Emission vows boost climate deal hopes

US, Brazil, China and South Korea promise to curb carbon output

Former Thomas Cook boss paid £5.6m bonus

Harriet Green has made commitment to pay one-third to charity

FTSE 100 sets another poor record

Index fell 6.6 per cent in June, its biggest drop since May 2012

Uber executives to stand trial in Paris

Pair charged after spending a night in police custody

Simulated terror attack to test London

‘Strong Tower’ exercise deploys 1,000 police officers

Willis and Towers Watson in $18bn merger

Combined group to have $8bn of revenues

Solicitors prepare to strike over cuts

Protest against planned 8.75 per cent cut to criminal legal aid fees

Suzuki CEO names son as successor

The 85-year-old boss of Japanese carmaker steps down as president

UK set to be fastest-growing G7 economy

GDP growth in first quarter better than previously estimated

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Ph: Film Frame ©Lucasfilm 2015

Pinewood feels the force as revenues rise

Net profit climbs amid strong business from US filmmakers

Land Rover Defender production line
©Neville Williams

Last chance to buy that new Defender

JLR’s all-terrain vehicle to be taken out of production this year

Comment & Analysis

Banks return to riskier lending

Interest-only mortgages and 0% credit card deals on offer

The Steinmetz affair

The Dictator’s Wife: part two of an FT podcast mini-series on a corruption investigation spanning three continents

Q&A: Chris Christie’s White House run

Once-favoured Republican candidate now seen as long shot

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"French and Spanish radio broadcast daily press reviews covering major European and non-European newspapers. I do not know of any British station which does the same. The power of English as a language is in danger of turning native English speakers into provincials - and Britain's progressive detachment from the EU is perhaps a reflection of such provincialism."
By Manofiona on Why we need German thinking

"What is termed 'insouciance' on Greece could simply be the US and Asia not focusing on Greece, or Europe. I have noticed in 30 years of global travel and having lived in both Europe and the US that the European markets, players, and commentators speak and behave in a very insular fashion while Tokyo and New York take a more global perspective."
By washu on Greece and the insouciance of global markets

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