A shepherd who fled Mosul when it was overrun by Isis forces, pictured in the Taq Taq oil field in Iraqi Kurdistan
©Sebastian Meyer

Kurdistan: a nation in waiting

The Kurds of northern Iraq face terror from Isis and political pressure from Baghdad – jeopardising their long-held dream of independence


Illustration: Jancis Robinson on Rhone wine
‘The 2013 Grenache crop was down about 30 per cent but some vineyards lost up to 90 per cent of their potential production’
– Jancis Robinson
Veal kidneys in mustard sauce ©Andy Sewell
‘I saw myself as Leopold Bloom, padding the streets of Dublin with a precious kidney bought from the “ferreteyed pork butcher”’
– Rowley Leigh

Football scores big with social media

Of the 1.3bn-plus people on Facebook, 500m are football supporters. Now the world’s major clubs are fixated on a new quest – to turn the love of millions of fans into serious money

Jacob Bronowski in 1964 (photographer unknown)
©Thom Atkinson

Jacob Bronowski - the last Renaissance man

The polymath’s archive has found a new home at Jesus College, Cambridge. His daughter Lisa Jardine pays a visit for the first time and remembers her remarkable father

Douglas Coupland
©Ken Mayer Studios

Douglas Coupland: 3.1415926535

Money is the crystallisation of time and free will

Carl Djerassi: father of the contraceptive pill

The chemist-turned-novelist and playwright explains why he believes egg freezing is the future

Brian O’Driscoll
©Guardian News & Media

The Inventory: Brian O’Driscoll

‘Am I as fit as last year? Nowhere near. But I can hold my own,’ says the former rugby player

Alex Reid
©Greg Funnell

FT Masterclass: Cage fighting with Alex Reid

The celebrity master of the multi-discipline contact sport shows how to succeed inside the ring

lllustration by Laura Carlin of a person in denial
©Laura Carlin

Are we in denial?

How many of our most cherished beliefs are strongly immune from evidence?

David Cruse

First Person: ‘I teach English to the Japanese using “Downton Abbey”’

Part of David Cruse’s job teaching at the British Council in Tokyo is promoting popular British culture

Dram & Smoke

Five of the best: winter pop-ups in London

Christmas is coming, promising ingenious ways to eat, drink, be merry – and even buy the odd present