Fagin (played by Elhami Amin) with Oliver (Fadi Al Assal) kneeling to his right, and the Artful Dodger (Ibrahim Omran) to Fagin’s left, in the sold-out performance
©Amy Smyth

The first Arabic production of ‘Oliver!’

‘Please sir, I want some more!’ Charlotte Eagar on staging a sell-out production of the classic musical with a cast of Syrian refugee children in Jordan

From the archive

Neil MacGregor and Simon Schama outside the British Museum ©Howard Sooley
This week German art historian Hartwig Fischer was confirmed as the next director of the British Museum. In 2014, the FT profiled the man currently holding the post
– by Simon Schama
American suburb ©Michael David Murphy
As the poet, who has already won the National Book Critics Circle award in the US for ‘Citizen: An American Lyric’, wins the top 2015 Forward prize, read the FT’s review of her didactic study of race
– by Sandeep Parmar
Sam Kerr's illustration of Marian Goodman
©Sam Kerr

Marian Goodman

Over chicken in Paris, the grande dame of American art talks to Jackie Wullschlager about Richter, radicalism and today’s over-moneyed market

Marc Jacobs

Remaking Marc Jacobs

Pleasure and pain — or just pain? Marc Jacobs on the emotional business of reshaping his brand

Antony Gormley’s ‘Vessel’ (2012), shown as part of ‘Follia Continua!’ in Paris
©Marc Domage

The provocation of sculpture

Antony Gormley, creator of the Angel of the North and Event Horizon, on why sculpture produces such strong reactions

Ice and isolation in Pakistan

With two friends — and 42 porters — Matthew Green treks over the remote Hispar Pass

Stephen Frears
©Anna Huix

Stephen Frears interview

Lance Armstrong is “monumentally stupid”, cyclists are “crazy”, journalists are “scum”. Filmmaker Stephen Frears pulls no punches talking to Danny Leigh

Detail from ‘Longspeak’ (1979) by John Hoyland

John Hoyland at Newport Street Gallery

Jackie Wullschlager on Damien Hirst’s new gallery and the overlooked British art of the 1960s

Ted Hughes with Sylvia Plath in 1958
©Black Star, courtesy of Mortimer Rare Book Ro

‘Ted Hughes: The Unauthorised Life’, by Jonathan Bate

An ‘unauthorised’ biography of the poet raises troubling questions, writes John Sutherland

The Amandira, a 52-metre boat modelled on an Indonesian ‘phinisi’ and offering luxury and fine dining on board

Aman’s new floating hotel

The latest offering from the Aman group isn’t a hotel but a sleek sailing boat

©Dan Mitchell

‘The Gap of Time’, by Jeanette Winterson

Could this retelling of Shakespeare’s play have done more to challenge the original? Review by Jan Dalley


Martin Sandbu

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