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Autumn 2014

Read about the treasure buried beneath India’s Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, auction houses’ exploration of digital ways to engage with their clients, as well as what Georgia has to offer for wine connoisseurs

Temple troubles

Princess Gouri Parvathi Bayi in Kowdiar Palace

An Indian Hindu shrine is said to contain $22bn of treasure. But who exactly should be its steward?


Rohit Jaggi takes the BMW i8 for a test-drive
Rohit Jaggi speeds around Brands Hatch in an attempt to gain his racing track licence

Click and collect

Auction houses are under pressure to adapt to this changing universe and devising ways to tap into the preferences of their clients

winery and vineyard

A taste for tradition

The resurgence of Georgia’s viticultural heritage is exciting wine connoisseurs

Get smart

Momentum strategies work because investors tend to follow the herd

Vineyard villains

To protect themselves, clients and managers need to acknowledge that fine wine markets are unlike any other

Elevator pitch

Should your wealth manager consider these elevated tech valuations as a sell signal?

Strength in numbers

Smaller players can either give up and sell out or join bigger outfits

Eyes on the prize: Initial public offerings

When great companies come to market, investing in them will always be a good thing

Robin Geffen (second from left) with his horse Arctic Cosmos (centre)
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The thrill of the chase

There is considerable variation in the cost of stabling and training fees

Common area at Wasserstein Hall, Harvard Law School
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Personal touch

While donors in Europe tend to keep a low profile, in the US generosity is often accompanied by a desire for public recognition

Soft cell

How to soften the blow if your financial dealings land you in jail

The final reckoning

Six simple steps you can take to protect as much of your lifetime’s wealth

Book review: ‘The New Class Conflict’, by Joel Kotkin

The author has come up with the unlikely proposal of understanding the country’s predicament in terms of class conflict

BMW i8: Electric blue

The German carmaker is on to a winner if it can be the first into a new genre of clean and responsible supercars

Fast but not furious

Driving a car fast around a track is all about exploring the limits of adhesion

The business guru: Ofra Strauss

‘Everyone needs a mentor’

Investment focus: India

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Hidden fortunes

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