US growth slows despite robust spending

Freezing weather and the strong dollar drag on GDP

Google loses bid to block UK lawsuits

Appeal court upholds decision to let users bring claims in Britain

London property price rises slow down

Average Q1 growth in UK capital at 1% amid mansion tax fears

Former Logica manager jailed

Willmott given 10-month sentence after FCA probe

Likelihood of each coalition scenario

Populus predicts Miliband more likely PM

Labour leader has bigger choice of coalition partner

UK move to join AIIB even surprised China

European rush to sign up highlights eastward shift of global power

Gas price rise fears as UK storage cut

Centrica limits North Sea storage due to integrity of the wells

MPs rebuke ‘dysfunctional’ City regulator

Watchdog pressed to undertake independent health check

New Petrobras chairman is government ally

Appointment is set to further enrage investors

RBS takes £200m hit on Coutts International sale

UK lender confirms sale to Union Bancaire Privée

Bolloré increases Vivendi stake to 10.2%

Billionaire tightens grip after hedge fund attacks his strategy

Comment and Analysis

Meriden Puknews

Muted debate does little to rouse voters

Politicians have a responsibility beyond mere victory. They have to make people believe in the process

City Insider: Tact and fiction

Talking one’s own book hit new highs at Tuesday’s City Week conference

Imprudence of advertising a dark past

A Moscow store has wisely pulled an ad depicting kids as KGB interrogators, says Courtney Weaver

Best comments from our readers

These are not just American products, they are old-fashioned American products. Pace Mr Buffett and his fondness for Mac n Cheese. He is 86 and allowed to be eccentric as he is a billionaire. He could also have a fondness for hedgehiog-flavoured crisps but this would not make it a market with a future."
By manticore on Kraft’s sticky problem: American cheese

"What exactly does the international community expect the Palestinians to negotiate with? They have nothing, only a displaced population, occupied (and ever diminishing) lands, an immense pride, and resilience to battle on for their rights, with only lip service for support from the international community."
By Faris on Israel’s high-stakes outbreak of political sincerity

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