Juliana Istifanus: the founder of Kauna Natural Product updates the panel on her business’s progress a year after she was awarded the graduate visa
©Anna Gordon

UK visas for the best start-up ideas

Greenwich Business School’s unique approach to sponsorship

FT contest helps land publishing deals

Bracken Bower Prize opens for new entries aiming to follow suit

Corporate crime and the New York cab

New study shines light on how fraudsters rationalise actions

Fourth act: Reverse mortgages are Professor Jack Guttentag’s latest obsession. The need for them has never been greater, he says
©Pascal Perich

The nonagenarian taking on home lenders

Wharton professor emeritus, 92, and his mortgage advice business

Ismail Ahmed: his idea was driven by expensive transactions to Somaliland
©Charlie Bibby

Start-up stories: WorldRemit

Ismail Ahmed spied a gap in the remittance market

Feedback: Business books worth a reread

FT readers offer their thoughts on the titles we should revisit

A victim who is being helped by Stop the Traffik
©Charlie Bibby

FT MBA Challenge: Expose a hidden crime

Use your business skills to help campaigners tackle human trafficking

Insead’s 1-year MBA tops FT rankings

First time a business school with Asian presence makes top global slot


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