Daniel Rose, Bertrand Auboyneau, Yves Camdeborde, Franck Baranger
©Roberto Frankenberg

The new ‘bistronomique’ generation of restaurants

Old tropes of Parisian dining are being updated. To kick off our special issue, four leaders of the movement share their recipes


La Dernière Goutte
One of the busiest wine shops was a new one on the edge of the Marais that sells not a bottle of French wine
– Jancis Robinson
Le Clown Bar ©Jérôme Galland
In little more than five years ‘vins naturels’ have become a sensation in Paris. An expert on the subject picks her favourite places to imbibe
– Isabelle Legeron
Michel and Pierre Huot at the market on Avenue du Président Wilson
©Lauren Fleishman

Power of the street markets

Despite the threat from big business, street market traders still animate life in Paris. Hugh Carnegy spends a day with two of them

Sunken Chip founders Michael Greenwold and James Whelan
©Stephane Remael

Young Parisians and expats shake up the food scene

Posh burgers, food trucks and, er, fish and chips? Even brasseries are so l’année dernière  in the new French capital 

Shinichi Sato
©Richard Haughton

Japanese chefs in French kitchens

Japanese chefs are now at the helm of some of France’s most prestigious kitchens, while others have settled in Paris and opened Franco-Japanese restaurants of their own

Sylvia Whitman
©Stéphane Remael

My Paris: A little place I know

Where do the locals buy baguettes, stop for coffee or have a blowout dinner? Sally Hayden and Natalie Whittle discover some ‘bonnes adresses’

Paul Chauvaux
©Charlotte Tanguy

First Person: ‘I make chocolate stilettos’

Chocolatier Paul Chauvaux says the shoe has to be sturdy enough to stand but delicate enough to look good


Little Parisian cafés, big ambitions

Forget bitter coffee and steak-frites: a new class of café has its sights set high, says Rosa Jackson

Thomas Teffri-Chambelland arranging the displays in the Paris boulangerie
©Lauren Fleishman

Boulangerie with Thomas Teffri-Chambelland

With two artisanal bakeries – and a mill – to his name, who better to teach Anna Brooke the tricky art of making gluten-free bread rise?

At Dessance: scamorza, mini mirabelle plums and mustard leaves
©Kate Fichard

David Lebovitz: Beyond the chocolate eclair

From mustard leaf sorbet to bean purée brioche, French pâtisserie is evolving in delectable directions

An illustration of someone moaning
©Laura Carlin

Should we stop moaning?

There is something therapeutic about having a mutual moan – ‘mutual’ being the operative word here