ECB leaves rates on hold

Draghi expected to reveal details of loan-buying scheme

Wonga to write off £220m of loans

UK payday lender looking at changing name

Brent oil retreats to 28-month low

US crude also drops below $90 for first time since April 2013

Alleged head of Mexico drug cartel seized

Boost for President Peña Nieto amid deteriorating security

Moscovici endures torrid EU hearing

Centre-right MEPs turn on France’s Socialist ex-finance minister

China backs HK leader over tear gas

Beijing accuses protesters of creating ‘chaos’

Virgin Money pushes ahead with IPO

Newcastle-based lender to join ranks of listed ‘challenger banks’

Rocket Internet fizzles on market debut

Shares open flat on initial offer price before dipping rapidly

High earners to gain most from Tory plans

Tax cuts for wealthy to be funded by unspecified spending cuts

Investors pull $23.5bn from Pimco fund

Withdrawals from Total Return Fund rise in September

French carmakers call for faster reforms

Peugeot Citroën, Renault increase pressure on Hollande government

IOC hits out as Norway pulls Olympic bid

Oslo exit leaves only Beijing and Almaty in race to host 2022 winter games

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Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, makes his keynote speech at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham this afternoon.
©Charlie Bibby/FT

New model Osborne presents softer face

Chancellor tries to be Mr Nice – but there is something a bit off-key

Make yourself interesting, learn about wine

An impressive qualification can boost your appeal, writes Mrs Moneypenny

A business man feels the pressure as people try to contact him on a mobile phone, a blackberry and by post.
©Charlie Bibby

Talking about mental health

Senior managers openly discuss dealing with their depression in the workplace

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"Winning is a curse for parties that do not have the courage to change the status quo."
By AC4757756 on Britain’s next election carries a fiendish winner’s curse

"Though I lean right politically on many issues, Martin is 100% correct about the dangers of inequality. The US republic is in the process of being hollowed out by plutocrats which as we are seeing has global impacts."
By 1776 on Why inequality is such a drag on economies

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