AB InBev/SABMiller deal to pay $2bn in fees and taxes

Bumper payday for bankers, accountants, lawyers and PRs

French court overturns burkini ban

Conseil d’Etat says prohibition goes against ‘fundamental liberties’

Weak US GDP underscores slow growth

Economy expands at a rate of only 1.1% in second quarter

World’s biggest pension fund hit by $52bn loss

GPIF says strong yen caused stocks to tumble

ANA forced to cancel flights as it grounds some 787s

Carrier says problem with Rolls-Royce engines under investigation

Champions League revamp boosts big clubs

Additional places for top European leagues at expense of smaller nations

Amazon to build three more bookstores

Investment marks about-turn from relentless focus on online retail

Renzi vows to rebuild towns hit by earthquake

Two bridges collapse as aftershocks disrupt rescue efforts

Hospitals plan fresh cuts in services

Emergency cash injection fails to plug funding gap

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Pensions and demographics: a Q&A

Pension promises challenged by unhelpful demographics

A model of the proposed Hinkley Point C power station. The project to build the reactor is expected to cost £18bn

Hinkley alternatives ‘offer huge saving’

Opting for offshore wind farms and gas could save £1bn a year

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Antoine Griezmann of Atlético Madrid, Mauro Emanuel Icardi of Inter Milan and Kevin De Bruyne
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China $2bn football spree stirs fans’ fears

Clubs in Europe question whether new owners have the commitment needed to seek long-term success

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Erdogan is fighting on too many fronts

As Biden visits Ankara, Turkey remains on a collision course with the west

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How much do you really pay your money manager?

Investment fees remain a minefield

Conversation starters: Comments from our readers

"Free money has several effects. First, it gets thrown away. Second, it won't be paid back. Third, it destroys any incentive for reform of an economically inefficient legal infrastructure. And there aren't any EMs that are not dependent on China. So bad investments plus a slowing China equals default. Welcome bankruptcy the EM way! Zero recovery."
William Gamble on As China nears exhaustion investors must look elsewhere

"Auditors are ultimately human. Many are quite young and may not have the experience to spot highly complex or sophisticated fraud. The move to machine learning and AI is interesting and could potentially remedy some of these issues insofar as this technology can digest more data far quicker than a any human. It is something the Big Four are looking at."
Charlie 1987 on Accountancy’s Big Four need more competition

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