Call to rethink hidden tax subsidy

NI tax subsidy for self-employed risen by two-thirds in two years

US urges EU to do more to aid economy

G20 finance ministers seek steps to stimulate eurozone growth

Miliband pledges to raise minimum wage

Promise of £8 an hour as Labour leader focuses on low-paid

Yemen’s prime minister submits resignation

Move to quit comes amid reported advance by Shia Houthi rebels

E35J9Y Ministers arrive at 10 Downing Street for a Cabinet meeting Featuring: Lord Hill Where: London, United Kingdom When: 02 Jul 2013

Hill prepares for Brussels’ baiting

British commission nomination prepares for hearing

Shadows creep across European newspapers

FT correspondents examine the impact of digital transformation

Brazil election is a battle of styles

Marina Silva is forcing her rivals to adapt to her rapid rise

People Of Scotland ©Getty

Afghan presidential rivals to share power

US-brokered deal gives substantial power to the losing candidate

Japan still on track for second tax rise

‘Abenomics’ minister says stimulus measures will protect economy

Turkey opens border to 60,000 Syrian Kurds

Country also secures release of 49 hostages captured in Iraq

Disney eyes bigger picture in Bollywood

US studio in fresh push to expand in crowded local market

Comment and Analysis

The union lives, but it may as well be dead

The UK may have survived but the outcome is confusing

Joe Cummings illustration

Markus Persson: a gaming superstar

The shy creator of ‘Minecraft’ has sold out to Microsoft for $2.5bn and quit his company

An illustration depicting the current Ebola outbreak
©Luis Grañena

Why the world is getting safer

From 1970 to 2008, death rates fell even in war zones because gains from better healthcare trumped deaths from fighting

Best comments from our readers

"I've observed an apparently disproportionate number of my MBA peers throwing the towel in recently for more 'fulfilling' tracks. The problem seems to be the disappointed expectations of my vintage: the crazy years of 2006/7 immediately following graduation created an assumption that there was easy money to be made, but the financial crisis made the going much tougher."
By JadedW11 on Is the midlife crisis just an excuse?

"The next thing to fix is the council tax anomaly. The amount of council tax payable on a £40m property in Belgravia is comparable to that on a sub-£1m property in other parts of central London. This makes no sense - a change to this would be an easy way to tax the untaxable."
By Baron Silas Greenback on Tax changes hit wealthy foreign homebuyers

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