GSK chief floats break-up option

Witty signals willingness to shake up drug group

Reckitt pushes ahead with pharma spin-off

Group to divest heroin substitute business to focus on consumer goods

Aberdeen falls on £4bn client withdrawal

Fund manager reports improved sentiment towards emerging markets

Gaza conflict resumes as truce hopes fade

Diplomatic efforts to agree cessation of hostilities continue

Senior British officers ordered to language schools

Army to make knowledge of foreign tongues necessary for promotion

Housing scheme sucks cash from north

Little evidence New Homes Bonus boosts planning approvals

Malaysia Airlines considers rebranding

Questions over whether the carrier can survive on a mobile phone

India prepares for smartphone ‘big bang’

Lower prices drive Asia’s fastest-growing market for the devices

Boko Haram kidnaps wife of Cameroon politician

Vice-prime minister escapes deadly attack by Nigerian militants

Defiant: Argentine president Cristina Fernández

Argentina braces for fresh debt default

Deepening recession, rising inflation and capital flight expected

Luqman Arnold

Luqman Arnold launches advisory business

Ex-UBS chief moves into corporate finance and M&A

Comment and Analysis

Voices from Libya’s armed struggle

Three years after toppling Gaddafi, the revolutionaries have turned on each other

Safer food should be freely copied

Stroll through a local market in China and there is little sign of quality control or hygiene

Ferruccio Ferragamo at Ferragamo's headquarters in Florence, March 27, 2014. Photographer Alessia Pierdomenico
©Alessia Pierdomenico

A head for Ferragamo footwear

Members of the Italian shoemaking dynasty use strict rules to protect their father’s legacy

Best comments from our readers

"Politicians use tax as a social policy vehicle (e.g. cigarette taxes and tax credits) and an economic competitiveness weapon... Until its main purpose, a means of equitable funding expenditure is re-established as the dominant motivation, complexity will continue."
By cockney dave on Tim Harford: Why tax systems are trickier than Martian algebra

"The West Lothian Question is a complete non-issue. MPs are elected from all parts of the UK to make decisions about all parts of the UK... The fact that some decisions are devolved doesn't mean that those who are not subject to devolution are disadvantaged."
By RDerby on England may pay dearly for staying united with Scotland

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