Armenia’s genocide

Personal testimony and scholarly research leave no doubt that the massacre of Armenians that began 100 years ago this month was genocide

‘Dealing with China’, by Henry Paulson

The former US Treasury Secretary’s access to China’s elite has given rise to some thought-provoking stories

©Simon Pemberton

‘A Reunion of Ghosts’, by Judith Claire Mitchell

Three sisters enter a suicide pact to shake the curse of their forebears. Review by Rebecca Abrams

‘God Help the Child’, by Toni Morrison

The Nobel laureate’s 11th novel, a romance full of violence and terror, is a bizarre clash of styles. Review by Sukhdev Sandhu

How reading can change prisoners’ lives

As World Book Night approaches, Orla Ryan reports on the benefits to inmates of access to books

Front cover of 'Sex by Numbers', by David Spiegelhalter

‘Sex by Numbers’, by David Spiegelhalter

A survey that reveals intimate details of what goes on behind the bedroom door. Review by Isabel Berwick

Front cover of 'A Decent Ride', by Irvine Welsh

‘A Decent Ride’, by Irvine Welsh

The author’s Edinburgh-based caper swaps his usual social satire for exuberant slapstick. Review by Malcolm Forbes

Front cover of 'The Shepherd’s Life', by James Rebanks

‘The Shepherd’s Life’, by James Rebanks

An unsentimental account of sheep-farming by a star of the Twittersphere. Review by Melissa Harrison

Front cover of ‘The Death’s Head Chess Club’, by John Donoghue

‘The Death’s Head Chess Club’, by John Donoghue

Review by Carl Wilkinson

Front cover of ‘Coastlines: The Story of Our Shore’, by Patrick Barkham

‘Coastlines’, by Patrick Barkham

Review by Theo Leanse