What to watch: US jobs report

Economic analysts are expecting a solid 217,000 tally, up from 215,000 in July

GVC clinches £1.1bn deal for Bwin

Gambling rival trumps 888 in fiercely fought M&A battle

Sarao allegedly wanted to ‘spoof’ markets

Indictment cites emails from trader facing charges over flash crash

House prices near top schools soar

Parents compete to land property near chosen school

New Democracy closes the gap on Syriza

Mass defections from party damage Tsipras popularity

US jobs data crucial to Fed rate decision

Decision this month could turn on Friday jobs report

Super Food PR and Marketing Images - (Presenter Jamie Oliver)
©Matt Russell

Oliver declares ‘absolute war’ on sugar

Sour note struck by doubts over transparency in own restaurants

‘Portrait de Paulette Jourdain’, Amedeo Modigliani, circa 1919
©Sotheby's New York

Sotheby’s to auction $500m art collection

Pieces by Picasso, Raphael and de Kooning among those to be sold

FDA boost for AstraZeneca heart drug

Growth of blood thinner Brilinta crucial to help offset decline in older products

Asia powers Dyson to record profit

Rising sales of bladeless fans and heaters help lift revenues 10%

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Ph: Film Frame ©Lucasfilm 2015

New Star Wars toy sales set to rocket

Range to accompany ‘The Force Awakens’ film could generate $5bn

Comment & Analysis

City Insider

City Insider: HSBC rebrands UK arm

More changes at the top of Tungsten; Dan Loeb’s online research

Excuses for Corbyn’s loss in case he wins

A cut out and keep guide for why the favourite for Labour leader will not become prime minister

AR2YRE A young girl in her bed with a note for the tooth fairy next to her single milk tooth.. Image shot 06/2006. Exact date unknown.
©Daniel Atkin/Alamy

Why we have to kill the tooth fairy

Being a ‘truth fairy’ is better way to teach children about money

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"Do I want to live in an electronically controlled, cashless society where the government can effectively a) 'force' me to spend by taxing any unspent deposits, b) bail me in, in the 'national interest' of course, anytime they please c) regulate all my transactions...bearing in mind that governments take power, they don't give it back?"
By MarkGB on The case for retiring another ‘barbarous relic’

"Britain is not a country. It's a union of four countries; and that's important. One of the things that explains the differential voting patterns in Scotland is the sense that Scotland as a community is under threat from the rampant individualism of the Conservatives in England."
By In Britain, community is a foreign language

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