Barclays shares rally after profits drop

Strong credit cards and debt trading performance offsets PPI cost

Banks need to be more efficient, says UBS

Swiss lender beats earnings expectations for second quarter

Eurozone recovery loses momentum

Data cast doubt on strength of revival as French economy grinds to halt

Yen pops, bonds drop as BoJ underwhelms

Equities supported by more asset purchases and corporate earnings

The Brexit reckoning: UK plc reports

Company performance diverges after Britain votes to leave the EU

Alphabet boosted by mobile advertising

Fastest growth in two years as shift to smartphones accelerates

Amazon’s sales surge 31% to $30.4bn

Quarterly results top expectations, boosted by cloud computing

IMF swayed by eurozone politics, says report

Damning evaluation of debt-crisis bailouts fuels debate on Greece

Russia-China exercises in South China Sea

Move could worsen tensions after loss of court ruling by Beijing

Last-minute bid to rescue Monte dei Paschi

Ex-minister and UBS team up as stress test results loom

Oracle’s NetSuite bid hands Ellison $3.5bn

US business software group to expand cloud computing operations

Comment & Analysis

Clinton feat highlights workplace sexism

Slow ascent for women especially in media and tech groups

Oil in bear market: 5 things to watch

Crude oil’s quiet slide from its 2016 high sharpens questions about the outlook

Trump Russia ‘joke’ helps Clinton woo policy experts

Dismay may not help Democrats given anti-establishment mood

Conversation starters: Comments from our readers

"So are we saying that any seller of a company should undertake due diligence of the buyer? What if the seller does a great deal because the buyer is incompetent. Will they know have an obligation to point this out? Can't see why that should happen. Caveat emptor etc"
Ca on ‘Green should treat BHS pensioners with honour

"Give early and give often to your children in trust before the age of 18. That means that they see nothing special in having adequate resources and are not overawed by money."
Paul Munton's Potimarron on Talking to your children about money

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