Varoufakis defends ‘Plan B’ tax hack

Greek opposition fury over parallel payments scheme

GM to put $5bn into emerging market car

New family of vehicles to be developed with Chinese partner SAIC

Syrian rebels wary over Turkey’s plans

Ankara dubbed ‘boy who cried wolf’ over pledges to tackle jihadis

Deutsche Börse chief maps out growth plan

Kengeter wants to increase revenue by as much as a third

23 Mar 2015 - Parsippany, New Jersey - Brent Saunders, Actavis CEO photographed in the New Jersey Office
©Sara Hylton

Allergan paves way for new mega deal

Chief hints at ‘transformational’ purchase after generics sale

Osborne tipped to succeed Cameron

Bookmaker says chancellor has overtaken Johnson in race

Oil slides to lowest level in four months

Supply glut and worries over China drive crude prices down

Microsoft aims to woo with Windows 10

Adoption of newest generation of software critical after flops

Burnham criticises ‘frightened’ Labour

Potential leader warns modern party could not have created NHS

Asia on edge as China stocks sell off

Regional bourses mirror volatile trading in Chinese equities

Boston withdraws bid for 2024 Olympics

Political opposition leaves US hopes of hosting games uncertain

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Bristol pound counts in local economy

Residents pay for buses, energy bills and council tax in alternative currency

Bank executive ousting is back in fashion

Post-crisis stabilisation and regulatory pressure take toll on European bosses

Tributes to empire’s forgotten warriors

In north-east India lie those who fell while world’s attention was on Europe, writes Victor Mallet

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"The investment drought isn't remotely puzzling to anyone who understands the stifling effect that mountains of debt have on the 'confidence' of producers and consumers alike. This 'recovery' is an asset price inflated chimera based on QE and zero interest rate policy."
By MarkGB on Hillary’s war on quarterly capitalism

"By the time clothes land on their doorstep, it's out of date. Welcome to Moore's law applied to clothing."
By Revenant on Shopping: Retail’s holy grail

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