Social housing shortage tempts investors

Hedge funds and insurance companies are building council houses

Blast hits Belgian forensics laboratory

Investigators seek to identify cause of explosion

Mylan to launch cut-price version of EpiPen

Generic alternative will cost $300 for a pack of 2

Santander saddled with high 123 costs

A new low in the Bank of England’s base rate has hit lender

Obama’s healthcare problems turn critical

Malfunctioning insurance exchanges are undermining president’s signature reforms

Chinese oil majors scale back output

Beijing eases pressure to increase domestic supply at all costs

Brexit prompts UK insurance sell-offs

Phoenix chief says vote will move foreign players to offload life books

US banks in activists’ sights

Activists circle as many US banks fail to make a double-digit return on equity

Fitbit steps up digital health ambitions

New trackers mark first foray into ‘mindfulness’ trend

Angry impeachment scenes rattle Brazil

Explosive Rousseff trial raises questions about political system

Isis claims Yemen suicide bombing

Dozens of pro-government forces killed in attack on military training camp

Comment & Analysis

Central bankers fear low-growth rut

Without parallel action by lawmakers, economies could still be left vulnerable

‘Alt-right’ movement makes mark on US election

Supremacist group wins some mainstream exposure as candidates take notice

Cinemas go upmarket with menus and loungers

Luxury in-screen dining cinemas attract bigger audience

Conversation starters: Comments from our readers

"Free money has several effects. First, it gets thrown away. Second, it won't be paid back. Third, it destroys any incentive for reform of an economically inefficient legal infrastructure. And there aren't any EMs that are not dependent on China. So bad investments plus a slowing China equals default. Welcome bankruptcy the EM way! Zero recovery."
William Gamble on As China nears exhaustion investors must look elsewhere

"Auditors are ultimately human. Many are quite young and may not have the experience to spot highly complex or sophisticated fraud. The move to machine learning and AI is interesting and could potentially remedy some of these issues insofar as this technology can digest more data far quicker than a any human. It is something the Big Four are looking at."
Charlie 1987 on Accountancy’s Big Four need more competition

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