‘Massive demand’ greets Saudi bond sale

Asia interest spurs Riyadh to plan beyond $15bn October auction

Rousseff impeached by Brazil’s Senate

Vote to end Workers’ party rule comes as nation battles recession

EU outlaws network-wide ad blocking

Software blocking adverts from smartphones is a hit with consumers

Swift warns banks about hacker theft

Unspecified amounts of cash stolen, says payments network

Britain to seek ‘unique’ trading model

Controls on immigration from Europe to be sought

Irish cabinet split on Apple tax ruling

No unanimity over right response to disputed EU state-aid verdict

Trump lauds Mexico talks despite anger

US presidential candidate describes Peña Nieto as ‘my friend’

Fosun chairman calls P2P market a ‘scam’

Guo Guangchang becomes the latest executive to attack the sector

US declares victory in G20 austerity debate

Lew says leading economies are now embracing fiscal stimulus

PwC, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

PwC fined on auditing of subprime lender

Watchdog hands out its second-largest ever fine

Deutsche and Commerzbank held merger talks

Germany’s two biggest banks concluded it was not the right time to combine

Comment & Analysis

‘Decapitating’ Isis will not kill it

The death of Abu Muhammad al-Adnani may not halt the progress of Isis, writes William Wallis

Biogen predicts preventive Alzheimer’s drug

People could be treated long before they develop symptoms

Traders love big round numbers

It is a popular idea that the ultimate Brexit fallout will deliver a euro to pound exchange rate of 1

Conversation starters: Comments from our readers

"TTIP and TPP are not really about free trade, or even capitalism – they are devices for the progress of corporate hegemony, and restriction of competition. Right now, they are not extensions of liberal democracy – they are profit maximisation vehicles for cartels and oligarchs.But whatever changes we consider, before anything else, we need to clean house."
MarkGB on Capitalism and democracy: the strain is showing

"The problem is Uber and these other 'tech' firms can move faster than the law can change to keep up with it. Eventually balance will be restored, the price of our ridiculously cheap taxi journeys will slowly increase to normality, and these companies won't be able to continue to operate in the way they currently do. But by then we'll have driverless cars!"
Inspector Gadget on Feeling uber-guilty for using Uber

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