The Sharp Project, Manchester
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UK: a new order?

Manchester is the best model for closing the UK’s north-south economic divide, argues John McDermott

Food & Drink

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The regions being plundered by Chile’s new generation of wine producers are to the south of the traditional ones
– Jancis Robinson
Boiled beef and carrots ©Andy Sewell
Poaching the meat at low temperature produces a beautifully clear ‘bouillon’
– Rowley Leigh
Clockwise from top left: DJ Calvin Harris, Ed Sheeran, George The Poet, Jessie Ware and Lilly Allen
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Is pop too white?

Nearly 50 musicians are up for prizes at next week’s Brit Awards. Almost all of them are white.

Douglas Coupland
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Money is fun but it’s also filthy. Literally

Douglas Coupland on efforts to wean citizens off expensive-to-replace paper currency

Air-conditioning plants outside transit tents, Bagram, 2013
©Edmund Clark

Inside Bagram

Photographer Edmund Clark visited the former military airbase as Operation Enduring Freedom wound down

photographs of Jonathan Moules of the Financial Times plays a game of real tennis against William Sargent
©Greg Funnell

FT Masterclass: Real tennis with Sir William Sargent

The special effects boss is attracted to the quirky nature of the medieval racquet sport. But can he explain the rules to a confused Jonathan Moules?

Suzanne Michal is keen to challenge taboos around dying
©Carl Bigmore

First Person: ‘I run a death café’

Suzanne Michal is keen to challenge taboos around dying

The Inventory: Ken Shuttleworth

‘I always wanted to be an architect. I was playing with Meccano from an early age’

Illustration by Laura Carlin of a woman being secretly watched while dancing ballet
©Laura Carlin

Are you in the spotlight?

Our viewpoint is ‘me-centred’, so it’s only natural to assume that everybody else takes the same close interest in us

Visitors at the Louvre
©Christian Marquardt

Mobile phone-based mapping of human flows

With better data, the built environment can adapt to us: a living, tailored architecture that is moulded on inhabitants

©Harry Haysom

Overconfidence man

We don’t have a good sense of our own fallibility. Checking my answers, it was the one I felt the most certain of that I got wrong

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"'We know we're competing with London but London is also competing with us'' Andrew Daniels, MD of Manchester-based digital design company Degree 53