India and Japan send signal with bear hug

Modi-Abe friendship could reshape Asian geopolitics

Government chooses Fairhead to chair BBC Trust

Former FT CEO is preferred candidate to oversee broadcaster

Pakistan violence erupts in anti-Sharif protests

Two-week-old political crisis enters new phase

Tusk named as president of European Council

Poland’s prime minister wins unanimous support

Australia joins Iraq arms delivery

Contribution moves beyond humanitarian aid

Bitcoin promoter to plead guilty

Shrem reaches a plea deal over Silk Road currency sale

Mariupol digs in and waits for Russians

Separatists reportedly with Russian regulars believed less than 20km from city

Philippe Selendy ©Flora Hanitijo

Army stages coup in Lesotho

Prime minister takes refuge in South Africa

Brazil’s economy slips into recession

GDP contraction deals blow to Rousseff’s re-election bid

Miliband considers health tax for manifesto

Focus on eyecatching promise taps voter concern over NHS

Eurozone slips a step closer to deflation

Pressure mounts on ECB to ease policy next week

Comment and Analysis

Apple fans on hold for wearable device

Fitness-tracking gadget will not go on sale until early 2015

America - the best place to be British

The three great omissions of American life – the BBC, football and healthcare – are now increasingly on tap

Should we call time on teenage drinking?

Alcohol consumption among youth has actually declined almost everywhere in the western world

Best comments from our readers

"Could Cameron be the prime minister whose actions lead both to the dissolution of the United Kingdom and the exit of England and Wales from Europe shortly afterwards? That would certainly give him a 'place in history'."
By Exiled in the North on Ukip defection exposes Tory faultlines

"Congratulations to Erdogan for reaching his self-set goals. I am against your political agenda, but a majority of Turks seem to like it - some even adore you. So be it, it's the Turkish people's free choice. One request: now that you are at the very top, please become mature and treat your opponents with respect; show generosity and mercy. These are the traits of true leaders."
By Kyodurl on Recep Tayyip Erdogan sworn in as Turkey’s president

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