Engravings left by elm bark beetles
©Philip Scalia/Alamy

Arboreal apocalypse or anthropomorphic angst?

Why wildwoods will survive disease without our misguided efforts to help them

Evan Wolfson in his apartment
©Brian Shumway

Gay marriage crusader Evan Wolfson

The lawyer has helped win 65 court rulings in the past two years


Rosa hugonis ©David Austen
The legacy of French Catholic missionaries to the country is the deluge of beautiful flowers they brought back
– Robin Lane Fox

Leaving London for the ’burbs of Cobham

Surrey village is the poster child for prime suburbia

Pearls for the picking in Croatia

Natural beauty remains a strong selling point despite the property slump

Propagation Project

Craftmakers ahead of the digital curve

How technology is helping designers create new forms

One of Defence Colony’s older vintage low-rise homes
©Simon de Trey-White

Green oasis in New Delhi’s Defence Colony

New condos have transformed the tranquil neighbourhood into a bustling enclave

Clissold Park and House in Stoke Newington, which had a £9m restoration in 2012
©Carole Sergeant/Flickr

The Stoke Newington steeple chase

Good schools, an arty vibe and green space have made ‘Stokey’ the new Islington

Kathrin Messner
©Thomas Wirthensohn

Kathrin Messner: Austria to Sri Lanka

Feeling stifled by Vienna’s art scene, Messner invested her energies in free education

The Mahatma Gandhi memorial in Ahmedabad
©Pranlal Patel

Charles Correa: India’s great architect

The designer of Gandhi’s memorial maintained a link between the earth and sky, writes Edwin Heathcote

Times Square in New York closed to traffic during the Gehl pilot

How to create human-focused cities

Meet the architects who are transforming our streets by studying how we experience a city