Dimitrov at Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, in July 2014
©Elizabeth Weinberg

Interview: tennis star Grigor Dimitrov

Fresh from his humbling of Andy Murray at Wimbledon, the Bulgarian is turning his attention to a first grand slam win at the US Open


illustration of a man drinking a wine glass in the shape of a lemon half ©Ingram Pinn
One of the most pernicious myths in the wine world is that a wine ‘needs’ prominent acidity in order to age well
– Andrew Jefford
Pork chop with peperonata ©Andy Sewell
The chops should be just cooked through but still juicy and very moist
– Rowley Leigh
'Overpass' by Jeff Wall
©Jeff Wall

When photographers make the streets their stage

The photography of city life has, like the urban scenery itself, changed radically over the past few decades. Now a new book showcases the work of 100 contemporary photographers, each with a singular vision of the energy of urban existence. By Liz Jobey

Illustration by Jason Ford of vloggers
©Jason Ford

Douglas Coupland: Atomised

Blog, vlog, post but please express your individuality – even if everyone’s at it

Francesca Martinez
©Megan Taylor

The Inventory: Francesca Martinez

‘My greatest achievement so far is probably accepting myself as I am’

K Chinnappa, one of the last traditional Bollywood movie painter
©Jyothy Karat

‘I’m one of the last Bollywood film poster painters’

K Chinnappa learnt how to paint from a neighbour as a child in Bangalore; he’s now 77, and has worked on about 4,000 films

An illustration of a man crossing a yellow line
©Laura Carlin

Where should we draw the line?

It’s too demanding for most people to think things through clearly when they are in the grip of a powerful desire

pickers at work
©Charlie Bibby

Fruit picking: from bush to bottle

East Londoners once headed en masse to pick hops and fruit in the country. The tradition faded but today an artist is leading a revival

Summer drinks: cocktail trolleys

Nothing beats having your own personalised drink mixed for you at your table

A display as seen by people with presbyopia; corrected in the MIT/Berkeley prototype; the simulated full correction
©Fu-chung Huang

Display technology: screen break

US researchers discover how to make electronic screens display sharp images for users with defective eyesight

Sue Black, left, and Helen Meadows
©Maja Daniels

Inside the mortuary with the UK’s leading forensic scientists

Meet the University of Dundee team whose pioneering work helps solve murder cases and secure child abuse convictions