The New World of Work

Recovery driven by rise in temp jobs

OECD warns non-permanent contracts can be a trap not a stepping stone

The New World of Work: changing landscape

Amid signs of recovery, the young still face an uncertain future

‘Gig’ economy spells end to lifetime career

Employees recast as contractors, vendors and temporary workers

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Brussels seals trade accord with Vietnam

Deal ends tariffs between Europe and fast-growing Asian economy

James Ferguson illustration

Lessons learnt from crisis that never was

Sometimes the biggest potential risks are staring you in the face, writes Ed Balls

Puerto Rico v Greece: a study in contrast

In sovereign debt woes, Americans are from Mars and Europeans are from Venus

Weak yen helps Toyota to record profit

Revenue rises despite 6% fall in vehicle sales

A dream of selling low and buying high

The mercantilist obsession with competing on price

Redefining EM: is Latam submerging?

Policymaking and a focus on the long term have separated winners from losers; but size also matters

Emerging markets: Redrawing the world map

The term has become obsolete, say critics, as developing markets overtake developed ones in some areas

Q&A: What is an emerging market?

It groups economies as diverse as China and the Czech Republic but what does it really mean?

Redefining EM: matrix offers a new order

‘Brics to Blocs’ captures influence of two economic tides that order the EM universe

European federalism is not dead yet

If it is to happen at all, further integration will be down to necessity, writes John Thornhill

Weak China data hits commodity currencies

Further poor economic figures from Beijing sour sentiment as rouble leads fresh rout

Athens stock market falls on reopening

Sell-off hits as data show plunge in manufacturing activity

US jobs report to confirm Fed rate rise

Non-farm payrolls expected to be up by over 225,000 in July

Housing bubble sparks fears in Scandinavia

Record low interest rates leading to housing inflation

Puerto Rico on brink of debt default

Territory fails to make $58m bonds payment, says governor