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Winter 2014

The Business Guru: Patrick Thomas, former chief executive of Hermès, gives his advice and tips to aspiring entrepreneurs

Andean attitude

an Aymara woman dances in the ballroom of one of El Alto’s new mansions
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An economic boom has seen Bolivia’s indigenous people come in from the margins to flaunt their new wealth

the Revel Casino Hotel sits among vacant lots
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Sin city seeks salvation

Failing casinos threaten ruin for Atlantic City, so the stakes are high on its rebranding as an upmarket destination

A processional ramp at St Peter’s, pictured in 1967

Brutalist beauty

Plans to restore St Peter’s seminary, a modernist ruin in Scotland, symbolise the rediscovery of 1960s architecture

Bricks and mortality: Buildings under threat

Whether due to war, religion, taste or nature, architecture is mortal

Philip Mould's Mayfair art gallery
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Mayfair on tour

Priced out of their flagship premises, London’s fine art galleries are trying new ways to lure in customers

Patrick Thomas
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The business guru: Patrick Thomas

Forget the label – see the person, says the former chief executive of Hermès

Pink diary with heart shaped padlock and chain
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Mistakes maketh the man

Dwelling on investing mistakes may be the best way to avoid repeating them

ca. 1971, Gene Wilder dances with an unidentified Oompa Loompa, on the set of the movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
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Sweet returns

Direct social impact can be achieved on a small scale with a large personal fortune

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Losing streak

Traders described their attempts at ‘merger arbitrage’ as ‘#arbageddon’

Ice driving
©Malcolm Griffiths

Skating on thick ice

A classic Porsche 911 on an ice track is an intoxicating mix

Dynastic decisions

Having a succession plan in place is vital if a family business is to survive

Are the rich different?

The rich like to have control and not hand it over to others

Targeting treatments

Philanthropy is a big deal among the global political and business elite

Artistic licence

Since the death of Lucian Freud, the courts and the media have been preoccupied with the contents of his will – and the disputes it has provoked

Best of British

The modern butler is more likely to be on a Blackberry than ironing a newspaper

Honesty and the pursuit of profit

An examination of how capitalism itself was forged through evolving mechanisms to curb these dishonest tendencies. A review of ‘Forging Capitalism’, by Ian Klaus

Speed by stealth

The two-seater McLaren 650S, with twin-turbocharged 3.8 litre V8 power, makes it around corners with ease

Upwardly mobile: Cessna Citation M2

Grimmer economic realities than seven years ago make this a tough environment for aircraft of this size

Investment focus: opportunities in China

Comment and statistics on the country’s economic growth

Building blocks

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