Hedge fund used Cayman shells for shorting

Tiger Global behind bet against Quindell

Demand for Alibaba’s bonds hits $55bn

Chinese ecommerce group raises $8bn from maiden debt sale

Osborne drops challenge to bank bonus cap

ECJ advocate general rejects UK objection to curbs

HMRC power to raid bank accounts weakened

Taxpayers will be given the right to appeal through the courts

Obama to shield 5m from deportation risk

Action on illegal immigrants will intensify fight with Republicans

Bill Gross to manage $500m for Soros

Commitment is larger than the Janus fund raised in all of October

Italy challenges Brussels on accounting

Economy minister calls for revamp of measure of fiscal soundness

Chinese SUV sparks JLR claims of copycat

Landwind’s X7 bears resemblance to Jaguar Land Rover’s Evoque

Fed asks whether it is too close to banks

Review comes amid criticism it is too lenient with Wall Street

Mayor of London caught up in US tax dispute

American-born Boris Johnson gets demand from IRS

Sotheby’s chief Ruprecht to step down

Departure follows blistering campaign from Dan Loeb

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City Insider: Sir Mike Jackson, g7enius idea?

Sir Mike Jackson, Nomura’s Bennett, Man Group and Transparency Int’l

B86BK6 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Protean artist who was constantly on the move

Mike Nichols, writer, actor and director, 1931-2014

Virgin Google Glass

The ‘smart airports’ checking in apps and beacons

Terminals are catching up with passengers’ devices

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"One conclusion might be for more people to get to know someone who is an immigrant and listen to their story. Immigrants are then more likely to be treated as people and it becomes more difficult to make sweeping generalisations. This may lead to better policy."
By d.meikle on The limits of mansplaining immigration

"European science is far from dead. This follows CERN's proof of the Higgs boson last year. We might not be good at creating social networks and apps, but the hardcore brain power is still there."
By Joker on Philae lander ‘sniffed’ organic molecules on comet

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