Facebook muscles into YouTube territory

Social network in trial to share ad revenue with video creators

Pensioners abroad face steep tax charges

HMRC cracks down on schemes for transferring savings overseas

Saudi prince pledges fortune to charity

One of biggest philanthropic gestures in history

A prison ID in one hand — and a CFO award in the other

Enron’s Andrew Fastow’s lowdown on accounting flaws

Cameron’s Heathrow stance dealt big blow

No ifs no buts, PM is under pressure on runway

US shale stymied by Saudi, says Shell CEO

Van Beurden defends £55bn deal to buy BG Group

Iain Duncan-Smith, secretary of state for work and pensions
©Rosie Hallam

Duncan Smith scraps child poverty target

Minister argues for new measure to tackle deprivation

Technician killed in VW robot accident

Worker at car plant struck in chest by machine

Iran eyes $100bn of oil investment

Tehran finalises new contracts for multinationals

Greenberg’s Ace buys Chubb for $28.3bn

Biggest tie-up in insurance industry in two decades

Edgy East End chic pitches into golfing palace

Diageo sells Gleneagles hotel to Ennismore

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The Steinmetz affair

The Inquiry: Part 3 of an FT podcast mini-series on a corruption investigation spanning three continents

Cutting Technologies Ltd - laser cutting

Glimmers of hope on productivity problem

Companies are starting to invest more in equipment as pay rises

Housing lessons in tale of two cities

Homebuilding may plot relative growth of Oxford and Cambridge

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