Why do we still watch the Olympics?

In the face of global terror, inequality — and sporting scandals — the Games must cling on to its power to bring us together

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FT writers and guests select their books of the year so far
Miavana, Madagascar
From Biarritz to Brazil’s Costa do Descobrimento, we recommend the best spots for the season
Illustration by James Ferguson of Margarita Simonyan
©James Ferguson

Margarita Simonyan

The Kremlin media star on the world according to Russia

The Obama-Clinton divide on foreign policy

Why their stances on military power reflect differing attitudes to America’s role in the world. Reviews by Gideon Rachman

credit dreamstime rubber duck

Shift to organics gives J&J babycare blues

David Crow on a famous brand’s battle to win over millennial parents

Bridalveil Fall, El Capitan and Cathedral Rocks in Yosemite National Park, California
©Rolf Hicker/Getty Images

What is ‘wilderness’ and how to save it?

How our view of wild areas has developed and why modern farming does not have to be at odds with the ‘natural’ landscape

Pacha’s ‘Flower Power’ night
©Ana Ruiz de Villota

Five decades of decadence at Ibiza’s Pacha

The party island in Spain finds itself at a crossroads

©Phil Hackett

How I learnt to love the economic blogosphere

How do you sift through 794 economic blog posts in a single morning? Giles Wilkes navigates through the squawking heads

House of Holland SS16; Stella Jean SS16; Prada AW16

How the cactus became the icon of summer 2016

Why are cacti cropping up on everything from phones to inflatables? Blame Generation Viz, says Lou Stoppard

Idomeni refugee camp, near the Greek-Macedonian border, Greece, 2016. Since the Turkey-EU deal
©Alex Majoli

Photographing Europe’s refugees

Alex Majoli’s pictures depict a continent in the grip of an identity crisis

Untitled work by William Eggleston taken in 1974 (Karen Chatham, left, with the artist’s cousin Lesa Aldridge)
©Eggleston Artistic Trust

William Eggleston: in living colour

The insular subjects of the ‘godfather of American colour photography’ are brought to life in a revealing new show


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