Parcelforce North West Processing Centre, Chorley, Lancashire
©Christopher Nunn

Can Royal Mail sort it?

Britain’s 500-year-old postal service, privatised a year ago, is under threat as letters dwindle and internet-shopping delivery becomes the new battleground


An illustration by Toby Morison of a corkscrew chart ©Toby Morison
‘Land in Burgundy is no longer affordable for Burgundians . . . Those with an eye to the future are investing in cheaper land to the south’
– Jancis Robinson
Baked apples ©Andy Sewell
‘Some apples stay firm when cooked, and some collapse, but only the Bramley positively explodes’
– Rowley Leigh
Illustration by Jason Ford of the US and China as WiFi routers
©Illustration by Jason Ford

Douglas Coupland: Good WiFi is good business

Listen up, you pathetic providers and hoteliers

Dana Lixenberg's ‘Experimental Ecological Housing Estate in Lanxmeer, Culemborg’
©Collection Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum’s new masters

Twentieth-century photography, not 17th-century painting, is the subject of an exhibition at the Amsterdam museum’s newly renovated Philips Wing

Marie Stopes in 1913

Marie Stopes: 100 years of sex advice

As a birth-control pioneer, the author of ‘Married Love’ (1918) received thousands of letters from fans, critics and seekers of advice

Svante Pääbo and a Neanderthal skeleton
©Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthrop

The Science Interview: Remains of the DNA

The Swedish paleogeneticist Svante Pääbo has spent 30 years analysing DNA from ancient bones, transforming the understanding of our origins

Amir Khan spars with Aisha Zia
©Kalpesh Lathigra

FT Masterclass: Boxing with Amir Khan

The former world champion invites Aisha Zia to ‘hit me in the face’. Can she land a glove on the Bolton-based fighter?

The Inventory: Professor Green

‘My greatest disappointment? Getting stabbed. I couldn’t do that to anyone’

©Laura Carlin

Where does motivation come from?

You can discover your motivation by simply noticing what you are inclined to do or what you find yourself doing

Njabulo Madlala at the Barbican
©Charlie Bibby

First Person: ‘I studied at the Guildhall without being able to read music’

After his audition, Njabulo Madlala was offered a full scholarship on the spot

Pork tenderloin

Five of the best: Philadelphia BYOBs

The city’s small, chef-driven BYOB restaurants stand out for their creativity and value for money

FT Magazine Cover


'You couldn't introduce a new product. You couldn't change a term in any contract' Moya Greene, Royal Mail chief executive