Illustration by Pete Gamlen of a man multitasking
©Pete Gamlen

Multi-tasking: how to survive in the 21st century

How can we master the vital art of doing everything at once? Tim Harford, our king of to-do lists, investigates

Food & drink

Illustration by Graham Roumieu of Twitter birds over a glass of wine ©Graham Roumieu
‘Baly boasts that @ChateauCoutet is among the top five Twitter accounts for Bordeaux classed growths’
– Jancis Robinson
Lamb and beef kofta with roasted vegetables ©Patricia Niven
Our new cookery writers join the FT with a no-fuss feast
©Daun Kim

The sea women of Jeju

Meet the female divers on a South Korean island, some in their eighties, who make their living by harvesting seaweed

Google Fiber staff
©Terry Ratzlaff

Google’s experiment in Kansas City

Old and new divisions were revealed when the modest Midwestern town was chosen as the testing ground for a super-fast broadband network

Andrew Luck
©Alexander Rhind

FT Masterclass: Throw like a quarterback with Andrew Luck

The American footballer on how to throw the perfect pass

Simon Watt
©Charlie Bibby

‘I champion ugly animals’

Biologist and writer Simon Watt founded the Ugly Animal Preservation Society

Illustration by Tim Lahan of Coke can
©Tim Lahan

Thought for food: Coca-Cola

The soft drink maker’s success reflects the best and worst of free markets

©Paul Winch-Furness

Five of the best: Autumn food festivals

Radical French dinners, carnivorous weekends and seasonal, regional celebrations

Animal genomics: A long yarn about sheep

Scientists compared the DNA of hundreds of livestock across continents to determine genetic lineage

Illustration by Laura Carlin of material possessions
©Laura Carlin

Do our possessions define us?

‘The transitory nature of all things applies to partners as well as iPads’

Emergency planning: flood risk

Historical information can be a practical tool for planning responses to future events



©Cecil Beaton Studio Archive / Sothebys Cecil Beaton: the artist of the portrait


View onto Peckham Road from inside an African grocery shop ©Chloe Dewe Mathews My London: Peckham by Naomi Wood