Pavel Durov

James Ferguson's illustration of Pavel Durov
©James Ferguson

The tech entrepreneur on founding Russia’s biggest social networking app, falling out with Putin and life as a global nomad

Illustration by James Ferguson of Thomas Piketty
©James Ferguson

Thomas Piketty, professor

The French ‘rock-star’ economist on the eurozone, inequality and tax

Illustration by James Ferguson of Lunch with the FT interviewee Takashi Murakami
©James Ferguson

Takashi Murakami, artist

Over two burgers in Tokyo, ‘Japan’s Andy Warhol’ talks to David Pilling about art, capitalism and the value of fantasy

Illustration by James Ferguson of Richard Desmond
©James Ferguson

Richard Desmond, businessman

Over a bottle of Château Palmer, the media mogul calls the British prime minister ‘rude’, swears quite a lot and talks to Henry Mance about what to do with a billion in cash

Illustration of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
©Seb Jarnot

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, economist

Nigeria’s departing finance minister on her country’s new beginning and why she’ll never succumb to the ‘dark side’

James Ferguson illustration for Federico Marchetti Lunch with the FT
©James Ferguson

Federico Marchetti, tech entrepreneur

The founder of online luxury retailer Yoox speaks to Jo Ellison about the ‘perfect’ merger with Net-a-Porter — and the shopping habits of different nations

Illustration by James Ferguson of James Gorman
©James Ferguson

James Gorman, bank executive

The head of Morgan Stanley on taking radical action on pay and the continuing attraction of Wall Street

Illustration by James Ferguson of Saikhanbileg Chimed
©James Ferguson

Saikhanbileg Chimed, government official

Mongolia’s prime minister talks foreign investment and China

Sandro Veronesi illustration

Sandro Veronesi, entrepreneur

Over horsemeat in Verona, the hosiery billionaire talks about socks, swimwear — and inflaming Italy’s opera establishment

Arnab Goswami illustration for Lunch with the FT by James Ferguson
©James Ferguson

Arnab Goswami, news anchor

The abrasive TV star on why India will become the media capital of the world

Hervé Falciani, systems engineer

The HSBC whistleblower on Edward Snowden and fearing for his life

Jessye Norman, opera singer

The soprano with a reputation for outlandish demands discusses racial stereotypes — and why being called a ‘diva’ is a compliment

Ray Kurzweil, author and computer scientist

The futurist on taking 100 pills a day, the thrill of inventing - and why ‘we’re going to overcome ageing’

Matthew Weiner, director and producer

The creator of ‘Mad Men’ talks about bringing the show to an end

Axel Dumas, business executive

Jo Ellison eats lobster and talks waiting lists with the Hermès chief executive — and guardian of the Birkin

Tony Hall, media executive

From the Jeremy Clarkson ‘fracas’ to protecting the licence fee, the BBC’s director-general always has a full in-tray. As he puts it, ‘You can’t just hang people every time things go wrong’

Sang-Hyun Song, lawyer

International Criminal Court’s outgoing president talks to Lionel Barber about wartime Korea, negotiating in Libya and the difficulties of bringing war crimes to trial

Barry Diller, businessman

Over a personalised meal in New York, the media mogul talks about surviving the 1970s, the art of reinvention and why Rupert Murdoch stands out from the conglomerate crowd

Amitav Ghosh, writer

Over a ‘Calcutta Chinese’ feast, novelist talks to David Pilling about the ‘cognitive problem’ that separates India and China, and completing his epic Ibis trilogy

He Jiahong, law professor

Over a buffet lunch in Beijing, the anti-corruption campaigner talks about writing crime novels — and how he won over his wife’s family


This column is a weekly interview in the Life & Arts section with leading cultural and business figures.

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