EU rifts scupper new Russia sanctions

Push for arms embargo on Moscow fails

Apple relies on growing Chinese appetite

Anticipation of new smartphone blamed for revenue miss

Airlines halt Israel flights after attack

Cancellations come amid sensitivity after MH17 was shot down

NY Fed rounds on Deutsche Bank

Lender criticised over ‘unreliable’ regulatory reports

Ackman attacks Herbalife and its stock shoots up

Investors brush off results of fund manager’s probe

Microsoft attempts to sharpen focus

New chief Nadella says group needs to maintain broad reach

Jailed tycoon allowed daily check-out to sell hotels

Sahara head Roy in talks on trophy properties

Queen’s horse fails doping test

Estimate found positive for morphine after Gold Cup

US warned of up to 25 more tax inversions

Senators attack ‘fast-buck artists’ encouraging deals

Javid targets better broadband access

Culture chief says pledge is most important goal before election

Credit Suisse faces calls for radical cuts

Doubts surface over whether shake-up is enough

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Coal cars lined up at Lamberts Point.
©Casey Thomason

US railways: Back on track

Train operators are cashing in on shale gas but their improved fortunes could be undermined

Israel, Hamas and the rockets

The level of civilian deaths in Gaza is unacceptable

HK-Shanghai equities ‘train’ is on track

Conspiracy theories overlook effort of planning for trading move

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"Of course Scotland will be able to borrow, but without a currency union Scottish financial institutions lose the benefit of an implicit and credible guarantee of their debts, which should increase credit costs."
By CambridgeJohn on Scotland’s financial sector at ‘risk’

"It probably depends on the job and the company. In the jobs I've had, for the companies I've worked for three days wouldn't have been enough to get things done. It still isn't."
By Willem de Leeuw on Carlos Slim calls for a three-day working week

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