‘Alex’ (2009), by Oliver Herring
©Martine Fougeron

Why I’m pretentious — and proud of it

It’s easy to make fun of people’s pretensions, but social mobility only works if we get ideas above our station, argues art critic Dan Fox


Pinewood Studios, 1970 ©Getty
Pinewood Group, owner of the British studio where James Bond was filmed, is considering the sale of its business. Esther Bintliff reported on the UK’s homegrown film industry in 2011
Illustration by James Ferguson of Lunch with the FT interviewee Takashi Murakami ©James Ferguson
‘Japan’s Andy Warhol’ has blurred the lines between art and commerce. Over burgers in Tokyo, he talks about fantasy beating reality
– by David Pilling
Julius Malema illustration by James Ferguson
©James Ferguson

Julius Malema

The combative leader of South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters explains why apartheid still exists and no one can tell him how to dress

Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda couture collections
©Greg Kessler

Fashion’s most exclusive invite

Jo Ellison parties with the super-rich at Dolce & Gabbana’s ‘Alta Moda’ collections

Bianca Jagger, actress, Hollywood, California, January 25, 1972’, by Richard Avedon / Richard Avedon Foundation and right, ‘Tina Freeman’ (1975) by Andy Warhol / The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc/ ARS, New York
©Richard Avedon/Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol’s 57 varieties of sameness

Two compelling new shows cast new light on the enigmatic artist, writes Jackie Wullschlager

A villager in Rajasthan has her eyes scanned for the digital identification programme ‘Aadhaar’
©Mansi Thapliyal/Reuters

‘Rebooting India’, by Nandan Nilekani and Viral Shah

Inside India’s attempt to bring start-up savvy into government. Review by Victor Mallet

The ski resort ready to come in from the cold

Stuben in Austria, birthplace of the ‘father of modern skiing’, has a rich history and a very bright future

Kabuki in the age of social media

Ebizō Ichikawa, heir to a theatrical dynasty, on the challenges of the dance-drama in the modern world

Camera crew in Hollywood in the 1930s

‘West of Eden’, by Jean Stein

Corrupt tycoons, eccentric moguls, damaged starlets — little is as it first appears in Jean Stein’s Hollywood history. Review by Danny Leigh

A mural by the Australian artist Rone
©Arno Gasteiger

The resurrection of Christchurch

The FT’s architecture critic Edwin Heathcote on a city reimagining itself after earthquake damage

illustration by Cat O’Neil
©Cat O’Neil

‘Gold Fame Citrus’, by Claire Vaye Watkins

A distinctive new voice describes how life and love — of a sort — can be sustained even in a drought-blighted world. Review by Jonathan Lee


Martin Sandbu

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