UK economy grows 0.7% in third quarter

Britain among the fastest expanding economies in industrial world

Priory to open City psychotherapy clinic

Business urged to raise awareness of mental health issues

Sweden abandons submarine hunt

Poor end to biggest mobilisation of Swedish forces since cold war

Big pharma fights drug tardiness charge

Drug companies face ethical scrutiny on Ebola response

US accuses allies of buying Isis oil

Islamist group earning as much as $1m a day, says Treasury official

New York doctor tests positive for Ebola

Aid agency worker recently returned from Guinea, west Africa

John Fallon at Pearson headquarters in London, October 2, 2012

Pearson sticks to profit forecasts

Education group says restructuring is on track

Rail line sparks Jerusalem tensions

Service touted as breakthrough to navigate divided city attracts violence

EU agrees target to cut gas emissions

Leaders overcome resistance from eastern member states

City dwellers carry $650bn homes burden

Mix of rapid urban growth and housing shortage boosts costs

Progress against Aids spurs GSK float plan

Market for antiretrovirals roughly the same as that for insulin

Comment and Analysis

Jingle that sounds the road to recovery

It sometimes pays to wipe the debt slate clean rather than sweep problems under the carpet

Marijuana leaf cannabis plant
©Vladyslav Danilin/Dreamstime

Don’t get your marijuana investment advice from Twitter (or anywhere else)

Stories of ill-fated speculators seeking quick riches and being burnt

The cost of a search for what’s not there

Martin Sandbu on incentives for doctors to diagnose dementia

Best comments from our readers

"In Greece there is also talk of allowing private citizens to declare bankruptcy, but there would be no jingle mail: single-home owners with debt would be immune from having their home liquidated. In the US, people give the houses back to the banks and walk away. In Greece people will send the mortgage contract back to the banks and keep the houses."
By Daniel 21 on Gillian Tett: The jingle that sounds the road to economic recovery

"The problem with Amazon is that it appears to have a business model predicated on becoming the dominant force in all its markets. If it fails in doing this, it will be a very expensive flop indeed. If it succeeds, then eventually its dominance will likely lead to anti-trust regulation and break up."
By Vintage on Amazon shares tumble as losses blow out

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