Scottish Independence

Brown makes final push in No campaign

Cameron says he has no regrets over efforts to preserve union

The referendum count: When to expect what

Voting results from 32 council areas will be declared

Wells Fargo eases lending requirements

Less detail needed from borrowers with downpayments of 25%

Iraq PM rules out foreign ground troops

Obama insists US forces will not have any new combat mission

Wall Street firm ahead of Fed call

Hopes for PBoC injection lift Chinese stocks

Sony rethinks smartphone strategy

Losses force Japanese group to do some houseclearing

Block traders prefer the human touch

Liquidnet enjoys record volumes

Spain warns of Scottish ‘torpedo’

Rajoy says country would face long wait to join EU

Peltz fund calls for DuPont break-up

Trian says US chemicals group ‘destroying value’

Top Chinese banks set for $81bn injection

Latest move to prop up world’s second-biggest economy

SoftBank’s Son tops Japan rich list

Tycoon’s wealth buoyed by looming Alibaba mega-IPO

Bank of England votes to hold rates

MPC remains split 7-2 against an interest rate rise

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Designer Ester Comunello for Business Life.
©Charlie Bibby

How London became a global design studio

But will visa and cost issues drive designers to Berlin?

Fact and friction in Catalonia’s debate

Lines have been drawn, imaginary or not, in a sham debate in which neither side hears the other

North Korea as ‘The Truman Show’

One needs to be wary of impressions gleaned from Pyongyang, a showcase city

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"Once apon a time, owning a Mac was like being part of the rebel alliance against PC's/Windows."
By chaswaobler on iColytes vs ’Droids in the battle of the smartphone

"If you wanted to see 'divisive', don't bother with the Scottish referendum, look at house prices!"
By hotairmail on UK house prices jump 11.7% in year to July

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