Japan posts largest-ever trade deficit

$134bn gap underscores wrenching structural shift for economy

Eurozone peripheral interest bills climb

Big deficits mean servicing debt remains costly

Brown to join Scotland unionist campaign

Former PM gives his support as polls narrow

Fraud fears grow in Afghan poll count

Winner still unclear and thousands of votes are under scrutiny

Barclays to wind down commodities arm

Exit from energy and metals business follows stricter regulation

Myanmar media freedom under attack

Worries stoked ahead of first free elections in half a century

BP refuses to fund spill studies

Arguments over costs central to legal actions

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Banks fear impact of stress on workforce

Competition and long hours take their toll in finance

Co-op backers send in top troubleshooter

Lenders appoint restructuring expert from RBS


Injured ex-soldiers bring discipline to work

Chauffeur service hires ex-servicemen and injured military personnel

The Queen Elizabeth sails into Rainbow on Maiden Voyage
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UK cruise ports on course for record year

Castles, countryside and culture are pulling in the ocean liners

Comment and Analysis

The master of cold war diplomacy

Two books that laud the impact of Zbigniew Brzezinski, Kissinger’s great rival

The left can please neither rich nor poor

Large sections of the lower classes see social change as disturbing, writes John Lloyd

Northampton fight is the soul of football

Game with Portsmouth is life or death for the Cobblers

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"I was taught in MIT in the late 70s by Prof Bhagwati. He was funny and very very kind. He used to giggle as he told some odd jokes. He deserves a Nobel."
By Tomtom on Lunch with the FT: Jagdish Bhagwati

"Would it not make much more sense to locate the Olympics in Greece, in a purpose-built facility that would generate business and income for a severely constrained local economy on a regular, four yearly basis? All these mega projects run over budget and leave the host country encumbered with huge debts."
By Wyvern on Rio’s preparation for 2016 Olympics faces crisis

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