A scene from ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’
©Industrial Light & Magic/Paramount

Hollywood transformed by China

How the Chinese are changing the DNA of America’s blockbuster movies. Tom Shone reports


Microbiologist and physician Peter Piot in Matonge, Kinshasa in February, at a clinic for sex workers that he co-founded ©Michael Christopher Brown
Nearly 40 years after he was dispatched to investigate a mysterious new virus, Peter Piot (writing in May 2014) returns to a village changed for ever by the advent of Ebola
Illustration by Chris Wormell for the FT's summer books 2014 ©Chris Wormell
From flash trading to the perfect penalty, FT writers and guests pick their books of the year so far
The Tour du Mont Blanc: cyclists on the gruelling ride
©Yves Breton

The Tour du Mont Blanc – the ultimate cycling challenge?

Three countries, 330km of mountainous roads and 8,000m of climbing – it all adds up to one long day in the saddle for Tom Robbins

illustration of Niall FitzGerald by Ferguson

Niall FitzGerald

Over risotto in London’s Knightsbridge, the former Unilever chief talks about his time as chairman of the British Museum

‘Brando’s Smile’, by Susan L Mizruchi

The restless intellect behind the magnetic screen presence of Marlon Brando. Review by Antonia Quirke

‘Hear O Israel’ (1955) by David Bomberg and El Greco’s ‘Christ Carrying the Cross’

The influence of El Greco, 400 years on

Two exhibitions in Spain reveal the painter’s Jewish connections and his impact on 20th-century art

Illustration - meditating woman
©Luke Waller

Elizabeth Spiers

Why a meditation workshop might be a necessary antidote to the ticking alarm clock of life

A sandy cove on Cavallo, part of the Lavezzi archipelago

Just off Corsica, the Caribbean

The tiny French island of Cavallo is privately owned and, as a result, beautifully preserved

Captain Charlie May outside his tent during training on Salisbury Plain, England

The first world war: soldiers’ testimonies

Even 100 years since the war broke out, eloquent memoirs are still surfacing, writes David Stevenson

Sports bra (£70) and leggings (£115), both by Live the Process at Net-a-Sporter

Sharp new looks for the exercise class

How independent designers are muscling in on the market for fashionable women’s sportswear

Lebanese singer Assi El Helani performing the musical play ‘From the Days of Saladin’ at the Baalbeck festival in 2011
©Wael Hamzeh/epa

Baalbeck festival, Lebanon

The region’s oldest arts festival returns to its Roman site – in a Hizbollah stronghold near the Syrian border



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