European equities slip after Greece vote

Euro touches 11-year low after big win for anti-austerity Syriza

Tesco to beef up corporate finance team

Supermarket chain’s move may herald more asset sales

Cameron falls victim to GCHQ hoax call

Security review after fake UK spy head gets through to PM

Aer Lingus considering third IAG offer

Cash and dividend takeover deal would value carrier at €1.35bn

StanChart steps up hunt for CEO successor

Bank hires headhunters to replace Peter Sands

Shale gas dealt further blow in UK

Industry hits back as MPs attack ‘undemocratic’ laws

Abbott rebuked for knighting Prince Philip

Gaffe-prone Australian prime minister sparks another controversy

A red and white Swiss national flag flies above the entrance to a building in Zurich, Switzerland ©Bloomberg

SSE freezes energy bills for 18 months

Big six company cuts prices, no increase until July 2016

Axis-PartnerRe deal reshapes reinsurance

Merger is latest sign of industry consolidation

Argentine journalist flees to Israel

Mysterious death of prosecutor provoked political crisis

Andreessen to invest $58m in TransferWise

London start-up holds competitive bid process for backers

Comment and Analysis

Illustration for 'Automated algorithms offer greater choice, but risks remain'

Human investment managers risk obsolescence

Computerised hedge funds will ‘dominate’, says Braga

UK bicycle

Can l lean in after falling off my bike?

A black eye is not the best start for my non-exec director interview

Qualcomm chip. The company is contesting an anti-trust case brought by Chinese authorities
©Getty/FT montage

China: Monopoly position

Architect of Beijing’s antitrust laws says they are being used in a turf war between regulators

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"France's problems (including the rise of FN) are economic. The economic policies of the Hollande administration have perpetuated a lack of dynamism and high unemployment. This creates dissatisfaction within the electorate and space for the FN to move into and exploit."
By Hopton on After Charlie, an opening for Le Pen

"Taxation without representation; wasn't there a war about that once?"
By Fizz on London mayor bows to ‘outrageous’ demand to pay US tax bill

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