Britain and the cuts series

Putin blames west for Russia’s woes

President predicts rebound to take two years

Luxembourg drops bid to keep tax list secret

EU Commission widens probe and asks all member states to reveal deals

Sony hack a US ‘national security matter’

White House debates response to attack by ‘sophisticated actor’

Oil world adjusts to Saudi no-cut gamble

Short-term pressures could hurt Opec members more than other nations


Council grant cuts ‘fair’, says coalition

Town hall chiefs claim services face average reductions of 8.8 per cent

BASF and Gazprom scrap energy asset swap

‘Difficult political environment’ blamed for failure of German-Russian deal

Regulator eases bitcoin licence burden

New York is first to float rules for the fledgling cryptocurrency

Iraqi Kurds retake besieged Mt Sinjar

Hundreds freed from Isis mountaintop stronghold

Reliance retainers raise questions in India

Ambani conglomerate paid undisclosed monthly fees to lawmakers

New York tops year’s market for IPOs

Alibaba flotation ensures lead in global hunt for returns

Welcome to the world of Big Chocolate

Three companies will dominate processing sector

Comment and Analysis

North Korea not amused by killing Kim

It has built a nuclear deterrent to protect its leaders’ claims to legitimacy, says Adam Cathcart

North Sea worries wash ashore at Aberdeen

Crumbling confidence in the energy sector is starting to be felt

Windsors’ royal run for the White House

At a recent get-together the Prince told admirers: ‘Read one’s lips — no new duties’

Best comments from our readers

"Finally the US can have a realistic Cuban policy that offers a real chance of gradually influencing them toward a more open and free society. Opening trade and travel can do that. Holding your breath until you turn blue doesn't."
By MacGrove55105 on US moves to restore relations with Cuba

"No matter how much more oil may be extracted with new technologies, it is still ultimately a finite resource and once used, it ain't coming back. As such, 'alternative' and renewable energy sources make sound sense. Leaving it until the last minute just because oil prices are down at the moment is short-sighted and downright selfish for future generations."
By Worldweary on The Big Drop: Cheap oil burns green energy

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