

How do you sift through 794 economic blog posts in a single morning? Giles Wilkes finds out

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FT writers and guests select their books of the year so far
Miavana, Madagascar
From Biarritz to Brazil’s Costa do Descobrimento, we recommend the best spots for the season
Former Mayor of London, and pro-Brexit supporter, Boris Johnson, rides his bicycle through Westminster in central London on July 6, 2016. / AFP / Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP (Photo credit should read DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/AFP/Getty Images)
©AFP and Getty Images

Boris, backpacks and the privilege of dressing badly

How the former London Mayor’s goofball style became a liability

Untitled work by William Eggleston taken in 1974 (Karen Chatham, left, with the artist’s cousin Lesa Aldridge)
©Eggleston Artistic Trust

William Eggleston — in living colour

The insular subjects of the ‘godfather of American colour photography’ are brought to life in a revealing new show

Polluting car illustration
©Harry Haysom

Fossil fuels have had an aeon’s head start

‘Fossil fuels have a formidable head start as our entire existing energy system revolves around them’

Bridalveil Fall, El Capitan and Cathedral Rocks in Yosemite National Park, California
©Rolf Hicker/Getty Images

What is ‘wilderness’ and how to save it?

How our view of wild areas has developed and why modern farming does not have to be at odds with the ‘natural’ landscape

Craig Reedie
©Keiran Dodds

Anti-doping chief on Russian cheating

Wada president Craig Reedie recalls his shock at discovering how far Moscow officials went to falsify athletes’ samples

Lunch with the FT: Rob Rhinehart
©James Ferguson

Rob Rhinehart

Over double desserts in LA, the inventor of a ‘future food’ says our eating habits are stuck in the industrial revolution

Jamie Parker, third from right, and the cast of ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’. Photo: Manuel Harlan
©Manuel Harlan

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child — ‘Thrilling’

The boy wizard grows up and moves to the stage

©Archaeological Museum, Sousse/ Getty Images

‘Against Elections’, by David Van Reybrouck

At a time of disillusionment with politics, calls for direct public involvement in decision-making are growing louder. Review by John Lloyd

A science class at Admiralty secondary school, Singapore
©Wilfred Lim

Why are Singapore’s kids so good at maths?

The city-state regularly tops global league tables and now the UK wants to adopt a similar approach


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