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Golden years

In Rio, records will fall and reputations will be made. But are the Olympics losing their ability to inspire?

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‘Against Elections’, by David Van Reybrouck

At a time of disillusionment with politics, calls for direct public involvement in decision-making are growing louder. Review by John Lloyd

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‘Hystopia’, by David Means

A thrilling, complex novel set in a parallel Vietnam-era America in which veterans’ memories are erased and paranoia reigns. Review by Francesca Wade

‘Do Not Say We Have Nothing’, by Madeleine Thien

An epic tale of the fate of three musicians in 20th-century China. Review by Catherine Taylor

'Chaos Monkeys: Inside the Silicon Valley Money Machine', by Antonio García Martínez

‘Chaos Monkeys’, by Antonio García Martínez

A tech industry tell-all that shows Silicon Valley at its worst. Review by Hannah Kuchler

'Flâneuse: Women Walk the City in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice and London', by Lauren Elkin

‘Flâneuse’, by Lauren Elkin

A personal history of women walking the city intrigues. Review by Sandeep Parmar

‘Heroes of the Frontier’, by Dave Eggers

A mother and her children take an escapist road trip to Alaska. Review by Edmund Gordon

Book cover of 'Everybody Behaves Badly'

‘Everybody Behaves Badly’, by Lesley MM Blume

A study of Ernest Hemingway and the genesis of the novel that would make his name. Review by Tobias Grey

'Dadland: A Journey into Uncharted Territory', by Keggie Carew

‘Dadland’, by Keggie Carew

A war hero’s battle with dementia is at the heart of a moving family memoir. Review by Melissa Harrison

‘My Name is Leon’, by Kit de Waal

A boy separated from his brother finds respite in an allotment community. Review by Zoë Apostolides