States use hackers to do cyber dirty work

Western defence officials warn of rise of online privateers

Migrant march heads west from Hungary

Orban calls German push for quota plan ‘irresponsible’

HMRC imposes fines for visits to debtors

UK tax authority takes strict line on people in arrears

Murdoch protégé must plot digital path

Chief reappointed at UK paper unit after phone-hacking case as Sun fights for online subscribers

Migrant crisis explained in numbers

FT Data: Population flows and asylum data

House prices near top schools soar

Parents compete to land property near chosen school

Saudi Arabian king makes first US visit

Two leaders set to reaffirm historic importance of partnership

Climate change talks inch towards deal

Countries argue over compensation for countries worst affected

US violence spurs ‘Ferguson effect’ fear

Theory that controversy over death is inhibiting police sparks debate over law enforcement and race

Chef Jamie Oliver is urging the government to tax sugary drinks, after prevkously campaigning for healthier school meals
©Matt Russell

Oliver declares ‘absolute war’ on sugar

Sour note struck by doubts over transparency in own restaurants

‘Portrait de Paulette Jourdain’, Amedeo Modigliani, circa 1919
©Sotheby's New York

Sotheby’s to auction $500m art collection

Pieces by Picasso, Raphael and de Kooning among those to be sold

Comment & Analysis

Wikipedia’s struggle to save its soul

Online encyclopedia’s principles of independence are under attack, writes Murad Ahmed

Illustration by Pete Gamlen of a man multitasking
©Pete Gamlen

Multi-tasking: how to survive in the 21st century

How can we master the vital art of doing everything at once? Tim Harford, our king of to-do lists, investigates

Iran deal not such a failure for Netanyahu

US Congress may vote for agreement but Bibi has shifted the debate on Tehran’s nuclear programme

Best comments from our readers

"I, like Musk, believe in technology breakthroughs and that these have the potential to shape how we use and drive cars. However, I think, these are more likely to come from technology-driven shifts to higher capacity utilisation through Uber and Lyft and, if regulation doesn't hold it back, the driverless car (which is being developed by a formidable competitor Google)."
By Hmak75 on To be rational about Tesla is to miss the point

"Computers deal with interrupts by operating a 'stack' where they place the data for each interrupted task, so they can return to them in reverse order. When I'm trying to work, email and cook, while being assailed by interruptions from 3 kids, I get the same problem as over-worked computers: stack overflow - you get so muddled that you have to re-start all the tasks!"
By Bill Johnson on Multi-tasking: how to survive in the 21st century

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