A horse looking across the Thames to St Paul’s Cathedral in London from a multistorey stable in the 1920s
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EU chiefs back tough new Russia curbs

Van Rompuy and Barroso call for approval of ‘phase three’ sanctions

al-Sheja’iya residents return to salvage possessions

Palestinians who fled assault on Gaza take advantage of 12-hour ceasefire

Vincent Tchenguiz strikes SFO deal

Agreement involves £3m payment to developer

Brazil injects $20bn into banking sector

Stimulus designed to boost credit in flagging economy

French man jailed in Guinea mining case

Frederic Cilins guilty of obstruction of justice in US

Longest UK slump in a century ends

Of G7 only Italy taken longer than UK to reach pre-crisis size

Miliband says PM wins in photo finish

Labour leader says he cannot beat Cameron on image

Bose gets noisy in suit over Apple’s Beats

Claims that rival infringed patents on noise-cancelling technology

Afghanistan, Kabul, May 6, 2014 Sayed Khalid, on the roof of Kardan University, Old Taimani Square location. Mr. Khalid founded the university with others in 2002 (it didn't have the university status back then) but is no longer part of the organization. He now runs among others SAFA TELECOM. www.safa-telecom.com a satellite communications company. He is wearing a tie in the colours of the Afghan flag. Photo: Joël van Houdt ©Joel van Houdt

RBS shares jump on profit update

Rise comes despite warning over ‘legacy’ issues

Tablet magic wanes as Jobs’ dream realised

Demand for computing screen slabs is slowing

Ebola poses threat to African economies

Foreign investors in mining are increasingly concerned

Pastor Darren Wolf at Christ Church, Spitalfields

Londoners return to Anglican fold

Churches have rebranded using strategies from corporate world

Comment and Analysis

Wall Street legend ‘Ace’ Greenberg dies

Former Bear Stearns chief ‘epitomised the American dream’

Bella Xin KaLare with her adoptive parents LaKasha and Jeremy Strickland

Adopting an abandoned Chinese baby: a family’s experience

In 2011, Patti Waldmeir found a seriously ill newborn lying abandoned in a Shanghai alley

A captain requires a multitude of skills

In some sports, all the skipper does is call heads or tails. Not so in cricket, says Alastair Campbell

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"Politicians use tax as a social policy vehicle (e.g. cigarette taxes and tax credits) and an economic competitiveness weapon... Until its main purpose, a means of equitable funding expenditure is re-established as the dominant motivation, complexity will continue."
By cockney dave on Tim Harford: Why tax systems are trickier than Martian algebra

"The West Lothian Question is a complete non-issue. MPs are elected from all parts of the UK to make decisions about all parts of the UK... The fact that some decisions are devolved doesn't mean that those who are not subject to devolution are disadvantaged."
By RDerby on England may pay dearly for staying united with Scotland

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