No ‘wall of love’ for Cameron at summit

European leaders warn UK PM over reform negotiations

BoE mis-sends Brexit email to press

Officials confirm research into impact of EU departure

Yellen expects US economy to strengthen

Fed chair points to rate rise this year if recovery continues

Banks face possible further forex fines

NY regulator turns to abuse of markets by automated trades

Isis in position to advance on Damascus

Some locals cheer beheadings of informants and state officials

EU offers stronger ties to eastern states

No new pledges over membership that would risk rattling Moscow

Campaign materials for the Irish same-sex marriage referendum are seen in Dublin on May 13, 2015. Ireland could become the first country in the world to vote for same-sex marriage in a historic referendum on May 22 in this traditionally Catholic nation. Voters will be asked whether or not to add an article to the Irish constitution saying: "Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex." AFP PHOTO / PAUL FAITH (Photo credit should read PAUL FAITH/AFP)

‘Hell of a journey’ for Ireland to the cusp of gay marriage

Debate a mix of emotion, historical allusion, and legal nicety

Brand Maria ©Spence rLowell
  • Brand Maria

    Sharapova is the best-paid female athlete in the world, with a flair for business that has made her one of tennis’s biggest brands

  • Unreality on the Riviera

    2015 Cannes Film Festival report

  • Growing underground in New York

    Beneath a one-acre site in Manhattan, one architect hopes to create the Lowline, a natural refuge in a former trolley terminal

Eurozone says no Greek deal without IMF

Cash-strapped Athens could be left for weeks with no aid

Final salary pensions gap worsens

Regulator says £44bn of extra contributions have failed to narrow deficit

Russian retail sales and wages plummet

Fresh figures rock hopes of economic rebound

JLR nears verdict on eastern Europe plant

Carmaker eyes Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary

Comment and Analysis

Plight of Asia’s Rohingya refugees

Anti-Muslim violence in Myanmar forces thousands into camps or on to high seas

An illustration of Sepp Blatter
©Luis Grañena

Why Sepp Blatter is a genius

Fifa boss understood very early that there’s a new world order in which westerners don’t matter much

Michael and Yoel Zaoui
©Dan Burn-Forti

Interview: Michael and Yoel Zaoui on M&A

The brothers have advised on takeovers worth $152bn in two years

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"I think CDS desensitise lenders/arrangers to credit risk. It's like having a quickie divorce available after a drunken wedding in Las Vegas. Debt should be like a marriage with each party knowing it is to a large extent binding. Without the quickie "out" that CDS offer, credit risk would have been respected more and less credit would have been extended."
By Stuttgart88 on Credit derivatives deserve a revival but only if financiers grow up

"'Voters are, quite rationally, rather ignorant about politics.' Well, indeed. Which is why I always feel slightly uncomfortable when people accuse our representatives of being 'career politicians'. Since governing a developed country is a challenging job, who'd want an amateur politician?"
By Olaf von Rein on Why democratic elections are always flawed

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