Russia downgraded to ‘junk’ by S&P

Shift underscores dramatic economic deterioration

Microsoft warns over PC software unit

Shares fall nearly 4% after hours as shine is taken off cloud growth

Ministers impose curbs on fracking

Shale gas development gets go ahead with last-minute controls

Russians accused of spying in New York

Bank employee and officials ‘tried to recruit US company staff’

BP to freeze global salaries

Cap follows plunge in oil price

US east coast braced for blizzard

Airlines cancel thousands of flights ahead of snowstorms

London faces surfeit of expensive new homes

More than a decade’s supply being built for developers

Kurds claim victory over Isis in Kobani

Forces claim to have wrested back control of Syrian border city

Boris Berezovsky's case racked up £100m in legal fees

Former oligarch died owing UK £46m, court told

Insolvency order made against estate of Boris Berezovsky

Facebook tries to get personal with video ads

Analysts believe site could gain up to $1bn revenue via targeted marketing

Rough diamonds suffer hard times

Petra warns of credit squeeze and problems for polishers

Comment and Analysis

Election spells end of two-party system

Fragmentation of UK politics makes this poll the most unpredictable in living memory

Who trains ‘plug and play’ generation?

CEOs are transfixed by the prediction that US millennials are likely to have 15-20 jobs

Dollar rally only just getting started

Diverging policy pushes currency higher but tepid growth will take toll

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"There can never be a substitute for human fund managers. If picking stocks was purely objective then someone would have developed a model that would blitz the markets already."
By The boy from Oz on Human investment managers risk obsolescence

"Several years ago, I came off my bike on black ice and cracked a couple of ribs the day before an 8am interview. I was so high on painkillers the next morning that, to this day, I have no recollection of what I was asked or how I replied - but I got the job."
By Redlight on Should falling off my bicycle stop me from leaning in?

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