China admits widespread soil pollution

At least 20% of agricultural land contaminated

National Bank of Greece plans bond launch

The €750m issue will be its first in almost five years

Ferry probe focuses on captain and crew

Junior officer at the helm when South Korean ship capsized

Miliband hires Obama adviser Axelrod

Strategist will help with election campaign

Global carmakers seek China inroads

Beijing auto show highlights carmakers’ dependence on China

Twitter beats Facebook to mobile ad launch

Social media groups battle to lure advertisers

Everest avalanche kills at least 12

Most popular route to the peak struck

Goldman looks to fight rivals with capital advantage

Bank eyes competitor businesses as net income falls 10%

Embryonic stem cells cloned from adults

Experiment could rekindle enthusiasm for therapeutic cloning

RBS pledges reform on SME borrowers

Bank to overhaul treatment of customers in financial distress

Fink says tech rout driven by hedge funds

BlackRock boss says long-term investors not spooked by volatility

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Letter from the Editor

Financial Times statement on press regulation

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Perils of the chief who stays too long

For a talented leader of a large company, seven to 10 years in post is about right

The financial tide cannot be held back

We must address excessive bank leverage or face another storm, writes Robert Jenkins

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"When people feel secure about their own ability, or happy with themselves, they aren't as vulnerable to envy. You don't mind hearing that other people have received excellent feedback if you have too."
By Green on Surviving the success of others

"Very sensible. But really one can only hope to make money if the underlying companies do so - the 'core' element of investment. So how many companies did you review before deciding that Renaissance Technologies was an exception? Can you confirm that its success is not just a statistical fluke?"
By WillStewart on When use of pseudo-maths adds up to fraud

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