Dabbawalas wait with tiffin tins on the platform at Mumbai’s Santacruz station. They rely on trains, bicycles, carts and motorbikes to make their deliveries across the congested city
©Nishant Shukla

Lunch is served: Mumbai’s dabbawalas

Meet the dabbawalas who deliver 130,000 meals to Mumbai’s office workers every day

Food & Drink

An illustration of a wine from Gredo Mountains ©Ingram Pinn
‘Even today, the limpid reds and rich, textured whites of Spain’s Gredos Mountains are known mostly to insiders,’ writes Andrew Jefford
– Andrew Jefford
Tim Hayward and his DIY duck press ©David Loftus
Research for ‘The DIY Cook’ involved deconstructing all kinds of classic dishes. Some methods were more extreme than others
– Tim Hayward
Jimmy Page photographed at Leighton House, London
©Zed Nelson

Jimmy Page and the Pre-Raphaelites

The Led Zeppelin founder is one of rock’s guitar greats — but he’s also a serious fan of Victorian art

Douglas Coupland
©Ken Mayer Studios @douglas coupland

Douglas Coupland: Failmail

‘Emails between me and the FT have been vanishing for months. It’s beyond a joke’

British troops serving in the Sangin Valley, Helmand province, Afghanistan, June 2007
©Ahmad Masood/Reuters

Warrior MPs on a new mission

More than 50 of the UK’s MPs come from military backgrounds. But what drew them to politics?

British soul singer Joss Stone poses for a portrait on August 27, 2012 in Berlin, Germany
©Britta Pedersen/AFP/Getty Images

Joss Stone

‘If I lost everything, I’d do the same thing I do today, in a smaller way. I’d busk!’

Zakia al Moammar
©Terence Mitchao

‘I set up Riyadh’s first female-owned clothes boutique’

Zakia al Moammar says it used to be much harder for a woman in Saudi Arabia, but not any more

Yoga with the FT

Edward Bonham Carter on how to keep the mind and body fit with the help of tree pose, happy baby and downward dog

Illustration of a couple having breakfast by Laura Carlin
©Laura Carlin

How do we live with our mistakes?

‘We usually agonise more over the mistakes we know we have made than the bigger ones we might have made’

Illustration by Harry Haysom of doctors looking at a mural with worms
©Harry Haysom

Worming our way to the truth

‘Why does such a large policy push need to be based on a handful of clinical trials?’

An artist’s impression of the four-legged snake 'Tetrapodophis amplectus'
©James Brown/University of Portsmouth

Evolutionary biology: how snakes lost their legs

Fossil suggests snakes ‘evolved from burrowing lizards’



Traders hawk their goods in a crowded vegetable market in Ethiopia's capital of Addis Ababa ©Nichole Sobecki The Ethiopia paradox


Pick n Pay: Beauty Mwansa, 40, a fashion designer, comes twice a week to buy groceries ©Alexia Webster Africa’s supermarkets


Andrew England get’s a lesson in bowling from former South African cricket bowler Makhaya Ntini at the Buffalo City Pavilion ©Charlie Shoemaker Fast bowling with Makhaya Ntini