UK starts process of selling RBS stake

Initial tranche of £2bn of shares to be placed with institutions

Industrialist drops Tata UK plant purchase

Gary Klesch cites high energy costs and cheap Chinese imports

Cash in Malaysia PM’s account ‘from donor’

Commission says payments were not related to 1MDB investment fund

Young people more demanding over salaries

Bargaining power starts to return as unemployment falls

Tube workers to strike over night service

Walkout set to start on Wednesday evening

Michael Howard makes his closing speech to the Conservative Party conference in Blackpool today.
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SFO probes Soma payments to Mogadishu

Group denies wrongdoing amid scrutiny of up to $580,000 oil deal

Lending crackdown threatens refinancing

Healthy but very leveraged companies at risk amid rules shake-up

Comment & Analysis

A dystopian welfare state funded by clicks

What was a publicly funded safety net will become private but free services, writes Evgeny Morozov

Europe’s banks need coherent business mix

Investors want to see a long-term plan, not a list of operations

Why gold has lost its shine for investors

Metal has not reacted to events that would usually push up price

Best comments from our readers

"I am not convinced that this makes the UK more vulnerable at all. It was plain old lending to customers that did for Northern Rock, HBOS and Bradford and Bingley. Perpetuating the myth that we imported that bit of the financial crises doesn't help the narrative at all. Yes our banks were exposed but not by the lack of knowledge of investment banking,"
By Kurtosis on Barclays and Britain wave goodbye to the big time

"The world has come to expect their software to be free and that mistake is costing them their privacy. Microsoft is facing serious competition from Apple and Google and this is a perfectly sound business decision on their part (for now)."
By Peregrine Park on Windows 10 hit by privacy concerns

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