Illustration by Anna Higgie of Glauco Villas Boas and ayahuasca
©Anna Higgie

Ayahuasca: a psychedelic murder story

Did ayahuasca tea — brewed from rainforest plants and revered by many as holy — contribute to the brutal death of a celebrated Brazilian artist?

Food & Drink

©Ingram Pinn
‘One of the most frequent laments I hear during my annual visits to the northern Rhône is how difficult it is to sell Hermitage’
– Jancis Robinson
Raw salmon with avocado, lime and green peppercorns ©Andy Sewell
‘The peppercorns in the punchy lime dressing only enhance the intrinsic sweetness of the fish’
– Rowley Leigh
Anne Hidalgo
©Jérôme Bonne

Interview: Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo

The capital’s first female mayor doesn’t want anyone criticising it. But she faces struggles over housing, pollution and the city’s loss of status

Four-year-old Pomeranian 'Q'

Tomáš Werner’s pet project

A photographer’s best friend is a dog who knows how to hold a pose

A logged forest in Ratanakiri province, Cambodia
©Global Witness

China and the rosewood carve-up

The ancient forests of Southeast Asia are being razed to supply growing Chinese demand for prized ‘red timbers’

husky-racer Mark Squires
©Jasper Fry

FT masterclass: Siberian Husky racing with Mark Squires

Brush up on your Inuit, bend your knees and don’t forget your goggles . . . Jeremy Taylor picks up some championship-winning tips in a Berkshire forest

Ruth Bruce
©Miriam Stanke

‘I comfort drunk and distraught clubbers’

Club Angel volunteer Ruth Bruce

©Cochlear Inc.

All ears: how a new implant restores hearing

Unlike cochlear implants, this technology lays paddle-shaped electrodes directly on to the brainstem, which handles sensory information

The Inventory: Celia Imrie

‘What would I do if I lost everything tomorrow? Roar with laughter, says the actor’

©Timothy Schenck

Five of the best: Oyster dishes and bars

From San Francisco to Sydney and Hamburg to Hong Kong, the best spots to enjoy your bivalve

Illustration of people at a park by Laura Carlin
©Laura Carlin

Are you selfish?

‘Selfishness in genes is not the same as selfishness in the whole human being’