UK Supreme Court to hear HMRC case on bank bonuses

Tax authority to pursue UBS and Deutsche over employee schemes

China to slow as ‘migrant miracle’ ends

The flow of rural labour that fuelled boom is petering out

Regulators shift focus to risk and conduct

Fears grow that banking scandals could create new ‘systemic risks’

Screens collide in clash over advertising

Digital video disrupters echo the TV industry they are disrupting

McDonald’s reveals its recipe for revival

Burger chain promises to cut costs, reorganise business divisions

Barclays to sell £2bn of risky loans

Improving economic conditions provide opportunity to offload books

Gunmen killed at Mohammed art show in Texas

Garland shooting raises fears of attacks by Isis sympathisers

Cisco’s chief steps aside after 20 years

Chambers hands over reins but will stay on as executive chairman

Sterling volatility jumps ahead of poll

Hung parliament could trigger fears in foreign exchange markets

Exchanges urged to oust tricksters

Many traders believe activities like ‘spoofing’ are prevalent

Prosecutors in Brazil investigate Lula

Popular former leader questioned over overseas contracts

Comment and Analysis

Brazil suffers from recession and scandal

President Rousseff’s new economic pragmatism faces a gruelling test

Is heel striking a problem for you?

Changing deeply ingrained running habits can be tricky

Hong Kong handover diplomat Lu Ping dies

Chinese official said last British governor Lord Patten would be ‘condemned through the ages’

Best comments from our readers

"'Delivering' is not just being stretched to mean 'doing': it's also being squeezed not to mean 'delivering' any more – a meaning which, weirdly, is now replaced by 'shipping', though no ships are ever involved. With the linguistic ice melting so fast beneath us, maybe we shall have to take up speaking French, or Welsh or something instead."
By Mark O'Sullivan on Twitter chief’s six common crimes against the dictionary

"In a few years, when cars are loaded to the roof with electronic gizmos, one of the manufacturers will launch a version with only useful stuff on it. The reduction in the selling price could be several thousand dollars. I wonder whether it would sell well?"
By RBater on Ford scraps plan to build car seat that detects heart attack

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