Kerry steps up sanctions warning to Moscow

US accuses Russia of subverting Ukraine democracy

UK manufacturers pull ahead of EU rivals

Britain becomes cheapest place for production in western Europe

Nadella sets out vision for Microsoft

Chief sees world of computing powered ‘by ambient intelligence’

Ukraine tensions sour market mood

Russia stocks drop as S&P downgrades Moscow debt

Barclays feels shareholder anger on pay

Over third of investors refuse to back board

Amazon overseas arm hit by China spending

International business in loss but group sees 23% sales rise

The Co-op, the bananas and the £2.5bn loss

Board of crisis group was more focused on groceries than finance

Star of Ukip TV advert suspended

Broadcast posterboy said Islam ‘evil’ and Africans should ‘kill themselves'

HSBC tower sale points to property boom

£1.1bn minimum price tag for bank’s Canary Wharf HQ building

Miliband targets zero-hours ‘exploitation’

Labour leader pledges to bolster workers’ rights

Israel halts peace talks with Palestinians

Netanyahu blames Abbas deal with ‘terrorist’ Hamas

Comment and Analysis

College life ain’t what it used to be

The dream of escaping Loserville and meeting Miss Perfect has been shattered by nerdy needs

Investors renew interest in commodities

Asset class once again seen as way for portfolio diversification

Pictures paint a thousand words at ECB

Graffiti artists are making their mark at the central bank’s new base

Best comments from our readers

"It is a moral choice, indeed. For each time that such a massive merger or acquisition comes off, droves of highly trained scientists and experts are squeezed out, diminishing the supply of intellectual capital that drives innovation and productivity."
By VST on The future of pharma lies in research, not cuts

"The immediate aftermath of the overthrow of the inept but democratically elected President Morsi provided a brief window in which General Sisi could have pushed for a more inclusive polity. The massacre in the streets of Cairo ended any hope of that and here we are watching the incredibly sad spectacle of a new autocracy being built."
By Omerli on Too soon to embrace Sisi – Egypt is an unpredictable place

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