Lagarde plays down China stock jitters

Asian giant’s economy is ‘resilient and strong’, says IMF chief

ProSieben and Springer end merger talks

Governance issues scupper discussions to create €14bn media group

Kabul confirms death of Taliban leader

Fugitive Mullah Omar died more than two years ago

West eyes Dr Strangelove cyber strategy

Need for clearer offensive posture gains popularity

Michel Platini to stand for Fifa presidency

Pledge to restore the ‘dignity’ of football’s governing body

Irish Ambassador Daniel Mulhall Photograph: Rosie Hallam

Cameron eyes Irish path out of EU impasse

Postdated treaty change solved Dublin’s Europe dilemma in 2009

Chinese prosecutor in Gu trial found dead

Man Mingan played main role in murder case against Bo’s wife

Liquidity worries reach US Treasuries

Bond funds face spike in redemptions as rates increase

Young woman reading book, sitting behind wooden balustrade on beach

Man Booker longlist released for 2015

US novelists outnumber Britons among finalists for UK fiction award

Dorsey takes aim at Twitter sacred cows

Issues with approachability and accessibility have slowed growth

Lone Star to buy Quintain in £700m deal

Latest UK property investment for Dallas-based private equity firm

Comment & Analysis

Factor investing proves useful to some

Blends of momentum, value and volatility stocks will not yet oust portfolios balanced by sector

Rugged coast of Sark, Channel Islands

A taxing and complex Channel Islands tale

Guernsey says Sark links led to unfair tax blacklist inclusion

No ordinary workplace: Palestinians at Work Without Borders in Gaza City
©Saleh Jadallah

Extreme remote working in Gaza

Sealed Palestinian territory is an unlikely offshoring option

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"There's also the Keynesian view, where while saving (and hence lending) may be virtuous for the individual, especially if they have dependents, it's harmful for the wider economy. An extreme version sees excess savers as sucking the life out of the economy, while debtors are heroically taking risk onto themselves, which raises demand for the benefit of all."
By Adam Bartlett on What St Luke would say to Schäuble

"Everything we do in security is the equivalent of the dutch boy with his finger in the dyke, and leaks are springing up everywhere."
By hmmm on Cyber insecurity: When 95% isn’t good enough

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