Sweden cuts rates deep into negative territory

Move rattles markets on fears of global race to lower rates

BP offers positive global outlook

US producers expected to recover strongly after oil price rout

US yield curve narrows to 8-year low

Flattening in Treasury spreads signals economic fears

IMF warning sparks Ukraine reform pledge

Lagarde threat to halt $40bn aid package elicits swift response

The two moons pulling the tides of gloom

The latest reversal is the start of a dismal chapter in global readjustment, writes James Kynge

Severe drought hits South African crops

Extreme weather impact on food prices set to remain serious

The world of British workers’ pay growth

Economics would not expect such a striking regularity of median salary increase

Yellen warns on global turbulence

Fed chair’s testimony will reduce rate rise expectations

Thai exports move into the slow lane

Driver of sustained period of economic growth is losing speed

Outflows from China top $110bn in January

Companies and residents evade tightening capital controls amid fresh market turmoil

China’s renminbi bears should beware

People’s Bank of China has the determination to hold the line

EU banks uneasy over deeper negative rates

Economists say ECB policy pushes investors into bondsat the expense of equities

Central banks peer into uncharted waters

The BoJ should not fear cutting interest rates even further

Battle over Brexit matters to the world

UK needs a voice in Europe and the bloc would benefit too

UK export failures highlight work needed

Goods trade deficit widens to record £125bn

Japan Inc must get by without waning yen

Companies need to learn to operate as currency benefits wear off

US bank stocks sell-off: five reasons

Lenders lose more than a quarter of market value so far in 2016

Bloomberg urges clarity on climate change

Companies must better explain how they are affected