Coca-Cola bottlers in merger talks

European deal aimed at simplifying manufacturing chain

BG profits hit by oil price slump

Group forecasts 2015 capex will be 30 per cent lower than 2014

Osborne plans public sector pay-off cap

BBC and BoE will also be urged to end 6 figure severance payments

Europe stocks steady after Shanghai dips

US short-term yields hold near multiyear highs

Air to Air - images taken over Baltic airspace by Typhoon pilots, intercepting Russian Mikoyan MiG-31 aircraft. On Friday 24th July as part of NATO’s ongoing mission to police Baltic airspace, RAF Typhoons intercepted 10 Russian aircraft during a single Baltic Air Patrol, Quick Reaction Alert mission: The Typhoon aircraft, from 6 (Fighter) Squadron, RAF Lossiemouth were launched after multiple groups of aircraft were detected by NATO air defences in international airspace near to the Baltic States. Once airborne, the RAF jets identified the aircraft as 4 x FULLBACKS Sukhoi Su-34 fighters, 4 x FOXHOUNDS Mikoyan MiG-31 fighters and 2 x Antonov An26 ‘CURL’ transport aircraft who appeared to be carrying out a variety of routine training. The Russian aircraft were monitored by the RAF Typhoons and escorted on their way.

Nato jets intercept Russian aircraft

Alliance sees steady rise in airspace provocations

Tsipras wins battle with Syriza far left

Central committee backs Greek PM’s call for September congress

Amazon pays $250m for ex-Top Gear trio

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May in new venture

Gertjan Vlieghe of the BoE MPC
©Gertjan Vlieghe

MPs to scrutinise new MPC member

Treasury denies conflict of interest over former hedge fund economist

England seek KO in thrilling cricket brawl

Anderson injury hits home side but Finn’s return pays off

Black athlete taunts fuel Australia race row

Government is considering referendum on indigenous rights

UK criticised for Ai Weiwei visa curb

Dissident artist told he failed to declare criminal conviction

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City Insider

City Insider: PR groups fight over Barclays

Stephen Hester’s timing woes; Swiss bank chiefs at a loss for words

For Calais migrants, England is the dream

Fears that people will take more risks as UK and France boost security

Cull their Lordships to save the chamber

A revising House must be a ‘think again’ not a ‘yield or we veto’ place, writes Julian Grenfell

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"There's also the Keynesian view, where while saving (and hence lending) may be virtuous for the individual, especially if they have dependents, it's harmful for the wider economy. An extreme version sees excess savers as sucking the life out of the economy, while debtors are heroically taking risk onto themselves, which raises demand for the benefit of all."
By Adam Bartlett on What St Luke would say to Schäuble

"Everything we do in security is the equivalent of the dutch boy with his finger in the dyke, and leaks are springing up everywhere."
By hmmm on Cyber insecurity: When 95% isn’t good enough

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