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MBAs tap into water management

Business schools are beginning to adapt their curricula

FT MBA rankings

Heavyweight schools retain their hold at the top
Massive open online courses are transforming distance learning
The rise of global courses and online learning
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The MBA blind spot

Business schools overlook that the success of business is linked to its social impact

Bryce Vickmark for FT 4/15/14 - Nael Haddad, MBA Candidate 2015, at the MIT Sloan School of Management in Cambridge, MA, USA.
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A business path to coexistence

MIT Sloan students have been given a fresh perspective on Israel

Nora Jabbour

Women in business – Nora Jabbour, MBA student

The former basketball coach is swapping a career in sport for one in private wealth management

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Term of the day: ‘R&D expenditure credit’

From April 2016 RDEC will replace the tax credit regime for large companies and increase visibility of tax relief

Graduates hunt for ‘search fund’ success

One-person-one-company buyouts become a hot career choice

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A map, a car, 8,000 miles and four MBAs

Students are hoping to help American entrepreneurs

Raina Brands from the London Business School Photograph: Rosie Hallam
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Men hold the upper hand in networking

Women are at a disadvantage at work

News from campus

Business masters grow in popularity

Survey shows MBA more popular among male potential students

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A round-up of free online business and management courses