‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’

Thomas Piketty’s economic, social and political history of the evolution of income and wealth


Police surround an ambulance on the pitch at Hillsborough ©Getty
Simon Kuper, writing in 2009, on how a football tragedy redeemed the game
Nigel Farage celebrates with Ukip candidate Diane James at the Eastleigh by-election, February 28; James beat the Tories to take second place ©Getty
George Parker, the FT’s political editor, penned a profile of the UKIP leader in 2013
Staff working at the Internet Archive in San Francisco
©Matthew Reamer

Archiving the internet

How a not-for-profit library in San Francisco is helping to preserve the web’s record of the past for posterity

An office tower at night in Chicago
©Josef Hoflehner/Gallery Stock

The workplace – prison or sanctuary?

From dark 19th-century quarters to Silicon Valley playground, the office has long divided opinion

Vito Acconci’s ‘Trademarks’
©Deichtorhallen Hamburg/Falckenberg Collection

Harald Falckenberg on the art world

Looking back over the past few decades, there is no sign that the art market bubble is about to burst

Lee Hsien Loong
©James Ferguson

Lee Hsien Loong

Singapore’s PM talks about Japanese aggression, Ukraine’s revolution and why nanny states are not all bad

©Steve Boyd

Snorkelling in Antarctica

Don’t just watch penguins from your cruise ship – now you can dive in and swim alongside them

©Revolution Films

On location: ‘The Trip to Italy’

The six-part series follows the pair as they embark on a road-trip from Piedmont, in the north, south to Capri

Collars and dollars

Women’s hemlines rise and fall with the times – but do men’s shirts reflect the economic climate too?

©Robert Harding

Across China like a bullet

Hitting 300km/h on the new Beijing-to-Guilin line, high-speed rail is transforming cross-country travel

James Dean at the BFI, London

The screen career of the 1950s icon lasted barely a year but, in the age of the selfie, his legacy lives on



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