Let debtors exit euro, say German experts

Move should be option of last resort, says council of ‘wise men’

Gazprom production set for post-Soviet low

Russian group buffeted by declining demand in Europe

China stems equity rout with state buyers

Large inflows of Beijing-directed capital limit fall in Shanghai

Zurich draws up plans for RSA bid

Swiss group confirms it is evaluating offer for FTSE 100 insurer

Ford serves up best quarter since 2000

US carmaker benefiting from low oil and new models

How to read the Fed committee’s statement

Upbeat Wednesday meeting could suggest a September rate rise

Gertjan Vlieghe of the BoE MPC
©Gertjan Vlieghe

Hedge fund economist joins BoE panel

Brevan Howard’s Gertjan Vlieghe is new external member of MPC

Exploration well, Taq Taq

Kurdistan cash squeeze tests oil groups

Genel, Gulf Keystone and DNO owed hundreds of millions of dollars amid Erbil-Baghdad dispute

UK GDP grows 0.7% in second quarter

Sterling strengthens on expectations rate rise is drawing closer

Melrose shares soar on Elster sale

Investors to receive £2bn windfall from meter business disposal

More than 450 staff fly Twitter’s nest

FT analysis shows turnover as board looks for permanent CEO

Comment & Analysis

Garden Bridge

Cities need boring bridges not celebrity self-indulgence

The new crop of crossings are expensive baubles not real infrastructure, writes Edwin Heathcote

Maximilian Bittner CEO Lazada Group
©Rony Zakaria

Rocket satellite Lazada gains altitude

Web retailer expands in Southeast Asia with backing from Berlin

Microsoft aims to woo with Windows 10

Adoption of newest generation of software is critical for the company after several flops

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"It must be plain to the signatories that a ban cannot work: such is the value of these weapons that rogue researchers, corporations and governments would for carry on in secret regardless of any 'ban'. The only defence we have is to get it all out in the open - not drive it underground. And on that basis raising the profile of the matter in this way is a good thing."
By TechAnalyst on Tech leaders warn of killer robot arms race

"Off-balance sheet transactions got us where we are with the banking crisis. They should be banned."
By attila 7059041 on Critics decry costs of London’s £4.2bn ‘super sewer’

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