Google’s EU settlement could collapse

Search group’s rivals fiercely critical of provisional pact

Putin suggests ending Gazprom monopoly

Other producers could use export pipelines

Herbalife soars as Ackman attack fizzles

Fund manager’s ‘undercover’ investigation fails to sway investors

Day release for Sahara head Roy to sell hotels

Permission to leave prison for a few hours a day for negotiations

UK to hold inquiry into Litvinenko death

U-turn comes as EU discusses Russia sanctions

Minecraft builds partnership with Lego

Full range of Minecraft sets in normal scale to be launched soon

Nick Leslau

Leslau sells Max Property to Blackstone

Entrepreneur says £448m deal is not calling top of property market

Ceasefire talks make little progress

Death toll increases in Hamas-Israel conflict

Coca-Cola profits fall on flat soda sales

Emerging markets a bright spot for sparkling beverages

Illustration of Wood Wharf's design by Herzog & de Meuron

Canary Wharf project wins approval

Extension includes more than 3,000 homes

Apple eyes return to high of $100 shares

Earnings expected to buoy tech group with new products on horizon

Comment and Analysis

Coal cars lined up at Lamberts Point.
©Casey Thomason

US railways: Back on track

Train operators are cashing in on shale gas but their improved fortunes could be undermined

Are Brits blocking porn?

The statistics on how many households took up the option of a “family-friendly network filter”

Red tourism: Let a million Chinese bloom

China’s newly affluent visit sites that deify Mao

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"Of course Scotland will be able to borrow, but without a currency union Scottish financial institutions lose the benefit of an implicit and credible guarantee of their debts, which should increase credit costs."
By CambridgeJohn on Scotland’s financial sector at ‘risk’

"It probably depends on the job and the company. In the jobs I've had, for the companies I've worked for three days wouldn't have been enough to get things done. It still isn't."
By Willem de Leeuw on Carlos Slim calls for a three-day working week

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