EU to put guards on Macedonia-Greece border

Troops could be deployed to stop migrants crossing the Balkans

China FX reserves lowest since 2012

Monthly drop of $99.5bn as Beijing sells dollars to support Rmb

Rolls-Royce dividend in focus

Analysts expect 30% slash in payout, the first in 24 years

Europe feels pain from olive oil crisis

Consumers face higher prices while Tunisia becomes top exporter

Cameron faces Tory grassroots backlash

Eurosceptic local party chiefs rebuke PM for ignoring their views

Rivals round on Rubio in Republican debate

Florida senator rattled by accusations of inexperience

UK construction boosted by surge of big projects

Infrastructure forecast to be the leading growth area

Stuben ©Robin Gautier
George Osborne
©FT Montage/EPA

Osborne quizzed over banks taxes

Clarification sought on offsetting misconduct costs

Boko Haram not yet beaten, Nigeria warned

Terror group has changed its tactics but President Buhari’s assurances are premature, say analysts

Call for EU to tackle China over steel

UK, Germany and others warn of ‘risk of collapse’ for industry

Argentina offers $6.5bn to debt holdouts

Buenos Aires aims to end US ‘sovereign debt trial of the century’

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Illustration by Ingram Pinn depicting Brexit
©Ingram Pinn

Politics podcast: Britain and Europe

Cameron’s deal, the fallout for the Conservatives and are we better in or out?

Sanders support solid in New Hampshire

There is a sense the Clinton campaign accepts she is not going to win here, writes Sebastian Payne

©Lucas Varela

How to lose customers and infuriate people

‘They are not there to help. They are on defence, interested only in pacifying people till they shut up and go away’

Best comments from our readers

"Is the European Union, with its unelected Commissioners and elected MEPs of the 27 member nations, really democratic or has it become, over time, more like the former politburo of the Eastern bloc communist countries with everything centralized and decision-making and diktat emanating from the group of bureaucrats and politicians at the very centre?"
By Kenneth Armitage on FT Debate on Brexit: Martin Wolf

"Recently I stood on a platform for 15 minutes, reading emails. I googled "is the B train running today" and there were answers, but none less than six months old. Finally a Spanish tourist politely asked me if the padlocked bar across the tracks was customary or if perhaps it might indicate that the train would not be coming today. We went upstairs."
By jpirwin750 on Three ways New York could help visitors love the city even more

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