US Secret Service head quits after lapses

White House to review security procedures around president

IMF urges shake-up of top bankers’ pay

Fund says bonus packages should include debt as well as equity

Yen hits six-year low after Tankan data

Sentiment in Japan’s service sectors falls sharply

First US Ebola case diagnosed in Texas

Man from Liberia was potentially infectious for 4 days

IMF warns of global imbalances risk

Foreign liabilities in Spain and US continue to rise

Dollar’s rise threatens EM carry trades

Reversal threatens developing world growth, analysts warn

Immigration helps wages and employment

Researchers find emigration depresses pay in countries left behind

US to become largest petroleum producer

Output poised to exceed Saudi levels by this month or next

Europe celebrates Ryder Cup victory

US beaten 16½ to 11½, their eighth loss in past 10 contests

Matt Kenyon illustration

Obama’s Faustian pact with the Saudis

By suffocating freedom, Saudi Arabia multiplies the supply of recruits for groups such as Isis

Obama tries to shake off Carter aura

Risk of mission creep in president’s embrace of force in Syria

US economy grows 4.6%

Second-quarter revision confirms robust recovery

Wall Street confronts people power

Investors no longer think their money managers are all that smart

US markets face volatile fourth quarter

End to QE and low inflation make chasing profits a bigger risk

US attorney-general Holder to step down

No immediate plans or successor identified

FBI claims to have identified Jihadi John

Isis militant is responsible for death of journalists and aid worker

Obama and failed logic of war on terror

The US cannot target militants and also assume it is not involved in a sectarian contest

US seeks Egypt’s help to counter Isis

Assad seeks to benefit from air strikes

Syria keen to claim west has joined fight against rebellion

US hands foreign companies tax advantage

Curbs on ‘inversion’ takeovers hit American companies hardest