Entreprenor Peter Thum in the Flat Iron District in New York
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Entrepreneur who wants to make an impact

Kellogg MBA Peter Thum believes his strategy is one that works

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Morea Josias
The best networkers are good listeners
Read our list of the most thought-provoking and amusing questions

Power of music fuels b-school research

Music could help decision-making or strategic thinking

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The vital role of management education

To help propel innovation, business schools must innovate and experiment with different approaches


Lessons courtesy of the robot in class

An EMLyon innovation helped a student continue his studies

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Term of the day: ‘risk-free rate’

Or as it is sometimes known, the risk-free interest rate, is the yield on high quality government bonds

James Ferguson illustration
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Germany warms to the MBA

The country’s business schools are on the rise

Nick Binedell is a South African academic and the founding director of the Gordon Institute of Business Science of the University of Pretoria in Johannesburg, South Africa.
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Nick Binedell, Gibs, Pretoria University

The founder of Gibs thrives on the speed of change

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Evolve or perish in a changing world

Progressive deans – who dare to confront the many sacred cows in the profession – are needed

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