Holder: big fines changed bank culture

Levelling ‘record-setting penalties’ was right course of action

The tellingly aggressive boot on BP’s neck

The length of time taken to reach the settlement is unreasonable and the delay has damaged all sides

Iran talks edge towards nuclear deal

Two sides mount diplomatic push to secure agreement

America: Greece's helpless bystander

The US is a helpless bystander on Greece

Washington has urged EU to write off Athens’ debts in return for restructuring, to no avail

Canada braced for US-style attack ads

Political action committees take advantage of fixed election law

Joe Cummings illustration: Hope Solo
©Joe Cummings

Hope Solo, footballer aims for redemption

The greatest goalie in women’s game faces battles on and off pitch, writes Megan Murphy

The Lord is our shepherd in US politics

It is now our fate to have two political parties that are positioned on God’s side

Shale glut turbocharges motoring revival

Ford ramps up output as US drivers make use of lower fuel costs

War hero Jim Webb joins White House race

Former Virginia senator runs for Democratic nomination

Steyer challenges Koch on climate change

Billionaire donors gear up for 2016 White House battle

Puerto Rico crisis in US back yard

There is no obvious mechanism to restructure island’s $72bn debt

US employers hire apace but pay stalls

Weak wages muddy waters as 223,000 jobs are created in June

US jobs tipped to show 230,000 gain

Headline figures disguise less positive side of labour market

Bush taps into family fundraising network

GOP presidential contender spoke to S Korean weapons producer

Clinton raises record $45m for campaign

Figure beats Obama donations in first three months

Fires at black US churches fuel race fears

Blazes follow Charleston shootings as KKK receives protest permit

US and Cuba to open embassies

Diplomatic ties re-established after decades of estrangement

US housing stages ‘lopsided’ recovery

Stronger property market is not good news for all Americans

US tries to mend fences over Iran talks

Gulf rivals fear Tehran would become dominant power in region

Puerto Rico faces Greek-style disaster

The US island commonwealth is in urgent need of debt relief