Salesforce Tower

Rising challenge: the ‘Manhattanisation’ of San Francisco

New skyscrapers are set to alter the city’s skyline radically – but the fightback has begun

James Ferguson illustration
©James Ferguson

House Rules: property law and HS2

Latest compensation proposals, and energy certificates for German property

Robin Lane Fox

‘Mrs Rockefeller’s Garden’ in the main conservatory of the New York Botanical Garden ©Robert Benson
A new exhibition in New York examines the impact of six US women on landscape design and photography in the early 20th century
– Robin Lane Fox
Peter Wynne Rees in his 27th-floor flat in The Heron, London
©Hal Shinnie

Inside the home of London planner Peter Wynne Rees

The man who helped shape the City for 30 years explains why he approved its high-rise transformation

Marciana Marina on the island of Elba, 20km off the Italian coast
©4Corners Images

Elba: the next Tuscany?

The Italian island is now more accessible for buyers thanks to a 30 per cent fall in house prices and a new flight service

Milkhouse Farm, a three-bedroom home in Pewsey with six acres of land, £1.2m

Marlborough, UK: cottage charm and tech jobs

The Wiltshire town has a distinctive high street, a famous college and lots of IT and manufacturing groups based nearby

The Esplanade Riel bridge over the Red river in Winnipeg
©Richard Cummins/Robert Harding

Winnipeg, Canada: a good place to do business

The vibrant, multicultural city has several major developments in the pipeline, helping fuel strong demand for homes

'The Olive Orchard’ (1889) by Vincent Van Gogh

A pitted history of the olive

A look at the deep and diverse mythology surrounding ‘the first of all trees’

2431 Riviera Drive, Laguna Beach, California, US

Five beach retreats for sale

From a clifftop villa on Ibiza to a home on California’s Laguna Beach, a favourite with Hollywood royalty

©Jose Luis Stephens

Expat lives: British restaurateur in Chile

Arts project head Cecile Latham-Koenig moved to Santiago for love only to open an innovative eatery

No. 1 Pendant

Illuminating trends in lighting design

The first part of a new Made in Britain series looks at the use of new materials in lampshades and pendants