A nation of laminators

The British love of petty authority and ‘polite notices’ has no place in a restaurant

Five fashionable foodie ingredients

It’s time to get ahead of the next big food fads, from beetroot and black garlic to Sriracha hot sauce

The end of the affair

Food and courtship was once a simple equation. But modern dining mores don’t exactly put couples in the mood for love

Illustration by Richard Allen of a male star chef
©Richard Allen

Food for the boys

‘Egotarian’ modern cooking is all about the chef – and female food lovers are not impressed

Illustration by Richard Allen of Tim Hayward looking through the glass walls of an old-style restaurant
©Richard Allen

Food Writer of Year

Tim Hayward has won the top prize in the Fortnum & Mason Food and Drink Awards. Read this week’s column here

An Illustration by Richard Allen depicting a conversation in food jargon
©Richard Allen

Eat our words

The food world has developed its own absurd language. Like jargon used in the art world, it risks alienating the real audience

Illustration by Richard Allen of tutters
©Richard Allen

Meet the Tutters

‘Is it the food? The service? This audible punctuation of exasperation by a special breed of customer has a surprising explanation’

Jon Finch samples wood chips he uses in his home brewing
©James Arthur Allen

Hip hops

Home brewing has shaken off its bad reputation and gone all high-tech. Now you can clone your favourite beer – and even set up a mini-brewery in your house

Illustration by Richard Allen of a plated gourmet food
©Richard Allen

Platable truths

‘As a display of the skills of the chef, it was a masterwork. As lunch it was utterly useless’

Illustration by Richard Allen of Tim Hayward reading Food Guide
©Richard Allen

A new ‘two for one’

‘Waitrose now owns this once proudly independent publication. But would the guide’s late founder approve?’

Keep it in the family

‘In truth, communal eating is not the historic norm – so let’s all gather round to celebrate its growing popularity…’

Tempting provender

Food manufacturers and supermarkets have got devilishly clever at offering us good food, says Tim Hayward

Weighing up portion control

‘It takes a certifiable fop to drop £50 on a tiny cube of salmon poached to barely legal temperatures in a plastic bag’

What’s on your platelist?

‘Some places may, over time, become stale but, like the playlist on my iPod, the list is a source of nostalgic joy’

Game shooting

‘Missing an animal would be humiliating and frustrating but an inaccurate hit would be catastrophic’

Flying the flag

British cuisine? Yes, it exists, and draws on a rich, diverse and ever-evolving heritage

Screen idle

Television has turned us into a nation of ‘foodies’ who never cook and distorted our idea of what makes a great meal

The new foodopolis

‘Deserted high streets supply premises for food start-ups, and social media is encouraging a subculture of pop-ups’

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