Fischer flags rebound in US inflation

Price growth has doggedly lagged behind the Fed’s expectations

French PM vows deeper economic reform

Valls pledges revision of labour laws to provide more flexibility

Cameron to launch EU charm offensive

Diplomatic tour comes as technical renegotiation talks ‘under way’

EU ministers back tighter rail security

Officials want more checks on travellers after Paris train attack

Banks warn over European privacy rules

Lenders say laws will make it harder to detect fraud

Corbyn unites Brownites and Blairites in alarm

Former PM Blair steps up criticism of Labour leadership candidate

BofA investors to vote on Moynihan roles

Some upset over chairman and chief jobs being recombined

Luxury groups wait on Chinese stock take

Slide in share prices makes consumers less keen to splash out

China turmoil divides Fed over inflation

Indian Reserve Bank warns US not to raise interest rates

Airlines invest in DIY to improve services

Groups including BA trial permanent electronic bag tags

Mahathir calls for removal of Malaysia PM

Scandal-hit premier Najib Razak condemns mass street protest

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The real cost of the Iran deal

The US has fallen into the trap of appeasing the Islamic Republic’s rivals, not Tehran

Asia more of a threat to Europe than US

China’s market rumbles highlight the limits of a more aggressive ECB, writes Stephanie Flanders

A successful Poland braces for change

If it wins power, Law and Justice must govern better than last time

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"Do I want to live in an electronically controlled, cashless society where the government can effectively a) 'force' me to spend by taxing any unspent deposits, b) bail me in, in the 'national interest' of course, anytime they please c) regulate all my transactions...bearing in mind that governments take power, they don't give it back?"
By MarkGB on The case for retiring another ‘barbarous relic’

"Britain is not a country. It's a union of four countries; and that's important. One of the things that explains the differential voting patterns in Scotland is the sense that Scotland as a community is under threat from the rampant individualism of the Conservatives in England."
By In Britain, community is a foreign language

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