Global tax deal targets multinationals


Clamp on avoidance could raise up to $250bn a year, says OECD

Banks give up US expats’ data to the IRS

US rules follow the public outcry over Swiss tax evasion scandals

Chart: On a roll (US Barclays Aggregate bond vields v Fed Funds target rate)

Central bank policy divergence to widen

As Fed prepares for lift-off the ECB may yet extend QE

August trade deficit worse than expected

Output in the construction sector plunges

Immigration innumeracy

The UK home secretary traduces evidence-based policymaking


Fed rate mystery keeps dollar fears alive

A stronger greenback has the potential to batter EMs

China credit scores raise Orwellian fears

Citizens’ scores based on non-financial factors such as social networks

Ukraine urges donors to double commitment

Minister warns $40bn rescue is too little for long-term stability

Carney challenges market view on rates

BoE boss is still considering an increase around the end of the year

Youth employment threatened by slowdown

ILO urges governments to redouble efforts to support young people

Lagarde open to second term as IMF chief

Growing calls to end selection of Europeans as managing director

Low inflation risks cloud Fed rate debate

Policymakers’ concerns over global growth outlined

The human cloud: A new world of work

Scattering jobs into a virtual world raises questions

Eurozone jobseeker confidence boosts Hays

Recruiter reports 8% rise in net fee income thanks to recovery

ECB keeps faith in eurozone recovery

Policymakers want more time to decide whether to lift €1.1tn QE

Shoring up the tax base

OECD’s anti-avoidance package is a beginning