Summer 2014

Wealth around the world: this issue delves into the growing number of Chinese museums and galleries, discusses South Korea’s use of literature as a form of ‘soft power’, and asks whether now is the time to invest in Kazakhstan

Down but not out

Cricketers are the poor relations of British sport but the game is improving its financial acumen


The Agility Saietta for FT Wealth. ©Charlie Bibby
On the road with Saietta
Rohit Jaggi pilots the Seabreacher in California's Shasta Lake, May 14, 2014. ©Max Whittaker
Rohit Jaggi tries the watercraft at California’s Shasta Lake
the Mimesis Art Museum in Paju Bookcity

Literary leverage

South Korea is investing in its book publishing industry as a means of exerting ‘soft power’ internationally

“Tension 1” by Zhang Enli
©Zhang Enli/Hauser & Wirth

Empires of culture

China’s wealthy are building new museums to display the country’s treasures and to educate people about its past

In the Palace of freedom a painting showing the investiture of the President Noursoultan Nazarbayev with the presidents of the great countries
©Pascal Maitre/Cosmos/Eyevine

Uncertain steppes

As Kazakhstan’s economy grows, some are concerned at the power of its elites and the competing influences of Russia and China

Male brown bear stands on hind feet on a log with his arms raised
©Alaska Stock/Alamy

Beware the bears

Bearish stock market commentators are not necessarily reassuring

The art of borrowing

Art collectors are discovering the potential of their works as collateral

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
©Kobal Collection

False sense of security

‘It is the very popularity of passive investing that makes stocks picking a necessity’

A world divided

What does help poor people is the massive expansion of income

Mexico, wrestling, Arena Coliseo-Fighters

Mexican marvels

Its comic blend of soap opera and wince-inducing acrobatic stunts make it and enduring Mexican passion

Stories of our lives

A well-organised personal archive can offer tantalising historical insights

Profits from the past

Tenants separate from the museum operations bring in valuable income

Budget luxury

Chinese consumers can tell in an instant a ‘secretary’s bag’, and don’t want that

Andean trails

Rich Colombians are increasingly willing to spend locally in a country where consumption accounts for some two-thirds of the economy

Club-class perks

Why sports debenture holders might be sitting on a gold mine

Murky worlds

‘Big Money’ by Kenneth Vogel tells how massive contributions from a few ultra-rich individuals came to play a greater role in the 2012 US presidential election than ever before

Plug and play

The distinctive shape of the Saietta R Premier motorcycle means everyone wants you to stop and chat

Taking to the waves in the Seabreacher

A new version with a folding fin allows for spectacular barrel rolls in the water

One-way ticket to inclusivity

‘Legislation requiring a certain number of women on boards is just fine’, says Marilyn Carlson Nelson

Investment focus: Russia

News and statistics, and comment by Ben Yearsley

Adjustable focus

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