Merkel deputy breaks ranks over refugees

Coalition partner alleges chancellor ‘underestimated challenge’

Santander saddled with high 123 costs

Santander’s cost is another example of the pain facing lenders

Tory MPs accused of Brexit ‘paranoia’

Head of union for top civil servants says they are not trying to block the process

Hinkley supporters make last-ditch push

Union leaders call for an end to ‘faffing’ over £18bn scheme

‘Alt-right’ movement makes mark on US election

Supremacist group wins some mainstream exposure as candidates take notice

Singapore mobilises against Zika cluster

City-state confirms 41 cases in area around building site

Mester outlines ‘compelling’ rate rise case

Cleveland Fed president says US economy has proven its resilience

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Union boss blames cuts for rail strikes

Mick Cash, head of the RMT, insists trains will be less safe without guards

Wheat price hits decade low as crop swells

Growers face strain as price falls to lowest level since 2006

Amazon nears music streaming service deals

Online retailer set to enter battle against Apple and Spotify

Syrian rebels backed by Turkey push south

Anti-Isis drive broadens into effort to force Kurds beyond Euphrates

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Azerbaijan: Aiming to please

The need for western funds in order to complete big energy projects is forcing Baku to tackle corruption

N Korean defectors step up propaganda war

Activists accelerate campaign to float information into hermit kingdom

Aerial view of Boardroom

Activist funds set sights on microcaps

Smaller companies find themselves subject of increased attention

Conversation starters: Comments from our readers

"Free money has several effects. First, it gets thrown away. Second, it won't be paid back. Third, it destroys any incentive for reform of an economically inefficient legal infrastructure. And there aren't any EMs that are not dependent on China. So bad investments plus a slowing China equals default. Welcome bankruptcy the EM way! Zero recovery."
William Gamble on As China nears exhaustion investors must look elsewhere

"Auditors are ultimately human. Many are quite young and may not have the experience to spot highly complex or sophisticated fraud. The move to machine learning and AI is interesting and could potentially remedy some of these issues insofar as this technology can digest more data far quicker than a any human. It is something the Big Four are looking at."
Charlie 1987 on Accountancy’s Big Four need more competition

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