Families and members from AA gang (Artistas assasinos) mourn their relatives and "brothers" mourning the deaths of members of a Mexican drugs gang killed in March 2009 in Ciudad Juárez
©Jerome Sessini/Magnum

Drugs: the war without end

Three new books show the debate over how to combat the drugs trade taking a pragmatic turn

TS Eliot as a Harvard undergraduate at Eastern Point, Gloucester, Massachusetts in 1907
©King’s College Archive, Cambridge/TS Eliot Es

‘Young Eliot’, by Robert Crawford

An impressive account of TS Eliot’s formative years. Review by John Sutherland

persons staring at computer screen. Illustration by Juliana Wang
©Juliana Wang

‘In Real Life’, by Chris Killen

A decade after graduation, three university friends’ disappointment with the real world contrasts with their digital nostalgia. Review by Jon Day

Front cover of ‘Guantánamo Diary’, by Mohamedou Ould Slahi

‘Guantánamo Diary’, by Mohamedou Ould Slahi

The memoir of a man held without trial in Guantánamo is an indictment of US policy. Review by Philippe Sands

‘The Lightning Tree’, by Emily Woof

A boldly constructed novel interweaves stories of first love, loss and disturbing family secrets. Review by Ming Liu

Front cover of ‘My History’, by Antonia Fraser

‘My History’, by Antonia Fraser

A historian’s reflection on her extraordinary parents and the development of her own craft. Review by Virginia Rounding

‘The Offering’, by Grace McCleen

A coming of age tale about a girl’s faith and psychological collapse. Review by Laura Battle

‘The Poet’s Tale’, by Paul Strohm

Review by Orlando Bird

‘The Serpent Papers’, by Jessica Cornwell

Review by Serena Tarling

‘Dangerous Games’, edited by Jonathan Oliver

Review by James Lovegrove