Captain Charlie May outside his tent during training on Salisbury Plain, England

The first world war: soldiers’ testimonies

Even 100 years since the war broke out, eloquent memoirs are still surfacing, writes David Stevenson

‘Brando’s Smile’, by Susan L Mizruchi

The restless intellect behind the magnetic screen presence of Marlon Brando. Review by Antonia Quirke

Illustration for 'John the Pupil'
©Dan Mitchell

‘John the Pupil’, by David Flusfeder

A tale of an eventful medieval mission from Oxford to Rome. Review by AN Wilson

‘In Montmartre’, by Sue Roe

How low rent and cheap wine in Montmartre helped fuel an artistic revolution. Review by Tobias Grey

‘All Our Names’, by Dinaw Mengestu

A young man’s journey to the US from postcolonial Uganda. Review by John Sunyer

‘Driving Honda’, by Jeffrey Rothfeder

Why Honda, not Toyota, may be the Japanese company for multinationals to emulate. Review by Andrew Hill

Book cover of 'While the Gods Were Sleeping', by Edwin Mortier, translated by Paul Vincent

‘While the Gods Were Sleeping’, by Edwin Mortier

Review by India Ross

Book cover of Maria Venegas's memoir 'Bulletproof Vest: The Ballad of an Outlaw and his Daughter'

‘Bulletproof Vest’, by Maria Venegas

Review by Kasia Delgado

‘Death of the Black-Haired Girl’, by Robert Stone

Review by Barry Forshaw

'Life or Death' by Michael Robotham

‘Life or Death’, Michael Robotham

Review by Barry Forshaw