Tory grandees at odds over tactics on SNP

Major warns of ‘blackmail’ but Forsyth sees danger in boosting nationalists

UK economy failing to innovate

Key measure of progress in productivity falls for third year

Britain tests US over Berkshire scrutiny

Buffett company left off provisional ‘too big to fail’ list

EU set to unveil charges against Gazprom

Energy company accused of abusing dominant position

Sir Stuart Lipton

Lipton raps housebuilders over ‘crisis’

Developer warns new projects are ‘potential slums of the future’

Fridman set North Sea sale deadline

UK steps up pressure on Russian billionaire with 3-month limit

China backs silk road ambitions with $62bn

Plan to build infrastructure abroad to boost industrial exports

US beefs up naval force off Yemen coast

Aircraft carrier and cruiser to help watch Iranian vessels

Russia’s Lukoil eyes return to Iran

Chief says opportunities sought should sanctions end

Morgan Stanley scores best result since crisis

Strong trading revenue delivers double-digit return on equity

Ex-Fed chief calls for regulatory revamp

Paul Volcker warns of gaps in US financial supervision

Comment and Analysis

Western groups find going tough in Russia

Country is reeling from economic woes linked to western sanctions

Bank regulators fail to spot hidden dangers

Seven years after the crash the authorities still know next to nothing, writes Robert Lenzner

8th March 1974: Roy Mason, the Labour Minister of Defence in the Wilson administration. (Photo by Ian Showell/Keystone/Getty Images)
©Hulton/Getty Images

Labour peer Lord Mason dies at 91

Former Barnsley MP was Northern Ireland secretary at height of the conflict in the province

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"If a family tosses out a child who refuses to work when he is 18, most onlookers would look askance. But if that kid spent five years refusing to look for work etc. and he then gets tossed out the community response would probably support that move.The same with Greece."
By aeolius on Greek default necessary but Grexit is not

"Too many companies these days recruit because of experience not because of ability. The banks are the worst at this, expecting new hires to start contributing immediately and so will not move people internally - they would have to learn the new role, which would take too long."
By A 30-year work anniversary is a freak event to be cheered

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