Christine Lagarde

Lunch with the FT - Christine Lagarde
©James Ferguson

IMF’s chief talks to Gillian Tett about giving more power to emerging markets and the ‘highly political’ decision of a French court to investigate her

Illustration of Yuval Noah Harari by Patrick Morgan
©Patrick Morgan

Yuval Noah Harari, historian

At a restaurant in Tel Aviv, the ‘Sapiens’ author discusses 70,000 years of humankind, super-abilities and market forces

illustration by James Ferguson of John Lanchester
©James Ferguson

John Lanchester, writer

Over octopus and cod, the banker’s son talks to John Gapper about London, rising inequality and his love of good food

Illustration by James Ferguson by Jean Pigozzi
©James Ferguson

Jean Pigozzi, investor

Over gnocchi in Cannes, the investor and socialite talks about clothes for ‘rich old men’ and why his idea of paradise is browsing for electrical gadgets

Illustration by Patrick Morgan of RaghuramRajan
©Patrick Morgan

Raghuram Rajan, banker

The man credited with spotting the last financial crisis discusses robber-baron capitalism and the Rajan rally

Illustration by James Ferguson of Jefferson Hack
©James Ferguson

Jefferson Hack, media entrepreneur

Over hot broth and cold quiche, the co-founder of ‘alternative style bible’ Dazed & Confused talks about his digital empire – and being inspired by Playboy

illustration of Xavier Lopez Ancona by James Ferguson
©James Ferguson

Xavier López Ancona, KidZania founder

The Mexican theme park entrepreneur talks about consumerism, having fun and Mexico’s ‘terrible’ image abroad

illustration of Niall FitzGerald by James Ferguson
©James Ferguson

Niall FitzGerald, chairman, British Museum

Over risotto in London’s Knightsbridge, the former Unilever chief talks about his time as chairman of the British Museum

Illustration of Zoella by Patrick Morgan
©Patrick Morgan

Zoella, ‘vlogger’

A social media – and advertising – phenomenon, Zoella has more than 5m YouTube subscribers. She talks to Jonathan Ford about virtual stardom

Illustration by Luke Waller of Vikram Pandit
©Luke Waller

Vikram Pandit, financier

Eighteen months after his shock departure from the US banking giant Citigroup, its deposed chief executive talks to Tom Braithwaite about life after Wall Street, shadow banking and behavioural economics

Junot Díaz, novelist

Born in the Dominican Republic, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author talks migration, machismo and swearing in Spanish

Clive Palmer, mining magnate

The mining magnate tells Jamie Smyth about clashing with the PM, his Chinese business partners and Murdoch’s empire

Zhang Lei, financier

The billionaire financier tells Henny Sender how ‘China has leapfrogged the US in many ways, especially mobile internet’

Edmund Phelps, economist

Over pumpkin soup, the Nobel Prize-winning economist talks about creativity and innovation

Gloria Vanderbilt dines with Vanessa Friedman

The 90-year-old heiress and pioneer of designer denim breaks from her daily peanut butter sandwich to talk about the triumphs and tragedies of an extraordinary life

Guo Jian has Lunch with the FT

Now an artist creating work out of minced pork and litter, the former soldier and Tiananmen Square protester talks to Tom Mitchell over beer (but not much food) in Beijing 25 years on

Matthieu Pigasse has Lunch with the FT

‘I am very anti-bourgeois,’ the head of Lazard Frères in France tells Michael Stothard over sushi in Paris

Tim Geithner has Lunch with the FT

Over Indian food in New York, the former US Treasury secretary talks to Martin Wolf about future risks, crisis management, mistakes and misperceptions

Travis Kalanick has Lunch with the FT

Is the chief executive of controversial driver-hailing app Uber a ‘trust-buster’ or an arch capitalist?

Arvind Kejriwal

Over aubergine and potato curry, the leader of India’s ‘Common Man’ party talks about past lives and ‘extortionist corruption’


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