Miliband in plea for substance over style

Labour leader tackles criticism of his image

Russia pushes up interest rates

Central bank warns of risks from geopolitical tensions

RBS shares jump on profit update

Rise comes despite warning over ‘legacy’ issues

Children’s charities warn over outsourcing

Umbrella body says price-driven competition is eroding UK resources

West Bank erupts in anti-Israel protests

Two dead in demonstrations after attack on school in Gaza

BSkyB to pay up to £7.4bn in Europe deals

Pay-TV provider to buy Sky Deutschland stake and Sky Italia

Ebola poses threat to African economies

Foreign investors in mining are increasingly concerned

Londoners return to Anglican fold

Churches have rebranded using strategies from corporate world

Swiftair md83
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No survivors from Air Algerie crash in Mali

One of the ‘black box’ flight recorders recovered

Vodafone sales hit by Spanish competition

Sales at the telecoms group falls 4.2% year on year

Swift growth at root of China food scandal

Rapid expansion comes back to bite western chains

Comment and Analysis

Merryn Someret Webb

Travel hints and holiday reading

Readers’ suggestions on car hire and much else

Illustration of digital chess
©Shonagh Rae

Chess in cyberspace: a smart move?

Parents are tapping the most brilliant chess brains in India, Bulgaria and Moscow to deliver online tutorials for their offspring via Skype

Horse-trading over pension guidance

Making savers take advice will be key

Best comments from our readers

"Politicians use tax as a social policy vehicle (e.g. cigarette taxes and tax credits) and an economic competitiveness weapon... Until its main purpose, a means of equitable funding expenditure is re-established as the dominant motivation, complexity will continue."
By cockney dave on Tim Harford: Why tax systems are trickier than Martian algebra

"The West Lothian Question is a complete non-issue. MPs are elected from all parts of the UK to make decisions about all parts of the UK... The fact that some decisions are devolved doesn't mean that those who are not subject to devolution are disadvantaged."
By RDerby on England may pay dearly for staying united with Scotland

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