Roger Stone

Illustration of Roger Stone by James Ferguson
©James Ferguson

What’s it like to be Donald Trump’s streetfighter?

Illustration by James Ferguson of LarryHarvey
©James Ferguson

Larry Harvey, Burning Man co-founder

Burning Man festival’s ‘chief philosophic officer’ talks about conservative values and why a ‘sudden change’ is on the way

Illustration by James Ferguson of Carlo Rovelli
©James Ferguson

Carlo Rovelli, scientist

The physicist and popular science author talks to Ludovic Hunter-Tilney about changing how we see the universe

Seb Jarnot's illustration of Teju Cole
©Seb Jarnot

Teju Cole, novelist

At a Harlem hotspot, the writer talks about racial tensions and social media

Illustration by James Ferguson of Margarita Simonyan
©James Ferguson

Margarita Simonyan, journalist

The Kremlin media star on the world according to Russia

Lunch with the FT: Rob Rhinehart
©James Ferguson

Rob Rhinehart, entrepreneur

Over double desserts in LA, the inventor of a ‘future food’ says our eating habits are stuck in the industrial revolution

Eddie Jones
©James Ferguson

Eddie Jones, rugby coach

The England head rugby coach talks about man-management and wooing Japanese fans

Illustration by James Ferguson of Philip Tetlock
©James Ferguson

Philip Tetlock, professor

The sage of ‘superforecasting’ talks about the Brexit curveball and why political pundits get it wrong

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
©James Ferguson

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, writer

The Nigerian novelist talks about race, hard-edged heroines and her optimism for her home country

Nikesh Arora
©James Ferguson

Nikesh Arora, tech executive

Before his resignation, the tech Titan spoke about his love for his now ex-SoftBank boss

Adair Turner, businessman and academic

The former FSA head talks to Martin Wolf about Brexit, his euro mistake and why George Osborne is ‘a bit of a gambler’

Cecily Brown, painter

The New York art star talks to Jackie Wullschlager about Proust, painting and why motherhood meant ‘joining the human race’

James Baker, former government official

The Republican grandee talks to FT editor Lionel Barber about Nixon’s culinary tastes, Reagan’s pragmatism and the meaning of Donald Trump

Sidney Toledano, chief executive

Over boeuf and wine in Paris, Dior Couture’s boss tells how he tackled the Galliano racism row and why he’s in no rush to appoint a designer

Carlo Ancelotti, football manager

The food-loving Italian football coach talks about managing galactic egos and how big businesses like his new club Bayern Munich can still be a family

Sean Penn, actor

The hellraising Oscar-winning actor on his activism and that infamous article with a Mexican drug kingpin

David Petraeus, public official

The former CIA head talks about ‘firing yourself’, hard lessons learnt, and why there’s no substitute for US leadership

Susan Wojcicki, tech executive

The YouTube boss tells Hannah Kuchler about reshaping entertainment and being a woman in Silicon Valley

Jin Liqun, politician

The man behind the Chinese bank that upset the US meets Jamil Anderlini at a fast-food joint in Beijing

Sheikh Hamad Bin-Jaber al-Thani, politician

As Qatar’s PM he invested in Britain and intervened in the Arab Spring. He talks to Roula Khalaf about what went right — and what went wrong


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