GHL210064 View of London, published 1647 (engraving) (facsimile copy) (detail) by Hollar, Wenceslaus (1607-77); London Metropolitan Archives, City of London; Czech, out of copyright
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Shakespeare at war

A lady as potent as a lord: The story of the battle that led to the creation of the Globe theatre

‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’

Thomas Piketty’s economic, social and political history of the evolution of income and wealth

Empire lines

A moving story of love and betrayal brings alive the conflicts and contradictions of colonial times. Tabish Khair reviews ‘A God in Every Stone’, by Kamila Shamsie

Dangerous delusions

Pakistan’s role in nurturing Islamist extremism. Victor Mallet reviews ‘The Wrong Enemy’, by Carlotta Gall and ‘Magnificent Delusions’, by Husain Haqqani

Marlowe’s ghost

Get into the spirit of a dark Chandler-esque tale. Ludovic Hunter-Tilney reviews ‘The Black-Eyed Blonde’, by Benjamin Black

Prolific, promiscuous, predictable ...

John Updike steered a steady course of writing, womanising – and golf – for 50 years. Suzi Feay reviews ‘Updike’, by Adam Begley

In brief

Orlando Bird reviews ‘Packing Up’, by Brigid Keenan and ‘The Man Who Couldn’t Stop’, by David Adam

In brief

James Lovegrove reviews ‘The Moon King’, by Neil Williamson; and ‘Talus and the Frozen King’, by Graham Edwards

An office tower at night in Chicago
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The workplace – prison or sanctuary?

From dark 19th-century quarters to Silicon Valley playground, the office has long divided opinion

Leaps of faith

Two bold thinkers make the case for religious values in a secular world. Sarah Bakewell reviews ‘Culture and the Death of God’, by Terry Eagleton and ‘The Soul of the World’, by Roger Scruton