Eurozone says no Greek deal without IMF

Cash-strapped Athens could be left for weeks with no aid

No news is good news for government spin chiefs

Ministers told to keep clear of airwaves for fear of political overload

Banks probed over automated forex deals

New York investigation may result in more damaging allegations

Cameron warns of long path to EU reform

PM says resolving ‘British question’ will benefit entire bloc

Dollar pops after stronger than forecast inflation data

Wall St holds record levels as bond yields inch up

Isis takes Syria’s last Iraq border crossing

Militants’ grip tightens as Assad forces unexpectedly withdraw

Regulator outlines scope of banking probe

FCA to focus on choice and transparency in capital markets and M&A

Asia Resource Minerals suspended

Coal miner’s ex-CEO denies access to office

Lenders pour cash into UK property market

Funding jumps sharply amid poor returns from other asset classes

Cable dealmaker more easyJet than jet set

Patrick Drahi’s $6.7bn deal for Suddenlink belies his discreet style

Alison Brittain

Whitbread recruits Brittain as CEO

Number of female executives in FTSE 100 rises to 6

Tobacco groups start action over branding

Standardised packaging rules infringe rights, companies claim

Comment and Analysis

Michael and Yoel Zaoui
©Dan Burn-Forti

Interview: Michael and Yoel Zaoui on M&A

The brothers have advised on takeovers worth $152bn in two years

The ruins of the Greco-Roman city of Palmyra, Syria
©Fernando Arias/Getty Images/Flickr RF

How to ‘save’ historic monuments in peril

As the destruction by Isis rages on, is it time to rethink our ideas about preserving world heritage?

Jacob Jensen

Jacob Jensen, product designer, 1926-2015

Products such as the iPhone are hard to imagine without Jensen’s vision of smoothness

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"There are at least two 'institutional' forces at play reducing performance. Obscene levels of executive remuneration is one. A top executive who claims he needs incentives to do his job should not be a top executive - he could be selling vacuum cleaners door to door on an incentive plan. The other negative force is the excessive force of short-term financial markets."
By Burtonshaw on CEO pay: it is time for one brave leader to ask for less

"Few investment bankers and managers are current in the field. Bankers just are not geeks.To know what is the correct leap of faith, what the real insiders such as Thiel or Musk 'feel', is like magic to them. But it isn't. It's almost always about growth and volume of users. Insiders just have a far better handle on the technologies and people involved in building them."
By Felix Drost on Silicon Valley has become a dream factory

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