Carlo Ancelotti

Illustration by James Ferguson of Carlo Ancelotti
©James Ferguson

The food-loving Italian football coach talks about managing galactic egos and how big businesses like his new club Bayern Munich can still be a family

Sean Penn
©Seb Jarnot

Sean Penn, actor

The hellraising Oscar-winning actor on his activism and that infamous article with a Mexican drug kingpin

Illustration by James Ferguson of David Petraeus
©James Ferguson

David Petraeus, public official

The former CIA head talks about ‘firing yourself’, hard lessons learnt, and why there’s no substitute for US leadership

Illustration of Susan Wojcicki by Luke Waller
©Luke Waller

Susan Wojcicki, tech executive

The YouTube boss tells Hannah Kuchler about reshaping entertainment and being a woman in Silicon Valley

Jin Liqun
©James Ferguson

Jin Liqun, politician

The man behind the Chinese bank that upset the US meets Jamil Anderlini at a fast-food joint in Beijing

Illustration by James Ferguson of Sheikh Hamad Bin-Jaber al-Thani
©James Ferguson

Sheikh Hamad Bin-Jaber al-Thani, politician

As Qatar’s PM he invested in Britain and intervened in the Arab Spring. He talks to Roula Khalaf about what went right — and what went wrong

Illustration by James Ferguson of Nigel Farage
©James Ferguson

Nigel Farage, politician

‘I am what I am,’ the Ukip leader tells Henry Mance over six pints, a bottle of wine and two large glasses of port

Lunch with the FT: Mikhail Fridman. Illustration by James Ferguson
©James Ferguson

Mikhail Fridman, businessman

The oligarch on battles with BP and the ‘moral duty’ of rich Russians

Illustration by James Ferguson of Yanis Varoufakis
©James Ferguson

Yanis Varoufakis, economist

‘My view was don’t swerve’: Greece’s crisis, according to its former finance minister

Illustration by James Ferguson of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
©James Ferguson

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, politician

Africa’s first female head of state on bringing stability to Liberia

Thaksin Shinawatra, politician

Thailand’s plutocrat former PM on why he’s ‘not crazy’ to take back power

Ariane de Rothschild, banker

The chief executive of Edmond de Rothschild bank talks to John Gapper about history, succession and why she can’t do diplomacy

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, baron

Five years after quitting Germany in disgrace, is the former political high-flyer ready to return from US exile? By Gideon Rachman

Andrej Babiš, businessman

The Czech Republic’s billionaire politician on why it’s wrong to compare him to Berlusconi and why he hates politics but won’t quit

Alan Yentob, TV executive

‘I’ve been talking my head off’ — about the collapse of Kids Company, resigning his role at the BBC, job offers from abroad and how Orson Welles used to steal his dinner

Julius Malema, politician

The combative leader of South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters explains why apartheid still exists and no one can tell him how to dress

Wang Wei, art collector

One half of the power couple who paid $170m for a Modigliani talks about buying western masterpieces — and why she only started liking her husband after they had children

Julian Barnes, writer

Over a ‘girlie’ onion tart in London, the novelist talks to Caroline Daniel about crying, bravery, death — and being fond of ‘useless’ politicians

Roland Fryer, economist

Over steak and fries, the US economist says that the best way to combat police violence and poor schools is through data, not personal experience

Charles Koch, businessman

Over a pulled-pork sandwich, the controversial businessman talks about power-broking for the Republicans and reshaping his ‘evil guy’ image


This column is a weekly interview in the Life & Arts section with leading cultural and business figures.

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