Irish cabinet meets over Apple tax ruling

No unanimity over right response to disputed EU state-aid verdict

Deutsche Bank chief denies merger with rival

John Cryan backs banking consolidation in Germany

UK house prices rise 5.6% in August

Nationwide index increases faster than economist predictions

Uber to introduce electric cars in London

Company aims to make hundreds available next year

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English football smashes transfer record

Bumper TV rights deals fuel clubs’ spending on players

Irish cabinet meets over Apple tax ruling

No unanimity over right response to disputed EU state-aid verdict

Donald Trump to meet Mexico’s president

Talks to come hours before candidate outlines immigration policy

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Michael Dell takes long view on EMC deal

The quiet man of tech sees debts and short-term losses as manageable as Dell builds strong position

Tim Farron

Lib Dems warn of UK racism after EU vote

Comments come after Polish man killed in Essex

UBS hires psychologists to revamp research

Swiss bank attempts to improve its investment ideas

Isis propaganda head ‘killed in Syria’

Adnani’s responsibilities included array of gruesome videos

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Apple’s EU bill: Cheaper than the IRS

Tax bill is better than anything on offer to tech group back home

Florence skyline in the morning

Italy real estate funds are hot property

Hedge funds launch tender offers to buy out retirees

Bristol-Myers shocked investors whent a late-stage trial of Opdivo showed it was no better than chemotherapy

Merck plays long game in precision medicine

Doctors and investors predict shift in fortunes after Bristol-Myers’ immunotherapy trial fails

Conversation starters: Comments from our readers

"Real life is much more complex than financial markets, harder to observe, noisier. Big data will be valuable for limited but important applications like medicine, but predicting a good life match with 87% probability seems a long way off. Society tends to elevate tools to almost-religions. We've done that with free markets and capitalism; let's not do it with big data and algorithms."
Jan-Peter Onstwedder on Yuval Noah Harari on big data, Google and the end of free will

"Not sure they can write 'How' until they have decided what Brexit means (the end state) and herein lies the problem. Ordinarily Government policy can be a fudge but this time it can't as somebody (ie Europe) is going to mark their homework. Good luck with that."
Fisher of Men on Brexit requires more than political will — it must be capable of happening

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