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Star fund manager of 2013 falls to earth

Michael Aronstein’s fund drops 13% and faces redemption requests

Putin outlines dangers to Russia’s security

Military review shows president sees Ukraine as threat to his leadership

Cabled urged to act after City Link collapse

Business secretary to meet RMT within days to discuss the situation

Tough Boxing Day trade for retailers

High street stores face hard conditions as footfall drops

Sony and Microsoft games hit by outages

Hackers claim responsibility for Christmas Day network disruption

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 14: The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby attends a service at Holy Sepulchre Church, Grafton on August 14, 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand. The Archbishop of Cantebury is on his first visit to New Zealand, as part of a 10-day visit to Anglican primates in the South Pacific. His visit will also celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Christian gospel first being proclaimed in New Zealand. (Photo by Fiona Goodall/Getty Images)
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Archbishop of Canterbury has pneumonia

Anglican leader misses traditional Christmas Day service

Fire engulfs Libya’s largest oil terminal

Facility shut down as Islamist militias seek to seize control

Oil price plunge raises producers’ fears

Roots of collapse lie in the US shale oil boom

North Korea farce packs US theatres

Controversial film ‘not actually a serious comedy’

Banks’ most expensive year on record

Total of fines and legal settlements equal to Croatia’s GDP

Nestlé vows to make healthier products

Swiss group boosts R&D on alternatives to sugar and salt in food

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Christmas returns: where’s the jingle?

Pearls and classic cars are the gifts that keep on giving

Pope takes on the Catholic bureaucracy

The Argentine Jesuit’s reformist zeal is matched by steely pragmatism

Ecommerce: a difficult model to drive

Delivery groups’ shares look low yield and expensive

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