UK becomes nation of second-job grafters

Falling real incomes explain wave of industriousness

Obama threatens more Russia sanctions

Warning comes after attack by rebels on Ukrainian city of Mariupol

China buying more iPhones than US

Shifting power balance in smartphone market

Human investment managers risk obsolescence

Computerised hedge funds will ‘dominate’, says Braga

Protesters killed as Egypt marks 2011 uprising

At least 16 dead as police confront demonstrations

Farage unsettled by Ukip woes

Defection of MEP and party official’s comments hurt populists

A customer passes a sale sign as she enters a BHS store, operated by Arcadia Group, Derby, UK

Sir Philip Green puts BHS up for sale

‘Several approaches’ received for department store chain

Scotland hardens stance against fracking

SNP and Labour favour moratorium on drilling

Battered energy groups brace for cuts

Big operators to release plans for surviving oil price collapse

US and India strengthen ties

Obama-Modi embrace marks warm start to US president’s 3-day visit

Republican hopefuls woo the Iowa faithful

Gathering for would-be candidates shows their ideological diversity

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Anne Stausboll, Chief Executive Officer, CalPERS...Anne Stausboll, Chief Executive Officer, CalPERS, talks about her roll in leading the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS), which manages the health and retirement benefits for 1.6 million California public employees and retirees, at her office in Sacramento, California, Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015. Thor Swift for the Financial Times
©Thor Swift

Anne Stausboll, Calpers: the $300bn woman

The mighty US pension fund boss squeezing fund managers’ fees

The shape of things to come: the solar powered car of the future

Intergovernmental talks and expensie energy sources won’t save the world

Saudis prize stability above all else

The early appointments made by King Salman represent a delicate balancing act within the family

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"France's problems (including the rise of FN) are economic. The economic policies of the Hollande administration have perpetuated a lack of dynamism and high unemployment. This creates dissatisfaction within the electorate and space for the FN to move into and exploit."
By Hopton on After Charlie, an opening for Le Pen

"Taxation without representation; wasn't there a war about that once?"
By Fizz on London mayor bows to ‘outrageous’ demand to pay US tax bill

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