Battle rages as Ukraine peace talks stall

Rebels push on towards strategic rail hub

Tens of thousands of Podemos supporters march in Madrid

Anti austerity party in show of strength

Sergio Mattarella to be Italy’s next president

Election of Sicilian judge is victory for Renzi

Isis says second Japanese hostage killed

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe criticised in latest video

Data experts admit rent inflation error

Higher estimates relieve fears of house price bubble, says ONS

Regulator steps up monitoring of Deutsche

FCA puts bank’s London office into ‘enhanced supervision’

How Qatar snared the Canary

Three shareholders sealed the deal for London’s Canary Wharf

DeepMind’s founder talks about computers acting like humans, joining forces with Google, and why eating is time wasted

Second airbag recall for 2m US vehicles

Recall of recalled vehicles adds complexity

Chindits revived as ‘Facebook warriors’

Reborn brigade will wear forebears’ badge to ‘fight in information age’

Golan risks rise as Hizbollah drops rules

Shia group’s progress increases threat of regional conflict

Dish spends $13.3bn in spectrum auction

Charlie Ergen takes big role reshaping US mobile phone industry

Comment and Analysis

Richard von Weizsäcker, German president

Constructive critic who called for honesty about individuals’ complicity in Germany’s Nazi past

Lubyanka Square monument
©David Trilling

From glasnost to the Kremlin’s line of fire

How a Russian civil rights group went from symbol of Gorbachev-era openness to target of the state

Vow of silence amid Twitter’s outrage

When tempted to be unkind I suppress the urge to express half-ideas

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"Unfortunately there have been so many predictions of a hard landing for China that the market ignores them. Maybe 2015 is the year."
By flashcrash on China: Overborrowed and overbuilt

"Let's not forget that right now Greece is in a much better position to grow, reduce unemployment and service its debts than at any other point in the last six years. It would be a tragedy if left-wing ideology destroys a better future, which is at last visible on the horizon."
By Felix Austria on Tsipras is running out of time

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