Serious student drinking

Soil samples at a southern Rhône vineyard
©James Reeve

For recent graduates wondering what to do with their hard-won degrees, the world of wine needs many of their skills

Grapes of worth

I want to draw your attention to the world’s greatest white wine grape. It expresses place more eloquently than any other

Illustration by Ingram Pinn of South African wines
©Ingram Pinn

South African wines

This collection really did confirm the existence of a whole new era in the country’s wine history

A nose for crime: counterfeit wines

‘Downey spends less time advising collectors on what to drink and more time armed with the tools of her anti-counterfeit trade’

Pinot Noir renaissance

Austria, until recently more readily associated with fine white wines, is enjoying a red-wine renaissance

Illustration by Ingram Pinn of Italian wines
©Ingram Pinn

The rich heritage of Italian wines

Of all the world’s wine-producing countries, Italy offers the greatest variety if not of wine styles then certainly of terrains

Illustration by Ingram Pinn of a wine drinker's dismay in front of a restricted wine rack
©Ingram Pinn

How to keep wine

These dusty wine racks are a symptom of an extremely common condition I will call Stuck Cork Syndrome

Illustration by Ingram Pinn of a Master of Wine vineyard
©Ingram Pinn

Masters’ class

‘It is remarkable that, at the recent eighth Masters of Wine symposium, a full 20 of the MWs were able to show off wines they had made’

Illustration by Ingram Pinn of Beaujolais
©Ingram Pinn

Bojo with mojo

‘Today, the leaders of the Beaujolais region are making serious wines, properly vinified rather than rushed to market’

California chilling

‘These wines presented a different and refreshing face of America’s wine state’

An honorary Burgundian

‘Marchand makes about 60 different burgundies every vintage – and a range of wines in Western Australia’

Right-bank revolution?

‘The world of wine has been puzzled by the likely future of Château Figeac’

A sparkling success

‘LVMH is betting on the fact that the world’s wine drinkers will want bubbles wherever they are – even in red wine-obsessed China’

Barolo steps up

‘Barolo 2010 is not being shown to the world’s media officially until May but many of the UK allocations have already been sold’

China’s liquid leap

‘In recent years the number of entirely respectable Chinese reds has grown at an impressive rate’

The gain in Spain

‘The dramatic reduction in vineyard surface area has been more than compensated for by the introduction of vineyard irrigation’

A Catalan love story

‘Clos Erasmus’s maker and its US importer met years after they began their commercial relationship, and by 1997 they were married’

Douro diplomacy

‘Ambassador de Vallera is proud of having converted the sommelier at a top Berlin restaurant to Portuguese wines’

Best value wines 2004

‘Ten years has conventionally been considered the minimum age for enjoying a halfway serious red bordeaux’

Cause for celebration

‘Consumers demand more of the ageing on lees that provides champagne quality, and dryness has come to be viewed as a virtue’


Jancis RobinsonJancis Robinson has been writing and broadcasting about wine since 1975, and has been the FT’s wine correspondent since 1989. Her principal occupation nowadays is but she is also responsible for many of the standard reference books on wine including The Oxford Companion to Wine and, with Hugh Johnson, The World Atlas of Wine.

She qualified as a Master of Wine, the first from outside the wine trade, in 1984, and regularly judges and lectures about wine around the world. She has presented several award-winning television programmes including Jancis Robinson’s Wine Course and Vintners’ Tales, and is a professional narrator.

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