Mission Specialist Bruce McCandless II ‘free-flying’ using a nitrogen jet propelled backpack

‘Sapiens’, by Yuval Noah Harari

A provocative new history of civilisation considers a post-human future. Review by John Gray

flea market in the surrounding of the Acropolis. The sense of urgency with which the two men proceed, looks to me like they were running for their lifes, taking with them their most precious belongings. I know they're just selling stuff, but I do see a metaphor here
©Carlos Spottorno

Martin Wolf’s ‘The Shifts and the Shocks’

Joseph Stiglitz applauds a new book on the financial crisis by the FT’s chief economics commentator

An illustration of the Holocaust

‘The Zone of Interest’, by Martin Amis

The author revisits the Holocaust. Review by Rebecca Abrams

Book cover of 'The Devils Alliance: Hitler's Pact with Stalin 1939-41' by Roger Moorhouse

‘The Devils’ Alliance’, by Roger Moorhouse

A vivid account of Nazi-Soviet co-operation between 1939 and 1941. Review by Tony Barber

'Outline' book cover

‘Outline’, by Rachel Cusk

An exploration on how fiction clouds reality. Review by Sophie Elmhirst

book cover, The Lagoon

‘The Lagoon’, by Armand Marie Leroi

Aristotle’s biological studies on Lesbos and their intriguing echoes in modern science. Review by Sarah Bakewell

book cover of Man at the Helm by Nina Stibbe

‘Man at the Helm’, by Nina Stibbe

A novel of comic understatement and fine detail. Review by Isabel Berwick

'The Incorruptibles' book cover

‘The Incorruptibles’, by John Hornor Jacobs

A blend of cowboys, the Roman empire and high fantasy. Review by James Lovegrove

'Afterparty' book cover

‘Afterparty’, by Daryl Gregory

A tale of designer drugs and God. Review by James Lovegrove

Martin Amis on Hitler and the nature of evil

In this edited afterword to his new novel ‘The Zone of Interest’, the author discusses Primo Levi and the incomprehensible brutality of the Nazis