Scottish Independence

Tech chiefs in plea over privacy damage

Silicon Valley executives say sector must act fast to curb harm to image

Ackman plans $2bn fund IPO in Amsterdam

Aim to give Pershing Square more flexibility via permanent capital

Queen urges Scots to ‘think carefully’

David Beckham lends voice to No campaign

Tui Travel and Tui AG agree merger terms

British and German groups settle on all-share nil-premium deal

SABMiller rebuffed by Heineken

Deal would have brought together two of Europe’s biggest brewers

Former BP chief warns on Russia

Hayward wary of constraining global oil supply

Chinese ETFs shut to new investment

Some providers ration access as wave of demand exhausts quotas

HK split on Beijing’s democracy proposals

Poll shows almost 50% think plan should be vetoed

Sweden set for political uncertainty

Social Democrats face tough task in forming coalition

Europe’s titans hold on to their cash

Nearly €50bn added to total reserves in the past year

Bank adviser pay catching up with traders

Recovery in M&A and IPO markets driving remuneration

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New look of the FT newspaper

New look for Financial Times newspaper

A redesign for the digital age with a new custom typeface

Aberdeen Asset Management head Martin Gilbert

Fund manager veteran ‘not worried’ about Scottish vote

Aberdeen Asset Management’s Martin Gilbert neutral on outcome

Basic tech shortcuts for non-coders

Modest tricks that can improve your day-to-day productivity

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"When growth was high and the pie was growing, everyone was happily climbing up the partnership ladder. With a dearth in growth opportunities, the entire pipeline slows down - unless a lot of people are flushed out from the top. Unsurprisingly, people at the top tend to make the decisions on who gets flushed. So guess what happens."
By cocodinos on Wall St middle-aged bankers stuck in squeezed middle

"The vote of 4m in Scotland will have an impact on 60m in the UK directly, and millions of others in the EU, Commonwealth, and the world. I hope those voters realise the amount of power and responsibility they have, and vote with reason and not with hope and heart."
By JLIU on Britain needs greater unity not a messy break-up

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