Germany agrees to arm Iraq

Western resolve strengthened by journalist’s murder

ECB bank audit covers consultants in cash

Comprehensive assessment to cost around €500m

Berkshire fined $1m over stakebuilding

Warren Buffett’s company allegedly breached reporting requirements

Israel blamed for killing militant’s family

Fighting resumes as Israeli politicians call for the use of more force

Balfour shares fall on final Carillion rebuff

Board rejects change in value of revised offer

Self employment climbs to 4.6m Britons

‘Fired on Friday, hired on Monday’ approach drives rise

Glencore plans $1bn share buyback

Move steals a march on rival BHP Billiton

Neanderthals’ links with humans revealed

Research shows species overlapped in Europe for up to 5,400 years

Hedge funds seek Puerto Rico debt fillip

US territory may have miscalculated GNP for years, economists say

Norway oil fund to double top team

Restructuring to tackle SWF’s ever-increasing size

Argentina proposes voluntary debt swap

Plans aimed at evading US court ruling

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Australia city-building plan under threat

End of mining boom could turn flagship Pilbara initiative to dust

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©Ingram Pinn

US may be a gamble too far for SoftBank

Japanese company faces tough fight to turn Sprint into a serious US telecoms challenger

Fouad Elkoury’s ‘Color snapshot, Place des Canons (Beirut 1982)’, 2014

Here and Elsewhere, New Museum, New York

A display of Arab art that keeps clichés at bay

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"My fear is that Google's (and Facebook's) efforts in this area will focus on 'extending' commercial reach into the sub-13 market. What parents of sub-teens and teens need is sensible and proportionate account frameworks for gradually giving children more digital freedom - with the emphasis on gradually."
By P Mills on Google considers creating child accounts

"Jobs are created by businesses. Businesses thrive in an environment where prices give clear signals of supply and demand, where it makes more sense to invest in capital rather than borrow money at ZIRP in order to buy back shares, inflate EPS, and boost executive bonuses - leaving the next CEO to fix the balance sheet when the effect of the monetary heroin wears off."
By MarkGB on Keep rates low until the hidden jobless return to work

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