Yellen warns on global turbulence

Fed chair’s testimony will reduce rate rise expectations

Four UK cases of Zika reported this year

Number likely to rise as travellers return from Latin America

BP offers positive global outlook

US producers expected to recover strongly after oil price rout

US yield curve narrows to 8-year low

Flattening in Treasury spreads signals economic fears

Republicans seek mainstream rival to Trump

New Hampshire leaves crowded field of establishment conservatives

European banking shares rebound

Recovery comes as Deutsche Bank considers debt buyback

Five of the top 15 biggest-grossing films last year were shot at Pinewood Studios
©MGM; Paramount; Disney; Marvel; Lucasfilm

Pinewood considers £250m sale

UK studio group says tightly held shareholder register stifles liquidity in shares

M6 Toll road goes on the block

Consortium of banks to offload Britain’s only pay-to-use motorway

Deportation plan threatens Ankara deal

Turkey rails against Greek designation of it as ‘safe third country’

Maersk: buying more ships but keeping costs down

Maersk warns on business conditions

Group hit by falling oil prices and container freight rates

Economic crisis...Financial Services Authority (FSA) chairman Lord Turner of Ecchinswell leaves Downing Street after a meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

P2P industry hits back at Turner’s warning

Former regulator accused of conflict of interest

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‘Out’ groups merge but still struggle for unity

Campaigns split over focusing on immigration or economy

Gangland murders return to torment Dublin

Fatal attacks have upped the ante in national election campaign

Soccer game mirrors Kurdish struggle

Fighter jet and tear gas are backdrop to Diyarbakir match

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"I have noticed the way that everybody now seems to use the word 'disappointed' precisely in the passive aggressive manner you point out. People using the word in this fashion really need to take a good, hard look at themselves and realise that they do not sound like Don Corleone from the Godfather, they sound like David Brent's tedious boss from the office."
By Banana on An old-school reply to an advertiser’s retro threat

"Anonymous cash has been a functioning solution for all of history, regardless of who issued it. But now it is government that is 'making a move' on the citizen's right to hold it. Government doesn't like anything to be out of its reach, and technology offers a method of control."
By FT Debate: Scrapping cash

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