Hedge funds make quick buck on RBS sale

Speculators bet on shares falling before government stake disposal

IMF signals doubts on Renminbi in SDR

Fund questions whether Chinese currency is 'freely usable'

Banks not transparent enough on current account fees

Lenders making ‘billions of pounds’ from customers

Positive data help prop up Asia’s bourses

Signs of growth in China and Japan services sectors brighten mood

‘Pete the Greek’ will not face Libor action

FCA panel rules no case against ex-UBS man Koutsogiannis

German prosecutor fired over treason case

Action against Netzpolitik journalists touches a nerve

Alibaba names ex-Goldman banker president

Evans tasked with overseeing international expansion

Australia revokes Adani mine approval

Federal court decision is latest blow to Indian group’s A$16bn Queensland coal project

Capital controls throttle Greek business

Small companies hit hard as limits on funds paralyse imports

Vitriol over Corbyn infuriates moderates

Former Labour allies at risk of division over resurgent left wing

Q&A: Pimco and the SEC’s bond ETF probe

Why is the regulator considering action against the investment management company?

Comment & Analysis

Just Eat continues to record strong growth

Online takeaway service sees strong results despite competition

Trail of scandal does not mean all are guilty

There were cover-ups and malefactors in the 1970s but that does not prove Heath accusations are true

Rock and roll vibe: Marshall's 'London' phone

Marshall leaps from guitar amps to phones

The UK group’s unlikely assault on a new market ‘lit up social media’, writes Jonathan Margolis

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"More temporary workers gives flexibility to the work force and lowers the unemployment rate. However, more temporary workers usually comes with lower income tax receipts per head of employment as the pay is lower, especially in Britain where the tax threshold has been raised."
By TRK on The new world of work: recovery driven by rise in temp jobs

"Maybe we also need a concept of 'regressing markets' for the likes of Portugal . It would (sadly) capture quite a few members of the eurozone."
By Ernst Stavro Blofeld on Emerging markets: Redrawing the world map

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