US investigates Afghan hospital attack

At least 19 dead in bombing of Médecins Sans Frontières hospital

Mark Carney under attack from investors

Carbon policy not ‘a matter for the Bank of England’

Portugal goes to the polls

Anti-austerity party poses threat to PM Pedro Passos Coelho

Google takes bet on an Alpha future

Official name change spells out group’s push for limitless growth

Lord Denis Healey at his home in Sussex, 03/04/2006. Photographed for WEFT p.3 Interview.

Denis Healey: political heavyweight who raised eyebrows

An intellectual with the common touch who saved Labour from disintegration

Grexit and China fears drain confidence

Fund sales in Europe and the US faltered in the second quarter

Israel restricts acces to Jerusalem

Palestinians banned after fatal stabbings in the historic Old City

Lunch with the FT: Marian Goodman

Backlash over Bush ‘stuff happens’ remark

Double blow as poll puts support for presidential bid at 4%

Banks braced for extra £15bn PPI bill

FCA sets 2018 deadline on claims in rapprochement with lenders

Coke and McDonald’s ask Blatter to quit

Budweiser and Visa join Fifa sponsors seeking swift resignation

Currency, banknotes, Euros, Dollars Swiss Francs

New UK mortgage rules will hit foreign workers

Lenders pull out of market ahead of new EU rules

Comment & Analysis

Putin turns to Syria in high-stakes game

As Crimea euphoria fades, Russia’s leader needs a new narrative

Ted Hughes with Sylvia Plath in 1958
©Black Star, courtesy of Mortimer Rare Book Ro

‘Ted Hughes: The Unauthorised Life’, by Jonathan Bate

An ‘unauthorised’ biography of the poet raises troubling questions, writes John Sutherland

Investors must start to question beliefs

Markets signal concern as number of assumptions called into question

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"If you are a long-term investor, you can simply ride out the volatility. No one compels you to trade when volatility spikes. All the author can claim is that algo trading increases volatility; no one can prove it alters an asset's underlying value, or that the market price does not converge on the intrinsic value. Buffett is not bothered if an algo shakes his stock price up and down."
By Newyorker2014 on Markets: Can they really be tamed?

"Having resigned from four companies in the last decade (two of them blue-chip, two of them start-up), I've never once had an exit interview. Such a missed opportunity. As with customers, your most valuable are the ones who are dissatisfied. It is a very old-fashioned British attitude that assumes management have nothing to learn from their staff."
By Snid on Useless exit interviews carry a heavy cost

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