Sweden shuts airspace as sub hunt grows

Search for presumed Russian vessel involves hundreds of military personnel

China growth slowest since global crisis

Decline in quarterly GDP expansion raises concerns over global economy

Economics underpins HK political divide

Dynamism comes at the price of the widest income gap in the developed world

Australia horse breeders win mine battle

Landmark case highlights opposition to coal mine expansions

Leung warns protesters not to test China

HK chief ready to listen to suggestions for ending demonstrations

Leader who modernised Australian society

Former prime minister Gough Whitlam dies aged 98

Eurosceptics seek immigration trap for PM

Cameron to outline policy before Christmas

Turkey allows Kurds to relieve Kobani

Shift in policy as US drops weapons to city’s defenders

Political landscape shifts in US south

Social issues and race politics are changing allegiances

US trade agenda awaits midterm elections

Republican gains could help Obama secure ‘fast-track’ authority


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