Cameron puts tax at heart of election campaign

Changes to cost £7bn a year on top of spending cuts

Argentina’s central bank chief quits

Fábrega was criticised in public by President Cristina Fernández

Hill fails to convince Brussels doubters

UK nominee for commissioner faces rare second grilling by MEPs

Banks pull out of dozens of benchmarks

Withdrawals in wake of rate scandals could leave investors blind

A Joint Combat Aircraft streaks away from the aircraft carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales in this computer-generated image
©Ministry of Defence

Fallon warns against further defence cuts

Defence secretary cites threats to global security

US Secret Service head quits after lapses

White House to review security procedures around president

Brazil markets hit by Dilma surge in polls

Ibovespa falls as president widens lead

Fink blames regulators for heated markets

BlackRock chief says tight regulation and low interest rates reward debtors

"We want genuine universal suffrage" - on the road near Hong Kong government headquarters
©Demetri Sevastopulo

Hong Kong students vow to escalate protests

Threat to occupy buildings as Beijing condemns ‘illegal acts’

Fat-finger trade rattles Japan stocks

Broker erroneously enters Y68tn worth of orders in blue-chips

Russia to beef up internet security

Latest in a series of measures to regulate internet

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Daniel Ivascyn, managing director of Pacific Investment Management Co. (PIMCO), is seen in this undated handout photo released to the media on Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2012. Ivascyn, who runs the $11.2 billion Pimco Income Fund, was the top performer over the past five years among 26 Pimco bond funds bigger than $1 billion, including Gross's flagship Total Return Fund, according to the BLOOMBERG RISKLESS RETURN RANKING. Source: PIMCO via Bloomberg EDITOR'S NOTE: NO SALES. EDITORIAL USE ONLY

Ivascyn: Pimco’s straight talking CIO

Investment manager’s dog-loving chief promises to focus on the core

Siemens pays top price to pursue US dream

Dresser-Rand acquisition could help the German conglomerate achieve its goal

China must resist cheap money temptation

Lower borrowing costs are the last thing needed to rebalance economy

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"Winning is a curse for parties that do not have the courage to change the status quo."
By AC4757756 on Britain’s next election carries a fiendish winner’s curse

"Though I lean right politically on many issues, Martin is 100% correct about the dangers of inequality. The US republic is in the process of being hollowed out by plutocrats which as we are seeing has global impacts."
By 1776 on Why inequality is such a drag on economies

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