Deutsche eyes multibillion bond buyback

German bank steps up efforts to shore up tumbling shares

Outflows from China top $110bn in January

Companies and residents look to evade tightening capital controls

China’s renminbi bears should beware

The People’s Bank of China still has the determination and the capacity to hold the line

EU banks uneasy over deeper negative rates

Policy has pushed investors into bonds at expense of equities

Central banks peer into uncharted waters

The Bank of Japan should not fear cutting interest rates even further

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Battle over Brexit matters to the world

UK needs a voice in Europe and the bloc would benefit too

Japan Inc must get by without waning yen

As currency benefits wear off, companies need to ask if enough underperforming assets have been sold

US bank stocks sell-off: five reasons

Lenders lose more than a quarter of market value so far in 2016

Bloomberg urges clarity on climate change

Companies must better explain how they are affected

Banks’ bear market is fresh Fed challenge

Tumbling financial stocks show market concern about central banks

‘Fiscal gap’ befuddles Irish voters

Election campaign jargon derided as ‘a new kind of F-word’

Issue of €500 denomination is noteworthy

Shredding the bill will stoke divisions within the eurozone

A reasonable deal to end Argentina’s saga

Holdout investors should accept the offer from Buenos Aires

Zimbabwe to push on with indigenisation

Scheme need not impede country’s aim to re-engage with international community, minister insists

Snatching at Apple’s crown

Leader’s slip from top spot may prove to be an omen

India keeps top GDP place with 7.3% rise

Oil price fall aids economy but some analysts question reliability of official data