Retouching and construction work in the facsimile of Tutankhamun’s burial chamber
©Alicia Guirao/Factum-Arte

Pro-Russia protesters refuse to retreat

Activists ignore diplomatic deal and stay put in eastern Ukraine

BlackRock challenges UK life insurers

Fears over pensions overhaul prompts crop of retirement plans

China Resources head under investigation

Company chairman Song Lin faces money laundering allegations

Hunt for scapegoats traps Irish in past

Bankers’ trials fixate country – and stop it moving on

Russian debt and equity sales stall

Ukraine crisis has chilling effect on country’s capital markets

The Awesomes

Online originals face fight for adverts

Programming is proliferating but needs to secure viewers

Scottish expats divided on right to vote

Some question the franchise, others think it was a sensible move

Rio’s Olympics preparation faces crisis

Brazil’s lack of forward planning made worse by bureaucracy

Umer (right) and Taz Sheikh, founders of e-cigarette manufacturer Gamucci ©Paul Zak

Miliband hires Obama adviser Axelrod

Campaign strategist will help with UK election campaign

S Korea seeks arrest of ferry captain

Investigators also target warrant for two crew members

Everest avalanche kills at least 12

Most popular route to the peak struck

China admits widespread soil pollution

At least 20% of agricultural land contaminated

Comment and Analysis

Strong pound - Jonathan McHugh illustration
©Jonathan McHugh

Time we learnt to love a stronger pound

Traditional models no longer match our economic reality, writes Stephanie Flanders

The Fragile Middle

Rising inequality weighs on African consumers

Fragile Middle: Retailers see sales slow as jobless growth and inequality bite

Letter from the Editor

Financial Times statement on press regulation

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"I was taught in MIT in the late 70s by Prof Bhagwati. He was funny and very very kind. He used to giggle as he told some odd jokes. He deserves a Nobel."
By Tomtom on Lunch with the FT: Jagdish Bhagwati

"Would it not make much more sense to locate the Olympics in Greece, in a purpose-built facility that would generate business and income for a severely constrained local economy on a regular, four yearly basis? All these mega projects run over budget and leave the host country encumbered with huge debts."
By Wyvern on Rio’s preparation for 2016 Olympics faces crisis

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