Former US presidents George W Bush (front) and his father George HW Bush, pitch before a Texas Rangers game in 2010
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George W Bush on his father’s presidency

The 43rd president shows a gift for narrative as he seeks to jump-start a reassessment of his father’s legacy – and settles some old scores along the way

Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin, August 1922
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‘Stalin, Volume 1’, by Stephen Kotkin

Did Stalin’s crimes betray the Russian Revolution – or continue it? A new biography suggests the latter

Illustration for Mo Yan's 'Frog'
©Simon Pemberton

‘Frog’, by Mo Yan

An impressive novel tells of the brutality of China’s one-child policy. Review by Tash Aw

Armed anti-Treaty members of the Irish Republican Army in Dublin, 1922
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‘Vivid Faces’, by RF Foster

How the men and women who made the Irish revolution were themselves made into revolutionaries. Review by Duncan Kelly

June Ritchie, a British film and television actress, photographed c1965
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‘Funny Girl’, by Nick Hornby

In his first novel for five years, the author turns his attention to swinging London and 1960s light entertainment. Review by Henry Hitchings

The Game of Our Lives cover

‘The Game of Our Lives’, by David Goldblatt

How the creation of the Premier League restored English football’s fortunes – at a price. Review by John Sunyer

Book cover of Some Luck by Jane Smiley

‘Some Luck’, by Jane Smiley

A farming family adapts to changing times in the first part of an Iowa trilogy. Review by Rebecca Abrams

Front cover of 'Engel’s England', by Matthew Engel

‘Engel’s England’, by Matthew Engel

The author shows his eye for the entertaining factual nugget in a good-humoured journey through England. Review by Michael Prodger

Book cover of Daniel Kehlmann's F

‘F’, by Daniel Kehlmann

A mind-bendingly circular tale of three brothers intrigues. Review by Julius Purcell

Carsick cover

‘Carsick’, by John Waters

Review by Alexander Gilmour