Saudi Arabia accused of using cluster bombs

Banned munitions deployed in Yemen air strikes, says rights group

Financial groups face FCA approval delays

Waiting time has nearly doubled since markets watchdog was set up

Buffett defends relationship with 3G

Berkshire chief’s reputation as benign acquirer under fire

Catastrophe bonds guru hits back at book

Fermat Capital’s Seo says researchers ‘stoking unfounded fears’

Anchor on Liverpool docks with the sunset in the background. Photo taken on: November 30th, 2012

Joyless recovery in Liverpool jobs market

Fewer people jobless but nature of their work is changing

Race to develop 5G mobile technology

Labs are working flat out to produce patents that will underpin the future of connectivity

Foreign investors snap up £28bn of UK debt

Appetite for gilts comes despite uncertainty over election outcome

Lee Marvin and Samuel Fuller on the set of 1980 movie The Big Red One ©Corbis

Athens mayor tries to protect city’s cash

Municipal authorities resist demand to hand over funds

Republicans push Obama on TPP vote

Trans-Pacific Partnership would be biggest trade deal in decades

Arab-Israel peace talks ‘dead’, says Carter

Former US president says no prospect of new talks under Netanyahu

Ford car seat that can detect heart attacks

Ford scraps ‘heart attack’ car seat plan

Carmaker blames cheaper and more accurate wearable technology

Comment and Analysis

EU should resist urge to rig cyber rules

The right way to bolster European businesses is not to disadvantage their rivals, writes Carl Bildt

The bank of England, City of London.
©Charlie Bibby/FT

Precarious prospects of London finance

UK’s next government needs a clear vision for the financial services industry, writes Philip Augar

Dave Goldberg, entrepreneur, 1967-2015

SurveyMonkey chief executive and husband of Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg

Best comments from our readers

"Easy credit isn't the cause of the housing boom, since there's hardly any mortgage debt on home equity in China. Easy credit may have caused the construction boom, but without the construction boom the housing boom arguably would have been worse."
By Heleen Mees on Beijing suburbia or your own tropical island?

"In the UK the demise of the office canteen and formal lunch break was responsible for the demise of much collaborative working, We would meet up, chat, work things out often with people from different departments we would not otherwise see. Chicken Run indeed! Today we all seem to eat at our desks, we even have an open plan kitchen with open plan smells to go with it."
By Pi1010 on Why building psychological walls has become a key skill at work

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