Oil prices rally on Mideast tensions

Brent crude on course for biggest weekly gain in six years

August trade deficit worse than expected

Output in the construction sector plunges

Tunisian group wins Nobel Peace Prize

Little-known organisation wins out over a long list of famous names

Apple pulls mobile app adblocker

Move to withdraw Been Choice from app store

Bill Gross sues Pimco for $200m

Ex-colleagues accused of ‘lust for power and greed’


Glencore’s cut to zinc output boosts shares

Move addresses concerns about demand in China

Payment processing company Worldpay has said it plans to raise £890m by listing its shares on the London stock market. The flotation could give the company a market value of nearly £4bn and push it into the FTSE 100 index of the largest UK-listed firms.

Worldpay narrows listing price range

Payment processing company shaves 10p off top and bottom of range

Sotheby's staff with Pablo Picasso's "La Gommeuse" from 1901, on the reverse (in the reflection) is a hidden work by the painter. To go with James Pickford Story.

Picasso with hidden image up for auction

Blue period painting on market for first time in 31 years

Anchor on Liverpool docks with the sunset in the background. Photo taken on: November 30th, 2012

North remains no-go zone for Tories

Local issues such as fracking compound northern electoral woes

Surge of cash buyers in London properties

Homes sold to cash buyers hits record high

China credit scores raise Orwellian fears

Ratings based not just on finances but also social networks

Comment & Analysis

Margaret Thatcher greets a crowd in Moscow during an official visit to the USSR in 1987
©Daniel Janin/AFP

‘Margaret Thatcher’, by Charles Moore

The second instalment of the former prime minister’s authorised biography illuminates her mid-1980s glory years. Review by John Lloyd

Suspected murder bid fuels Maldives crisis

Lawyers, lobbyists and entrepreneurs take sides in islands’ political battle

Lukashenko set to retain grip on Belarus

President faces cakewalk in polls but economic uncertainty grows

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"When I taught maths and physics at MIT, I forbade my students the use of a calculator. Why? Because a numerical answer is beside the point. One must learn the concepts of how to model and approach a problem to understand these fields.Once this knowledge is solid, then comes a consideration of how and when to apply it."
By Susan Brown on Stop teaching kids to add up — maths is more important

"What does the new package of financial goodies amount to? The printing of trillions more in paper liabilities to purchase existing paper liabilities - debt that will never be honoured; 'money' that has never been within a mile of real productivity. Having started a fire, policymakers now want us to believe they know how to put it out, by adding more paraffin to the blaze."
By MarkGB on Global economy: The case for expansion

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