Nasa spacecraft reaches orbit around Mars

An illustration of the Nasa satellie Maven on the sunrise side of Planet Mars

Maven to study how red planet lost its water

China emissions surge as thousands march

Latest pollution figures emerge as thousands march in protest

Europe groups fear US tax crackdown

Multinationals have same structure as inverters

US gas exports to hit Gazprom revenue

US think-tank says Russian group to lose 18 per cent of revenue

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The short-sighted US buyback boom

Unless the roots of the problem are fixed, boardrooms will keep on draining their treasuries

US urges EU to do more to aid economy

G20 finance ministers seek steps to stimulate eurozone growth

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 29: An American flag waves outside the United States Capitol building as Congress remains gridlocked over legislation to continue funding the federal government September 29, 2013 in Washington, DC. The House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution with language to defund U.S. President Barack Obama's national health care plan yesterday, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has indicated the U.S. Senate will not consider the legislation as passed by the House. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
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Midterm shootout at the Dodd-Frank corral

John Dizard mulls the possibilities if the ingenuity wasted on DC dealmaking were redirected

Californian town runs out of water

East Porterville residents struggle with three-year drought

Kentucky town backs Obama’s return to Iraq

In and around Fort Campbell a readiness for battle pervades

American football increases in violence

Advertisers wonder whether to associate their goods with the resulting spectacle

ExIm Bank reprieve in funding bundle

Package includes assistance for Syrian rebels

Yellen charts smooth course to normality

Fed chief right to say that turn in rate cycle will be data driven

Obama’s isolation deepens over Isis

President faces disquiet from the military and his own party

Investors shun US inflation bonds

Stronger dollar negates need for insurance against rising prices

US approves plan to arm Syrian rebels

House vote passes despite opposition from members of both parties

Auto lenders face tougher US supervision

Dealers strongly opposed to new oversight from CFPB

Fed renews pledge on low rates

Yellen message aimed at reassuring bond markets

Obama’s battle with immigration reform

Hispanic groups should not lose sight of US political reality

Boeing and SpaceX win $6.8bn Nasa deals

Obama calls for global response to Ebola

US sending 3,000 troops as UN warns toll could double in weeks