Summer 2015

The next generation of wealthy families is becoming more active in business, politics and society. Philanthropy is changing: social entrepreneurs want to make money and do good

Mexico’s super-rich under scrutiny

Enrique Pena Nieto, President of Mexico, is shown at the presidential compound of Los Pinos, during an interview with Jude Webber of the Financial Times
©Keith Dannemiller

The country’s wealthy and powerful are used to attention, but not all publicity is good

Profitable porn

The adult industry is building its brands in an effort to counter digital disruption

Artist, Damien Hirst, photographed in a formaldehyde tank in the White Cube Gallery, St.James, London
©Charlie Bibby

A broader canvas

The high price of contemporary art has prompted a revival of interest in Old Masters

Zurab Tsereteli
©Magali Delporte

Artistic licence

Zurab Tsereteli’s works have wooed the Moscow elite, despite a mixed critical reception

3D printing and Isaac Newton
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Column: Bubble trouble

So what is the best strategy to follow, stay on the sidelines or invest?

the Neues Museum’s bust of Queen Nefertiti
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Column: Victims of vanity

The wealthy’s penchant for vanity spending has its risks

The beauty, or not, of boutiques

From Carnaby Street to investment houses, they are everywhere

Skid Row in Los Angeles
©Mark Peterson/Redux

Divided communities

Anxious discussions about the inequality divide have become a regular fixture at the World Economic Forum

A piece of the action

A vehicle that speculates on athletes’ earnings has its eye on entertainers too

Modern dynasties

The nature of the demands of newly wealthy Asians is evolving, and with it a need for more responsive family offices

Stakes in society

Family offices are becoming more interested in social impact investing

Youthful visions of family businesses

The next generation is well attuned to the potential of technology

The gender challenge in the video games industry

Women are breaking the dominance of men in the video games sector

Dead reckoning

The great American estate tax slip-up

The Business Guru: Sam Goi, the Popiah King

Square answers to round problem

High and mighty: Triumph’s Tiger Explorer and KTM’s Super Adventure

Adventure motorbikes put to the test

Loeb joins fight for US jail reform

Hedge fund manager in push for end to mass imprisonment

Investment focus

Prospects for frontier markets, with comment by Mark Mobius

From the editor: Ambitious wealth

A look on how new money is seeking to alter the world in its own image