Tim Hulse, Tony Shiret, Mike Saunders, Rosalind 'Roz' Gordon
©Rick Pushinsky/Jason Andrew

Working older

Many of us will need to earn until we’re 70 — yet older people often struggle to get hired

Food & Drink

An illustration of a bottle of Jura wine in spotlight ©Ingram Pinn
‘Jura wines have become the height of fashion with certain wine trendsetters’
– Jancis Robinson
Hake with potatoes and paprika ©Andy Sewell
‘When it is fresh and the meat has an almost translucent, rosy whiteness, it is magnificent’
– Rowley Leigh
“Twice as Nice, The End, London, 1999”, from the series “UKG” by Ewen Spencer
©Ewen Spencer

Music photography

For music photographers, fans are as much the subject as performers

"Tsunami Hutch” (2014)
©Trevor Mills/Vancouver Art Gallery

Douglas Coupland: Trashed

Some thoughts on beauty, toxicity and the largely unexplored eighth continent of the world

©Murray Ballard

FT Masterclass: Hill climbing with Damon Hill

The former Formula One champion shows how to navigate a white-knuckle 300ft ascent in a McLaren supercar

Inventory: Johnny Marr

‘I started to escape regularly from school at 13. I handed in my resignation at 15’

Robert Seyffert in his studio in the Bronx, New York, with one of his grandfather’s portraits
©Adrian Fussell/The Riverdale Press

‘I hunted down my grandfather’s paintings’

Robert Seyffert spent years tracking down the works of one of the most famous US painters of the early 20th century

©Patricia Niven

Honey & Co: Six recipes for baking bliss

Brighten up your mornings with breakfast treats from Itamar Srulovich and Sarit Packer

A mouse hippocampus
©Steve Ramirez

Neuroscience: Of mice and memories

A study suggests new ways to treat depression by manipulating memory neurons

Illustration of a family at a cemetery by Laura Carlin
©Laura Carlin

Should we come to terms with death?

‘Living with an awareness of death doesn’t have to imply gloomily dwelling on it all the time’

A chestnut-crowned babbler
©Jodie Crane

Language: not babbling but talking

Babbler birds have a repertoire of at least 15 discrete calls