US tech companies in data sharing talks

Negotiations with Britain to handover suspicious emails and chats

Top UK businesses unprepared for Brexit

FTSE blue-chips making few contingency plans

Lending to emerging markets comes to halt

BIS fears ‘vicious’ circle’ of deleveraging and turmoil

Mayfair restaurants are off

Chefs packing up and cashing in on soaring West End rents

HSBC pays $470m to settle mortgage claims

US authorities say bank broke rules before seizing homes

Libya warns shipowners over oil deals

‘Unauthorised’ attempts by rival factions to export crude

US jobs resilient despite global challenges

Wage growth accelerates even as labour market adds fewer jobs

Andy Warhol self-portrait ©Andy Warhol Foundation, ARS, DACS

Ban blames Russia for collapse of Syria talks

Intensified fighting undermined negotiations, says UN head

Rare 1957 Ferrari sold for over €32m

Two bidders race over Le Mans 400bhp veteran

ArcelorMittal to raise $3bn to cut debt

Steelmaker aims to cut $15.7bn debt pile as losses rise sevenfold

Assange says UN ruling a ‘vindication’

Panel calls on UK and Sweden to end ‘arbitrary detention’

Comment & Analysis

Telecoms groups do battle over bundles

BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media compete to offer combined deals

Technology: The rift with reality

Investment is pouring into virtual reality products but their effect on society is up for debate

A helicopter takes off from North Sea's Kittiwake platform
©Robert Ormerod

North Sea: after the fall

With oil plummeting to lowest price in years, Kiran Stacey reports from Kittiwake rig on industry in turmoil

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"Is the European Union, with its unelected Commissioners and elected MEPs of the 27 member nations, really democratic or has it become, over time, more like the former politburo of the Eastern bloc communist countries with everything centralized and decision-making and diktat emanating from the group of bureaucrats and politicians at the very centre?"
By Kenneth Armitage on FT Debate on Brexit: Martin Wolf

"Recently I stood on a platform for 15 minutes, reading emails. I googled "is the B train running today" and there were answers, but none less than six months old. Finally a Spanish tourist politely asked me if the padlocked bar across the tracks was customary or if perhaps it might indicate that the train would not be coming today. We went upstairs."
By jpirwin750 on Three ways New York could help visitors love the city even more

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