A flare is seen burning at a StatOil work site near Watford, ND, on Wednesday, April 08, 2015
©Brandon Thibodeaux

How the shale revolution changed the world

... and why nothing will ever be the same again

Food & Drink

Bourgogne ©Ingram Pinn
‘I grew up knowing burgundy,’ Lalou told me. ‘As soon as I was born, my father wet my lips with Le Musigny 1929’
– Jancis Robinson
Wild rabbit stew with onions and ramsons ©Andy Sewell
‘As a young farmer in East Sussex, I had a sufficiency of wild garlic and wild rabbits. It seemed obvious to cook them together’
– Rowley Leigh
Sarah Lucas
©Julian Simmons

Sarah Lucas: the artist at work

Julian Simmons photographs his partner as she casts new work for the Venice Biennale

©Andrej Balco

AeroMobil: the dream machine

It’s a car, it’s a plane — and it could soon take off commercially

Arnold Circus
©Jasper Fry

Arnold Circus, by Cornelia Parker

The artist chooses her favourite part of the city

Douglas Coupland
©Ken Mayer Studios

Douglas Coupland: Biz Klass

Another drink to go with your dinner, sir? Unexpected class warfare five miles up

©Paul Rogers

Matthew Bourne

‘My career is about movement but I’m a surprisingly still person these days’

An illustration of a photo album of kitchen tools
©Richard Allen

Home cooking

Our parents’ kitchens may be full of useless objects and out-of-date spices, but they should be treasured for their place in family history

©Duke Wells

‘I invented a fishing fly that made millions of dollars’

Charlie Smith’s bonefish fly revolutionised saltwater fly-fishing

Beans cooking in banana leaves in the Asaro Valley, Papua New Guinea
©Andrew Greenhill

Microbiology: why modern life is bad for your gut

The loss of beneficial microbes has harmed our health

Illustration of a man looking out the window by Laura Carlin
©Laura Carlin

Can we be too secure?

‘We have to accept that what we believe might be false, what we take to be most real might be an illusion’