Unrepentant Fuld blames government

Former Lehman chief points finger at ‘other agendas’ behind collapse

Google and GoPro in virtual reality deal

Tech groups team up to cut cost of technology

Grexit a ‘possibility’, says Lagarde

IMF offers Athens more time to repay its June debts

Nigerian wins race to run AfDB

Appointment a further boost to new administration of Muhammadu Buhari

China stock slide unsettles US and Europe

Greek uncertainty adds to nervous mood

Avago microchip

Chipmaker Avago buys Broadcom for $37bn

Deal is the largest tech acquisition since dotcom bubble of the late-1990s

Bank middle management is regulatory ‘blind spot’, says Wheatley

Some risk takers not subject to same rules as bosses

Goldman tried to lure Hayes, court told

Trader passed up offer of a $3m guarantee and an expanded role

Nigerian wins race to run AfDB

Appointment a further boost to new administration of Muhammadu Buhari

Rhetoric hardens as Cameron tours Europe

British PM can expect only limited concessions

ECB warns of shadow banking sector risks

Central bank says use of derivatives increases threats to system

Oxford nominates female vice-chancellor

Professor Louise Richardson set to arrive in January 2016

Comment & Analysis

Draghi’s impatience at the slow pace of reform

Structural improvements are for national politicians to implement

Blair returns to brave new conflict zone

His first task: to improve the hopeless economic situation of Britain’s main opposition party

Short working week that holds France back

The 35-hour law is not the only labour market rigidity but it should go

Best comments from our readers

"This talk of 10-week holidays but high productivity does make me think who has gotten it right. On the one hand it does make the French seem lazy and inefficient by getting so much time off but if they can still get the necessary work done but be able to enjoy life outside of work that much more, then perhaps they do have a better system set up."
By Porkchop on French utility EDF seeks to cut workers’ 10-week holiday quota

"Something tells me central bankers, like jugglers, are wont to keep the balls of both equities and bonds in the air and not let any of them fall. When one falls everything falls. So investors would do well to stay where they are and pray for the best. You hardly have a choice. There is no hiding place"
By Trutheludes on Investors are playing a ‘greater fool’ game

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