Professional firms weigh on productivity

Output growth at lawyers, accountants and consultants stalls

Centre party set for poll win in Finland

Sipilä faces horse-trading as race for second place goes to wire

City support for Labour’s non-dom reforms

Business figures suggest tax loopholes should be closed

Cable groups to tackle concerns on merger

Comcast and Time Warner Cable face vital meeting with DoJ

Google overhauls search rankings

Experts dub shift ‘Mobilegeddon’ predicting pain for sites

Greece told to bring reforms to ‘fruition’

Lagarde warns Syriza honeymoon period with creditors is closing

Dollar’s rise casts shadow on US earnings

Driver of equities depends on how multinationals weather currency

Laurence Fink, chief executive of BlackRock ©Bloomberg

Cyber security funding tops $1bn

Amount raised by start-ups in sector doubles year-on-year

France criticises Putin on Iranian stance

Foreign minister says weapons move strengthens opposition to deal

Petrobras prepares to end results delay

Brazilian energy group shares surge 60%

MtGox ‘lost coins’ long before collapse

Exchange’s vaults routinely raided since 2011, report claims

Comment and Analysis

Ren Jianxin, Chairman of ChemChina (China National Chemical Corporation), poses at the headquarters of ChemChina in Beijing, China, 18 April 2015.
©Liang Zi/ImagineChina

Ren Jianxin, ChemChina chairman

Boss of chemicals giant will soon be in charge of Pirelli

How to deal with a child like Greece

Europeans cannot agree on how to treat the Greeks

Left, people flee Saigon as the Communists take the city in 1975. Right, Ho Chi Minh City today
©Dirck Halstead/Liaison Agency

Vietnam: Profitable return

Those displaced by the war are now being encouraged to play a prominent role in the emerging economy

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"Voters who support the SNP know that what they are voting for now, in a general election, is for a party that will do its utmost to extract every concession possible from rUK for Scotland's benefit. The SNP is now in a perfect position - able to act as 'provocateur' in its political demands while not having to take on the responsibilities and imposed by true independence."
By DLM on Long live the United Kingdom — but not at any price

"Any politician who pointed out that a quart will not come out of a pint pot, would elicit cries of assent. But enough people would vote for one who claimed HE could manage this feat! However, no doubt some legal eagle would try to sue, on behalf of the taxpayer/voter."
By Will-Monitor on If a politician breaks a promise should a voter have a legal remedy?

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