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Art is in the eye of the beholder — and the buyer. In this issue’s cover story, scholars are helping collectors unearth lost Old Masters. But the art market faces rocky times ahead — Chinese collectors, in particular, are showing signs of hesitancy

Peak district

A new and younger generation of Chinese entrepreneurs have created great wealth for themselves — and now wish to give back

British Royalty, picture: circa 1895, Queen Victoria of Great Britain
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The Rich Column: Temporal paradox

Much of 21st century life might disconcert Victoria

Lehman lives on with crop of entrepreneurs

The bank’s entrepreneurial culture survives through its former staff

Foundations: The easy way to charity

Stelios Haji-Ioannou finds an easy way to give

Henry Ford (1863-1947), American industrialist known for his revolutionary assembly-line process for factory production and the Model-T automobile

Ambitious Wealth: Heirs will be heirs

The philanthropist’s natural desire to see their wishes carried out is hardly unique to one side of the political spectrum

Guillermo and Iker Echeverría with their Vuhl 05
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Talent hunters

FT writers talk to six up-and-coming start-ups from around the world to determine what makes for a successful business

Sean Parker in his New York apartment
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Sean Parker: Hacker philanthropy

The Napster creator on what billionaires should do to launch scientific breakthroughs

Palestinians shopping through the streets of West Bank city of Ramallah on October 14, 2013, in preparation for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha
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Palestinian territories: Rocky soil for start-ups

Much of the Arab world’s current innovation in technology is indeed coming from the Levant

March 2016
Hugo Greenhalgh, FT staff byline.
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Masters of art detection

The art market faces rocky times as Chinese collectors are showing signs of hesitancy

Book review: The Hidden Wealth of Nations

A growing need for tighter regulation – or too much state intervention?

Art of discovery

Uncovering lost old masters is a passion for one connoisseur

Asian tycoons seek opportunities in western markets

Investors are using a variety of ways to cope with the Chinese economy and the ‘enemy within’

Loutfy Mansour — the rising son

The Cairo-born 33-year-old heads his $6bn family business’s investment arm, Man Capital

Family fortunes

Although shy of the limelight, the immensely wealthy Reimanns are bold in business

The trouble with legacies

To put one’s name on a building makes a future demand on history

The recline and fall of antique furniture

This alternative asset for the super-rich has proved a terrible financial investment in recent years

Vanity virus cures medical fund gap

Naming incentives and online crowdsourcing are innovations being looked at to grow donations

Private foundations — the charitable impulse

What lies behind the evolution of this vast and sophisticated philanthropic force?

Rescue mission

Struggling UK families are being served by social supermarkets

Investment passions: rare books

Books as physical objects have a charm and can be such a deep pleasure

Family offices: cultivating lasting legacies

Culture is equally as important as how a family should invest

Sierra Leone’s rich re-emerge after Ebola

In a city that likes to party, Freetown’s wealthy are hitting the night spots again

China’s private companies under scrutiny

Fosun chief’s short disappearance marks a new stage in the anti-corruption campaign

Financial power and politics questioned

Jane Mayer’s ‘Dark Money’ is an exhaustive study of the Koch brothers’ attempt to influence public opinion. Review by Daniel Ben-Ami

Crude vs extra virgin oil

What would oil magnate JR Ewing of ‘Dallas’ do today?

Entrepreneurs step in to help the refugees

Many legitimate private businesses are seeing a way to care for migrants

Rise of the robo-advisers

Voice apps and robots to revolutionise investments

The personal touch is best

Where should you start when looking for a financial adviser

Investment focus: Oil on the slide

Investment banks have forecast that slowing demand from China will help drive prices to $20 a barrel

Winter 2015

The 30% Club

How women and men took on the old boys’ network to gain equality

Iran uncovered

A corruption trial is exposing this closed society’s links between money and politics

In on the act

Arts groups are challenged to be ever more creative in wooing wealthy sponsors

Mover and shaker: App king Uri Levine

The Waze co-founder is shepherding his Israeli start-ups into billion dollar unicorns

Assets in acronyms

Thinking up catchy buzzwords has become a business in itself

Foray into the forest

The long-term nature of the asset class​ is what gives timber investors an advantage over those in other real assets

Top of the class

Asia’s approach to learning has spawned a global industry

The Middle East mindset

Much of the region’s family wealth comes from commodities, which is prey to price fluctuations

Objects of power and risk

The growth of gadgets such as mobile phones is powering the rare earth metals market

Effective altruism

It is important to anchor a culture of giving in economic research and ‘good scientific thinking’

Fragile spark of wealth

How South Sudan’s elite park their assets outside the country