TV debates will go ahead, say broadcasters

Channels stick to schedule despite Cameron refusal

Top brass hold fire over defence spending

Hawks accuse forces chiefs of ‘lack of backbone’ over cuts

Déjà vu hangs over Clinton campaign

Revelations over emails and donors reignite doubts over trust

Greece proposes tourists as tax inspectors

Varoufakis sets out seven measures to unlock €7.2bn aid

©Lorne Campbell/Guzelian

Migration: Britain is a study in paradox

John McDermott finds integration and alienation coexist

Bond moves will be test of Draghi’s QE

Falling yields will add to fears; rising ones signal market faith

Missing flight MH370 challenges industry

Safety questions remain after Malaysia Airlines disappearance

George Osborne at No 11 Downing St
©Philip Sinden

The reinvention of George Osborne

The chancellor has been out and about, talking up his long-term plan for the nation. But what of his own?

Hard-up speculator fights to keep mansion

Bank seeks repossession of Irish home where Bono is a neighbour

apple iwatch gold

$10,000 watch tests Apple’s luxury appeal

A gold watch could alienate fans or add a halo to the brand

Iran hardliners fear Rouhani nuclear deal

Critics sense a swell of support for moderate president

Comment and Analysis

UK Muslims should keep faith with west

We learn the ‘who’ of those who leave for Syria; we need to know the ‘why’, writes Adnan Sarwar

Illustration by Barry Falls of partygoing couple and New Young Puritans
©Barry Falls

New Young Puritans: student life isn’t what it used to be

Study hard, volunteer, write your CV . . . a serious-minded generation has emerged out of the crisis

Irving Kahn, stockbroker, 1905-2015

Determined market doyen who delved deep for value

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"For the young rent is over 40% of wages. Why do we have to keep paying the rentiers who generate no wealth? We don't need a new productivity revolution, we need to crush the rentiers. There is your paradigm shift."
By /B on Blame feeble productivity growth for stagnant living standards

"I want to see a cartoon with all the EZ leaders and Draghi peddling a Heath Robinson-esque 19 seater bicycle over a cliff with the caption: 'Our timing is perfect, and the end is nigh . . .'."
By Kiacofomo on With perfect timing, ECB’s Draghi calls end to eurozone crisis

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