Japan’s Abe calls for minimum wage rises

PM targets annual 3% increase in bid to boost consumer spending

Emerging market woes weigh on eurozone

ECB’s Financial Stability Review says vulnerabilities stemming from EM economies have increased

Macri faces battle with central bank

Order for Argentine banks to sell dollar assets goes to heart of problem

Osborne takes gentler route to same end

Despite his flexibility, the chancellor’s starting points remain unchanged and questionable

Why there’s calm at flattening yield curve

Benchmark US yields kept low because Treasuries remain attractive relative to peers

China’s most powerful weapon is trade

Commercial tussles are less dramatic than scraps in the South China Sea but may be more important

Europe slowly dezombifies its banks

Good news from the latest scrutiny of lenders

Italian consumers buoy recovery

Domestic consumption offsets fall in demand outside eurozone

Mobile to lead surge in digital wallets

Card transactions to fall from two-thirds to half of all payments

South Africa and the ‘Belindia’ trap

The country needs growth, and the right kind of growth

Draghi prepares for more monetary easing

The ECB should give QE more time and more firepower to work

Socialist leader becomes Portuguese PM

António Costa plans to renegotiate fiscal targets with eurozone partners

World trade heads for worst year since 2009

Growth rate of 0.7% in third quarter underlines fragility of economic recovery

Emerging European banks: turnround time?

Credit supply and funding turn positive, tentatively

US third-quarter growth revised higher

Strong economic momentum bolsters Fed case for rate rise next month

Brussels plans for bank guarantee fund

Deposit guarantee seen as ‘final pillar’ in EU banking union

Europe, unreconstructed

Italy’s bank rescue shows bad old ways not forgotten

QE has clouded market vision of normal

Changes in policy are often accompanied by market disruption, writes John Plender

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