BoE wants US consultation on bank fines

Concerns over impact of mounting penalties on financial sector

Deutsche’s Fitschen charged over Kirch case

Attempted fraud charge comes after probe into misleading evidence

London ranked as costliest city

Savills report shows UK capital outpacing Hong Kong

Tesco parachutes in new finance chief

M&S agrees to release Alan Stewart early

Miliband targets ‘irresponsible’ business

Labour leader eyes tax on expensive homes and tobacco to fund NHS

Olive oil with green olives and bread on a wooden surface

Salad days are over for Med diet followers

Olive oil, tomato and lettuce prices surge following drought in Spain

Google case may be bigger than Microsoft

Almunia predicts further decade of regulatory pain for search group

Ebola cases set to soar, warn scientists

Research signals deadly virus spreading far faster than forecast

China’s booming torture trade denounced

Stun batons among items being exported, says Amnesty International

Q&A: Tate & Lyle’s sticky patch

Supply chain problems and falling sucralose prices prompt warning

Jimmy Choo confirms plans for London IPO

Housebuilder Miller joins expected rush of new offerings

Comment and Analysis

President Bling-Bling heeds France’s call

Sarkozy explains his return to politics as a way to save France, writes Adam Thomson

US corporate bond traders go electronic

Secondary bond market adopts more transparency in trading

Brazilian markets look for Silva lining

Investors want economic orthodoxy, not interventionist policies

Best comments from our readers

"If the EU is simply whinging, it can continue to watch many of its best and brightest leave for Silicon Valley while it demands speed bumps for Google. If the EU is going to be competitive it has to look at employment rules (35-hour work weeks and tech development won't ever work), company registration regulations and ways to encourage finance."
By Tom Groenfeldt on Champion European innovation to challenge Google

"It is somewhat paradoxical that the Tories, who have for generations stood for election as the Conservative and Unionist Party, should now seek to position themselves as the voice of a new style of English nationalism. Surely the question for all our politicians is that if we are to continue to call ourselves a United Kingdom, what institutions other than a monarchy and the armed forces represent that unity?"
By GuyinToon on Ed Miliband will struggle to answer the English question

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