UK blocks sale of North Sea fields to Fridman fund

Risk that Russia sanctions could affect UK energy production

WoodMac considers £1.6bn takeover bids

Buyout group Hellman & Friedman exploring exit options

Buffett vows no Berkshire spin-offs

50th anniversary of shareholder letter defends conglomerate structure

China cuts benchmark interest rate

Worries over slowing growth and deflation

Estonia party linked to Putin heads polls

Edgar Savisaar’s centrist party has slim lead before Sunday vote

Ukip promises electoral reform

Carswell tells party conference voters would get power to sack MPs

Pegida brings anti-Islam message to the UK

German group holds rally in Newcastle

Mise en lumière de la Tour Montparnasse

Bankia reports a rise in fourth-quarter profits

Spanish bank to pay its first cash dividend

India budget prioritises infrastructure

Jaitley promises change, growth, jobs and upliftment of the poor

China’s wild panda population rebounds

Conservation efforts paying off

Fed stimulus ‘only now being fully felt’

Fischer defends low US rates and swelling of balance sheet to $4.5tn

Comment and Analysis

Photobooks at Donlon Books in Hackney, east London, including Lorenzo Vitturi’s ‘Dalston Anatomy’
©Andy Sewell

Why photobooks are booming in a digital age

Instead of killing off the printed page, technology has enabled photographers to design and print their own books

Blue dress

Oh, The Dress we’re in

Instead of women with no clothes, internet stuck on some clothes with no woman

Chief who pulled AIG back from the brink

Robert Benmosche, who led insurer’s restructuring, dies aged 70

Best comments from our readers

"OPEC have indeed lost control of pricing because their market share has fallen below the critical level. It was the realisation that they could not affect the market that precipitated the greater part of last year's fall."
By Alan G on Opec has ceded to the US its power over oil price

"Senior managers are the problem. They should know the people who work for them, manage them, and be responsible for them."
By Contrarian on City of London ‘black book’ is called for to track ‘bad apple’ traders

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An Edouard Denis Baldus photograph of flooding in Lyon (1856) ©Wilson Centre for Photography ‘Salt and Silver: Early Photography 1840-1860’

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