Clinton’s Trump warning, Turkey’s top brass and pet internet glitch

Democratic presidential nominee urges voters to unite against divisive policy ideas and combative politics


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Pressure on May, Isis trove and understanding rip currents

UK prime minister under pressure to call snap election

Hollande meets religious leaders, Clinton makes history, killing is contagious

French president in show of solidarity after priest’s killing

Sanders’ endorsement, ‘gender-charged’ reporting, world’s fastest-growing people

Vermont senator urges supporters to back Clinton

Democrats in turmoil, halo slips off Pokémonomics and why doctors die differently

Democratic National Committee head quits after email leak exposed rifts in the party

UK downturn, Zimbabwe loyalists rebel and France’s de-radicalising imam

Post-Brexit survey shows economy has had its sharpest drop since 2009

Turkey’s state of emergency, HSBC arrests and the upside of student debt

Presidential powers strengthened as 60,000 are accused of involvement in Turkey’s coup

Trump seals nomination, the hottest half-year on record and London’s most expensive flat

Donald Trump wins Republican party nomination at convention in Cleveland

Melania Trump accused of plagiarism, Isis claims German train attack and the secret to longevity

Accusations of plagiarism in speech by Donald Trump’s wife dominate Republican convention in Cleveland

Baton Rouge shootings, crackdown in Turkey and the ideal face for meetings

US Republican and Democrat approaches to Baton Rouge killings diverge

Nice terror attack, Theresa May heads north and how the CIA hoodwinked Hollywood

France extends state of emergency after attacker in Nice rams a truck into Bastille Day crowds and kills at least 84

Theresa May pledge, Nigeria famine warning and how lasers can help clean beaches

Britain’s new prime minister pledges to create ‘a country that works for everyone’

Theresa May’s cabinet, ‘leprechaun economics’ and sheep-cams in the Faroes

Theresa May’s arrival as UK prime minister will see more women in senior cabinet jobs

Britain’s new PM, Pokémon parties on and post-truth politics

David Cameron to resign, paving the way for Theresa May to become Britain’s next prime minister

China warns on UN ruling, Pokémon as game changer and how to write the perfect resignation

Beijing says any UN ruling against it will raise tension and undermine peace in the region

Dallas snipers, sterling, N Korea tech

Five police officers die and several injured during protests

©Darren Baker

FirstFT: IEA warns on Mideast oil, Paris woos bankers, zombie ideas

IEA says lower prices derail efforts by governments to curb demand

Pound, Brexit, work-free world

Investors rush for perceived havens of gold and government bonds

First FT: UK banking boost, US oil reserves, Generation X

Bank of England head wants to increase lending

FirstFT: Osborne’s plans, Jupiter mission, tech support

UK chancellor wants to slash corporate tax rate to less than 15%

Bond yields at new low, Tesla death and a 14-year-old art prodigy

Bond yields at record lows after BOE prepares for another round of monetary stimulus

UK easing hint, Deutsch Bank, art prodigy

BoE prepares to unleash another round of monetary stimulus

EU rebuffs Cameron, London property and citizenship for sale

Hopes of UK being able to soften exit from European Union are dashed

EU’s hardened stance, free trade and lotus leaves

EU rebuffs Cameron migration plea in first summit without UK

The long goodbye, Istanbul attack and the post-Brexit diet

EU summit continues today without UK at the table, after David Cameron bids emotional farewell in Brussels

Brexit turmoil, weaponised music and an Icelandic victory

Despite rebounding, the pound has shed 10.5% since the UK voted to leave the EU

Brexit shake, abortion rights, Turkey

Brexit aftermath, Spain returns to polls and Fallujah freed

UK chancellor’s efforts to calm markets fail to halt Brexit chaos

UK Leave vote, PM resigns, market turmoil

Negotiations entail setting new terms of access and legislating to ‘renationalise’ volumes of law rooted in the EU

FirstFT: Awaiting the Brexit result, Obama immigration blow, and Martin Wolf says legalise it

Democrats, Brexit, ocean clean-up

Democrat sit-in stretches into second day

FirstFT: Brexit vote looms, Saudi sees end of oil glut and Latin America's new management

Clinton, SoftBank, robots

‘We can’t let Trump bankrupt America,’ says Clinton

FirstFT: Cameron touts ‘Remain dividend’

PM predicts inward investment surge if Britain votes to stay

Trump tumult, UK urged to remain, Syria’s shadow doctors

Trump fires manager in a bid to shake up faltering campaign

Pound surges, Trump, Mexican justice

Polls show momentum shifting in favour of the Remain camp

Refugees, gun laws, North Korea

UN estimates 65.3m people were displaced at the end of 2015

Rajan departure rattles investors

Blow for reforms as India’s central bank chief returns to academia

Brexit briefing special

Everything you need to know ahead of the referendum

Westminster in mourning, Hong Kong bookseller speaks and a soda tax sweetener

Jo Cox, a supporter of the campaign for Britain to remain in the EU, was shot and stabbed in her constituency town of Birstall

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