Juncker regrets Luxembourg tax failings

European Commission president says he should have reformed law

Oil falls as Opec tests US shale industry

Cartel decides against production cut despite 40% price-slide

Germany acts on Russia’s Balkan designs

Putin’s visit to Serbia viewed as mission to extend influence

PM seeks ‘English votes for English laws’

Proposals to curb Scottish MPs’ power at Westminster

China told $6.8tn in investment ‘wasted’

Ultra-loose monetary policy and lack of oversight blamed

Hohn in record-breaking $530m divorce

Hedge fund billionaire’s ex-wife wins largest award given by English court

Tesco parts company with three executives

Moves pave way for CEO to make changes to UK management

US retailers hope for bumper Black Friday

Stores open earlier to capture changing shopping patterns

Mitchell faces £3m bill for ‘Plebgate’ case

Tory former minister ‘bitterly disappointed’ by court decision

George Osborne, the chancellor, announced a future Conservative government would freeze working age benefits for two years
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Widows’ annuity tax expected to be axed

Osborne likely to bring payments in line with ‘death tax’ reform

New Brazil finance minister sets targets

Levy commits to restoring fiscal surplus to 2% of GDP

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The Pope’s Chaka Khan model for Europe

The pontiff’s words in Strasbourg displayed the dexterous feminism for which the Holy See is famed

Westminster cuts purse strings to Scotland

Scottish nationalists should accept Smith commission proposals

The good, the bad and the ugly of EM debt

From Mexico to Venzuela and yields of 3.7% to 18%

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"People in Europe can use any number of search engines and online services. If you don't like Google, then don't use it. You can use someone else's online office suite and databases, blogging platforms, translation services, social media, free email and free website services."
By EdoRoshi on Europe’s demands on Google mount

"The problem is that it is hard to find healthy food. I worked at a hospital and in the canteen you can only buy curry, pies and Burger King. I have no time to cook at home after 12-15hr shifts."
By Jo on Why the battle against obesity is coming apart at the seams

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