Illustration by Oivind Hovland for the Connected Business September 2014 special report
©Oivind Hovland

The Connected Business

New, technologically savvy rivals are aiming to take business from traditional banking institutions

the 86m Lürssen yacht Quattroelle

Yachts and Marinas

Order books for top-end boats and racing sailing vessels look healthy but mid-market sales remain becalmed

Latin American Brands

‘Multilatinas’ are competing hard with some of the best-known companies

Turkey and the World

As trade picks up with Europe, business with Israel is booming in spite of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s criticism of the war in Gaza

The Business of African Luxury

Demand for luxury goods is highest in South Africa and Nigeria, but there is rising interest across the continent

Ryder Cup 2014 golf ball

FT Golf 2014

Scotland moves on to host the Ryder Cup. Although Europe are favourites to beat the US, they have no room for complacency

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, India
©India View/Alamy

FT Wealth

In this edition: temple of treasure, Georgian wine, rich and in jail, auction houses become tech-savvy

Women in the Workplace

Some argue that quotas have done little to address the gender imbalance at the lower rungs of corporate life

Illustration by James Fryer for FT Trading Room special report
©James Fryer

FT Trading Room

Exchanges need makeover to vie with alternative venues

Watches and Jewellery

The most eagerly awaited smartwatch is imminent. Will it disrupt the Swiss watch industry?

Recovering from Natural Disaster

A 4-part video series on extreme weather, the science behind it, the effect on businesses and politics

FT Health: Combating Hepatitis C

Latest breakthrough enhances status of experts in field and stirs up controversy over pricing

Working in Global Energy

The challenge of filling posts is prompting creative recruiting, with the military being tapped for North Sea jobs


There are increasing signals that airlines are expanding their fleets too quickly

Responsible Business

Good corporate citizens shine. Many companies, however, insist on business cases for sustainability programmes