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We have a comprehensive Baselworld guide to the key trends in watches and jewellery, plus the Hatton Garden heist’s untold story, smartwatch legal battles and 3D printing.

The British-Indian wedding jewellery revolution

Ravleen Ruppal pictured on her stand at The Jewellery and Watch Show, Birmingham NEC
©Neville Williams

The enthusiasm of British Indians for giving gold to newly-weds continues but tastes are changing

A visitor at Baselworld 2015
©MCH Messe Schweiz AG

Baselworld hunt on for value for money

The rapid dip in the global economy is taming the watch industry’s high spirits and putting pressure on prices

Smartwatches herald new legal battles

With technological advances come claims of intellectual property theft. The Apple Watch is the latest accused

Karl Karter, Hatton Garden denizen
©Anna Gordon

Hatton Garden: the untold story of the heist

What the robbers left behind

Baselworld visitors
©MCH Messe Schweiz AG

Jewellers weigh up Baselworld’s worth

The fair is a huge market — and a huge expense. Not all companies are swayed

Jorn Werdelin
©Anna Gordon

Jorn Werdelin on a glut of luxury watches

Too many watches, not enough customers, says Linde Werdelin co-founder

Hong Kong tumbles as Chinese travel beyond

But the watch market may have reached its bottom

Christoph Laimer tourbillon

3D-printed watches add new dimension

You can reinvent the tourbillon or devise impossible shapes with ease

John Brevard’s Thoscene rings

Jewellery makers seize on 3D printing

3D printing is a new tool for luxury craftsmanship

Digitised diamonds battle to defy thieves

Could new technology have stopped the Goodwood House robbery?

Time is up for rampant price rises

An outbreak of candour in the industry suggests rampant price increases are a thing of the past

Fiona Krüger: The skill behind the skull

The designer has fought prejudice against her sex, age and nationality to bring her watches to market

Deconstructed Watch: Hublot MP-05 La Ferrari

The idea is to represent the power of the supercar’s engine in clockwork form

Dr John Taylor, a collector with a mind for the mechanical

The inventor of the electric kettle switch likes his watches to take him back in time

Top auctioneers pick watches to watch

Experts weigh in on the state of the collector market

Tokyo, where time runs backwards

One is hardly a hipster in the Japanese capital without retro wristwear

Oh deer! Actor shoots an ad — and an animal

A ‘hydro mechanical’ watch, contactless payment system in a wristwatch, and other developments in horology

Luxury brands lack digital savvy

On websites and in apps, watchmakers and jewellers are making up for lost time

China crisis crushes Asean and Latin America consumer sentiment

Americas more depressed than Asean by Chinese slowdown

Diamonds suffer from oversupply, price falls in new era

Industry upheaval has led to friction between large miners such as De Beers and some customers

Gold price rises as refuge from turmoil

Buying gold is a questionable act of faith in troubled economic times

Statement necklaces: the bold, the big, the beautiful

Subtlety is dead — now you need to rock the biggest rocks in statement necklaces

Lydia Courteille’s hot stone treatment

The designer has a knack for knowing the next fashionable gem

Brilliant! Ten breakthroughs in jewellery

From the brilliant cut to 3D printing, ten pivotal moments in modern jewellery

Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo’s jewels

The art collector talks about the true stories behind costume jewellery

Profile: jeweller Ilgiz Fazulzyanov

Ilgiz Fazulzyanov enjoys a rare solo Kremlin show

Jewellers reap kudos from museum shows

The Cooper Hewitt triennial offers brands a prime position

Boucheron balances intimacy and growth

Hélène Poulit-Duquesne on how to be nimble in a luxury conglomerate

Emeralds burnish hopes for brighter Afghan future

Cartier’s unlikely precious material, Van Cleef-inspired ballet and other jewellery developments

Baselworld ‘is a family gathering’

We hear from five of the show’s regulars, including a watchmaker, a buyer and a blogger

Best of Baselworld 2016