Martin Amis on Hitler and the nature of evil

In this edited afterword to his new novel ‘The Zone of Interest’, the author discusses Primo Levi and the incomprehensible brutality of the Nazis

‘Italian Venice’, by RJB Bosworth

An elegant study of Venice, from the final days of the Republic and Italian unification to the Disneyland some argue the city has become. Review by Christopher Silvester

‘The Paying Guests’, by Sarah Waters

A novel about social barriers coming down in 1920s London. Review by Charlotte Mendelson

The Sense of Style book cover

‘The Sense of Style’, by Steven Pinker

A writing guide that attacks the purists. Review by Michael Skapinker

In the Beginning Was the Sea cover

‘In the Beginning Was the Sea’, by Tomás González

A modern Colombian classic is finally available in English. Review by Julius Purcell

‘A Buzz in the Meadow’, by Dave Goulson

A gripping account of the importance of insects to our environment. Review by Suzi Feay

The way we eat now

Three new books about food and diet, reviewed by Erica Wagner

‘National Service’, by Richard Vinen

An authoritative and poignant history of postwar conscription in Britain. Review by Peter Clarke

Illustration for the book, "The Betrayers" by David Bezmozgis
©Shonagh Rae

‘The Betrayers’, by David Bezmozgis

A compelling tale of reckoning in Crimea. Review by Amy Waldman

‘Chasing Lost Time’, by Jean Findlay

The colourful life of the man who translated Proust’s opus. Review by Sam Taylor