Illustration of a digitised home by James Fryer
©James Fryer

How robots are taking over our homes

WiFi-controlled smart-home technology could soon develop into droids as pets or even family friends

Jin Xing
©Jonathan Browning

China’s sex-change answer to Oprah

Jin Xing, who was born a boy, tells how she became one of her country’s top dancers and a TV celebrity


St Mary Magdalene church at Croome Park, designed by Capability Brown ©David Noton/National Trust Images
August is the perfect time to resist foreign travel and revel in England’s finest parks and gardens
– Robin Lane Fox

Edinburgh braced for big build-up

A new wave of development is set to change the face of the Scottish capital — but not everyone is impressed

The village of Almaciga in northern Tenerife
©Allard Schager/Getty Images

Canary calling: Tenerife forges new image

The island is discarding its reputation for low-end tourism and becoming an upmarket golfing and foodie destination

Melvyn Tan in his garden in Notting Hill
©Hal Shinnie

An instrumental move: Singapore to London

Melvyn Tan recalls the chance encounter that led him to the UK more than 45 years ago

Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park
©Ignacio Palacios/Lonely Planet Images

Eco conflicts: science versus heritage

Yellowstone National Park has been the scene of fierce disputes, but looking beyond science can provide common ground

Gareth Neame
©Victoria Birkinshaw

Gareth Neame, the ‘Downton Abbey’ man

TV producer talks about Britain’s ‘negative’ class system and why the BBC must be protected

Eaton Place, Belgravia, London
©David Thorpe/Alamy

Belgravia: London’s next retail hub?

Plans are under way to turn the district into a shopping area to rival Knightsbridge and Chelsea

The riverfront in Ribeira, Porto
©Paolo Giocoso/4Corners

Porto’s revival instinct

Historic centre is enjoying a new lease of life thanks to a change in the law on rental agreements

Wooden buildings at Dungeness
©Bill Allsopp/Corbis

Dungeness: Britain’s only desert

The headland may be windswept, bleak and home to a nuclear power station but there is no shortage of buyers