IMF signals doubts on renminbi

Fund questions role as reserve currency

UK’s official statistics out of date, says Bean

Data models come from Great Depression not internet era, says review head

China in Rmb1tn infrastructure bonds plan

Beijing pushes policy banks to plough money into domestic projects

Société Générale pledges to boost buffer

French lender’s net income jumps fuelled by market turbulence

‘Walking on Sunshine’ joins sales elite

BMG buys song that racks up millions in licensing fees for £10m

‘Pete the Greek’ will not face Libor action

FCA panel rules no case against ex-UBS man Koutsogiannis

The bank of England, City of London.

All eyes on sterling’s ‘Super Thursday’

Bank of England’s release of information could become UK version of US non-farm payrolls day

Hedge funds make quick buck on RBS sale

Speculators bet on shares falling before government stake disposal

Rick Perry out of Republican debate

Chris Christie and John Kasich secure slots in Thursday’s line-up

Bessent quits Soros group to launch fund

Billionaire investor makes $2bn allocation to Key Square Group

Australia revokes Adani mine approval

Decision is blow to Indian group’s A$16bn Queensland project

Comment & Analysis

BHP Billiton's coal miniing operation in Klipspruit, South Africa

Falling markets and the ‘resource curse’

Capital expenditure cuts eat into developing nations’ growth

Vitriol over Corbyn infuriates moderates

Former Labour allies at risk of division over resurgent left wing

Trail of scandal does not mean all are guilty

There were cover-ups and malefactors in the 1970s but that does not prove Heath accusations are true

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"Good organisations manage key-person risk such that people can take a holiday without work grinding to a halt. If they can't cope with a holiday, what happens if they fall under a bus? Or hand in their notice? In addition, holidays are a great anti-fraud mechanism."
By AndrewT on The out of date out-of-office message

"There's also a subtle difference between 'changing one's mind' and 'altering one's conclusions'; the latter includes changing one's confidence level in a decision as opposed to changing a decision, eg changing to 'I don't know' ."
By -jswift on Keynes was half right about the facts

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