Private equity targets Premier League

Fast-rising income and cost control have generated irresistible financial rewards

Cryan sees no virtue in bankers’ bonuses

Deutsche’s new chief say big pay packages do not add up

Bomb targets Tunisia presidential guard

Attack comes days after authorities thwart major terror plot

Europe shrugs off geopolitical tensions

Gold and Brent crude hold gains

France will live under terror threat for ‘years’

French PM vows to clamp down on jihadis

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on stage as the party conference closes in Brighton
©Charlie Bibby

Defence deepens Corbyn rift with party

Labour leader ignored shadow defence secretary before review

Carney hints at bank capital rise

BoE looks at curbing excessive lending while rates remain low

Political risk clouds Pfizer-Allergan deal

Transaction is seen as vulnerable to change in ‘tax inversion’ law

East seeks to get a grip on Rolls-Royce

New CEO says ‘no’ to wholesale change as he aims to cut costs

MP resigns SNP whip amid funds allegations

Probe into £30,000 ‘discrepancy’ at Women for Independence group

VW faces probe over suspected tax evasion

CEO says cost of emissions fix will be less than expected

Comment & Analysis

Corporate tax: The $240bn black hole

The $21bn tax savings from Pfizer’s merger with Allergan make need for US to close loopholes more urgent

Draghi prepares for more monetary easing

The ECB should give QE more time and more firepower to work

Defence review: Rules of war have changed

Whitehall has neither the structure nor culture to tackle the threats we face, writes Jonathan Shaw

Best comments from our readers

"Humanity is not so grand as the term 'clash of civilizations' implies. There is simply a petty struggle for power within and between nation states, with aspiring leaders using the easiest means necessary to garner attention and support."
By Civilization on Do Paris terror attacks highlight a clash of civilisations?

"If Richard Branson (without having had his successes) sought a job in a large corporation or prof services firm they'd laugh him out of the interview. 'Where's your MBA...?' they would scream and be glad they turned him away. Such is the ignorance of not seeing the wood for the trees."
By Etranger on Headhunters and CEOs are less valuable than they think

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