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Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov shot and killed in Moscow, says Interfax

UK puts 3,000 extremists on terror watch

Rise of Isis boosts ranks of potentially violent militants

Oil set for biggest monthly rise in 6 years

Prices lifted by upbeat demand and supply disruptions

Fed stimulus ‘only now being fully felt’

Fischer defends low US rates and swelling of balance sheet to $4.5tn

Spain holds suspected pro-Russia fighters

Men posted social media images in paramilitary uniforms

Miliband pledges cut in student fees

Policy announcement does little to ease universities’ fears

Lloyds to pay first dividend in 6 years

‘Milestone’ paves way for government to sell more of its stake

Avijit Roy

US-Bangladeshi blogger hacked to death

Avijit Roy had been threatened over his secular beliefs

©Anna Higgie
Blue dress

Oh, The Dress we’re in

Instead of women with no clothes, internet stuck on some clothes with no woman

Brompton Bike
©Anna Batchelor

Brompton looks to F1 for electric bicycle

Maker of folding bikes to launch into growing pedal-assisted market

Farage rallies Ukip with fighting election talk

Supporters worry about absent manifesto and loss of ground in polls

Era of big UK divorce payouts put in doubt

Court ruling challenges life maintenance for former spouses

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‘Star Trek’ star Leonard Nimoy dies

Actor best known for role as Spock dies after battle with lung disease

GUANGZHOU, CHINA - MARCH 02: (CHINA OUT) Irish boy band Westlife perform on stage during their concert at Guangzhou Stadium on March 2, 2012 in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province of China. (Photo by ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images)

FTSE 100’s record — fact versus fiction

Dividends have been overlooked in the return to the 1999 peak

When is a company too big to manage?

HSBC chief’s comments raise questions about leaders’ accountability for the actions of their staff

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"OPEC have indeed lost control of pricing because their market share has fallen below the critical level. It was the realisation that they could not affect the market that precipitated the greater part of last year's fall."
By Alan G on Opec has ceded to the US its power over oil price

"Senior managers are the problem. They should know the people who work for them, manage them, and be responsible for them."
By Contrarian on City of London ‘black book’ is called for to track ‘bad apple’ traders

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An Edouard Denis Baldus photograph of flooding in Lyon (1856) ©Wilson Centre for Photography ‘Salt and Silver: Early Photography 1840-1860’

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