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Spring 2015

The great pop swap shop: how artists are exchanging art to boost their own collections

The great pop art swap shop

Hayden Kays, left, and Jake Chapman, right
©Kalpesh Lathigra

Artists trade works with one other for reasons of friendship or even rivalry — and to save money

Harry ‘Man of’ Steel, an associate director at HSBC Private Bank takes the stage for Hedge Fund Fight Nite

White-collar warriors

Once a year, would-be boxers from the world of finance limber up for Hong Kong’s Hedge Fund Fight Nite

A child, standing in the midst of a field of maize plants, looks out from beneath the foliage
©Graeme Williams/Panos

Swaziland: A kingdom under pressure

Natie Kirsh, billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist, wants to set the record straight about his adopted country

Spooky business

The secret services have spawned a new breed of commercial intelligence company

alcohol shots
©Vladyslav Bashutskyy/Dreamstime

The Ideas Column: Where angels fear to invest

Sinners not only have all the fun, their investments do better too

The Rich Column: Silence is not golden

The wealthy are starting to care about their bad press

Gained in translation

‘Guillemets’ capture the French attitude towards anything too Anglo-Saxon

The dangerous hike
©John Wilhelm/Getty Images

Foreign exchange still has the power to shock

There has been a co-ordinated race to devalue currencies

Brazilian billionaire Eike Batista at the his home in Jardim Botanico, Rio de Janeiro, next to his $1.2 million dollar Mercedes Benz, that he keeps in the living room

Fall from grace

The downfall of Brazil’s richest man

New elected superior general of the Society of Jesus Father Adolfo Nicolas of Spain celebrates his first mass as head of Jesuits at the Church of Jesus, January 20, 2008, in Rome, Italy
©Getty Images

Lessons in everyday morality

The Jesuits have much to teach modern business about morality

Supporting acts

Musicians able to realise their talents thanks to some wealthy benefactors

The high life

High-end care homes are gaining favour with asset-rich baby-boomers

Growth sector

Sperm donation is a lucrative and growing industry

In the shadow of the state

Book review: ‘The Rise and Fall of Neoliberal Capitalism’, by David M Kotz

Massive attack: The Porsche Cayenne Turbo

For a car the size of a small island, with the weight to match, everything feels surprisingly under control

Spirit of the sixties: Riding the Triumph Thruxton Ace

This is retro for real — genuine heritage, usable authentic looks

The Business Guru: Bob Rich of Rich Products

A winning mentality is everything

Investment focus: Europe

Investors are once again looking to the continent, and it’s not just because of Germany’s growth spurt

Friends but enemies

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