Clinton yet to tackle voter distrust issue

Democratic nominee pitches herself as reliable extension of Obama

US GDP growth of 1.2% misses estimates

Second quarter hit by sharp drop in private investment

Clinton questions Trump’s competence

Rival does not have temperament for commander-in-chief, she says

Bernie bitter-enders bridle at Clinton

Disaffected Sanders supporters deploy chants to disrupt event

Hillary Clinton finds her target

She is at her best on the offensive but shows few signs of denting Trump’s blue-collar support, writes Edward Luce

US student debt is a study in dysfunction

A degree is no longer a ticket to social mobility for poorest Americans, writes Rana Foroohar

Hillary Clinton’s historic moment - as it happened

First female nominee for US president takes the stage

Russia-China exercises in South China Sea

Move could worsen tension after loss of court ruling by Beijing

Campaign against Clinton moves to Moscow

Russian rightwinger’s stunt adds to suspicions of Kremlin meddling

Trump Russia ‘joke’ helps Clinton woo policy experts

Dismay may not help Democrats given anti-establishment mood

Trump strikes particular fear in Baltics

Republican nominee refuses to guarantee defence of region

Obama’s call to America’s better angels

Even by his own oratorical standards, the president’s endorsement was one of a kind, writes Edward Luce

Bloomberg assails Trump’s business record

Former New York mayor gives property tycoon zero rating in appeal to independent voters

Obama calls for optimism to counter Trump

President paints Clinton’s rival as pessimistic and unready

Trump urges Russia to find Clinton emails

Hacking remarks revive scrutiny of Republican’s attitude to Moscow

Fed holds open prospect of 2016 rate rise

Central bank says short-term risks to US economy diminished

Terror tales from two conventions

Trump attempts to play the upper hand over Clinton on security

Clinton challenge to inspire party trust

Democratic nominee will need a speech to draw in the doubters

US-led globalism is dying with the TPP

A U-turn on the trade deal would confirm prejudices about Clinton

Fed interest rate meeting: what to watch

Central bank may hold open possibility of second rate rise later this year