Honda’s Swindon plant wins £200m boost

Struggling factory to become sole producer of updated Civic model

Dealmakers have fastest start since 2007

Heinz-Kraft leads trend for large US-based acquisitions

Clegg set to exact EU referendum price

Lib Dems expected to demand vote for foreign bloc nationals

Head of RBS’s investment bank resigns

Cullinan attracted attention after ‘boring meeting’ messages

Jay-Z taps top acts to sell music service

Big recording stars given cash and stock in Tidal

Jeb Bush defends ‘anti-gay’ law

Business leaders, including Apple chief Tim Cook, condemn the bill

Macquarie to halve Asia banking jobs

Australian bank the latest to pare back operations in region

US and UK warn of Nigeria vote-rigging

Early results put Jonathan narrowly ahead of Buhari

Houthis defy air raids to advance on Aden

Up to 60 reported killed as fierce fighting rocks port city

Argentina struggles to pay bondholders

Buenos Aires faces deadline as it seeks to defy US court ruling

Defeat highlights French Socialist splits

Ruling party pays high political price for economic reforms

Comment and Analysis

The unwritten rules of life in China

Mould your own way rather than use kindergarten morality

Markets look forward to higher inflation

Three reasons why rising prices are expected despite current zero rates

Technology will free us from bad banking

A ‘national grid’ would end the big banks’ control of infrastructure, writes Philip Augar

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"There is nothing complex about the American problems or the solutions to those problems. And the solutions do not rely on new ideals or forward thinking. They rely on the implementation of the rules of accounting and the understanding of income statements and balance sheets."
By BizSolution on The great American disconnect

"The Tories are not playing fast and lose on the EU. They and many others want it reformed. It is unlikely so to be. So it will stagnate predictably for another decade. That won't be pretty. But it will definitely not make the EU No 1 business priority."
By Jonathan Story on Ed Miliband woos business bosses with warning over EU exit risk

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