Britain and the cuts series

Fifa to publish World Cup bid report

Controversial report examines alleged unethical behaviour

Russia’s currency crisis spreads to former Soviet states

Belarus imposes 30% levy and also doubles interest rates to 50%

Experts warn on Sony hacking copycats

Decision to pull ‘Interview’ shows criminals’ potential to disrupt

Wall St near record after Fed reassures

Confidence boosted as oil and rouble rally

How the Pope helped melt the US-Cuba freeze

Diplomatic triumph was achieved through a series of canny moves

Weak growth prompts India fiscal rethink

Finance ministry sees GDP growing only 5.5% in year to March

Hong Kong tycoon found guilty of bribery

Court convicts Thomas Kwok but clears brother Raymond

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

China data revision lifts GDP by $308bn

Adjustment pushes country even further ahead of the US

Google accuses Hollywood on censorship

Blog post alleges secret campaign to revive law curbing internet

Shoppers find Christmas gift in price war

Good harvests also help as cost of festive dinner is trimmed

The raised profile of Chiltern Street has sparked fears that it could lose its character

Firehouse sparks fears over A-list status

Higher rents prompt concern for Chiltern Street’s eclectic charm

Comment and Analysis

Best of Lex: You can’t kill the S&P, can you?

USA! USA! Or maybe not.

City Insider

City Insider: To Russia with love

A peripatetic financier, banker popularity and George Osborne’s Christmas card

Markets will win game of chicken with Fed

Fed forbearance and patience will continue to soothe the markets, writes Henny Sender

Best comments from our readers

"This sets an uncomfortable precedent for me. The movie is farce, satire and comedy - no matter if it's in bad taste - and our ability to make and publish that type of material is important."
By Beatrice Functiontest on Sony scraps release of ‘The Interview’ on hacker threat

"I have been running for years, but to get home, not to work. It is the best way to fit it in during the day. You don't steal too much time from the family, and it's something to look forward to at the end of the day."
By NBSJ on The rise of running to work prompts call for tax breaks on kit

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