Obama rebukes Sony for scrapping film

Pyongyang urges joint investigation after FBI accuses it of cyber attack

Joe Cummings illustration: Amy Pascal

Amy Pascal, studio boss in real-life drama

Sony Pictures hack jeopardises not just co-chair’s job but free speech, writes Matthew Garrahan

Obama breaks free of domestic shackles

After several foreign policy successes, a decent legacy looks possible

What does Elizabeth Warren want?

The Senator’s anti-Wall Street campaign is gripping Washington

Marijuana leaf cannabis plant
©Vladyslav Danilin/Dreamstime

Marijuana becomes a proper yuletide gift

Few consumer goods have ever enjoyed as much free high-quality advertising as pot

Sony hack a US ‘national security matter’

White House debates response to attack by ‘sophisticated actor’

Tantalising prospect of Bush-Clinton race

A dynastic presidential battle may be the most competitive on offer

Sony hack leaves US looking powerless

Saying North Korea is linked to attack exposes dilemma facing Washington

Ingram Pinn illustration

Forces reshaping world in two words

The splintering of the old order is at its most stark, and brutal, in the Middle East

Cuba detente latest sign cold war is over

US debate had shifted from what the island does beyond its borders to what it does within them, writes Richard Haass

Fed signals tightening by mid-2015

New ‘patient’ judgment replaces forecast of low rates for ‘considerable time’

US-Cuba script written in Papal Library

Obama’s secret diplomacy with the Pope closes a Cold War chapter

US Markets Live: special FOMC edition

Analysing the latest Fed statement

Obama opens door to new relations with Cuba

US president displays political courage in changing failed policy

US Markets Live: special FOMC edition

Watching the Yellen press conference

US moves to restore relations with Cuba

Release of prisoners could herald the end of more than five decades of estrangement

Jeb Bush’s interests face scrutiny

Donors are concerned about Bush’s complex business dealings

Fed must not bounce from crisis to bubble

Lessons from mistakes that led to the 1999 rally

Fed may add to emerging markets pressure

Sending a strong signal on US rate rises could turn the screw tighter

Jeb Bush boldly semi-declares ambition

Strong points in a general election might prove fatal in a primary

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