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Golden years

In Rio, records will fall and reputations will be made. But are the Olympics losing their ability to inspire?

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‘Hystopia’, by David Means

A thrilling, complex novel set in a parallel Vietnam-era America in which veterans’ memories are erased and paranoia reigns. Review by Francesca Wade

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‘Against Elections’, by David Van Reybrouck

At a time of disillusionment with politics, calls for direct public involvement in decision-making are growing louder. Review by John Lloyd

‘Do Not Say We Have Nothing’, by Madeleine Thien

An epic tale of the fate of three musicians in 20th-century China. Review by Catherine Taylor

'Chaos Monkeys: Inside the Silicon Valley Money Machine', by Antonio García Martínez

‘Chaos Monkeys’, by Antonio García Martínez

A tech industry tell-all that shows Silicon Valley at its worst. Review by Hannah Kuchler

'Flâneuse: Women Walk the City in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice and London', by Lauren Elkin

‘Flâneuse’, by Lauren Elkin

A personal history of women walking the city intrigues. Review by Sandeep Parmar

‘Heroes of the Frontier’, by Dave Eggers

A mother and her children take an escapist road trip to Alaska. Review by Edmund Gordon

Book cover of 'Everybody Behaves Badly'

‘Everybody Behaves Badly’, by Lesley MM Blume

A study of Ernest Hemingway and the genesis of the novel that would make his name. Review by Tobias Grey

'Dadland: A Journey into Uncharted Territory', by Keggie Carew

‘Dadland’, by Keggie Carew

A war hero’s battle with dementia is at the heart of a moving family memoir. Review by Melissa Harrison

‘My Name is Leon’, by Kit de Waal

A boy separated from his brother finds respite in an allotment community. Review by Zoë Apostolides