An elderly man uses a magnifier to see the descriptions on a pack of medicine at a pharmacy in Dandong, Liaoning province March 30, 2011
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Health: Emerging Markets

With wealth and higher average age come both political pressure and the ability to pay for improved health

Health and the Workplace

Policy makers are recognising the importance of employers in helping tackle big public health challenges

World Economy

As China prepares to take over from the US as global top dog the success of its economy is now vital for the rest of the world

a paramedic checks victims of a dengue fever epidemic that has recently hit Pakistan’s Swat valley
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Combating Neglected Diseases

Killer infections are the missing link in efforts to ease poverty in the developing world

illustration by Martin O'Neill for Innovative Lawyers 2014 special report
©Martin O'Neill

Innovative Lawyers

Many leading European law firms are reforming their offerings

Illustration shows financial buildings with tinted glass making the colours of the LGBT form across them in a rainbow

Executive Diversity

Companies chase a ‘return on equality’ as LGBT-friendly policies blossom

Illustration by James Fryer for the Arab World: Banking and Finance 2014 special report
©James Fryer

Arab World: Banking and Finance

Geopolitical events have had minimal impact on the finance sector

Investing in the Czech Republic

The nation is very aware of its position as an ‘almost-emerged’ economy

cover for The Future of the University special report, illustration by Nick Lowndes
©Nick Lowndes

The Future of the University

Western universities are chasing a generation of globally mobile students

Steffan Aquarone (right) and Will Grant, the founders of mobile payment system Droplet
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The UK’s Entrepreneurs

British start-ups are finding a value in networking with other city clusters around the UK

Global Property Insight

The Financial Times’ definitive guide to the world of commercial property from the perspective of investors, developers and occupiers

The New Africa

Foreign investment in the region may be hitting record highs but social disparity and corruption remain rife

Investing in Central and Eastern Europe

Growing interest from foreign investors reflects the region’s potential for innovation

The Future of the Renminbi

The Chinese currency is now filling more pockets, portfolios and bank accounts across the world

Watches and Jewellery

Growth of western watch and jewellery brands marred by sales volatility in vital Asian markets