FirstFT: World leaders ‘rattled’ by Trump, oil tops $50 and why drones won’t save Xiaomi

Obama warns of ‘very close attention’ to Republican candidate


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Clinton’s email woes, oil breaks $50 and the trouble with bonuses

Critical report could haunt Democrat nominee in tightening presidential campaign

China’s military budget, Greek breakthrough deal and what millennials really want

Chinese president links slower growth to a lower than expected rise in military spending

Swiss launch BSI probe, machine bias and the American retreat from greatness

Co-ordinated move likely to be the first of several by international regulators now investigating aspects of the 1MDB affair

Democrats’ descent into bitterness, Swiss bank heist and what a ‘CV of failures’ really reveals

‘Bitterness in Democratic race has not yet hit a point where Sanders is threatening to run as a third-party candidate, but it is perilously close’

EgyptAir wreckage confirmed, New York’s mass graves and Apple’s new stores

Egypt’s aviation minister says possibility of terrorist attack higher than technical failure, but ‘it is still speculations and assumptions’

EgyptAir flight vanishes, the spread of superbugs and what makes a jihadi

Search and rescue teams comb area where aircraft went missing

Trump taps donors, Japan rebounds and a rubbish idea

Republican presidential hopeful can focus on raising money and hitting Clinton, while she continues to battle Sanders

Buffett takes a bite out of Apple, unethical amnesia and the allure of the strongman leader

Renowned value investor takes $1bn-plus stake in the technology group

Trump courts cash, Nato’s vulnerable spearhead and financial engineering

Some hedge funds start to back presidential hopeful on the premise his rhetoric will give way to pragmatism in government

Cyber heist, Apple’s taxis, Sean Penn

Swift warns of a second Bangladesh-style bank cyber attack

Rousseff, London’s secret, cabin class wars

Senators vote against Brazilian president after marathon session

Bernie Sanders, Hiroshima, Facebook

Defeats raise questions about Clinton’s competitiveness in election

Duterte, hedge funds, pheromones

Early results suggest controversial city mayor is on course for a landslide victory

Brexit warnings, US meritocracy, earthquakes

Britain has a ‘fundamental interest’ in avoiding future European conflict, says PM

Wildfires airlift, charmless cities and how millennials ended the running craze

Thousands who fled north of Fort McMurray are being airlifted

Trump’s vow, Uber taps global leaders and why you should give a TED talk

Billionaire pledges to unite the Republican party after becoming de facto nominee

Cruz quits, Trump and the Lord’s work, and the return of the repair culture

Ted Cruz suspends campaign as Donald Trump looks to the White House

Robots are coming, Wall Street scourge and curse of the salaryman

Robots are about to tip off a financing boom as artificial intelligence becomes one of the hottest new markets in tech

Bitcoin founder revealed, Halliburton megadeal off and how the Green Zone helped destroy Iraq

Wright’s announcement, if true, would end years of speculation

Eurozone growth rate doubles, ‘Gucci’ paper handbags and China’s robot revolution

GDP growth of 0.6% is double the rate of previous quarter, while US economic growth slows to 0.5%

Trump’s ‘America first’ speech, yen’s surge and Kenya’s Silicon Savannah

Republican frontrunner calls on Washington to ‘shake the rust off’ its foreign policy

Trump triumphs, Apple’s iPhone troubles and sailing the fiscal seas

Republican presidential hopeful sweeps all five primary races

Saudis target ‘oil addiction’, bank security threat and battle against the bag

Kingdom unveils long-awaited plan for a radical transformation of its economy and promises to list 5% of state oil company

Republicans implode, killer robots and Goldman Sachs for the masses

Trump said his rivals were ‘totally desperate’ and ‘mathematically dead’

Obama speaks out on Brexit, when doves cry and kosher cocktails

US president warns UK will be less able to deal with economic shocks

US currency makeover, Russian submarine build-up and Google’s crafty tactics

US Treasury secretary announces most sweeping makeover of American currency in a century

Trump and Clinton win New York primaries, Yahoo on the block and ‘bulk wine’

Victories are welcome news for both parties’ leading candidates

Global stocks rebound, how to curb executive pay and the El Niño effect

Investors are excited by New York’s stoic performance in the face of a twitchy oil market

Oil prices sink, Brazil’s perilous transition and justice for Palmyra

Attempts by big producers to freeze output end without a deal

China’s economy, Rousseff defeated, Obama on Brexit

The Chinese economy grew 6.7% in the first quarter, well within the government’s targeted range

Why the sad US economic face? Russian jets buzz warship, Indian water wars

The IMF suggests the US has emerged as the healthiest among a sickly crop of leading economies

China trade boost, Panama papers raid, Bono wants comedy troupes

Latest sign from Beijing of tentative revival in of economic fortunes

Rousseff impeachment vote, would-be UN chiefs pitch in public, Tough Mudder targets Asia

Congressional committee in Brazil votes in favour of impeachment proceedings against president

Fujimori leads in Peru, Kerry Hiroshima visit, how the mind harms the body

Election a two-horse race, with early results putting daughter of disgraced former president ahead

Obama’s buzzkill, the world’s loneliest cities and the unravelling of a Wall Street scion

US companies have abandoned $370bn of large deals since the president came to power in 2009

Dutch reject Ukraine deal, Panama promises reform and globalisation loses appeal

Turnout barely scrapes past 30% voters oppose EU trade agreement

Setback for Trump, world’s greenest office and writers who spied

Ted Cruz convincingly wins Wisconsin primary, raising odds of contested Republican convention

Offshore funds fallout, tax battles and why US voters are angry

Pressure mounts on Iceland’s prime minister to resign while Mossack Fonseca founder denies wrongdoing

Panama Papers, twilight of the west and wire-mesh history

Leak provided an unprecedented insight into the use of offshore financial centres by the global elite

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