Wall Street nudges higher after sell-off

Europe stocks pare losses but Nikkei sheds 5.4%

Why coco bonds are worrying investors

Questions on eurozone banks’ ability to make coupons

US bank stocks sell-off: five reasons

Lenders lose more than a quarter of market value so far in 2016

London whale boss fined nearly £800,000

FCA says Achilles Macris failed to tell it of trading concerns

© Licensed to London News Pictures. 30/09/2015. London, UK. Black cabs block Fleet Street in protest over the Uber taxi app. Photo credit: Peter Macdiarmid/LNP
©Peter Macdiarmid/LNP

Uber in app offer to London’s black cabs

Aim to allow black cabs and apps like Uber to live side by side

Kasich wins big victory in tiny town

Sanders leaves Clinton behind as voting starts in New Hampshire

SoundCloud to seek more funding in 2016

Music streaming service discloses it will need further investment

©FT montage/Dreamstime

MPs say draft internet bill too intrusive

Parliamentary committee calls for parts of bill to be scrapped

Ethiopia protests crushed by deadly force

Soaring land prices and corruption leave farmers fearful

Chart: JGB bonds

10-year Japanese bond yield below zero

Japan enters new JGB era as yen rises and banking stocks swoon

Technology ‘unicorns’ stay shy of IPOs

Volatile market conditions add to deterrent effect

Comment & Analysis

Tech entrepreneurs cut charitable donations

Finance and investment elite edge out Silicon Valley in philanthropy

Hedge funds target a weaker renminbi

Timing matters for investors betting against the currency and China’s central bank

Risk parity strategy shows strain

Commodity slide coinciding with sluggish bond market hits model

Best comments from our readers

"I am stunned that you feel technology — mostly in the form of Uber and Zipcar — has finally made it viable for city dwellers not to own a car. I've lived in London for 25 years without a car. I never regretted a day of it, nor felt any inconvenience, though we brought up three children. Taxis and rental cars did exist before Uber and Zipcar, as did bicycles and shoes."
By Leo Schulz on The art of living car-lessly in the city

"Clearly, when we signed up to the EU, presumably, the cost-benefit analysis worked in our favour. We knew what we were signing up to. The question is: were we wrong then, or are we wrong to want to leave now? How has the cost- benefit changed?"
By wolczr on FT Debate on Brexit: We Tories are all Eurosceptics now

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