China steps up efforts to halt stock rout

PBoC steps up support as share suspensions grow to 50%

Greece given 5 days to avoid collapse

Merkel leads tough stance as summit called to decide Athens’ fate

Osborne vows ‘lower welfare, lower tax’

Chancellor to cut benefits but raise personal allowance

Global fund industry manages record $74tn

Sector profits match historic 2007 peak of $102bn

Tech experts in fight for web security

Group opposes US and UK power to crack encrypted private data

London Tube managers fail to avert strike

Commuters encouraged to walk, cycle or get the bus

Checklist for Osborne’s Summer Budget

Chancellor is free from the shackles of coalition

Russian groups eye Brics finance options

New Development Bank to choose which projects to back by year-end

Trial shows fish oil can be grown on land

Extract will be a sustainable source of feed for fish farms

UBS trader says bosses knew of rigging

Hayes says managers were fully aware of Libor fixing

Karen Cook takes senior Goldman post

Star banker has built an enviable list of large-cap clients

Comment & Analysis

Energy: do blame the customer

Disengaged consumers found to be the weakest link in the chain ensuring competitive pricing

IMF Go Home" on corrugated metal fencing outside the University of Athens in Athens, Greece

Someone needed to speak truth to Europe

In the eurozone the IMF has let itself to be used by leaders as political cover, writes Takatoshi Ito

IMF could play its part to save Greece

It may be time for fund to look at rule book and consider following its own advice

Best comments from our readers

"It would be amazing if the overall financial system in China was not carrying lots of bad debts. We now know that the US financial system was full of problems in 2008. In the early 2000s, we were repeatedly told all was fine in the US and that financial markets worked well. As we now know, the system was built on a house of cards."
By Gadjah on China stocks fall in defiance of Beijing’s support efforts

"If non-payment for CFA means not being allowed to claim to hold the qualification, surely that invites game-playing? Could you claim 'Passed CFA exam; registration not currently maintained'? 'Passed CFA exam, but no longer paying $275 p.a. so not allowed post-nominal letters'? Where precisely is the line?"
By Julian D. A. Wiseman on Look at the expensive badge I’m wearing

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