GSK fires staff in China over corruption

About 110 employees dismissed in relation to bribes in 2013

Brazil inflation hits highest in a decade

Rising prices add to woes confronting Rousseff government

US jobs surge sends dollar soaring

295,000 jobs figure fuels expectations that Fed will raise rates

Gender pay-gap details to be published

Lib Dems win law change to force transparency on wages

Greece proposes tourists as tax inspectors

Varoufakis sets out seven measures to unlock €7.2bn aid

apple iwatch gold

$10,000 watch tests Apple’s luxury appeal

A gold watch could alienate fans or add a halo to the brand

Jobs report deepens emerging market rout

Scale of the week’s sell-off sparks fears of a new taper tantrum

Bureaucracy painting population ©Carl Hammoud
Ingram Pinn illustration

TV debates will go ahead, say broadcasters

Channels stick to schedule despite Cameron refusal

George Osborne at No 11 Downing St
©Philip Sinden

The reinvention of George Osborne

The chancellor has been out and about, talking up his long-term plan for the nation. But what of his own?

Going the extra mile to win a $21bn deal

How AbbVie came out on top in pharma’s most competitive auction

©Lorne Campbell/Guzelian

Migration: Britain is a study in paradox

John McDermott finds integration and alienation coexist

Comment and Analysis

UK Muslims should keep faith with west

We learn the ‘who’ of those who leave for Syria; we need to know the ‘why’, writes Adnan Sarwar

Illustration by Barry Falls of partygoing couple and New Young Puritans
©Barry Falls

New Young Puritans: student life isn’t what it used to be

Study hard, volunteer, write your CV . . . a serious-minded generation has emerged out of the crisis

Irving Kahn, stockbroker, 1905-2015

Determined market doyen who delved deep for value

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"For the young rent is over 40% of wages. Why do we have to keep paying the rentiers who generate no wealth? We don't need a new productivity revolution, we need to crush the rentiers. There is your paradigm shift."
By /B on Blame feeble productivity growth for stagnant living standards

"I want to see a cartoon with all the EZ leaders and Draghi peddling a Heath Robinson-esque 19 seater bicycle over a cliff with the caption: 'Our timing is perfect, and the end is nigh . . .'."
By Kiacofomo on With perfect timing, ECB’s Draghi calls end to eurozone crisis

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