Omega says ‘risk parity’ helped tip market

Chorus of investors perturbed by esoteric trading strategies grows

Hedge fund manager loses tax appeal

Patrick Degorce to repay £8m for using film avoidance scheme

IMF warns against rate rises

Risks to growth mounting, says fund ahead of G20 finance meeting

Scotland’s alcohol policy ‘could break EU rules’

European legal opinion deals a blow to minimum pricing ambitions

Europe criticises Cameron’s No to migrants

UK’s refusal to take refugees complicates EU renegotiations

Smartwatches go back to the future

Samsung, Motorola put style on display at Berlin tech show

Trump scolds Bush for speaking Spanish

Presidential hopeful says ex-governor should stick to English in US

Sunseeker surge boosts easyJet forecasts

Summer trading gives carrier a fillip after earlier problems

Low inflation adds to ECB conundrum

Downgrades set to dominate governing council meeting

Glencore suffers S&P blow

Shares in commodities trader rise despite rate cut

China navy sails ships off Alaska coast

Latest show of growing reach comes as Obama visits Arctic

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Photo taken on: September 01st, 2014

Risk parity funds suffer a cruel summer

Market volatility takes its toll on a misunderstood strategy

Ukraine: Costs of conflict

A debt deal agreed with the IMF and creditors averted default but the war-torn country’s worries are far from over

Banks should not game accounting rules

New standards governing bank worth need to be tougher

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"Do I want to live in an electronically controlled, cashless society where the government can effectively a) 'force' me to spend by taxing any unspent deposits, b) bail me in, in the 'national interest' of course, anytime they please c) regulate all my transactions...bearing in mind that governments take power, they don't give it back?"
By MarkGB on The case for retiring another ‘barbarous relic’

"Britain is not a country. It's a union of four countries; and that's important. One of the things that explains the differential voting patterns in Scotland is the sense that Scotland as a community is under threat from the rampant individualism of the Conservatives in England."
By In Britain, community is a foreign language

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