Yoox and Net-a-Porter confirm merger talks

Online fashion retailers could announce deal as early as Tuesday

BoE to stress test banks in global crisis

Scenario includes plunge in Chinese growth and eurozone recession

Queen’s staff consider action over pay

Workers at Windsor Castle to be balloted over industrial action

Watchdog probes sale of financial data

Fake cold-calling company bought records of 15,000 people

Quindell sale marks ‘break with the past’

Deal worth £637m creates UK’s largest personal injury firm

Final push for Iran nuclear deal

Key elements of negotiations show signs of unravelling

Ed Balls, left, and Ed Miliband
©Charlie Bibby/FT

Miliband faces dilemma over bulldog Balls

Relationship of rivalry, competing Labour ideology and suspicion

Alarm over record migration challenged

Number of lower-skilled EU arrivals has declined, study shows

Greece battles to unlock bailout cash

Labour and pension reforms missing from Athens’ proposals

Coding forum Github hit by cyber attack

Hackers disrupt website in effort to force removal of content

Local pensions waste millions on fees

Vast discrepancy in management costs between UK schemes

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LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 10: Scotsman David Whitney plays the bagpipes on Westminster Bridge in sight of Parliament on September 10, 2014 in London, England. English councils and national government buildings have been asked to fly the Scottish Saltire flag. Scottish voters will take part in a referendum on September 18, 2014 to decide on independence. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)
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Scots take delight in southern discomfort

Invasion from the north tests bonds of UK union

Is asset management a systemic risk?

Effective regulatory crackdown may come too late

UK learns how stable government does not require majoritarian rule

UK learns how stable government does not require majoritarian rule

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"There is nothing complex about the American problems or the solutions to those problems. And the solutions do not rely on new ideals or forward thinking. They rely on the implementation of the rules of accounting and the understanding of income statements and balance sheets."
By BizSolution on The great American disconnect

"The Tories are not playing fast and lose on the EU. They and many others want it reformed. It is unlikely so to be. So it will stagnate predictably for another decade. That won't be pretty. But it will definitely not make the EU No 1 business priority."
By Jonathan Story on Ed Miliband woos business bosses with warning over EU exit risk

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