EU economic chief warns on Greek debt talks

Remarks by Moscovici reflect creditor resistance to debt ‘haircut’

US trade gap widens on rising imports

Biggest deficit since 2008 adds pressure on Fed to delay rate rise

Isis claims Texas art exhibit attack

Unclear what role jihadi group actually played in assault

HSBC raises prospect of UK spin-off

Stuart Gulliver warns over impact of ‘electrified’ ring fencing

UBS almost doubles first-quarter earnings

Strong performance in wealth management and investment banking

Pimco fund loses crown to Vanguard

Outflow since Bill Gross’s departure reaches more than $110bn

China seeks entry to reserve currency club

Entry into IMF’s SDR basket would boost Beijing’s global ambitions

Doner kebab sales spur Just Eat surge

Online takeaway service sees jump in orders

Lufthansa pension deficit hits €10.2bn

CFO says there is an ‘urgent need’ to reform retirement benefits

Bond platforms target archaic trading

TruMid and Electronifie find alternate solutions to modernise trade

Aberdeen suffers EM outflows

Pace accelerates as US Fed inches closer to interest rate rise

Comment and Analysis

Corporate discontent brews in India

Confusion remains over the prime minister’s vision for business

Running a Greek start-up: today’s reality

Doing well in a collapsing country is almost as depressing as failing yourself, says Marco Veremis

China migration: At the turning point

A shrinking labour force from rural areas is driving huge economic change

Best comments from our readers

"'Rekindle' implies Russians have become ashamed of being Russians, which is at odds with Putin's enormous popularity at home. They have never lacked national pride. Some westerners can't understand this, having been raised on a diet of supposed Russian inferiority/ backwardness, subjugation etc. It's one of the reasons we are in the mess we are in today."
By Njegos on Russia looks back to the war to rekindle national pride

"If Greece, after 15 minutes of rebellious fame, decides to return to co-operating with the old ways of 'pretend and extend', the EZ will likely follow the old adage on failed marriages and costly divorces: 'it's cheaper to keep her'. The real fault line of the euro is Italy and, even more so, France."
By Phillip Vandamm on Grexit may be the best end for a bad marriage

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