Tesco parachutes in new finance chief

M&S agrees to release Alan Stewart early

Tate & Lyle warns on first-half profits

Food group hit by price competition and supply chain problems

Mothercare launches £100m rights issue

Funds will be used to pay down debt and close up to 75 stores

Jimmy Choo confirms plans for London IPO

Housebuilder Miller joins expected rush of new offerings

China factory data reassure markets

Commodities rise off 5-year lows and stocks mixed

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UniCredit nears Pioneer-Santander deal

Move would create one of Europe’s largest fund managers

Leader of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband with Douglas Alexander on stage at the Labour Party conference
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Miliband plans mansion tax to boost NHS

Opposition leader set to launch central policy for 2015 general election

Students force change on economics courses

New university curriculum aims to respond to criticisms

Barclays faces record £38m FCA fine

Investment arm hit for failure to segregate client money

US in sweeping tax inversions crackdown

Only fresh deals affected by new Treasury rules

Rockefellers join anti-fossil fuel drive

Standard Oil family fund sends ‘signal’ on renewables

Comment and Analysis

The return of Sarkozy is no solution for France

In this economic malaise, the country needs genuine reformist leaders

Cameron opens up fiscal ‘Pandora’s Box’

Maintaining discipline in a world of local taxes will be hard

Ed Balls pledges to cut the pay of ministers by 5% and reintroduce the 50p top rate of income tax to help get rid of the budget deficit
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Balls offers flat speech mixed with mush

Labour aims to look radical to comrades yet moderate to voters

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"A very interesting article. The element of trust in media parallels the trust - or lack of - in politics. As lobbying gets fiercer, neutral journalism becomes even more important. And the blurring of lines across business interests and journalism makes it all the more important for the outsider to have trustworthy sources of information."
By stonebird on The invasion of corporate news

"It is silly to blame BC Partners. Like blaming a great white for mauling a seal. Who bought the £200m of bonds so BC could pay themselves out? Unless dumb institutions learn how to deal with operators like BC this sad story will play out again and again."
By TheSadTruth on Private equity, not the mobile, killed Phones 4U

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