Gloucester Services, miracle off the M5

The services’ vaulted dining space
©Mark Lord

‘Where normal service stations offer irradiated pasties and low-grade pornography, Gloucester has hand-raised pies and a small bookshop’

Cry God for Tunworth

The breathtaking brilliance of British cheese has made us the nation we are

The Ivy after its renovation
©Jack Eastham

The Ivy, London

‘I have a longstanding grouse with the bookings arrangements of London’s über-brasseries’

Liam and Ellis Barrie

The Marram Grass, Anglesey

‘The mussels were stupidly fresh and cooked just enough to set their plump cushions of fat’

Kul’s rigorously modern interior
©Magnus Omme

Kul, Copenhagen

‘The bed on which the spare ribs teriyaki reclined, a jam-like reduction of tomato, was awe-inspiring’

The recommendation game

‘The cleverly hyped restaurant apps and sites are extracting their percentage from all of us’

Wallfish Bistro, Bristol

‘A whacking slab of turbot was proof of chef Seldon Curry’s pedigree’

Tim Hayward and his DIY duck press
©David Loftus

The à la car menu

Research for his new book ‘The DIY Cook’ involved deconstructing all kinds of classic dishes

Amateur power

‘For whatever reason, Britain seems, uniquely in the world, to be a nation of unintentional chefs’

La Boqueria market
©Ciro Frank Schiappa

Market força in Barcelona

The Catalan city has spent hundreds of millions renovating its markets, making them the envy of the world

Culinary lives of the rich and irrelevant

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants now speaks only to a priest caste

Shots to the heart

‘From first teenage sip to adult flat-white addiction, coffee tracks our personal progress’

OMG I love MSG

Monosodium glutamate is viewed with suspicion but, used sensibly, could this misunderstood ingredient help us lead healthier lives?

Seven kitchen ages

‘How the hearth is shaped and organised has been part of a social debate that long predates Kitchengate’

Home cooking

Our parents’ kitchens may be full of useless objects and out-of-date spices, but they should be treasured for their place in family history

The umami code

What does this Japanese word for ‘deliciousness’ really signify? And is the conundrum culinary, cultural or linguistic?

Pigstock: a hands-on festival of pork

Every year, butchers, chefs and breeders come together to celebrate cooking and eating pork

Pre-prepared restaurant food

Diners can feel cheated when restaurant food is pre-prepared elsewhere. But if it still results in outstanding meals, should we be complaining?

Vive la globalisation

Bewildering eclecticism does not faze young British chefs, who understand that French folderol has no place at the modern dining table

Suite dreams

Chefs hate it, hotel guests love it. There’s something about room service that turns a simple club sandwich and fries into a feast