‘Bob Marley’ novelist wins Man Booker

Marlon James’ work focuses on shooting of singer in 1976

Investors see return to bullish Barclays

Veteran US investment banker Staley chosen as new chief

VW cuts investment after scandal

Pressure on new chief to find savings to pay fines and settle lawsuits

Project Chart’s slow road to Lima

Brito’s pursuit of SABMiller nearly halted in show of brinkmanship

UK backs out of Saudi prison deal

Contract part of scheme to sell civil service expertise

Official: missile brought down MH17

Kiev criticised for not closing airspace

Twitter axes 8% staff in struggle to grow

Bulk of job cuts will fall on engineers

Ireland sets out €1.5bn budget giveaway

Recovery allows for tax cuts and spending pledges

Gertjan Vlieghe of the BoE MPC
©Gertjan Vlieghe

Treasury committee accuses BoE on Vlieghe

Bank had allowed MPC appointee to keep interest in hedge fund

Labour MPs poised to rebel on fiscal charter

Parliamentary party meeting described as ‘brutal’ and ‘carnage’

GE sells finance arm to Wells Fargo

Major step towards meeting goal of $200bn in asset sales

Comment & Analysis

China’s Great Game: New frontier, old foes

FT series: Beijing’s attempts to tame the energy-rich Xinjiang region may be stoking unrest from its ethnic Uighur population

London is the true heir of ancient Greece

Hellenic inventions remain at the heart of British life, writes Harry Mount

Bloomberg 2016 is a billionaires’ fantasy

Talk of a third party candidacy reflects unease with today’s fractious politics

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"Sure the US finance industry will grow larger. The question really is if you think that they are adding anything productive to the economy. Efficiently allocating capital does not seem to me to be such a difficult job as to deserve 20% of productive capacity of the economy. Perhaps it's extracting this rent from other sectors of the economy."
By IRLecon on Europe needs homegrown bulge bracket banks

"You are waaayyyy behind modern working environment. The thing to do is join a local office, such as the bazillions of hubs in a neighbourhood near you. The amount I saved on commuting was more than enough to join a hub many times over, which gives the social interaction, the feeling of work being important."
By BetaByNature on Spare yourself the loneliness of long-term home workers

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