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50 Leading Business Pioneers

Who are the greatest business pioneers of all time?

illustration by James Ferguson for Investing in the Arab World March 2015 special report
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Investing in the Arab World

Oil price slide, political turmoil and limited economic reform do not augur well

Call for submissions

Submissions are open for the awards that recognise the best fiction writers, film-makers and artists from emerging market countries


Abenomics will have big effects on material prosperity and global financial markets

The Business of African Art & Design

Africa’s artists are enjoying a rising market

FT Wealth Spring 2015 cover
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FT Wealth

In this edition: the great pop art swap shop, hedge fund fight club, the rise of the cyber detective, and retro biking with Triumph

São José dos Campos a city that unites culture, tradition and technology

Brazil Competitive Profile

Competitiveness has become one of Brazil’s most fundamental challenges

Illustration for FT 400: Top Financial Advisers March 2015 special report
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FT 400 Top Financial Advisers

As the investing landscape becomes more complex, wealthy investors demand even more from a financial adviser

Investment Toolkit

The first in a three-part series: everything you need to know about ETFs, hedge funds and private equity

Illustration by Martin O’Neill for Boldness in Business 2015 special report
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Boldness in Business

The boldest companies are those with a forward-looking policy of constant innovation and creativity

Picture shows Sotheby’s Head of Auction Sales London (Jewellery) Jess Wyndham with a 100 carat perfect emerald-cut diamond that will be auctioned in New York on 21st Apr 2015
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Watches and Jewellery

The Swiss watch industry is hoping for a change in its fortunes

Risk Management

Insurance companies have grown more nervous about providing important types of cover to big banks

The Business of Formula One

Concerns over funding damp hopes for a more competitive season


Oil has given the former Soviet state great wealth but it continues to struggle

Employers: Global Best Practice

The subtle difference between good employers and great employers

Business Education: Online Learning

Paid-for courses mixing digital learning, video seminars and real-world meetings are increasing