Google tells MPs: ‘We are paying 20% tax’

Tech group answers questions on £130m HMRC deal

Gold surges to $1,260 an ounce

Investors seek haven amid financial market turmoil

HSBC drops plans for pay freeze

Staff protest over salary suspension prompts U-turn

Hunt imposes contract on junior doctors

Health secretary targets all doctors below consultant grade

EU referendum rivals woo UK press barons

Politicians are trying to win over powerful newspaper owners

A Greek fishing boat (R) evacuates people from a half-sunken catamaran carrying around 150 refugees, most of them Syrians arriving after crossing part of the Aegean sea from Turkey, on the Greek island of Lesbos, October 30, 2015. There were no casaulties amongst the refugees who were travelling on the catamaran, according to a Reuters witness. The death toll from drownings at sea has mounted recently as weather in the Aegean has taken a turn for the worse, turning wind-whipped sea corridors into deadly passages for thousands of refugees crossing from Turkey to Greece. REUTERS/Giorgos Moutafis
©Giorgos Moutafis/Reuters

Nato joins effort to curb migrant crisis

Unorthodox mission will focus on gathering intelligence

Facebook furore in India has wider roots

Remarks by board member Andreessen come as social network hits snags in key market

Bitcoin threatened by software schism

Developers release rival version of code behind digital currency

EU bank rules attacked amid market tumult

Nascent regime under fire from Italy for being destabilising

Rio Tinto warns miners of long downturn

Group cuts dividends after falling to net loss of $866m for 2015

Tories rebel over Osborne’s pension plan

Backbenchers to ‘riot’ over flat rate of pension tax relief

Comment & Analysis

Diversion from traditional taxis in Paris

Business model of ride-hailing app Heetch faces test in court

Nick Garrett, signwriter and teacher. photographed for Business life In his studio in Sydenham 7/2/2016
©Anna Gordon

Signwriting craft revives with a flourish

Painters juggle tutorials with work to pass on a niche trade

Rolls designs revolution on factory floor

Closing gap on rivals’ profit margins requires more efficient manufacturing techniques

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"The move is logical in view of the 2% inflation target, but shows the overall weakness of the inflation target strategy in current circumstances. This will haunt also the major central banks as their efforts to achieve the target become more extreme. In the process they are fostering the piling up of huge financial risks - which are unlikely to be unwound in an orderly fashion."
By nielsbuene on Riksbank cuts rates deeper into negative territory

"I used to love these tests as a teenager,.. trying to find myself in the world. I'm surprised mega corporations are still using such tools. But I am glad they are going out of fashion, just like companies that asks to fill out a 7 page questionnaire on what makes me so special that I want to work for them."
ByFree Radical on Is Myers-Briggs up to the job?

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