China crackdown opens gap in economic data

Investors can no longer rely on the official numbers

US car sales in April revive record hopes

Industry may beat previous annual milestone of 17.5m units sold

Eurozone inflation forecasts downgraded

European Commission blames low oil prices and global economic weakness

China’s recovery: not solid

Survey findings underline fragility of credit-fuelled uptick

Bad news for European banks

The flow of poor data from the continent’s biggest lenders is far from over, writes Patrick Jenkins

Eurozone growth contradiction explained

Yawning output gap is one reason why inflation remains so weak

Ways to build a helicopter

Constructive analysis of money printing is better than unthinking dismissal

DJIBOUTI, Djibouti: Chinese workers build the Doraleh Multipurpose Port, which will be the largest of eight ports in Djibouti and the site of China's first overseas military base. China is helping to bankroll a targeted $12.4bn for huge infrastructure projects including the Doraleh Multipurpose Port and a new railway in the tiny $1.5bn economy. Djibouti, a former French colony at the northeastern edge of Africa, is increasingly at the epicenter of global ambitions; quietly helping to shape a new world order while few outsiders have even heard of the country. Djibouti is key to the rise of China, the militarisation of global trade and security, and the emergence of a strategic chokehold that global rivals want the right to police. (Nichole Sobecki for The Financial Times Magazine)

IMF cuts Africa growth forecast to 3%

Fund warns governments that reforms are needed to stem downturn

Rocketing yen leaves Tokyo with dilemma

Japan under intense pressure to hold fire as yen soars

Puerto Rico suffers significant default

Governor had declared debt moratorium on obligations due

Allianz bullish as earnings jump 21%

German insurer beats forecasts despite falling revenues

Brexit ‘could boost eurozone GDP’

Financial activity would relocate, says leading French economist

Q&A: Has bitcoin creator been revealed?

The claims of Australian Craig Wright that he invented digital currency

Draghi returns fire over Berlin criticism

ECB chief points finger at high-saving Germans in rates row

Dudley warns of Fed lending power gaps

Official says securities groups should to be able to access loans

Hidden loans prove costly for Mozambique

IMF suspends financial aid as worst crisis since civil war deepens

Argentina could issue $30bn debt this year

Provinces expected to take advantage of fresh investor interest

Europe moving ever closer to Britain

If UK stays it may be joined in outer circle by other EU states