London ranked as costliest city

Savills report shows UK capital outpacing Hong Kong

Google case may be bigger than Microsoft

Almunia predicts further decade of regulatory pain for search group

Tesco parachutes in new finance chief

M&S agrees to release Alan Stewart early

Eurozone recovery stutters in September

Purchasing managers index shows French activity declined

Leader of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband with Douglas Alexander on stage at the Labour Party conference
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Miliband plans mansion tax to boost NHS

Opposition leader also targets tobacco companies with profit levy

Jimmy Choo confirms plans for London IPO

Housebuilder Miller joins expected rush of new offerings

US in sweeping tax inversions crackdown

Only fresh deals affected by new Treasury rules

Tate & Lyle warns on first-half profits

Food group hit by price competition and supply chain problems

Uighur rights activist sentenced to life

Ilham Tohti verdict by Chinese court latest in crackdown on internal dissent

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UniCredit nears Pioneer-Santander deal

Move would create one of Europe’s largest fund managers

Students force change on economics courses

New university curriculum aims to respond to criticisms

Comment and Analysis

Cameron opens up fiscal ‘Pandora’s Box’

Maintaining discipline in a world of local taxes will be hard

US corporate bond traders go electronic

Secondary bond market adopts more transparency in trading

Ed Balls pledges to cut the pay of ministers by 5% and reintroduce the 50p top rate of income tax to help get rid of the budget deficit
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Balls offers flat speech mixed with mush

Labour aims to look radical to comrades yet moderate to voters

Best comments from our readers

"If the EU is simply whinging, it can continue to watch many of its best and brightest leave for Silicon Valley while it demands speed bumps for Google. If the EU is going to be competitive it has to look at employment rules (35-hour work weeks and tech development won't ever work), company registration regulations and ways to encourage finance."
By Tom Groenfeldt on Champion European innovation to challenge Google

"It is somewhat paradoxical that the Tories, who have for generations stood for election as the Conservative and Unionist Party, should now seek to position themselves as the voice of a new style of English nationalism. Surely the question for all our politicians is that if we are to continue to call ourselves a United Kingdom, what institutions other than a monarchy and the armed forces represent that unity?"
By GuyinToon on Ed Miliband will struggle to answer the English question

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