Hedge funds bet on Argentine recovery

Groups buy into country’s energy, banks and telecoms companies

Iliad bids for control of T-Mobile US

$29.5bn valuation from French upstart upends Sprint bid chances

Sberbank target of latest EU sanctions

Russia’s largest lender blocked from accessing EU funding

Wall Street ends month on negative note

CBOE Vix ‘fear gauge’ at four-month high

European banks feel backlash of clean-up

Record losses for Banco Espírito Santo and BNP Paribas

Le Pen tops poll for French presidency

National Front leader poses growing threat to mainstream politicians

‘Tiger’ hunt reduces Communist appeal

Number of people joining party falls for first time in a decade

BES scrambles to avert government rescue

Share price plummets by more than half

Celtic Array axed in blow to renewables

Move is latest in series of offshore wind farm cancellations

Moscow told to pay Yukos investors €1.9bn

Second big legal setback for Russia within days

Sierra Leone declares Ebola emergency

Security forces to quarantine centres of deadly virus

Comment and Analysis

Investors fear the risks in British politics

The political risks to the economy are larger than the economic ones, says Stephanie Flanders

Argentina’s endless debt dilemma

Default highlights the need for a settlement with holdouts

Nato must contain chaos at Europe’s edge

A conflict funded by Russia and led by eccentrics is developing momentum, writes Rory Stewart

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"Human beings have difficulty controlling themselves - it is reasonable to assume that the AI we create in our own image will be no easier to govern - and probably much more difficult. The narrower the parameters of the tasks the AI is programmed to tackle, the better."
By Don10984408 on Unthinking computers pull off clever parlour tricks

"I think both lower investment and lower productivity are ultimately driven by depressed aggregate demand. Until rich market consumers deleverage and start buying again why invest for growth? Hopefully recent US numbers show they are back on the growth track, but consumer balance sheets remain tattered so we will see."
By Matthew King on A swing to the left for the UK?

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