Dollar bulls usher in pivotal policy week

Expectation of further easing at ECB meeting and of Fed rate rise

Doctors halt strikes after contract pledge

Deal on talks forestalls first industrial action in 40 years

RBC loses Delaware Supreme Court M&A case

Decision likely to have far-reaching consequences for dealmakers

Leaders pledge billions to curb emissions

Talks tinged by anxiety amid outpouring of promises

Conservative party chairman Lord Feldman

Feldman fights for political survival

Backroom fixer thrust into the limelight

Greek banks hit by bitcoin ransom demand

Hackers ask for €7m in digital currency to stop website attacks

Sterling falls below $1.50 against dollar

Doves at Bank of England keep pound under pressure

Baby bottle and picture on desk

Credit Suisse boosts US parental leave

Bank wants to attract and retain staff in a world of long hours

Swiss banks face uncertainty on ECB move

Lower rates would potentially be destabilising for lenders

The headquarters of the Serious Fraud Office in Westminster.
©Charlie Bibby

Standard Bank to pay $25m in bribery case

SFO uses deferred prosecution agreement for first time

Banks likely to pass BoE stress tests

Tougher hurdles expected to prove sector can withstand new crisis

Comment & Analysis

US credit tightens ahead of Fed shift

Signs of impending downward spiral appear even before policy move

‘No silver medals in social networking’: Bret Taylor’s FriendFeed lost the audience race to Twitter
©Thor Swift

‘Like’ button creator bids to remake work

The founder of Quip says technology will end the hell of email and its myriad replacements

Martin Gilbert of Aberdeen Asset Management.
©Charlie Bibby/FT

Martin Gilbert’s Viennese whirl

A spiralling down of the oil price means outflows from Aberdeen

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"The EU needs to decide what it wants to be when it grows up : a united states of Europe, a la USA, or not. If not, let it scrap the administrative edifices in Brussels and Strasbourg, sell off the real estate, sack the mandarins, and resort to being a free trade zone. I suspect it will have more adherents, more coherence, and fewer issues to make a hash of if it follows this route."
By watt on Europe needs a sense of strategic direction to survive

"There's not much fun to be had in a full office when everyone in it is wearing headphones to make VoiP phone calls, often with video on the screen. Desk phones are so dated, not to mention expensive. Perhaps this is the new definition of an office community: alone together."
By Pin Kun on Why I love my office building despite coffee stains and mice

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