Alibaba boosts IPO to world-record $25bn

Company boosts deal size by 15% to meet robust investor demand

Tory anger as pledge on English powers unravels

No10 says Scots devolution not tied to changes south of the border

Blackstone to pull out of Russia

Buyout group chooses not to renew Russian consultants’ contracts

Siemens buys Dresser-Rand for $7.6bn

All-cash offer for US oilfield group

Europe groups fear US tax crackdown

Multinationals have same structure as inverters

An illustration of the Nasa satellie Maven on the sunrise side of Planet Mars

Nasa spacecraft reaches orbit around Mars

Maven to study how red planet lost its water

Facebook pushes Oculus closer to reality

The Rift headset is expected to go on sale next year

People Of Scotland ©Getty

Labour leader moves on English MPs’ role

Miliband calls for commission to look at constitutional change

Call to rethink hidden tax subsidy

NI tax subsidy for self-employed risen by two-thirds in two years

US urges EU to do more to aid economy

G20 finance ministers seek steps to stimulate eurozone growth

Rebel Shias set to take role in Yemen

Deal brokered after four days of heavy fighting in Sana’a

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Thomas Pritzker

Thomas Pritzker: multifaceted Hyatt chairman

Breaking up the family empire was painful, now he wants to be seen as a builder

Ireland shows Europe the way ahead

Strong growth demonstrates that tough choices do pay off


Golf unites Europe like nothing else does

No other event in sport is quite so cosmopolitan in appeal

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"I've observed an apparently disproportionate number of my MBA peers throwing the towel in recently for more 'fulfilling' tracks. The problem seems to be the disappointed expectations of my vintage: the crazy years of 2006/7 immediately following graduation created an assumption that there was easy money to be made, but the financial crisis made the going much tougher."
By JadedW11 on Is the midlife crisis just an excuse?

"The next thing to fix is the council tax anomaly. The amount of council tax payable on a £40m property in Belgravia is comparable to that on a sub-£1m property in other parts of central London. This makes no sense - a change to this would be an easy way to tax the untaxable."
By Baron Silas Greenback on Tax changes hit wealthy foreign homebuyers

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