US forces target al-Shabaab in Somalia

Operation comes in wake of prison attack by Islamist militants

Ingram Pinn illustration
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Division risks sapping the west’s power

America’s allies have come to rely excessively on the US to guarantee their security

Rate decisions to provide week’s focus

Range of activity indicators also available this week

Bitcoin promoter to plead guilty

Shrem reaches a plea deal over Silk Road currency sale

Midterms set to reawaken political risk

Investors spoiled by calm on Capitol Hill since last year’s shutdown

Obama gaffe reflects divisions on Isis

President provides fodder for critics who see him as indecisive

Perry and the fallibility of US justice

It would be wrong for charges against the Texas governor to be allowed through the courts

Obama damps speculation of Syria strikes

US military to prepare ‘range of options’ against Isis

US probes wave of cyber attacks on banks

JPMorgan among those targeted

Burger King’s way is no longer mine

My beef with such ‘inversion’ manoeuvres is that they can lead to greater burdens on the taxpayers

US rebound stronger than first thought

US second-quarter GDP revised up to 4.2%

World’s largest economy expands at faster rate

Airlines fight for the right to recline

Passenger row highlights problems of flight economy measures

Defence spending is top issue for Nato

Publishers seek US music licensing reform

Rights owners say artists not receiving fair pay from digital play

UAE and Egypt warned over Libya raids

Fears outside interference exacerbates divisions

Grain prices slide to cut US farm incomes

Retreat starts to bite, with soaring land values levelling off

BK and Tim Hortons soar on merger news

Shares surge for groups after talks revealed over possible tie-up

Job concerns dominate Jackson Hole

Uncertainty over data on labour market stymies central bankers

Earthquake shakes San Francisco

Biggest tremor to hit Bay Area in 25 years