Coming to terms with coalitions

Bill Emmott considers the legacy of the Tory-Lib Dem experiment

CTB232268 Portrait of Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-97) c.1793 (oil on canvas) by Keenan, John (fl.1791-1815); Private Collection; ( author of 'A Vindication of the Rights of a Woman' published 1792;); English, out of copyright

‘Romantic Outlaws’, by Charlotte Gordon

Mary Wollstonecraft died when her daughter Mary Godwin was an infant but her maternal influence proved strong and life-long. Review by Ruth Scurr

©Dan Mitchell

‘A God in Ruins’, by Kate Atkinson

In the follow-up to ‘Life After Life’, a veteran’s quiet heroism collides with his daughter’s strident ideals

Front cover of 'The Vital Question', by Nick Lane

‘The Vital Question’, by Nick Lane

The transition from simple to complex cells is one of the most crucial yet neglected moments in evolution. Review by Clive Cookson

Front cover of ‘At Hawthorn Time’, by Melissa Harrison

‘At Hawthorn Time’, by Melissa Harrison

The story of contrasting lives in an English village mixes fiction with nature writing. Review by Michael Prodger

Front cover of '2020 Vision', by Tim Burt

‘2020 Vision’, by Tim Burt

Business leaders are cagey when it comes to predicting what the world will be like in 2020. Review by Nicholas Lovell

SPAIN. The poet Miguel HERNANDEZ, a rural farmer and adament Republican, went to the front lines to read poetry to soldiers, as did many writers who were members of the l'Alliance des Intellectuels Antifascistes (AIA). HERNANDEZ was arrested by the Phalangists and died in prison. 1936.
©David Seymour/Magnum

‘In the Night of Time’, by Antonio Muñoz Molina

A lauded Spanish novel describes a love affair amid the turmoil of civil war. Review by Adam Feinstein

‘In Manchuria’; ‘The Porcelain Thief’

Personal perspectives on China. Review by Jeffrey Wasserstrom

Front cover of 'Last Night on Earth', by Kevin Maher

‘Last Night on Earth’, by Kevin Maher

A bold attempt to match form and function in a tale of a buckling marriage. Review by Rebecca Swirsky

Front cover of 'The Great Explosion', by Brian Dillon

‘The Great Explosion’, by Brian Dillon

Review by India Ross