Hundreds of China stocks halt trading

Over a third of listed companies suspended

Markets prepare for new Greek currency

Eurozone exit seen as probability rather than mere possibility

Oil steadies after biggest drop in 5 months

Bear market looms on Greece concern, demand outlook and Iran deal

Lack of trust threatens to scupper any Greek deal

Bitter negotiations have damaged relations on both sides

No rush for havens despite signs of doom

Investors do not want risk but see little reason to pay for safety

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Grexit will leave the euro fragile

If Greece left it would guarantee default and generate permanent instability for the eurozone

Currencies dominated by risk aversion

Commodity currencies, euro and sterling experience hefty selling

US should toughen bank reforms, says IMF

Fund’s call highlights GOP efforts to water down Dodd-Frank

Someone needed to speak truth to Europe

In the eurozone the IMF has allowed itself to be used by leaders as political cover

China market rout: heard in the chatroom

Online investor views, for better and worse

ECB ready with anti-contagion arsenal

Faith in bank policy at heart of mild reaction to Greek debt crisis

Still too big to fail

Five years of Dodd-Frank have not fully solved the problem

Aussie and kiwi dollars hit by China fears

Concerns over exports to biggest trading partner deepens losses

Currency skirmishes become pitched battles

Competitive devaluations raise threat of full-blown protectionism

Asia’s mixed record in market intervention

From Hong Kong to Pakistan, the region has a history of controversial moves to shore up shares

Clean global growth now ‘within reach’

Cheaper renewable energy boosts hope for carbon cuts, says study

ECB should not make it hard to reach deal

Greek exit from euro should be political, not technical decision

Greece: over to EU

If debt relief had come earlier, the eurozone would not be facing this moment of truth at all