Russia raises interest rates to 9.5%

Central bank acts to steady rouble amid geopolitical isolation

Eurozone inflation edges up in October

Figure remains well below the ECB’s policy target

Dollar reaches 4-year high after BoJ stuns markets

Japan central bank expands its asset buying programme

Russia and Ukraine reach gas deal

Agreement forestalls potential winter energy crisis for Europe

US shakes off torpor with 3.5% growth

Real signs of vigour in American GDP in third quarter

The Boudicca in front on the Houses of Parliament.
©Charlie Bibby/FT

UK to repay part of perpetual war loans

Government to redeem £218m in 4% Consol issued in 1927

©©Robert Metsch

ECB moves house after three-year delay

Costs spiralled to €1.2bn and tower not large enough for all staff

Rate rise lifts economic hopes in Brazil

Investors are betting Dilma Rousseff will change fiscal tack

Thai elite boosts struggling economy

Wealthy locals a lifeline for high-end businesses

Eastern Europe worst hit by dollar rise

Polish zloty hits 16-month low, down 7% over past three months