Cyber security loophole found at bank

Vulnerability allows access to accounts ‘by the front door’

Retreat from investment banking gathers pace

RBS to slash jobs and Barclays chief impatient for turnround

World’s biggest banks still €300bn short

Regulator reveals shortfall of safe assets to comply with new rules

Concerns over Carney’s BoE revolution

Questions on extent of governor’s power, overlapping committees

Brussels considers ‘two-speed’ internet

Reform package would open a transatlantic divide

Israel PM warns against Iran nuclear deal

Obama administration reacts angrily to Congress speech

BlackBerry Leap

BlackBerry unveils touchscreen smartphone

Handset release is first of four planned for this year

Raytheon Patriot Missile

Lockheed, Raytheon vie for missile deals

Defence groups compete for German and Polish contracts

Ukraine sharply raises rates to 30%

Move to shore up plunging currency and temper spiralling inflation

Carney rejects criticism of forex probe

BoE governor disagrees with claims that investigation too narrow

Clinton defends use of personal emails

Former secretary of state used private account in office

Comment and Analysis

A route to profit in the middle market

UK’s supermarkets show the key to success is to match a business’s position to its capabilities

Illustration of Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage

Luddites are wrong about high-tech sector

If new technologies really cut jobs, we would all be out of work by now, writes Walter Isaacson

Commodities explained: Hedging oil

How companies manage risks as the price swings

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"The Spanish Government 'would contribute 13-14% of the new bailout'. If I were a Spanish citizen, I would be livid. After all the austerity, bankruptcies, property collapse, continuing unemployment in Spain - they have to help the Greeks?? They need their money for their own citizens."
By on Greece in talks for third bailout of up to €50bn, Spain says

"Let the politicians create the opportunities for other parts of the UK to catch up; not constrain London and force balancing."
By Looking Forward on Disunited Kingdom: London in a world of its own

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