Brussels urges more caring for sharing economy

Call for states not to ban or curb likes of Uber and Airbnb

Alliance Trust confirms Rothschild approach

Informal proposal from RIT Capital for £5bn merger

Spending by Europe’s Nato states rises

Concerns over migrants and Russia raise Nato security fears

Iraqi forces face tough test in Fallujah

Isis at advantage as tens of thousands of civilians still in city

Noble changes chief executive and strategy

Yusuf Alireza’s resignation precedes sale of US retail energy unit

HSBC boss tops investors’ choice for removal

Shareholder survey finds Stuart Gulliver ‘most in need’ of replacement

JLR profits fall 40% despite sales rise

Chinese slowdown hits British carmaker

Trump plans to insult his way to victory

Tycoon applying technique that helped see off Republican rivals

Former Zurich Insurance chief commits suicide

Senn stepped down in December after failed RSA bid

Iata warns of slowdown in air travel

Trade body signals cautious outlook for passenger traffic

House prices, estate agents for sale and to let.

Evidence grows of end to house price boom

Fall in mortgage approvals across country steeper than expected

Comment & Analysis

Rhodes Trust tries to reach beyond empire

Denial widening scholarships linked to anti-imperialist campaign

‘The New Russia’ by Mikhail Gorbachev

A Russian prophet without honour

Chart: Monsanto data

Bayer-Monsanto sows seeds of doubt

Antitrust officials likely to raise issues such as the impact on R&D

Conversation starters: Comments from our readers

"For a bonus system to work, the measurable outcomes should not be known by the employee so that, theoretically anyway, they would be expected to apply maximum effort and standards throughout their work. The basis being, it is difficult to game a system if you don't know what to game. Of course the need for transparency renders that a non-starter!"
By Trecar on Burger flippers deserve bonuses, bankers do not

"Perhaps banks should think about letting out office space to their staff rather than simply giving it to them 'for free'? This would encourage optimal space use, better working from home etc. if you priced it right you could ensure only the most productive employees could afford to come in to network with management. And you could claw back that ever pesky headcount cost."
By protestantethic on Bankers set to share desks as part of London space-saving moves

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