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Cima de Conegliano’s ‘The Baptism of Christ’
©Bridgeman Art Library

Non-Opec producers blamed for oil slide

Saudi Arabia and UAE vow to maintain production targets at 30m barrels day

Make foreign graduates leave, says May

UK home secretary seeks inclusion of pledge in election manifesto

Russia blocks Facebook protest page

Thousands sign up in support of opposition leader facing jail

Grim year for UK profit warnings

Worst period for large listed companies since 2008

Rising olive oil price is pressing matter

Output falls sharply in Spain and Italy, with prices back at 2008 levels

Barclays limits potential Asia clients

UK lender in ‘merciless’ review of activities in the region

China eases rules for foreign banks

Move largely symbolic as Beijing makes good on reform pledges

Obama rebukes Sony for scrapping film

Pyongyang urges joint investigation after FBI accuses it of cyber attack

Presidential vote polarises Tunisia

Regional and class rifts threaten to derail political transition

Abbott reshuffles cabinet to ‘refocus’

Australian PM vows action on economy as popularity wanes

US private equity beaten by Russell Brand

Victory for protesters after affordable housing campaign

Isis morale falls as momentum slows

Frustration grows among jihadis as focus shifts to governing

Comment and Analysis

...Jeremy Helsby, the CEO of Savils. Photographed at their central London HQ. Photograph: Rosie Hallam
©Rosie Hallam

Jeremy Helsby: beyond country houses

The CEO of estate agent Savills remains a London property bull

Law partner and mother? Do a split shift

A senior lawyer has found a way to combine career and mothering

Illustration of a grandma by Harry Haysom
©Harry Haysom

You really, really, shouldn’t have . . . 

There is a vast discrepancy between how we see the world when giving gifts and when receiving them

Best comments from our readers

"This sets an uncomfortable precedent for me. The movie is farce, satire and comedy - no matter if it's in bad taste - and our ability to make and publish that type of material is important."
By Beatrice Functiontest on Sony scraps release of ‘The Interview’ on hacker threat

"I have been running for years, but to get home, not to work. It is the best way to fit it in during the day. You don't steal too much time from the family, and it's something to look forward to at the end of the day."
By NBSJ on The rise of running to work prompts call for tax breaks on kit

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