IMF takes hard line on aid for Greece

Fund gives eurozone lenders ultimatum to write off Athens debt

Pimco fund loses crown to Vanguard

Outflow since Bill Gross’s departure reaches more than $110bn

Cambodia PM cries foul over Pacquiao loss

Hun Sen refuses to pay up on $5,000 bet after Mayweather win

TfL seeks media partner for £1bn contract

Groups invited to deliver ‘more imaginative’ experiences

China to slow as ‘migrant miracle’ ends

Flow of rural labour that fuelled boom peters out

Spending on cancer drugs hits $100bn

Global record comes as industry prepares to launch new treatments

Appetite rises for debt finance in property

Intense competition for assets drives push for riskier returns

Royal mail China website

Royal Mail ‘shop’ brings British brands to China

Tie-up with Alibaba’s T-Mall set to boost income for postal group


Supreme Court to hear HMRC bonuses case

Tax authority to pursue UBS and Deutsche over employee schemes

National Front suspends Jean-Marie Le Pen

Comments on gas chambers leads to climax in row with daughter

Study hits at ‘predatory’ Queensway Group

Report on HK-based network adds to concern over front companies

Comment and Analysis

China must prove Silk Road is serious

Beijing has tired of buying up endless volumes of US bonds, writes George Magnus

Russia looks to the war to rekindle pride

Victory Day helps unite nation struggling to define its identity

Chimps deserve our respect and care

The precedent is in our relationships with babies and other vulnerable people

Best comments from our readers

"'Delivering' is not just being stretched to mean 'doing': it's also being squeezed not to mean 'delivering' any more – a meaning which, weirdly, is now replaced by 'shipping', though no ships are ever involved. With the linguistic ice melting so fast beneath us, maybe we shall have to take up speaking French, or Welsh or something instead."
By Mark O'Sullivan on Twitter chief’s six common crimes against the dictionary

"In a few years, when cars are loaded to the roof with electronic gizmos, one of the manufacturers will launch a version with only useful stuff on it. The reduction in the selling price could be several thousand dollars. I wonder whether it would sell well?"
By RBater on Ford scraps plan to build car seat that detects heart attack

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