Impact of Brexit dominates G20 meeting

Focus on shared growth as China warns it cannot rescue global economy

Johnson expects City to keep passporting

Foreign secretary says Brexit can be ‘fantastic’ for UK finance

Survey signals sharp downturn in UK economy

Findings show activity plunged in weeks after EU vote

Clinton picks Kaine as her running mate

‘Solid’ Virginia senator could broaden party’s appeal to Latinos

Eurozone economy resilient despite Brexit

PMI figures show only slight slowdown in pace of recovery

Lagarde to stand trial over Tapie case

IMF chief accused of negligence in €405m payout to tycoon

BHS Philip Green composite for UK Front

MPs shine a light on demise of BHS

Inquiry steps back from threat to strip Green of knighthood

A science class at Admiralty secondary school, Singapore
©Wilfred Lim

Why are Singapore’s kids so good at maths?

The city-state regularly tops global league tables and now the UK wants to adopt a similar approach

How Pokémon Go will make you spend more

Pubs lure millennial gamers with the latest smartphone craze

Madrid closer to banishing Franco tributes

Spanish city publishes list of streets and squares it plans to rename

London’s future

Five scenarios for the city post-Brexit, from a ‘renationalised’ British capital to a European enclave

Comment & Analysis

What we know one month after Brexit

Divergence between gloomy surveys and stable data

Emmanuel Roman (Manny Roman) MAN Group

Timing is everything for Manny Roman

New Pimco chief is a popular and loyal ‘process man’

British by Design: the Palace of Westminster
©FT montage; Bloomberg

British by design: the Palace of Westminster

Part 3 of an FT series on the UK’s icons of national identity

Conversation starters: Comments from our readers

"My experience as someone who's good in maths is that the brain is not like a muscle that can be trained and made more powerful. Yes the brain can memorize stuff but it can not be trained into becoming a more powerful processor. Just like running a computer 10 hours per day will not increase its processing power. Hence my recipe for my small kids is to let them enjoy life."
Occam on Why Singapore’s kids are so good at maths

"Living in Canada is like the nice family living above a bikers bar."
Fernly on Donald Trump promises security and prosperity as US president

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