Dylan Thomas: ‘At the mercy of words’

Owen Sheers marks the centenary of the birth of the bold, physical, sonorous poet who emerged from the cultural maelstrom of 1930s Wales

Joseph Ferdinand Keppler’s ‘The Pirate Publisher’, an illustration that appeared in Puck magazine, 1886

‘The Copyright Wars’, by Peter Baldwin

Today’s disputes between publishers and technology companies over online theft are just the latest chapter in a centuries-long saga. Review by John Gapper

Illustration of a boy and a girl running along a hall with Islam inspired arcs
©Kerry Hyndman

‘The Book of Gold Leaves’, by Mirza Waheed

Old, peaceable ways of life unravel in a ‘strange, compelling’ novel set amid the violence of 1990s Kashmir. Review by Alice Albinia

Book cover of 'The Mighty Dead' by Adam Nicolson

‘The Mighty Dead’, by Adam Nicolson

For Adam Nicolson, Homer’s ‘fearless encounter with the dreadful’ is as relevant as ever. Review by Sarah Bakewell

Moriarty, by Anthony Horowitz

‘Moriarty’, by Anthony Horowitz

Coded messages, red herrings and in-jokes abound in a stylish Holmes pastiche. Review by James Lovegrove

‘The Churchill Factor’, by Boris Johnson

The London mayor’s defence of Winston Churchill is a bravura performance. Review by Peter Clarke

Mr Bones:20 Stories book cover

‘Mr Bones: 20 Stories’, by Paul Theroux

The author’s new short story collection portrays the weak and the wealthy, the eminent and the exploited. Review by Carl Wilkinson

‘Rising Ground’, by Philip Marsden

A journey on foot into the Cornish soul. Review by William Taylor

book cover: An English Ghost Story

‘An English Ghost Story’, by Kim Newman

Review by James Lovegrove

book cover: Hand to Mouth

‘Hand to Mouth’, by Linda Tirado

Review by Alexander Gilmour