‘1,000’ Russia troops in Ukraine, says Nato

Putin applauds rebels for ‘intercepting Kiev’s military operation’

Google tests drone deliveries in Australia

Group races Amazon to use self-flying vehicles commercially

New framework for sovereign defaults

Effort to prevent re-run of Argentine and Greek wrangles

Ukip defection exposes Tory faultlines

Party scrambles to see if other eurosceptics plan to follow

Apple tightens rules for health apps

Developers face restrictions on use of personal data

Risk aversion re-emerges in Asia markets

Japanese shares fall as data fuel questions about economy

Source: AA via Bloomberg News.
©AA/Bloomberg News

AA chief quits in boardroom stand-off

Chairman Mackenzie will take over day-to-day operations

Cameron braves Scottish visit to defend union

Yes campaigners outside CBI denounce ‘Tory scum’

US rebound stronger than first thought

Upward growth revision to 4.2% indicates robust expansion

US probes wave of cyber attacks on banks

JPMorgan among those targeted

China deals cash blow to Mugabe

Zimbabwean president fails to secure bailout from staunch ally

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Gaza fishermen view meagre catch

Israel allows doubling of three-mile fishing limit in ceasefire

Q&A: The battle over EU fiscal rules

Intense debate expected on eurozone’s tough budget rules

James Williams, 32, owner of Campion Ale, opened a brewery/pub in December 2013 in Tokyo
©Toshiki Senoue

Crafty expats take the home brew to Japan

Westerners slake Tokyo’s thirst for brewpubs and craft beer

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"It's the airlines' fault for packing them in like sardines in a tin. Next will be standing-only positions with a strap to hold on to."
By Kropotkin on Airlines fight for the right to recline

"There is one key advantage which I feel my privately educated colleagues have over me, and that is confidence. As I look to my future and the more senior levels, the ability to speak with confidence and clarity is what really sets you apart from colleagues who are largely of equal intelligence."
By Top Cat on Privately educated dominate UK’s top jobs

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