©Janne Iivonen

How data became a new religion

Forget about listening to ourselves. Algorithms have the answer

The police reconstruction of Geirfinnur Einarsson’s death, Keflavik harbour; January 23 1977

Those who confessed to a crime they don’t remember

Photographer Jack Latham decided to revisit some of the people and places still linked to a 1970s dark Nordic crime mystery

Portrait of Eimear McBride by Eva Vermandel
©Eva Vermandel

Eimear McBride: Irish writer recalls the ‘gloriousness’ of her arrival in London

Irish writer Eimear McBride, whose new novel is set in 1990s London, recalls the ‘gloriousness’ of her own arrival in the capital

Illustration by Celyn Brazier of Trum in a Florida-shaped golf course
©Celyn Brazier

Can Trump take Florida?

‘The septuagenarian New York snowbird with a mansion in Palm Beach is a Florida archetype made flesh’

©Ulla Puggaard

The cyber hack that could swing an election

‘The bizarre has almost become the norm in US politics this past year’

©Harry Haysom

Are universities worth it?

‘To enjoy higher wages, smart people must waste time and money going to the trouble of acquiring a degree’

Cesa Milton. First Person "I made a 1000 cups"

‘I made a thousand cups’

‘I never did make my perfect cup. I don’t really believe in perfection’, says artist Cesa Milton

Neil Hannon
©Raphael Neal

Neil Hannon, singer-songwriter

‘I would make an excellent Taoiseach, if I could spell Taoiseach’

Uffington White Horse on White Horse Hill, Oxfordshire
©Tori Ferenc

Burial grounds and government bonds

David Oakley goes for a walk along the Ridgeway in Oxfordshire with Sir Robert Stheeman, the man in charge of Britain’s public borrowing. They pass ancient burial grounds and discuss what it’s like to borrow £1.5 trillion

Inside the wondrous world of Shaun Tan

The Oscar-winning writer and artist talks to Lorien Kite about fairytales, nightmares and why we’re all migrants now


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