Japan jobless rate falls to 20-year low

But inflation slips, adding to uneasy pattern of sluggish demand

Pope in plea for deal at climate summit

Pontiff warns in Africa of dire consequences of failure

Tensions over migration: Barbed rhetoric

Nationalist and anti-immigrant sentiment in central and eastern European countries are threatening the spirit of EU unity

Argentina investors await Macri reforms

Market gains must be franked by new ‘pro-investment’ government

Russia hits Turkey with range of sanctions

Retaliation follows downing of military jet on Syrian border

Survey gloomy on refugee jobs in Germany

Employers say chances of hiring migrants are low

Plus ça change

Osborne’s talent for making more of the same feel less onerous

Billionaire banker arrested, Eagles of Death Metal describe Paris attack and ‘pawsthetics’

André Esteves arrested as part of Petrobras corruption probe

Billionaire arrest widens Petrobras probe

Esteves was face of Brazilian finance during boom years

How do Osborne’s sums add up?

Higher forecasts and taxes spare many departments

Osborne’s Britain is no country for young men

The overall direction is to skew the state towards older people

Osborne takes gentler route to same end

Chancellor’s starting points remain unchanged and questionable

Why there’s calm at flattening yield curve

Benchmark US yields kept low because Treasuries remain attractive relative to peers

China’s most powerful weapon is trade

Commercial tussles are less dramatic than scraps in the South China Sea but may be more important

Europe slowly dezombifies its banks

Good news from the latest scrutiny of lenders

Emerging market woes weigh on eurozone

ECB’s Financial Stability Review says vulnerabilities stemming from EM economies have increased

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