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How the 30% Club took on the financial establishment to win more places for women on boards

The 30% Club

How women and men took on the old boys’ network to gain equality

Iran uncovered

A corruption trial is exposing this closed society’s links between money and politics

In on the act

Arts groups are challenged to be ever more creative in wooing wealthy sponsors

Uri Levine Co-Founder and Chairman of Feex an Israeli start up company and former Waze navigation application Founder at his office in Hertzelia Wednesday Sept 29 2015
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Mover and shaker: App king Uri Levine

The Waze co-founder is shepherding his Israeli start-ups into billion dollar unicorns

President Vladimir Putin of Russia, right, greets China’s President Xi Jinping
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Assets in acronyms

Thinking up catchy buzzwords has become a business in itself

Foray into the forest

The long-term nature of the asset class​ is what gives timber investors an advantage over those in other real assets

Top of the class

Asia’s approach to learning has spawned a global industry

Homeland, with erstwhile CIA agent Carrie Mathison, played by Claire Danes
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The Middle East mindset

Much of the region’s family wealth comes from commodities, which is prey to price fluctuations

Rare earth metals bags are checked at a mine in Nancheng county, China
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Objects of power and risk

The growth of gadgets such as mobile phones is powering the rare earth metals market

Colourful money boxes

Effective altruism

It is important to anchor a culture of giving in economic research and ‘good scientific thinking’

Fragile spark of wealth

How South Sudan’s elite park their assets outside the country

George Lucas museum battling a show of force

A local civic group is suing to halt the construction of George Lucas’s Museum of Narrative Art

Scandal on display

Corruption in Brazil is bringing forth wonderful art pieces

Donor-advised funds: models of efficiency

The scheme is gaining in popularity with affluent altruists on both sides of the Atlantic

Fighting poverty as a heroic venture

Peter Singer argues people have the ability to transform the world around them for the better, rather than accepting their fate

Strings that resonate

Collectors are building assets in music manuscripts and instruments

All in a name

Complexities of modern philanthropy and the fraught issue of naming rights

The hunt for yield

Africa promises investors the possibility of rapid economic growth, but growth remains pegged to global commodity prices

Autumn 2015

Past fortunes

The multi-family office for Germany’s Quandts is expanding its client base

Master suites

Luxury hotels are becoming fine art spaces to rival many galleries

Cool reception

The move by hedge funds to become family offices has not been universally welcomed

Global outlook

Central banks hold the key to growth or recesssion, say investment managers

Direct dealers

The Pritzker brothers have been pioneers of direct investing in family firms

Family offices: the next stage

As the structure is adopted around the world, notably in Asia, it will surely change further

Shock of the new

Wealth managers struggle with modern technology

Asia’s new altruists

A foundation can be an incubator for children to join the business later

Outsmarting Harvard

How to handle market volatility

Sandaire Investment Office’s community spirit

The long term is critical says Alex Scott, the group’s founder

Manageable ambitions

Family offices are expanding their philanthropic ventures

Smooth handovers

Succession is easier if the process happens slowly

Follow the money

The implications of the UK’s clampdown on non-doms

The generation game

Challenges for family offices in emerging markets

Cost challenges drive mergers

Consolidations gather pace in multi-family offices

The taxman cometh

What the common reporting standard will mean for families’ planning set-ups

Capitalism for employees

Can companies be persuaded to pay their workers more?

What’s in a name?

Cascade Investment, Bill Gates’ wealth manager, is known to invest globally and across many asset classes

Investment passions: ceramics

The pleasures and pitfalls of collecting pottery

Family offices develop appetite for risk

Family offices are favouring riskier assets more and more

Ambitious Wealth

Alexandre Mars on an epic charity journey

Funding will always come from me, says the philanthropist

From the editor

The nature of wealth is evolving in the second decade of the 21st century